EnissayI am struggling to make bluetooth work on my win10 guest machine... any pointers ?00:25
Enissayon virtualbox*00:25
Enissaynevermind, i'll get a dongle :x00:35
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UndrWaterhow does one enable tab completion for systemd services? IOW, systemctl start serv <tab> <--should complete to some service name that starts with 'ser'00:37
UndrWatergoogle is not helping me much, or my google-fu is poor. see a lot of similar questions, but no relevant solutions00:38
UndrWaterEnissay: that sounds more like a virtualbox question than ubuntu. is the BT controller working in ubuntu?00:39
topcat001UndrWater: Use your shell's completion features, usually a package like bash-completion, etc.00:58
UndrWatertopcat001: thanks for the hint!01:03
UndrWatergot it working. thanks topcat00101:05
jimbyte4byte, no... are you?01:13
topcat001UndrWater: yw02:04
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blahboybazI'm having a problem installing updates. I did submit a report with the automatic tool that comes up but would like to resolve this as quickly as possible as I have some other things I would like to move on to (installation and configuration on this machine) that I would feel better if this was fixed first. I made a paste here: https://dpaste.org/G6dVG02:11
blahboybazI'm just not sure what the source of the problem is or I may (or may not) be able to resolve it02:11
sarnoldblahboybaz: my first guess is you've got a full filesystem02:12
blahboybazsarnold: that garbage with /boot filling up?02:12
sarnold*maybe* the apt autoremove can help02:13
sarnoldI can't recall off hand if that can work when the thing is full02:13
blahboybazI'll try that02:13
sarnoldif it can't, it's not too hard to fix, but most people's first efforts make things worse02:13
sarnoldso don't just go deleting things :)02:13
blahboybazI'm just sick of manyally deleting kernels and I'm not comforatble with my ability to resize the directory (too big of a risk imho)02:14
sarnoldyeah. that's so bloody annoying.02:14
blahboybazsomeone check on the new guy before he messes up another directory02:15
sarnolddid you have any luck with the apt autoremove?02:15
blahboybazoh.. woops! I guess it was kernels listed in the stuff to autoremove (I fialed to notice)02:16
blahboybazworking on it02:16
blahboybazsarnold: well.. when I run `sudo apt upgrade` I do not see any output indicating an incomplete install (and that seems wrong to me - like there should be and then go through the process or completing the install)02:18
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sarnoldblahboybaz: how about apt install -f ?02:18
blahboybazI'll try that02:18
Bashing-omblahboybaz: In that case ^ ... see what the package manager thinks ' sudo apt -f install ; sudo dpkg -C '02:19
blahboybazsarnold: In both cases I get the (final) line of ouput `0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded` which usually means all is well but I would expect to get told there is something not completely installed and have to give apt permission to finish it up. Tried both sudo apt upgrade` and `sudo apt install -f`02:21
sarnoldblahboybaz: Bashing-om's got the magic incantation :)02:21
blahboybaz`sudo apt -f install` same as described in my last post `sudo dpkg -C` new command line (no output)02:22
blahboybazthe right incantation eh?02:22
blahboybazhold on I got an idea02:23
Bashing-omblahboybaz: sarnold: Been here just a few times :D // blahboybaz ' ls -al /boot/ ' what shows for vmlinuz and initrd.img ?02:24
sarnoldblahboybaz: do you do any snapshotting or similar there? I really don't know lvm / md stuff at all, all zfs over here..02:25
sarnoldblahboybaz: I've had zfs snapshots make a full /boot friggen miserable to repair02:26
blahboybaz`dpkg --list | grep linux-image` shows  `linux-image-5.15.0-60-generic` in the output (the same package shown in the paste as being not completely installed).  But whether is is completely configured correctly (the install is complete) is another question?02:26
blahboybazBashing-om: just saw your post - I'll check02:26
blahboybazsarnold: I think its a pretty default install02:27
blahboybazThis is my ouput from running `ls -al /boot`: https://dpaste.org/mE0ZA02:29
blahboybazBashing-om: ^02:29
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sarnoldblahboybaz: so, manually fixing things isn't terrible, but it's slightly obnoxious02:31
blahboybazsarnold: jsut that it seems to be coming up frequently02:31
sarnoldblahboybaz: start a root bash shell with: sudo -s  --- then, > vmlinuz-5.11.0-40-generic   ; > System.map-5.11.0-40-generic ; > System.map-5.15.0-41-generic ; > initrd.img-5.11.0-40-generic ; > initrd.img-5.15.0-41-generic  ; > config-5.11.0-40-generic ; > config-5.15.0-41-generic02:32
sarnoldblahboybaz: then you'll have loads of free space and can apt purge 'linux-*5.15.0-40*' 'linux-*5.15.0-41*'02:33
blahboybazwhat does that do? I know the first part is almost the same as using sudo (entering a root shell) but what is the other stuff?02:33
sarnoldblahboybaz: pick whichever versions you want to remove, of course -- I like to keep whatever is newest, and whatever is currently running02:33
sarnoldblahboybaz: in bash, using:   > filename    will *truncate* the file02:33
blahboybazI want to keep the current kernel and one kernel back. I could care less about memtest02:33
blahboybaztruncate means delete?02:33
sarnoldblahboybaz: if you remove the file, dpkg is *unhappy* and won't just delete the package02:34
sarnoldblahboybaz: but truncating it will free up all the disk space but leave the file in place02:34
blahboybazsarnold: so its like releasing the space without removing the file and it will eventually be overwritten?02:35
sarnoldblahboybaz: well... the file name, owner, permission, etc all stick around. the data is gone.02:35
sarnoldblahboybaz: it's not that different from deleting and then touching the filename, but that's a bit annoying, because you can't just tab complete it once it's gone :)02:36
blahboybazsarnold: so its like turning it into an empty files02:36
blahboybazemptying the files out02:36
sarnoldblahboybaz: yeah02:36
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blahboybazsarnold: And the system thinks the space is available even though the files are there?02:37
blahboybazI guess it would if the files are 0kb size02:37
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sarnoldblahboybaz: yeah, the files only take up a few bytes to keep track of the permissions02:37
blahboybazsarnold: I see02:38
blahboybazwell.. what could it hurt?02:38
sarnoldblahboybaz: in this case, the goal is to let dpkg delete the files in a few seconds, so it should hurt nothing :)02:39
blahboybazsarnold: I had to to do a little checking to make sure I understand what my current kernel is. I'll run that02:43
sarnoldblahboybaz: uname -a is my usual go-to02:43
blahboybazsarnold: yeah I did the -r flag (is that the same info you get with that)? So is there a way to verify whether the kernel that was supposed to be installed - the one that was "not completly installe" when I came here - is COMPLETELY installed?02:45
byte4bytejim, i heard you sold out debian for ubuntu, had to verify for myself02:46
blahboybazwhoa.. what is this? The debian mafia coming for you if you change distros?02:47
sarnoldblahboybaz: I *think* if you've got initrd, vmlinuz, System.map files for that version in /boot, then it'll be "installed". but dkms is a wrinkle I don't know well.02:47
blahboybazoh ok02:47
sarnoldblahboybaz: maybe try dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | grep -v ^rc02:47
sarnoldI think that'll show 'weird' package states02:47
blahboybazSo the next time I shut down my computer its gonna fire up again --right?02:47
sarnoldI sure hope so :)02:48
blahboybazI'll look at taht02:48
blahboybazme too02:48
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ladymorganOK do it has been trouble and not the system crashes daily. Probably from chrome with many tabs. LINUX SHOULD BE STABLE  but the mort probable thing a user would do crashes the system. This is not right. I would like someone to look at the errors that show up as it boots but I dont know where this is. This is the thrid time I have asked this here over the past couple of weeks so that's the charm.04:45
Bashing-omladymorgan: ' journalctl -b -0 ' shows messages from the current boot -- /var/log/syslog is another that might prrof of value.04:50
arraybolt3ladymorgan: How much RAM does your system have?04:51
ladymorganWhen I get this I will put it here because I cant understand what they mean. BRB just booted04:51
arraybolt3Oh, wait. You're the same morgan I'm used to seeing. So we know that this is indeed OOM problems.04:51
arraybolt3You probably still haven't cleaned out your browser tabs I'm guessing.04:52
arraybolt3You may want to make a bigger swapfile, that might fix the problem.04:52
ladymorganWhat is "cleaned out my browser tabs"04:54
ladymorganHow do I make a bigger swapfile?04:54
ladymorganI have been having "this" problem for 3 years.. but before 22.04 it would slow down to near freezing.  Linux shouldnt fail because some program is bad.  Whatever happened to not having to reboot for months?04:55
ladymorganstability aint us any more.04:55
ladymorganI have eight gigs of ram.04:56
sarnold$ uptime04:56
sarnold 04:56:24 up 101 days, 19:11,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0004:56
ladymorganwhat is an OOM problem04:56
sarnold$ uptime04:56
sarnold 20:55:56 up 93 days, 14:16,  4 users,  load average: 0.28, 0.17, 0.1604:56
arraybolt3ladymorgan: OOM = out of memory. You have too many tabs open and active and your system is running out of RAM to hold all the data.04:57
arraybolt3In the past, Linux would freeze because it was desparately trying to stay running.04:58
sarnoldladymorgan: that's just the first portion of your boot logs; usually those logs are more useful if you start at the very end and read backwards04:58
arraybolt3Now, in 22.04, systemd-oomd is there to kill a process that is threatening the system's ability to keep running.04:58
ladymorganhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/PxGyfpnf2n/   is lines 1 to 23 but I am not clear if that is all the lines there are.04:58
arraybolt3ladymorgan: So you have two options. One, make a bigger swapfile, which is fairly easy and I'm happy to walk you through. Two, cloes some of your browser tabs (I believe you have in excess of a thousand?).04:58
sarnoldladymorgan: try hitting 'G' in that pager, you might get to the end of the logs04:59
ladymorganI do not have anywhere near a thousand lines and never did. I have 30 maybe a few more now04:59
ladymorganI got there and there are3392 lines even though I just rebooted opened hexchat and opened chrome and restored chrome and did nothing else but hexchat.05:00
arraybolt3ladymorgan: Hmm... I thought you used to have multiple Chrome windows open with tons and tons of tabs and were wishing there was a way to mass-bookmark them?05:00
arraybolt3Maybe that was someone else.05:01
ladymorgantons was 33 not thousands05:01
ladymorganI wouldnt mind chaging my swapfile at all.05:02
arraybolt3Hmm. Odd. When was the last time you updated Chrome? It has a new memory saver feature in the latest versions. I have in excess of 50 tabs open along with a slew of applications and am under 4 GB of RAM consumption.05:02
arraybolt3Anyway, growing a swapfile is easy. Can you run "ls /swapfile"? That will verify that the swapfile exists where I expect it to be.05:02
ladymorgandoesnt chrome update augomagically when I update the system? Isnt that part of the linux magic?05:02
arraybolt3(That's a terminal command.)05:02
arraybolt3ladymorgan: It should, yes.05:02
arraybolt3Though you do need to restart Chrome for an update to take effect, but since it keeps crashing you're probably restarting it all the time.05:03
ladymorganI just updated, rebooted, then soon it crashed. shrug. anyway 1. is the system flawed in any way. 2. incease my swapfile to ease my pain. 3. ...05:04
ladymorgansarnold great, I will pastebin the end which is the beginning of the journal file. ??? wierd.05:04
arraybolt3It is the end of the journal file, but the end is where the critical data is. The start has data from earlier in time, when the system first booted. The end has data later in time, closer to where the Chrome crash occurred.05:05
ladymorgannope the end of that file is NOT what I see at the beginning of boot. I have that in a photo of the screen. What is the photopastebin called?05:05
arraybolt3Correct, the end of the file is not what you see at the beginning of boot. That's why we want to see the end of the file, because it likely has the crash info.05:06
arraybolt3I usually use Imgur.com for sharing photos.05:06
ladymorganOK this is what I saw on the screen before ubuntu started. https://imgur.com/a/rYICZXb05:14
ladymorganThe END of the file has the most recent times. Does the file continue thru reboots?05:19
ladymorgananyway sarnold arraybolt3 here is the journalctl... as suggested. https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/jchv7rgHPj/05:25
ladymorganthe end but a lot so that we, err you, wont miss stuff. I came back home around 7. rebooted and then it failed again.05:26
ladymorganiir. I get (turns head in a circle, nose leading)05:26
byte4byteslavetococo, are you aware that jim ditched debian for ubuntu?06:15
slavetococomy ZNC no haz scrollback06:16
ladymorganok since I gave all the info and have expressed willingness to do those things and someone was going to guide me .. ok another day.06:31
lexandropHi! Any news about 22.04.2 ? Looks like release was planned to 2023-02-09, but I don't see anything about it so far.06:34
ladymorganarraybolt3, ls /swafile results in /swapfile06:35
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clarkkWhy does this run periodically, randomly, on my Ubuntu 20.04 + Gnome 3.36.8 system?  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gstreamer1.0/gstreamer-1.0/gst-plugin-scanner -l /usr/bin/totem-video-thumbnailer09:06
webchat30Hey there i just installed ubuntu but my firefox wont launch launch09:20
magnus1hey! i recently upgraded a server (Dell PowerEdge R640) from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to 22.04 LTS. It's mostly fine, but I noticed pushing docker images to a registry is _much_ slower (about 300% slower) on Ubuntu 22.04. I have tried to locate the bottleneck and found that gzipping a 10 GB file (gzip performance is cruical for docker push performance) is about 30% slower on ubuntu 22.04 compared to 18.04.09:21
magnus1At first I thought it was the various spectre/meltdown mitigations that comes with the new 5.15 kernel that contributed to performance degradation, but after disabling them (with kernel cmdline mitigations=off), i still see the issue. I can't seem to figure out what causes these extreme performance degradations. What I have found is that 1) it only happens on my PowerEdge R640 servers (not on my09:21
magnus1own computer, which also runs Ubuntu 22.04) and 2) if I downgrade to kernel 4.15, the gzip performance is restored09:21
magnus1(during my testing, I docker push to a local registry running on the same machine, .. so there is no networking involved at all.)09:22
magnus1I have also verified that my PowerEdge server is running the latest BIOS version. I use the same BIOS version as Ubuntu certification for PowerEdge R640 lists09:24
Guest15terminal auto completion is not working when I am working on the server at my uni running ubuntu connected using remmina09:29
fruity_tomatoprobably missing bash-completion package, Guest1509:32
Guest15i don't have sudo, can I install bash completion ?09:39
LiowenexOnly if you're root09:40
Guest15i'm not09:43
geirhathere should still be tab-completion with vanilla bash, just that it mainly just completes filenames by default (and users if preceded by ~, hostnames if preceded by @, variables if preceded by $ etc...)09:45
Guest15there is no filename completion as well09:55
geirhaare you sure you're using bash?  what does   echo "$SHELL"  and   ps -p "$$"   output?09:58
geirhaah, sh, which is dash by default, that explains it.  Try changing your login shell to bash by running the  chsh  command10:02
geirhadash does have tab-completion too, however ubuntu includes dash mainly for running sh-scripts, in which case such interactive features are redundant, so it's built without that capability to get a smaller binary.10:04
Guest15after the chsh command ?10:06
Guest15echo "$SHELL" is still /bin/sh10:07
geirhayou changed it to /bin/bash?   it will take effect next time you log in10:07
geirhacat /etc/shells     lists the shells you are allowed to choose from10:08
Guest15thanks a lot, it worked10:13
Guest15thanks geirha10:14
app-testNeed review please https://t.co/NWL8cYD6Ml Thanks in advance10:15
semIf I want to backup an entire system before I reinstall an OS, in case I don't like the new one and want to go back, can I do that with dd if=/ from a liveCD?12:24
ravageclonezilla is a much better tool for that12:24
ravagethere is also https://relax-and-recover.org/ as a general backup strategy12:27
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semI'm hoping to use CLI or live-cd-pre-installed tools only12:41
semI found this method using tar12:42
sembut relax and recover looks pretty nice12:42
Derscan we install window on ubuntu ?12:45
lotuspsychjeyes we can12:46
Derslotuspsychje: how13:10
ravageDers: you cant install windows on ubuntu. you can create a virtual mashine in Ubuntu and install windows on that13:12
ravagesee: gnome-boxes, virt-manager, virtualbox13:13
oerheksTheRedQueen, please enable that ban again..13:20
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hermanoLooking for a 'fan control utility' for a 'Dual GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti V2 OC Edition'. Read that the default 'nvidia settings13:28
hermano woud have fan control under 'thermal settings' but I do not find that.13:29
oerhekswhy trying fancontrol? let the chipset take care of that13:35
hermanooerheks, Do you mean change the fan profile in BIOS? I kind of want to use the computer for office mostly and then have the machine as low sound of fans as possible. When and if I would play or do video editing, the fans can be loud.13:37
hermanooerheks, the GPU spins up and down, even though I am not doing anything that requires power from machine.13:37
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oerheksi would not touch that, risk of breaking hardware13:38
ptuxI have some problems with keyboard and mouse: if I press the CTRL key, it reduces the zoom of the internet browser, but also of the office suite. On the other hand, If I put the mouse pointer on the page swapper, or on the menu (app launcher), there is an almost infinite scrolling.13:46
ptuxhow do i fix this strange behavior?13:47
semI am trying to use relax-and-restore for the first time, however I can't find isolinux.bin. I have tried apt install syslinux and also apt install isolinux, but I still don't find it with 'sudo find / isolinux.bin' what am I missing?13:47
BluesKajHi all13:57
SwahiliDoes anyone know how to check the current OS version to check if gt then X? I found this dpkg --compare-versions 0.9.8g-16ubuntu3.1 lt 0.9.8o-1ubuntu4.4 but have no idea how to get the os with this name14:54
BluesKajcat /etc/os-release15:03
SwahiliBluesKaj: although the format in the dpkg example seems to come from elsewhere, I wonder how they got that15:04
clarkkWhy does this run periodically, randomly, on my Ubuntu 20.04 + Gnome 3.36.8 system?  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gstreamer1.0/gstreamer-1.0/gst-plugin-scanner -l /usr/bin/totem-video-thumbnailer15:05
Swahilihmm the dpkg seems to be not what I need15:06
Swahiliits for packages15:06
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hermanoNeed to remove a hid-generic device (pci soundcard) due to it blocks the bootup phase. Can I start with ubuntu usb stick and through grub inactivate the pci card?17:20
byte4byte_jim dandy17:21
jimas you can see, the troll has followed me again17:22
leftyfbbyte4byte_: can we help you with something?17:22
leftyfbbyte4byte_: this is a support channel. Please stay on topic. If you'd like to have offtopic discussions, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic or private channels17:23
Guest9I installed ubuntu (the latest desktop iso) and installed if successfully at the second try(first from dvd didn't work) Then i tryed to open firefox, there is a firefox title but it then goes away after a minute or so. Then i installed chromium which on launch makes the gui completely broken, i'll add a video on yt.17:30
Guest9Thank you for any help.17:30
tomreyn!uptodate | Guest917:32
ubottuGuest9: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.17:32
tomreynwhat's this hardware? how much RAM, which graphics card?17:32
tomreynoh 2.1 GB RAM it say on your video. this may just not be enough for gnome17:33
gebbionehi all, i m getting error "[drm:nv_drm_master_set [nvidia_drm]] *ERROR* [nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00000200] Failed to grab modeset ownership" and it causes the main monitor to not lit up. The secondary is ok. Most likely a recent kernel update but I am not sure because i tried to boot with an older kernel and didn't make any difference. Any suggestions?17:34
respawngebbione: give more details like Mint version you are using and desktop17:38
respawnups wrong channel17:38
respawnubuntu version17:38
gebbioneI am on 22.04.0117:38
gebbioneany other info that might help?17:42
tomreynbug 1963805 looks like it can be related17:45
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1963805 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-510 (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Failed to grab modeset ownership" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196380517:45
gebbionei have 2 * 5.15  and 2 * 6.0.0 kernels and currently loaded with kernel 6.0.0-1011-oem.17:45
gebbionechecking the bug, thank you17:46
tomreynit doesn't seem to have a workaround there17:47
gebbioneimportance undecided, unassigned :(17:47
gebbionei don't see one17:47
Guest9tomreyn I apolgize for the long time of no response.18:07
Guest9The Hardware is an intel core 2 inside, 2gb 800mhz ram no external graphics card. Maxdata favorit 3000I is the whole build.18:07
Guest9tomreyn So you would say if i would get 16 gb, 4gb per slot it would work and it would be compatible?18:08
oerheksGuest9, and a proper videocard18:08
Guest9oerheks Really would that be neccesary, the thing should only act as a minecraft server?18:11
tomreynGuest9: this is basically a museum piece. you could still use it as a server (install ubuntu server then), possibly with a tiled window manager, or with a much less demanding graphical desktop such as openbox.18:13
oerheksNow you don' t have a screen after boot, right?18:13
tomreynthey do, but web browsers cause graphics artifacts18:15
Guest9oerheks yes desktop will maybe be used to tweak some settings from vnc ciewer but no only a power cable lol18:15
Guest9tomreyn yeah i know it's pretty old, hope i can still use it.18:16
Guest9So i should rather install ubuntu server and then openbox? or is there something even more leightweight?18:16
tomreynyou could just install ubuntu server and not install openbox18:17
Guest9but then there is absolutely no gui right?18:18
tomreynyes, but there's be a shell, much better!18:18
Guest9yeah, think i can handle this lol, mainly used windows but i have some experience with a raspberrypi18:19
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ladymorganaI really liked being able to launch take-a-screenshot with my mouse from the dock. Any way to still do that on 22.04?18:52
Blaxhi, is there anyone who can tell me the procedure for adding a second permanent ip with Netplan on a server with ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS ?18:52
nb-benI've ordered a couple of 18TB Seagate Exos HDDs now that my 1TB NVMe SSD has filled up. I've pretty much made up my mind using a ZFS mirror for the HDDs and using the SSD for read/write cache. I'm not really familiar with these filesystems (zfs, btrfs etc) as all of these years I've just been installing ext3/ext4 and not giving it a second though. How is support for ZFS? Are there peculiarities I should18:53
nb-benread about? Should I go with btrfs instead?18:53
oerheksladymorgana, add the screenshot ico to your dock?18:53
* ladymorgana reads tomreyn and decides to look up how to learn shell. (I know just enough to get by because shell is easier for some stuff.)18:53
nb-benkind of want to get as much good reason not to do it as I can before I actually do it18:53
gordonjcpnb-ben: I quite like zfs18:53
gordonjcpnb-ben: no reason you can't set up a cluster of zfs drives with smaller drives you already have just to get an idea of it18:53
nb-bengordonjcp: I have played around a little bit, though I suspect it might possibly be a different experience to be booting from it18:55
remingtonwhats happening?18:55
nb-bengordonjcp: I've read about users complaining about snapshot history not working due to zsys issues18:55
nb-ben(in grub)18:55
nb-benI'll probably put the boot partition on the SSD instead18:56
remingtonanyone haver a link for satelite intel pc drivers?18:57
ladymorganaoerheks, what is a "screenshot ico"?  I found this page with a lot of kb shortcuts (interesting, mute screen recordings too.) https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/screen-shot-record.html  -|-18:58
oerhekssearch in your applications?18:59
oerheksgnome-screenshot i guess18:59
remingtonanyone willing try and fix my wifi settings? wireless is disabled and nothing ive done works? remote control my pc ??19:01
ladymorganaoerheks, I am still searching and learning stuff. I will hold comments till I find it. The results so far are showing me new stuff I never thought of doing.19:02
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ladymorganaoerheks, Yes and... many things start screenshot (but not gnome-screenshot) but nothing (SO FAR) allows me to put it in the dock. BUT I have another question. How did "this guy" get this handy ascii system summary?  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1439113/screen-capture-is-glitchy-on-all-types-of-applications19:06
oerheks!info neofetch19:08
ubottuneofetch (7.1.0-4, kinetic): Shows Linux System Information with Distribution Logo. In component universe, is optional. Built by neofetch. Size 82 kB / 352 kB19:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:13
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Guest998Hey I'm a newbie20:25
Guest998I installed ubuntu server to make a minecraft server.20:25
Guest998What would you say are some very important packges to make sure everything works.20:25
gordonjcpnb-ben: I use zfs snapshots for backing up stuff in storage, particularly where I've got a directory with a small number of very large files20:28
gordonjcpnb-ben: it seems to work20:28
ladymorganaOK I have done my search homework on this one and have looked at at least 5 results even after specifying in the last year. so How do I take this screenshot image and keep it in a file. (I wanted to paste it to google-voice-text but gv wont let me do that.20:30
ladymorganaI sent it to an old friend in messenger, just to have the image actually somewhere.20:32
ladymorganaOne site suggested that I could set screenshot to save to a file as well as the clipboard but wasnot clear about how. Some used a no longer supported xclip with a long set of conditions. Another told me that gnome-screenshot is not what is in 22.04 so that's why I cant find the old version.. but I can reinstall it.  - How is this actually handled in 22.04 or do I have to install or use deprecated stuff?20:34
byte4byte_i know ubuntu makes a great desktop for all people, but can it be used as a server?20:34
oerheksscreenshots are saved in Pictures/screenshot, AFAIK20:34
oerheksthere is a server iso, byte4byte_20:34
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Focal (Focal Fossa 20.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide:  https://ubuntu.com/server/docs - Support in20:34
ladymorganabyte4byte_, there is an ubuntu server specific .iso file on the downloads page.20:34
ladymorganaYou have no gnome = gui though so you (and I) must learn to me a bash0master.20:35
ladymorganaHail oerheks20:35
Guest998is there any very very leightweight gui with somesimple things like terminal shutdown network ....20:36
Guest998Should run on integrated graphics and on 8mbit graphics ram20:36
ladymorganaoerheks, I shall look in my pictures. I liked the old version wherein I could name it. (Now that you mention it, I think I knew that but my old-brain forgot.) blush.20:36
byte4byte_Guest998, ping jim, hes known for lightweight distros20:46
leftyfbbyte4byte_: stop20:47
Guest998jim Have you got any idea what i could use as a very very leightweight gui to work with ubuntu server and a pc from the acient greeks (lmao( intel core 2 duo and 2gb ram(could buy 16gb) and 8mb graphics ram)20:51
Guest998Now what should it "do":20:51
Guest998Show some simple things like taskmanager, by this i mean cpu usage, memory usage disk usage; just very simple.20:51
Guest998Maybe a shutdown and restart button (not really necessary.20:51
Guest998Also it should be possible to use real vnc viewer to connect to this.20:51
Guest998Thank you very much for your help <320:51
Guest998I should ask you as byte4byte said.20:51
leftyfbGuest998: why do you need a GUI for any of that? (you'll have to wait for your quiet to expire to respond)20:52
Guest998Huh why did i got a timeout for this?20:54
Guest998Did the message still get posted?20:54
Guest998leftyfb I think it would be nice to check the performance while the game server is running.20:54
leftyfbGuest998: htop20:55
oerheksone needs a mc server gui/admin, not vnc20:56
Guest998thank you, looks good.20:57
Guest998Is this only a package?20:57
Guest998And is more or less easy to install, because it's my first time with ubuntu, just got some experience with raspbian (raspberryPi)20:57
leftyfbGuest998: yes, install it like any other package20:58
Guest998oerheks actually that would be a good ideas as well to do it this way :)20:58
Guest998Thank you for the idea20:58
oerheksthis smells like a chat bot20:58
leftyfbnah, I don't think so20:58
Guest998what chatbot lmao20:59
Guest998oerheks remember me i was guest9 with the dcd booting problems and then usb worked later on i was the one who you told to use ubuntu server instead :)20:59
Guest998so oerheks Have you got any ideas about a minecraft server dashboard/gui?21:00
ladymorganare putting screenshot on the doc, it seems to be hopeless. from askubuntu last sept:21:10
ladymorganaThe screenshot app in Ubuntu 22.04 is not anymore a separate tool. It is now part of Gnome Shell (very much like a third party extension, which, when installed, also becomes part of Gnome Shell). - | - The icon in the application overview is now similar in nature to the "Power Off" or "Log Out" icons. They do not exist in the Application overview, and can only be seen after searching. They are not21:10
ladymorganarepresented by a .desktop file, but are internally provided by the shell. They do not represent separate applications, thus are never represented by an icon in the launcher and cannot be pinned.21:10
leftyfbladymorgana: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-take-a-screenshot-on-ubuntu-22-04-jammy-jellyfish-linux  there are several separate screenshot apps you can try21:14
Guest998Are there any Gui/Dashboards i could use to control a mc server (Fabric) maybe through a website or vnc viewer.21:16
Guest998Thank you for any suggestion.21:16
leftyfbGuest998: I don't think there are any in the ubuntu repositories, no21:17
leftyfbGuest998: you might want to ask for software opinions in #ubuntu-offtopic21:17
Guest998Oh really, i thought there would be quite some21:17
Guest998But thank you21:17
yes-ubuntuKnock-knock... I issue the command systemctl suspend and the laptop goes to sleep... when I wake the laptop up, the system is working, but with a pitch back display (like no electricity at all... I can log in via ssh... what files should I look into to see if there is any error? which files can I investigate?21:28
arraybolt3yes-ubuntu: I'd check dmesg for ACPI errors.21:29
ubottuto debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI21:29
arraybolt3yes-ubuntu: You can check dmesg by running `sudo dmesg | less` - this will let you scroll the dmesg log.21:29
leftyfbyes-ubuntu: try sudo systemctl suspend -i21:30
yes-ubuntuarraybolt3: thank you, I will give this a try; my bios is up to date21:30
yes-ubuntuleftyfb: what is -i ?21:32
jimGuest998, sorry, byte4byte is a troll...21:32
yes-ubuntuI checked the manual but I still don't understand21:32
Guest998Oh, i did not know this.21:32
Guest998The I apologize for the ping ;(21:32
jimdidn't think you did; no worries...21:33
yes-ubuntuarraybolt3: I am looking at dmesg | less and can not see any specific error? The video card is not showing up in any line?21:42
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yes-ubuntuarraybolt3: I can see PM: suspend entry (deep) and all the logs... no errors there; then I could see everything starting up and PM: suspend exit21:45
arraybolt3yes-ubuntu: Try typing "/acpi<Enter>" (with <Enter> being a literal Enter key press), and see if that shows anything. If not, press "n" to see the next occurance of "acpi". Keep doing that, if you see ACPI errors that might be the problem.21:58
yes-ubuntuarraybolt3: :)  I tried and there is no acpi before nor after the suspend / wake up22:05
arraybolt3yes-ubuntu: You'd want to look close to when the computer first boots.22:05
arraybolt3Maybe try rebooting and then look again.22:05
yes-ubuntuwhen I boot, I use nomodeset (otherwise the laptop freezes); now, with nomodeset kernel parameter, the system boots, all is fine, until the system goes to sleep... then when woken up from sleep, there is no power in the screen? pitch black screen? Should I still have a look at the dmesg after a boot (with nomodeset) ?22:08
yes-ubuntuleftyfb: I tried sudo systemctl suspend -i and the system wakes up, however, screen is still pitch black (no eletricity in it I suppose); plus because of the "-i" the keyboard backlight does not work, however, the caps lock does work and I can still issue commands via ssh22:20
yes-ubuntuMoreover, I have read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnderstandingSuspend and towards the end at "Biggest problem is graphics hardware" I can see some suggestions...22:21
StveOnot sure if this is the right channel, I'm running Apache2 and php8.1. Apache is running under my user (export APACHE_RUN_USER=myusername and export APACHE_RUN_GROUP=myusername). When I try to open google-chrome with php's proc_open I get  an error like Google want's to write something in the root folder.22:41
StveOmkdir: cannot create directory '/.local': Permission denied22:41
StveOtouch: cannot touch '/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list': No such file or directory22:41
StveOWhen I execute the same command in the shell that proc_open does, it works22:42
yes-ubuntu\\\\i tried booting in single user mode + nomodeset then systemctl suspend and then wake the system up... this did not end well (system frozen after wake up, as pitch black screen, no keyboard backlight, no working caps lock... and since single user mode has no networking, I could not ssh into it)22:46
byte4byte_StveO, does myusername have a home directory?22:52
arraybolt3byte4byte_: Please stop pinging people unnecessarily. If you have an Ubuntu support question, ask it to the whole channel by not pinging anyone.22:55
arraybolt3byte4byte_: Oh wait, sorry, I see you were actually trying to help. I misunderstood, please disregard my last message22:56
BinarySaviorhello, I am seeing my desktop listed as a media server from other devices on my LAN, I have ubuntu studio installed, I'm wondering what service is responsible for broadcasting my desktop as a media server23:08
arraybolt3minidlna, most likely.23:09
arraybolt3That's what caused the exact same thing to happen for me.23:09
BinarySaviorthanks arraybolt3  i'll look into that23:10
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