BluesKajHi all14:36
santa_good afternoon everyone14:59
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: that discover update you did is missing breaks/replaces, breaking the update from the previous version15:00
santa_RikMills: ↑ we need to revert this and re-apply for 5.2715:02
Eickmeyer[m]santa_: I can take care of that.15:55
Eickmeyer[m]santa_: RikMills is unavailable for a while.15:59
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: already? I tought he would be available the weekend16:00
tsimonq2Still up in the air iirc, probably Tuesday or so, moving on :)16:01
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: in any case, if you are available and yo want to help, give me some time and we can discuss a few things16:02
Eickmeyer[m]santa_: it's going to be split work, plasma-discover just interests me for the reasons I outlined above, and I'm a MOTU so I'm no dummy when it comes to packaging and I understand the Kubuntu way of doing things as I'm already a Ninja, so don't worry.16:03
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: I trust you that you are no dummy, but I don't care about nobiliary titles16:05
Eickmeyer[m]Ok, so, don't forget that Kubuntu is not separate from Ubuntu as a whole, and we're only here to help. You don't get to be a gatekeeper here, I've already been contacted to help.16:06
tsimonq2And I have more upload access than both of you, so, moving on. ;)16:07
Eickmeyer[m]Ok, new plasma-discover uploaded with the proper fixes. That was my fault, sorry.16:25
RikMillsEickmeyer[m]: I am around at the moment. That could just suddenly change16:27
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Good to know.16:27
RikMillsI may have to run and do a bit of travel at short notice due to family reasons16:29
santa_hello again18:30
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: the latest discover upload has breaks replaces in plasma-discover against itself18:31
Eickmeyer[m]santa_: Only in prior versions.18:32
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: the last one is 5.26.90-0ubuntu3 right? that one has breaks/replaces in plasma-discover against itself, that's not needed nor desirable18:34
Eickmeyer[m]santa_: It breaks/replaces << 5.26.90-0ubuntu2. 18:34
Eickmeyer[m]I know what I'm doing.18:34
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: it's still not needed nor deisrable18:34
santa_* desirable18:35
Eickmeyer[m]Well, it's there, and it won't hurt anything.18:35
santa_well, if you put unneeded breaks, you are making the work of the packaging system more complicated18:35
Eickmeyer[m]Well, if you keep up this disrespectful attitude, I'm going to pull a Code-of-Conduct violation against you.18:36
santa_how am I being disrespectful? I'm just pointing out something which I believe, are packaging mistakes18:37
santa_and the idea is getting the things fixed, not to disrespect anyone18:37
tsimonq2Guys... chill out18:37
Eickmeyer[m]I'm not doing another upload to fix something so benign that is more safety than anything.18:38
santa_sure, but please note that if you move files from one package to another, you need to put the breaks/replaces in the package "receiving" the files, not in the package "donating" them18:40
santa_anyway, doy mind if I fix this and merge this into the upcoming plasma 5.27?18:40
santa_RikMills:, Eickmeyer[m] ↑18:41
Eickmeyer[m]Listen, I take offense when I do something deliberately and it's called a mistake, because there was no mistake.18:42
Eickmeyer[m]It was a safety measure.18:42
santa_well, I think you shouldn't take offense, I pointed out what I believe are 2 mistakes:18:43
santa_1. not putting breaks/replaces18:44
Eickmeyer[m]They weren't mistakes. That's your opinion.18:44
santa_2. putting breaks/replaces in plasma-discover gaints itself18:44
Eickmeyer[m]The first one was a misake, that's true.18:44
santa_I guess we both agree 1, was a mistake18:44
santa_about the second one, please if you don't believe me, ask for a second opinion18:45
Eickmeyer[m]Apparently you have a horrible opinion of my packaging practices, but you don't know me, which is why you don't trust me being here. Rik trusts me, so does Simon.18:45
santa_also, you say it's a safety measure, may I ask you against what?18:45
Eickmeyer[m]Against file conflicts, just in case.18:45
santa_but plasma-discover is always going to share files with its previous version18:46
Eickmeyer[m]Maybe, but I was just being paranoid. That's all. Nothing wrong with that when it comes to coding and packaging.18:47
santa_byt that rule, we should be putting breaks/replaces on every package against itself18:47
santa_anyway, please ask for a second opinion, ok?18:48
Eickmeyer[m]santa_: First of all, who are you and what makes you an authority on packaging practices? I've given you my credentials (Ubuntu Studio lead, Edubuntu tech lead, Ubuntu master-of-the-universe). Why do you get to dictate what happens here?18:49
santa_I mean in #ubuntu-devel or so18:49
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: I have been working on kubuntu and kde packaging for many years, but I don't expect you to just "trust my authority"18:50
santa_also, if feel if someone is being disrespectful at this point, that's you18:50
Eickmeyer[m]Well, I was invited in here, and I feel like you're coming out of the blue and questioning everything I do.18:51
santa_I'm not coming out of the blue, I have been working on kubuntu for many years18:52
Eickmeyer[m]Well, Ubuntu Studio shares the same packages, so I've been working on it too, believe it or not.18:53
santa_and the reason why I'm saying things about discover is because we have an upcoming plas 5.27 release, and these changes need to be merged into there18:53
Eickmeyer[m]I understand that, and everything you do here will affect Ubuntu Studio as well.18:53
* RikMills catches up18:54
santa_also, please note that I did most of the automation code that Rik is using to deploy the packages that you use in ubuntu studio18:54
santa_sometimes I also did many frameworks releases myself using that automation code18:55
Eickmeyer[m]And that's fine, the automation code is great. I've seen it at work. But, when changes need to be made, they need to be made. This isn't the first time I've had to make a change to the packaging.18:56
Eickmeyer[m]This IS, however, the first time you've scrutinized it, and I don't appreciate your tone with it.18:56
santa_well, I scrutinize many things, and if I find problems I usually discuss them with the persons involved18:58
Eickmeyer[m]Then, why all of the sudden, are you active after being silent for so long?18:58
santa_for example, I just pointed out recently to RikMills that the frameworks packages were out of sync18:58
RikMillsEickmeyer[m]: with respect, breaks/replaces against itself is wrong. lets just fix that and move on18:59
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Sounds good.18:59
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: I have been for the last months out of my country, I was about to resume my things @ kubuntu and then Rik told me he might be unavailable for packaging work19:00
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: But, it's not an urgent fix.19:00
RikMillsjust done it so I don't forget19:01
santa_is this merged in 5.27 already?19:01
Eickmeyer[m]Well, nevermind. Apparently you all don't need my help. I'll just bow-out.19:01
RikMillssanta_: when I upload I run a quick bash script that merges bracnhes and pushes tags. since the CI is not there to do it19:03
RikMillsshould be in the staging branches19:03
santa_aha, thanks for the info19:03
RikMillsand now doing a new 5.27.0 ppa build19:05
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: we appreciate your contributions, but please don't take offense for criticism19:05
santa_anyway, other short news:19:05
santa_- I have been working yesterday all night on fixing something in my experimental build server (systemd dhcp drama)19:07
RikMillslucky you!19:07
santa_- I hope to get ready the main one for lunar this weekend (let's see if I have time)19:08
santa_- I have been evaluating what to do with apps broken git repos19:08
tsimonq2I'm fixing apps right now, actuallyt19:10
tsimonq2So no need19:10
tsimonq2I will upload the fixes when ready19:10
santa_- I had a breaks/replaces problem when updating from kinetic to lunar19:10
Eickmeyer[m]santa_: Just, next time someone comes in and explains who they are and why they're there (when most of the channel already knows), don't treat them like a new contributor. I've also been here for years. You just haven't noticed.19:11
santa_tsimonq2: how are you fixing it?19:11
RikMillssanta_: fontconfig?19:12
RikMillsthat one is known19:12
santa_Eickmeyer[m]: while I haven't following closely your work, I know that you are not new19:13
santa_RikMills: is is that fixed, in process to be fixed ...19:13
RikMillssanta_: the fix is in proposed, waiting on tests19:13
santa_I see, cool so I can temporarily fix for my testing VMs (very important for package testing)19:15
tsimonq2santa_: Verifying the status of the repositories as-is, bumping build deps, re-doing changelog entries as needed, probably a quick Lintian run19:15
tsimonq2¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just the usual stuff19:15
tsimonq2the packaging I had in there was in no way finished, if it was I would have uploaded it already :P19:16
santa_tsimonq2: there is an script to do that19:16
tsimonq2yes I know19:16
tsimonq2I've been using it19:16
santa_also, for the record, with constructive intention, summary of the problems:19:17
tsimonq2yeah just give me a list, I'll take care of it + do my own checks19:17
santa_1. wrong branch: you were suposed to use kubuntu_lunar_staging, not kubuntu_lunar_archive19:18
tsimonq2I did it on both because I wanted to save time later19:18
tsimonq2check botgh19:18
tsimonq2 * check both, I used both19:18
tsimonq2anyway, next?19:18
santa_no action needed about this, just keep in mind for future uploads19:18
tsimonq2cool :) yeah like I said, WIP19:19
RikMillsthe archive branch is exclusively to refect the current stage of the archive19:19
RikMillsto for WIP things19:19
RikMills*not for19:19
santa_we have the _staging branches for a reason, if you use archive, I can't build what's in the archive + if we need to do an upgent -0ubuntu2 upload we cant19:19
tsimonq2...give me the rest of the list, I know you both know how to use Git if it was in a pinch :P19:20
santa_(just for you to know why we shouldn't use _archive for WIP)19:21
santa_next thing:19:21
tsimonq2guessing build deps, maybe a Debian Policy bump/debhelper compat19:21
santa_2. no metadata in ka-metadata19:21
tsimonq2now there is 19:22
tsimonq2That being said, the tooling is broken19:22
tsimonq2It tries to get a package list from KDE's FTP and that has an incomplete list19:22
tsimonq2so updating metadata broke the lists and all of the scripts19:22
RikMillswoork ok here19:23
tsimonq2yeah ka-update-metadata -d lunar -r applications -u cut off before kcron19:23
tsimonq2perhaps because I no longer have SSH access19:23
RikMillscould be19:24
santa_ok ,we can review that, I take note19:24
santa_do we still have that thing for videocalls?19:24
RikMillsnot sure19:26
santa_yes, is that still working?19:26
RikMillsI can't even find a bookmark any more19:27
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> https://kubuntu.blindsidenetworks.net/kubuntu/19:28
RikMillsgoing to have to go in a minute anyway19:30
santa_thanks for the link19:30
RikMillsuser password is welcome IIRC19:31
RikMillsI forget the moderator one19:31
santa_ah, I have a "normal" password and I can't share my screen19:42
santa_I'm going to take a 5 mins break...19:44
santa_argf, I've juts realized I nned to go to the supermarket19:57
santa_see you a bit later19:57
santa_back, sorry for the long delay21:30
santa_so ... thrid problem with apps: the obvious one:21:30
santa_3. no bumped build depends -> lots of FTBFS21:31
santa_regading how to fix 3. things to be done:21:31
santa_- fix the ka-metadata before anything else21:32
santa_- help tsimonq2 to get ka-metadata working21:32
santa_- bump the build depends properly once the metadata is fixed21:33
santa_- re-upload the packages to the PPA21:33
santa_- push the changes to git21:33
santa_tsimonq2: ↑ sou could you manage to get ka-metadata working properly already?21:34
santa_if not, I can help you21:34
santa_if you don't have acess to the kde sftp and that triggered a malfunction you can disable it temporarily in  the configuration file21:35
santa_use-kde-sftp = off21:36
santa_perhaps you already know, but the tarballs listing is stored in ~/.kubuntu-automation/cache/kde_ftp21:38
santa_so you could remove the files there and re-try21:39
santa_ah, nevermind about the 1st point, the metadata seems ok in git at the moment21:53
santa_so at this point you can just:21:55
santa_do-all bump-build-dep-versions21:56
santa_an proceed with the rest of the steps21:56
santa_on my side, I'm going to proceed with frameworks tonight in the staging PPAs21:57
santa_RikMills: ↑ if you are still around, any objection?21:58
RikMillssanta_: no22:12
santa_RikMills: ack, thanks22:12
RikMillsI would note simon has uploaded apps to the archive22:12
tsimonq2I figured it out quite a bit ago... :)22:15
santa_tsimonq2: can you please push the changes to git then?22:15
tsimonq2I did22:15
tsimonq2refresh your pages22:16
santa_tsimonq2: I'm just doing a git pull, but that is breaking all my clones22:20
santa_have you done a force-push or something?22:21
santa_tsimonq2: also, have you tested this in a PPA? the staging PPA seems full of FTBFS...22:25
tsimonq2not sure about the git pull, staging PPA is widely FTBFS because of depwait which has been solved22:26
tsimonq2nothing to see here - unless you find an actual FTBFS/Lintian error that I missed22:26
santa_tsimonq2: well, for example this package is FTBFS'ing in the PPA https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+sourcepub/14496176/+listing-archive-extra22:27
tsimonq2read the log, it's because of a depwait22:28
santa_I know, but if it wasn't built, how could you test it?22:28
santa_we usually build the packages in the staging PPAs, then we test, then we upload to the archive22:29
santa_also, have you checked the status of the packages with 'ppa-build-status' ?22:30
santa_we usually do that as well before uploading to the archive22:31
santa_↑ some parts are a bit outdated but most of it still applies22:34
valorieeek, people please23:41
valorietell people what you intend to do before doing it23:42
valoriecommunication is key while we adjust to RikMills' absence23:42
valoriecollaboration is critical23:43
valorieif tooling is broken, let's fix pls23:44

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