Roeyhi all, arraybolt3, how do I change the password for the LVM encryption?02:59
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IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> heyy, mvp keep stopping , also whole system stuck , what should i do ?13:02
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> i like this video player alot13:02
DragnslcrAnyone else have the problem of Firefox not being able to open a downloaded file in a program (such as opening a PDF in Okular)?13:19
DragnslcrThe "Open With" options I get are "System Handler" and "env", both of which just save the file to a temp directory13:19
DragnslcrI'm wondering if this is a snap problem13:20
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BluesKajHi all14:36
user|51How to install stremio on kubuntu?19:00
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