SuperLagI'm doing my level best to get the VMware DataSource working to spin up Ubuntu cloud images with customizations. I'm trying to do the "GuestInfo" keys bit, found here: https://canonical-cloud-init.readthedocs-hosted.com/en/latest/reference/datasources/vmware.html and AFAICT, I'm doing it correctly, but trying to use the key I specified in the userdata file it still doesn't let me connect.03:59
SuperLagthe hashes it generates on CLI match what is getting pasted into the advanced properties for the VM in vCenter04:06
holmanbHey SuperLag o/15:03
holmanbLooking at your gist now, do I understand that you pasted the contents of multiple files into that gist?15:04
holmanbSuperLag: that makes it difficult to check syntax (where, exactly, are the start and end of the files?)15:05
holmanbThat said, at a glance it looks like you've mixed up the "user" and "users" keys. user is for configuring the default user and won't accept a list, users is what I think you want. If you run `cloud-init schema --validate -c /path/to/userdata.yml` do you see an error?15:21
SuperLagholmanb: I did paste multiple files in there. 😬17:00
SuperLagholmanb: I fixed user --> users, and then I tried adding a password so I could log in and troubleshoot, but still... no dice.17:40
holmanbSuperLag: I'll try to take a look later today. What's your govc invocation?19:05
SuperLagholmanb: $GOPATH/bin/19:06
SuperLagand that's on PATH19:07
SuperLagit's like it makes the metadata changes, since the machine comes up named "node" as I have it in the metadata.yaml file, but the userdata, I'm not sure about yet19:07
SuperLagand I tried setting a password for the account, so that I could troubleshoot from the console... but that didn't work either19:08
holmanbSuperLag: I meant what args do you pass to govc?19:50
SuperLagoh derp... I read that as "location" 😆19:53
SuperLaggovc vm.change -vm "${VM}" -e guestinfo.metadata="${METADATA}" -e guestinfo.metadata.encoding="gzip+base64" -e guestinfo.userdata="${USERDATA}" -e guestinfo.userdata.encoding="gzip+base64"19:54
SuperLag(exactly as listed on the page)19:55

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