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sarakushaHi there! i need help please. I can't up a vpn connection using network-manager cli on Ubuntu Core device. I created a new connection by importing a ovpn config file, but when I try to up the connection, I get the message "Error: Connection activation failed: The VPN service did not start in time". I used the instructions written by @degville [https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/configure-a-vpn/33333]09:13
degvillesarakusha: I'll give those instructions a go on Monday with the latest network-manager snap to see if I run into similar issues.09:22
sarakushadegville: Thanks a lot09:28
sarakushaReturning to the topic of openvpn: /snap/network-manager/current/sbin/ does not contain  openvpn file10:20
sarakushaI apologize for the previous message,  wrong path10:29

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