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claudioHi all10:24
claudioI've this kernel version: 5.15.0-60-generic #66-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 20 14:29:49 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:25
claudiocloned repository in my area:10:26
claudiogit clone git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/jammy kenel-ubuntu10:26
claudioI suppose that my actual running version "5.15.0-60-generic #66-Ubuntu" is the same on repository "Ubuntu-5.15.0-60.66", can someone confirm?10:28
claudiodo you read my messages?10:31
alkisgWe read the messages, yeah11:19
mhcerriclaudio, that's right. we tag all the versions17:59
mhcerriand usually you just need to match major version (5.15.0 in this case), ABI number (60) and flavor (generic)18:00
mhcerri.66 in this case is just an upload number that we only bump (while keeping the same ABI number) if something really went bad (ie, the initial version of that ABI doesn't build for reason)18:01
claudio@mhcerri, Thank you for the info18:27
claudio@mhcerri, do you know how can be identified a driver(module)?18:29
mhcerriclaudio, what do you mean exactly?18:30
claudioI supposed was present a version number18:30
Jeremy31what module?18:30
claudiobut when I do a modinfo I get this:18:30
claudiomodinfo snd_usb_audio18:30
claudiofilename:       /lib/modules/5.15.0-60-generic/kernel/sound/usb/snd-usb-audio.ko18:30
claudiolicense:        GPL18:30
claudiodescription:    USB Audio18:30
claudioauthor:         Takashi Iwai <tiwai@suse.de>18:30
claudiosrcversion:     DC685E98913EC0BF1B7D41E18:30
Jeremy31No vermagic?18:31
claudioname:           snd_usb_audio18:31
claudiovermagic:       5.15.0-60-generic SMP mod_unload modversions 18:31
claudioin fact18:31
claudiovermagic identifies the source18:31
claudioSo I know that I've to get the repo18:32
claudioput in checkout mu actual (kernel) version18:32
claudioThan in git I can discover what wersion of that driver is implemented18:33
claudioam I rigth?18:33
Jeremy31vermagic identifies the headers the source was built with18:33
claudioand srcversion?18:33
claudiothe source code ?18:34
Jeremy31I am not sure, vermagic identifies the kernel headers that are used when compiling18:34
Jeremy31claudio: Are you planning on patching that module?18:35
claudioto be honest I would18:35
claudiothis is my first time...18:35
claudiobut currently I've to understand where is the problem18:35
claudiobecause I've a DAC that sometimes loose the connection18:36
claudioSo, I noticed that the version implemented is the last-118:36
Jeremy31Is there an upstream patch that fixes it?18:36
claudioon linux master repo18:37
claudioI suppose that the problem isn't solved also with the last18:37
claudiobut is my opinion18:37
claudio@Jeremy31, when you want to debug something where you look?18:38
claudiorebuild a module with debug enable...18:38
claudioif you have a suggestion I would appreciate18:39
claudioabout the version... I'm on UBUNTU: Ubuntu-5.15.0-60.6618:40
Jeremy31If you don't have Nvidia graphics you could test the newest kernel at https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/18:40
claudiothe version in use is with the commit NOV 11 202218:42
claudioso it is recent18:43
Jeremy31Or you could search for your DAC model and linux, see if others found a solution using a module parameter18:43
Jeremy31Other than that you could run> sudo dmesg -w18:43
Jeremy31In terminal and see what happens in terminal during the disconnect18:44
claudioI made a mistake18:48
claudioon linux kernel that version is the last18:48
claudioso... we're on the last version18:48
claudio@Jeremy31, thank you for the suggestion18:49
claudiofor sure I'll18:49
claudioAnyway I suppose that the problam stays on that module but.. I'm not sure...18:51

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