rbasaklemoi: eg. http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/focal/release/ubuntu-20.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.img00:00
rbasaklemoi: that's the method we ensure works. So while preparing your VM some other way and then installing cloud-init by hand might work for you, I can't give you a straight answer to your question because your method isn't one we actually test.00:01
lemoirbasak understood. will take a look01:26
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effendy[m]lemoi: No, it't not safe to assume this. Normally cloud-init runs only once and that's it. But it might recreate the host ssh keys, for instance (this is what happened in my case) or reread the metadata and change network settings, for example.08:41
effendy[m]But it's not clear if you're interested in disabling cloud-init completely or enabling it for every boot process.08:41
effendy[m]It's also weird that you should need to install cloud-init. It should be installed by default anyway, you don't necessarily need a cloud image for that. And it works.08:42
rbasakeffendy[m]: cloud-init will only recreate ssh host keys if your instance-id changes, and tht's supposed to be tied to the identity of your VM.10:41
effendy[m]Good to know. In proxmox I experienced that often, I didn't do anything special, so I'm nore sure why that would happen after each shutdown 10:46
yosamite9999@sdeziel I can confirm Jan's findings as stated on launchpad, version from focal proposed solves the problem12:30

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