bumblefuzzSo, I'm trying to set up SSH over VPN and I the two machines can ping eahc other over the VPN but I can't get them to connect via SSH00:09
bumblefuzzI opened port 22 on the target machine on the VPN adapter only00:09
bumblefuzzsshd is up and running and listening on port 2200:09
bumblefuzzbut when I try to ssh in from the remote machine, nothing happens00:10
bumblefuzzliterally nothing happens00:10
ladymorganaleftyfb, Boy I now know too  much re screenshots. grin00:14
ladymorgana OK now is the time to put out this that I prepared. LONG but in stages. I know so little.00:14
ladymorgana- I have been certain from the beginning of this broblem that the problem is basically - How Ubuntu handles Chrome (which has bad memory management).  - - OTOH IF I can enlarge my swapfile and end this horror, tant mieux (so much the better).00:14
ladymorganaSO as I see it: (1) look at the image of what I see BEFORE Ubuntu starts. Is this a problem or not? (2) and then look at the Journalctl from when it did die to learn how and what is going on. (and for ME to learn a little about what happened and how to read the journalctl) then (3) enlarge my swapfile00:14
ladymorganare (1) this is what I saw on the screen before ubuntu started. https://imgur.com/a/rYICZXb  (2) journalctl... as suggested. https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/jchv7rgHPj/ (3)  run "ls /swapfile" - - results are/is  $ /swapfile00:14
ladymorganawho has been involved? arraybolt3, oerheks sarnold , tomreyn,00:15
Eickmeyer[m]ladymorgana: As far as I can tell, nothing in that picture you posted on imgur is anything more than a scary, non-threatening warning (especially the first three lines which are very common). I wouldn't worry about it.00:28
Eickmeyer[m]As for the rest, not sure, I'd wait for those that have been helping you from before.00:29
AHemlocksLieI was using a program, forget which one, that set terminal colors based on desktop wallpaper, but I got rid of it, and it didn't seem to remove the last setting, so my terminal background is stuck red. I can "tput reset" to get the user@host ~/$ prompt back to normal, but the background stays red. Terminal settings set a black background still. What should I check next?00:41
rbox~/.profile ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc00:45
AHemlocksLierbox, I found it in .bashrc, thanks a ton. That was getting annoying.00:51
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sarnoldladymorgana: unfortunately those log messages are cut off on the edges. I hate journalctl's defaults so much :(   try journalctl -b0 | nc termbin.com 9999   --- that should give the logs without cutting off the edges01:06
sarnoldladymorgana: and maybe use journalctl -b-1 | nc termbin.com 9999   -- that'll get the logs from the previous boot01:06
ladymorganalooked up nc and01:24
ladymorganawrong. will repeat01:24
byte4byteanyone wanna go bigfoot hunting this weekend?01:26
ladymorganasarnold I dont understand. I did - -  journalctl -b-1 | nc termbin.com 9999   - - it paused and gave me a new prompt. I looked up nc and it says it just sits and listens. " is used for just about anything under the sun" and I went to a browser and that toldme that termbin.com 9999 is to test and doesnt do anything.01:27
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Bashing-omladymorgana: "nc" is in the package bash-completion is it installed ' dpkg -l bash-completion ' ?01:38
sarnoldladymorgana: hmm, you should have also gotten an url from that command that you could share with us01:39
Bashing-om!find nc jammy01:39
ubottuFound: advancecomp, backuppc-rsync, bash-completion, corosync, corosync-doc, debhelper, dh-golang, dictionaries-common-dev, dkms, ec2-instance-connect and 2292 others <https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nc&searchon=names&suite=jammy&section=all>01:39
ladymorganaI hope I am doing the right thing. I am making my swap bigger using the instructions on this page which are long and specific. https://linuxhint.com/add-swap-space-ubuntu-22-04/01:44
ladymorganasarnold maybe01:44
sarnoldfeel free to skip all the swappiness and vfs_cache_pressure parts01:45
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ladymorganasarnold I didnt understand so I did it all. Is it ok?01:49
ladymorganain fact I forgot I could copy and paste the lines so I type each in very carefully.01:49
sarnoldladymorgana: it's probably fine01:50
ladymorganais it immediately effective or does it happen on the next boot?01:50
ladymorganaprobably? lol what is swappiness and vfs_cache_pressure ?01:51
sarnoldrun 'swapon' in a shell and see if you see it listed01:51
ladymorganaNAME        TYPE SIZE   USED PRIO01:51
byte4bytewho invented x11?01:52
ladymorganaI see it listed.  (interesting that the writer is a lady in pakistan who wears a black hijab and robe.01:52
sarnoldladymorgana: 'swappiness' tells the kernel if it should prefer to put memory to disk or throw away executables and re-read them from disks; there's *loads* of details here https://chrisdown.name/2018/01/02/in-defence-of-swap.html01:52
ladymorganaI will read it sarnold because it should answer the questio of prefers to (put memory to disk) rather than (what?)01:53
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ladymorganaok sarnold (I read much of it.) Ihav a question. If the swap area on my disk has been reassigned, what happend to the access to pages that were in the initial swap area?01:59
sarnoldladymorgana: hmm, can you rephrase your question?01:59
ladymorganaoh, the areas are both used, just one has priority so nothing is lost.02:02
sarnoldaha! yeah, both get used, the priority just decides which one gets used first, in case you've got a much faster drive, or much more robust drive, etc02:03
ladymorganayou are smart. (a bit off topic: I say that because you asked and I solved my problem myself. That happens when I speak with smart people. It's an interesting form I call telepathy but there is nothing but cleverness communicated, no content.)02:03
sarnoldhehe, that's often called "rubber duck debugging" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging02:04
ladymorganaI noticed that happening when I was say 18..19. And all 3 grad students who had that (with me) had done their undergrad work at CalTech.02:05
ladymorganaI have 3 ducks. Red, black, and yellow. (The yellow one was one I didnt give to a new child in time. The child must be 10 now.02:06
ladymorganaWell if this fixes my problem I am going to give it up. BUT::: ubuntu should not die when chrome gets greedy or has poor garbage collection. UBU should be robust. It's not but I have spent waaay too log here trying to help out on that level.02:08
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sarnoldladymorgana: heh, amazing how quick kids grow. an appropriate toy one week looks silly the next..02:11
sarnoldladymorgana: there's some work with systemd-oomd to try to address memory use problems by applications better, but it's very difficult to get right; for some people, their computer exists only to run the web browser, and it should be able to use whatever memory is available. for other people, the web browser is completely unimportant and should be the first thing killed under memory pressure02:12
emmanueluxquestion: is /etc/netplan/02-....yaml is prioritary to /etc/netplan/01-....yaml02:20
sarnoldemmanuelux: "later" files can modify or override "earlier" files https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/latest/structure-id/#general-structure02:21
emmanueluxsarnold, thx so 02- "override" 01 (01 is network manager)02:23
sarnoldemmanuelux: or perhaps just defines something different -- but if they have the same keys, yeah, 02 will override the 0102:23
emmanueluxsarnold, i dont want to delete network manager (else it sucks very much compared to netplan)02:24
byte4bytewhich one of yall made ubuntu?03:34
leftyfbbyte4byte: trolling is offtopic here. Please go elsewhere. You've been told multiple times. This isn't the place for it03:37
byte4bytehow is that trolling?03:37
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nb-bengordonjcp: I see. It seems like what sucks is zsys basically, and that seems like a project unrelated to openzfs that I can replace manually05:16
nb-bengordonjcp: a bunch of article titles say something like "ZFS has no future with Ubuntu", and then when to read it, it talks about zsys05:18
nb-bengordonjcp: example: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2023/01/ubuntu-zfs-support-status05:19
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gebbionehi folks08:09
gebbionei am back to see if someone remembers how to fix this problem08:10
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1963805 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-510 (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Failed to grab modeset ownership" [Undecided, Confirmed]08:10
gebbionei have had problems with nvidia cards all the times as soon as i update packages08:10
gebbionei guess there are conflicts or bugs between drivers and current kernel but changing to an old kernel doesn't fix it08:10
Guest9Hey there Have you andy suggestion on what i could use to upload files to my ubuntu server? I know pscp from putty, but i have to copy many files to different locations so something like FileZilla would be easier.08:58
lotuspsychjeGuest9: sftp perhaps?09:01
Guest9Yeah why not09:02
Guest9So lotuspsychje would it then be possible to access every file folder from remote windows or android09:12
toxic0Hello everyone. I'm looking for a way to tell unattended upgrade to forcefully reboot if it installed anything. Do you know a way to do this?09:21
toxic0My issue is that when it upgrades anything docker or container.io all my services are down and still it doesn't reboot... needrestart command was saying no reboot is needed... But none of my docker were running, starting them failed because somehow it didn't find the overlay directory, rebooting fixed it. It's like that pretty much each time cointainerd or docker is upgraded.09:24
toxic0Forcing me to manually reboot once I wake up...09:24
gebbionedon't do unattended stuff then09:38
gebbioneDoes anyone here affected by nvidia monitors problems on ubuntu or unable to boot because it stops? Such as https://www.reddit.com/r/Kubuntu/comments/izjple/question_help_please_kubuntu_2004_no_gui_boot/ and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-510/+bug/1963805 ?09:44
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1963805 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-510 (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Failed to grab modeset ownership" [Undecided, Confirmed]09:44
toxic0gebbione don't use Nvidia then10:01
person_xis there a utility for ubuntu that i run use to create a vpn tunnel? here is what i want to do, i have a vps[public ip], i have a local machine[private ip]. i want to transfer all traffic coming into port 6050 of the VPS into my local machine's port 605010:09
gebbionetoxic0, not the same. You can run updates when needed . Nvidia is necessary stuff10:11
person_xsee the situation is, I don't need to forward ALL traffic from the local machine via the VPS. I just need to be able to forward incoming traffic on port 6050 of the vps to the local machine. hint: the sip freepbx i'm running on the local machine, it can easily make outgoing calls but it cannot receive incoming calls10:14
gebbioneperson_x, you might find more help in #networking than ubuntu10:17
webchat60hello this is my first time on this chat i just hear about it in youtube can anyone explain to me this please10:24
lotuspsychjethis is where you can get ubuntu support webchat6010:25
person_xwebchat60, this is irc. a knowledgebase of the entire earth xD10:25
lotuspsychjewebchat60: you ask a question and wait until volunteers pickup on your issue10:25
person_xoh and also, off topic. xD10:25
webchat60oh thats great unfortunatly i just moved to arch linux last month and dwm10:25
webchat60there is more chats for arch linux like this in the web rightr ?10:26
person_xyes definitely10:26
person_xjust type this in your irc client->    /list10:26
webchat60i just open this chat from my window laptop i mean from chrome web is there any way to open it from my arch linux distro ? i mean without web browser10:27
person_xdownload any irc client for linux, like xchat or hexchat etc10:28
webchat60oh thats great thank you very much person_X yr the best10:29
mrkubax10#libera might be a good place with help about IRC10:29
spinningCati removed firefox with aptitude purge firefox. snap "firefox" is already installed, this is what i got after typing snap install firefox what should i do?10:33
webchat60type firefox --version and see output10:37
spinningCatMozilla Firefox 109.0.110:41
spinningCati am searching suitable selenium driver i downloaded last version10:41
spinningCati am getting this error selenium.common.exceptions.TimeoutException: Message: Failed to read marionette port10:42
webchat60did you reboot your ubuntu ?10:54
spinningCati didnt reboot it11:03
spinningCatshould i reboot my machine after installing firefox?11:04
claudioHi all11:29
claudioI've this kernel version: 5.15.0-60-generic #66-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 20 14:29:49 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:29
claudiocloned repository in my area:11:29
claudiogit clone git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/jammy kenel-ubuntu11:29
claudioI suppose that my actual running version "5.15.0-60-generic #66-Ubuntu" is the same on repository "Ubuntu-5.15.0-60.66", can someone confirm?11:29
iomari891greetings, I've tried everything I can find on how to solve "The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY" but my influxdb key still fails. Any suggestions?11:47
iomari891kubuntu 22.1011:47
tomreyniomari891: find and install this apt repository's signing key.11:54
tomreynfor this party repositories, it is often provided on their documentation or on a high level directory of the apt repository.11:55
tomreyn*third party11:56
tomreynit may be possible to provide better suggestions if you'll provide the full warnings and error messages, on a pastebin11:58
dingodareWhat to do today?12:27
Jeremy31iomari891: https://www.influxdata.com/blog/linux-package-signing-key-rotation/12:30
lotuspsychjedingodare: ask an ubuntu question to get solved :p12:31
tomreyndingodare: this is purely an ubuntu support channel, there are several other ubuntu channels. try: /msg alis list ubuntu12:31
masberhi, I think ubuntu upgrade has killed my ansible installation , is there any incompatibility betwen ubuntu pip installed applications and ubuntu 22.04?12:33
tomreynmasber: i would generally not recommend installing any python modules or distributions on the system level. you can install per user, or in a virtualenv12:36
masberok, reinstalling fixed the issue12:37
tomreynmasber: python and python modules and their versions are essential to ubuntu, several apt tools expect those to be available in the versions ubuntu provides12:37
masberbut you are right, I should make use of python virtual environment12:37
yes-ubuntuHello! How do I report a bug in Ubuntu with ubuntu-bug ? Apparently, I should report it abainst the linux package, how do I determine the linux package name? I have linux 5.19.0-31-generic ?13:00
kwakWhat's the simplest way of running an application in the background in a way where it's both monitored and rebooted if it closes and where it's also easy to manage without having to understand the Linux syntax required to manage background programs?13:01
kwakI'm basically looking for a really simple process manager akni to pm2 but for applications.13:01
tomreynyes-ubuntu: just type "linux", that should work for the currently running kernel image13:02
kwakakin to*13:02
yes-ubuntutomreyn: thank you!13:03
yes-ubuntuis it possible to edit the collected information by ubuntu-bug before sending it over? Like user name and maybe other sensitive info?13:05
donnysanWhat is Libera chat?13:07
donnysanwhy i get lost in here13:08
p0indexterdonnysan: more like how13:10
yes-ubuntup0indexter: that user has left the game! :D13:12
p0indextermy guess is donnysan was looking for support and perhaps being a beginner didnt understand irc and i didnt look like "support"13:20
p0indexterhexchat being preconfigured most likely brought donnysan here13:23
JSJin #linux13:44
RaimondRajwhat issue that ( https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hKRQR52DGC/ )13:44
JSJjoin #linux13:44
JSJdang sorry13:44
p0indexter replace # with /13:45
JSJi got it sorry13:45
JSJkinda tired heh13:45
yes-ubuntuThis is weird! :)  Very weird!!! So, on Ubuntu 22.10 Gnome Desktop and in terminal... I have a main admin user and a non admin user set up... and when I am logged in to Gnome via the non admin user and open a terminal, I am unable to sudo commands?!? But in the same time, if I run ubuntu-bug which gathers system info, there, I am asked for the13:45
yes-ubuntuadmin password several times and everything goes well?!? The necessary information is gathered?! Wow... now, I have some files under my admin user that I would like to access while I am logged in with the non admin user and I am having a head ache!!?13:45
yes-ubuntuOne option is to CTRL + ALT + F2 and log in with my admin user and copy the files over to my non admin user... other option is to ssh into this laptop and do the same ... very inconvenient!13:49
p0indextertyping corrected typo causes me to join channel and not show as corrected typo13:50
p0indextersome distrobutions have by default option to allow privs to remain for entire session or even on bootup automaticaly. i currently use sudo -i for every proccess that requires it13:54
p0indexteri used a distof MX-linux that allowed continued after selecting the option. if i recall the option was offerd after using sudo once13:56
p0indextersome applications might keep those privs elevated while other terminals are open13:57
p0indexterlol all of the prior was not fo this room lol14:00
oerheksRaimondRaj, hirsute?14:04
ubottuUbuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) was the 34th release of Ubuntu, support ended on January 20, 2022. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2022-January/000276.html14:04
oerhekseol, upgrade to a supported ubuntu14:05
cousteauHi, I have an ancient Ubuntu version.  Is there a way to upgrade the GLIBC and GLIBCXX versions without upgrading the whole Ubuntu (which I want to avoid because I assume it might break lots of stuff)?14:08
oerhekscousteau, no.14:09
oerheksone could build those manually, but the problems are not worth it.14:09
yes-ubuntuI know how to copy from my laptop to a remote ubuntu system - via scp however, is there a similar command to download files from a remote machine?14:11
ravageswap source and destination on your scp command14:11
oerheksscp remote_user@remote_host:/path/to/remote/file /path/to/local/file14:12
cousteauhttps://www.cyberithub.com/solved-glibc-2-29-not-found-error-on-ubuntu-linux/ "So in this case, I won't be installing the older version as this will make my system throw all kind of library errors and ultimately makes the Kernel Panic after system restart."14:12
cousteau...so it CAN be installed! :)  (ok, I'm willing to admit that it cannot be installed in ideal conditions)14:12
lotuspsychjecousteau: own compile is not supported here, volunteers advice to stick to package versions from the repos instead14:14
yes-ubunturavage & oerheks: thank you both... would not imagine reverse is working, however, WONDERFUL! :)14:16
oerhekshave fun!14:16
cousteaulotuspsychje: yeah, what I understood from that website is "technically it CAN be installed, but that doesn't mean your system will continue to work after doing so"14:16
cousteauI really like this feature the OS has that consists in that it works14:16
ravageyes-ubuntu: for syncing 2 dirs or see a progress use rsync over ssh14:17
lotuspsychjecousteau: its your system, you can do whatever you want, just here in the support channel we advice to follow the ubuntu way14:17
cousteau(I was thinking on installing the libs to a separate location, and then ld-preloading them or adding them to the lib path or something... I somehow suspect that'll either fail to work or succeed to crash my system still)14:17
cousteaulotuspsychje: yeah, it's solid advice14:18
cousteauI'd rather not compile stuff from scratch myself if it can be avoided via packages (repos / ppa / vendor-provided)14:18
lotuspsychjeinstall a supported ubuntu release cousteau ?14:19
yes-ubuntuI have filed this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/2006994 Hope someone will get to it?14:19
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2006994 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 22.10 and Dell Latitude 7390 – screen does not turn back on after waking up from sleep" [Undecided, Confirmed]14:19
cousteaulotuspsychje: I guess I'll have to upgrade to 20.04 eventually...14:19
cousteau(to be fair, my understanding is that 18.04 is technically still supported)14:20
lotuspsychjeyes-ubuntu: did you check if there are bios updates for your machine yet?14:20
lotuspsychjecousteau: you didnt mention your release version when you asked your question14:21
yes-ubuntulotuspsychje: yes, and I have updates it to the latest already :)14:22
lotuspsychjeyes-ubuntu: maybe start testing !mainline kernels as a test, see if you bypass your issue14:25
cousteaulotuspsychje: yeah, I didn't14:26
cousteaudon't get me wrong; this is a problem with the devs of the program I'm trying to execute and not with the Ubuntu devs14:27
yes-ubuntulotuspsychje: is there any tutorial for that?14:27
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lotuspsychje!mainline | yes-ubuntu14:27
ubottuyes-ubuntu: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds14:27
ducassecousteau: how ancient is this release?14:27
cousteaualthough Ubuntu 18.04 being virtually EOL'd probably didn't help... I really should upgrade this14:27
cousteauducasse: it was released in 2018-0414:27
ducassecousteau: run your program in a container?14:28
lotuspsychjeyes-ubuntu: now your bug ID exists, you can try testing things and keep your bug up to date with your steps tried14:28
cousteauducasse: that's what I thought... would that be possible?14:28
cousteauthanks, I'll look into it14:29
ducassecousteau: install the lxd snap and spin up an ubuntu image with a later glibc14:29
ducasseit's like 3 commands14:29
latef02hello is anyone here14:30
ravageanyone is not in today. back on monday. he is really popular. needs some rest.14:30
oerheksgone out with everybody14:31
dsc_i am also not here14:31
cousteauducasse: can that run programs I have installed in my OS, or do I have to reinstall them in the image?14:32
cousteau(also, will that work any better than, say, emulating the program in Wine?  Because the Windows version of the program totally works in Wine.  It's a Steam videogame and they have this Proton thing that makes running Windows games very easy.)14:33
ravagethen just run it on steam14:33
kovitalWhat is the recommended digital assistant on linux / ubuntu? like alexa / google assistant or siri ? to set up alarms, or get audio notifications, etc?14:34
lotuspsychjeyes-ubuntu: also check https://ubuntu.com/certified/201906-2715114:34
ravagekovital: none as they all invade your privacy in a non-acceptable way. if you want recommendations about open source software see #ubuntu-discuss14:34
cousteauravage: that's the idea, yes.  But I feel that the Windows version runs worse than the native version (which is also in Steam)14:34
ravageso backup your files. install 22.04 LTS. be happy14:35
BluesKajHi all14:36
kovitalit does not invade more my privacy than another program, especially web browsers with links tracking e-mails or whatnot. I thought there was one that i did not know about. like 'Tuxana' lol :P14:36
ravagekovital: see my previous statement14:37
cousteau...although I may give the container fix a try, I think I'll probably stick to the Windows version until I can't stand the low performance any longer and I'm forced to upgrade to 20.04 -- that way I'll be motivated to upgrade :)14:39
ravagesupport for 18.04 ends in april14:39
ravageshould be enough motivation to act soon14:39
cousteauyou don't know me14:39
ravagegood luck14:40
* cousteau is ashamed of his own laziness, but has learned to live with it because he's too lazy to change it14:40
lotuspsychjeupgrade commands are pretty easy14:40
cousteauravage: don't get me wrong... yours is good advice; I just don't trust myself to follow through14:42
cousteauhttps://askubuntu.com/a/661885  wow, this might be super-useful!14:47
spinningCatwhat is marionette port?15:19
oerheksspinningCat, where did you find that?15:19
spinningCati am trying to use selenium with firefox15:20
spinningCatthis is the question i wrote on stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/75420079/selenium-common-exceptions-timeoutexception-message-failed-to-read-marionette15:21
oerheksI think it happens because firefox is a snap package https://www.reddit.com/r/learnpython/comments/uzn58t/selenium_message_failed_to_read_marionette_port/15:22
spinningCatso if i build from source that will work?15:26
spinningCatshould i understand that?15:27
spinningCati could see the relation tbh15:28
spinningCatoerheks,  i downloaded firefox from source i will copy firefox execute to /usr/bin15:41
spinningCati download firefox and i give +x to binary firefox file and also i am root15:48
spinningCatthis is what i got Exec failed with error: Permission denied15:48
spinningCat any idea?15:48
oerheks " i download firefox" ?? download from their website is a .deb16:02
oerheksinstall that with dpkg -i firefox.deb16:02
spinningCatas tar.bz16:05
spinningCati opened it and now i will give symlins to the firefox ececutable16:06
oerheksthat sounds like source code, build it.16:06
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)16:06
ravagemozilla does not offer any deb files16:06
ravagethey provide a binary release16:06
ravagethats what he downloaded16:07
oerheksno clue how to handle that16:07
ravageextract it and run the firefox binary16:07
spinningCatthere is no configure file16:08
spinningCatthere is firefox executables and other files16:08
spinningCat./firefox command will work16:08
spinningCati just have to use firefox in selenium16:08
spinningCatthats why i will give sym link there16:09
alkisgspinningCat: there's a firefox.deb in the mozilla team ppa if you need it. See also https://ltsp.org/guides/snap/16:09
spinningCatsnap package gave me error i mentioned above thats why i am trying source code16:10
alkisgspinningCat: yes, the link says how to install the .deb package16:11
spinningCatfirefox has a problem with selenium16:11
spinningCati will take a look16:11
alkisgOr just google "mozillateam ppa", you'll find numerous guides on how to use it16:12
defiantHeyayaya, what program is handling the "safely remove" feature for external disks in Ubuntu?16:14
spinningCati need to solve that error hope one of the method will work16:14
boburhow to fix bios16:15
leftyfbbobur: you're looking for #hardware16:15
spinningCatseems source code solve the problem16:16
eax_spinningCat: you shouldn't have to go through all of that. Have you installed the FF driver for selenium? i.e geckodriver16:16
boburhow to fix Bios in linux mint?16:16
spinningCatthat port problem i guess it is because of unstable connection between firefox and geckodriver16:17
leftyfb!mint | bobur16:17
ubottubobur: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/16:17
boburhow to fix Bios in Ubuntu?16:17
eax_bobur: lol16:17
leftyfbbobur: what is wrong with your BIOS?16:17
boburi don't know16:18
leftyfbbobur: The OS doesn't "fix" your BIOS16:18
mrkubax10bobur: then how do you expect for someone to know?16:18
boburare u guys real?16:18
boburit is my first time16:18
oerheksbobur, explain your bios issue ?16:18
boburumm it's said bios disabled16:18
oerheks"it" ?16:19
boburi caanot enter bios16:19
leftyfbbobur: /join #hardware for support. This has nothing to do with Ubuntu16:19
ograspinningCat, the firefox snap geckodriver issue is long fixed, but you need to set up your geckodriver config accordingly (in case you want to keep a supported firefox version instead of a sideloaded deb or the tarball) https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=176999116:19
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Mozilla bug 1769991 in Testing "Geckodriver cannot launch firefox from within snap confinement" [S3, Resolved: Fixed]16:19
boburwhen i want to change other operation sysyem16:19
leftyfbcan you boot into ubuntu?16:20
boburi can16:20
leftyfbbobur: ok, boot into ubuntu and run this please so we can help you further:   ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ) | nc termbin.com 999916:21
leftyfbrun that and paste the resulting URL here16:21
boburon terminal?16:22
boburi did16:24
leftyfbbobur: follow the result of my instructions16:24
tomreynif your computer is connected to the internet, it would have printed a url which you would post here16:26
boburit saying " Linux bobur-Lenovo-G50-30 5.15.0-58-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 5 11:43:13 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:27
boburbash: cat/etc/os/release: No such file or directory16:27
leftyfbbobur:    ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ) | nc termbin.com 999916:27
oerheksspace after cat16:27
tomreynthere should have been a space character after "cat"16:27
boburLinux bobur-Lenovo-G50-30 5.15.0-58-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 5 11:43:13 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:28
boburNAME="Linux Mint"16:28
boburVERSION="21 (Vanessa)"16:28
boburID_LIKE="ubuntu debian"16:28
boburPRETTY_NAME="Linux Mint 21"16:28
tomreynwe do not support linux mint here. please install ubuntu and join us again.16:29
leftyfbbobur: first: you're not typing everything you were told you type. second, you're running Linux Mint which we already told you isn't supported here16:29
leftyfb!mint | bobur16:29
ubottubobur: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/16:29
leftyfbbobur: ^ go there for support with Linux Mint16:30
tomreynregarding your bios issue, you can try a web search for "Lenovo" "G50-30" "manual"16:30
spinningCati have local and server machine16:38
spinningCati am getting error in local that i didnt get on server like ypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'service'16:38
tomreyndiscuss ubuntu versions, python versions, commands run, full output.16:39
tomreyn!paste | spinningCat16:40
ubottuspinningCat: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:40
spinningCatokay sure16:40
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mybalzitchI thought ubuntu-pro was gonna be free for 5 comps or less17:10
mybalzitchoh there it is17:11
spinningCatsnap package have a problem with selenium17:21
spinningCatdownload source and symlinks firefox, there wont be any problem17:22
oerheksspinningCat, like i said with that url17:22
spinningCatthat seems weird to me17:23
spinningCatwell chrome works fluent17:23
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ashafqWhat is the name of pulseaudio service on Ubuntu 20.04?18:56
=== orbina_ is now known as orbina
ravagepulseaudio does not run system wide19:01
ravageit runs as your user19:01
ashafqI see19:02
ashafqHow does it start then?19:02
leftyfbashafq: systemctl --user status pulseaudio19:02
ashafqleftyfb: Thanks19:02
ashafqCan anyone also point me to writing plugins for pulseaudio?19:06
teenytree[m]hey guys I'm trying to disable one of my hdmi audio output on 22.04 in older version of ubuntu (prior to 22.04) i was able to do that using the configuration tab in pavucontrol. However trying to do it in 22.04 I am only seeing Cannon point-LP high def audio controller. I suspect it has something to do with pulseaudio/pipewire but I'm not sure.19:27
rabby2I have some problems with keypad , 20.04 LTS19:38
CarlFKip a shows 3: eth-local: <BROADCAST... (and 2 other interfaces)19:54
CarlFKhow do I get just eth-local?19:54
leftyfbCarlFK: ip s show dev eth-local19:55
leftyfbCarlFK: https://linux.die.net/man/8/ip19:55
leftyfbCarlFK: ip a show dev eth-local19:55
leftyfbsorry, typo19:55
CarlFKthanks - next up, does anything tell me if the link light is on? (I am trying to figure out if the switch it is plugged into got turned off or cable unplugged19:57
leftyfbCarlFK: cat /sys/class/net/eth-local/operstate19:57
leftyfbactually, "speed" might be better than "operstate"19:58
CarlFKhuh.  didn't ifconfig show us that?  and ip command replaces ifconfig?19:58
CarlFKup and 1000 - so that's "encouraging"19:58
rboxip will show no carrier19:59
leftyfbCarlFK: the output of ip a show dev does show "UP" or "DOWN"20:01
leftyfbCarlFK: ip a show dev eth-local|grep -o state.*|awk '{print $2}'20:04
CarlFKah, I see the UP now20:08
leprechaunDoes anyone know how to configure wayland with nvidia drivers installed... I have seen a milion of sites using diffrent settings but no one that works.20:08
leftyfbleprechaun: pretty sure nvidia doesn't officially support wayland20:08
leprechaunok thx20:09
CarlFKip a show dev eth-local|grep -o state.*20:10
CarlFKer.. whopps.20:10
CarlFKcheck this out:  ip -json a show dev eth-local | jq ".[0].operstate"20:16
CarlFK-json is my new best friend20:16
leftyfbCarlFK: jq -r .[].operstate20:19
leftyfbnever thought of/knew there was a -json. That could be helpful going forward20:20
CarlFK# find the upstream IP20:21
CarlFKip=$(ip -json route show default | jq ".[0].gateway" --raw-output)20:21
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rabby2how uninstall libreoffice definitely ?21:12
rboxwith apt21:13
leprechaunsudo apt purge21:13
leprechaunthen autoremove21:13
rabby2rbox, with apt the next time return again ?21:13
rboxpackages dont magically install themselves...21:13
rabby2 with apt the next time apt update  apt upgradereturn again ?21:14
leftyfbrabby2: no21:14
leftyfbdingodare: no21:21
leftyfb!ot | dingodare21:21
ubottudingodare: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:21
dingodareleftyfb: Roger21:21
dingodareleftyfb: there were a few idiots on the linux cmd chat last night (i was one of them) asking questions. I was of no help, tried telling them to come here. One of them had a question about autodesk maya on mint21:23
leftyfbdingodare: This is a support channel for Ubuntu. We cannot support other distro's or 3rd party applications21:23
leprechaunleftyfb are there a list of avalible commands on ubottu21:56
leftyfbleprechaun: not that I know of. It's not something to be played with. It's a tool used by the volunteers providing Ubuntu support21:57
leprechaungood night!22:09
aflelwhat is this22:11
tanja1993I have a question how come is it ubuntu hides security upgrades to some opensource software behind a paywall23:26
leftyfbtanja1993: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-advantage-tools/+bug/199202623:27
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1992026 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Pro APT integration is a bit much" [Critical, In Progress]23:28
tanja1993like I have just installed imagemagick and right away i'm faced with The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro23:28
mybalzitchyou can get a "free" ubuntu one account and it comes with 5 seats for the time being23:29
leftyfbtanja1993: please read through the bug. Updates to packages in the community universe repository were never part of the LTE updates previously. This is a new feature Canonical is rolling out but only if you enable pro. Which as mentioned, is free for up to 5 devices23:30
tanja1993mybalzitch: well O'm not interested in selling telemetry data to Canonical23:30
leftyfbtanja1993: then continue receiving updates for the thousands of packages that Ubuntu has kept updated regularly23:31
leftyfbtanja1993: the problem isn't the service. The problem is the advertising for the service when doing apt upgrades. Multiple people including myself are trying to get it removed23:32
tanja1993leftyfb: I'm not signing up to anything there is sending my telemetry data or signing up to sell my soul to a open source software23:32
leftyfbtanja1993: ok, then there's no problem.23:33
tanja1993then I could just be on windows and also I'm even on 22.04 so its not EOL23:33
leftyfbtanja1993: ok, it sounds like you still don't understand the issue23:34
leftyfbtanja1993: historically, Ubuntu has left it up to the community to patch packages in the universe repository23:34
leftyfbtanja1993: you will still get those updates when/if the community updates those packages23:35
leftyfbbut, Canonical has started patching some of those packages sooner (or at all) and allowed users to take advantage of that by enabling pro23:35
tanja1993I do ang again I have just installed the imagemagick from the official apt repo and then it forces me to sign up and pay for pro because its says there is security updates23:36
leftyfbtanja1993: if you don't want that service, then there's nothing for you to do. You're good23:36
leftyfbtanja1993: it does not force anything. It's an advertisement23:36
tanja1993The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled: imagemagick libopenexr25 libmagickcore-6.q16-6-extra libmagickwand-6.q16-6 imagemagick-6.q16 libmagickcore-6.q16-6 imagemagick-6-common23:36
leftyfbtanja1993: you can wait till the community updates those packages as they might normally23:36
Habbie(it just very much sounds like it forces things, which is the -communication- problem that leftyfb mentioned)23:36
tanja1993It does force and wont install them23:36
leftyfbtanja1993: it's an ad23:37
leftyfb"if you'd like these packages updates sooner than normal, enable this service"23:37
leftyfbif you don't then ignore it23:37
leftyfbtanja1993: or wait for the possibility of Canonical listening to the community and removing the message from apt23:38
tanja1993it literally says "The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled"23:38
tanja1993so it its not only an ad and its in the apt putput23:38
leftyfbtanja1993: yes, the messaging is bad23:38
leftyfbwe're trying to get it removed23:38
leftyfbyou'll have to ignore it or be patient23:38
tanja1993There is no paitient tbh. Canonibel or what to call those bastards have literally destroyed ubuntu with forcing snaps, netplan, breaking things and now this23:41
leftyfb!coc | tanja199323:42
ubottutanja1993: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv23:42
leftyfbalso, netplan is the new standard across most distro's23:42
tanja1993is there really only one real linux left now a days ( Redhat ) on the server side since centos closed23:42
leftyfbtanja1993: please stay on topic23:43
tomreyntanja1993: pleeeease, just drop it. this channel is not for discussions.23:44
tanja1993loke their first bad thingwere back in the daus they forced you to opt in to their search partner ( I believe that were back in 12.04 )23:44
ravagemaybe it is time for the silent stair tomreyn :P23:45

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