FallenHey folks, if you need support on getting organized or community things while you adjust please do feel free to reach out to me and my team! Happy to help :)09:40
RikMillsfw 5.103 is out12:35
santa_good morning everyone12:36
santa_RikMills: working on that, it's in the PPA for lunar, I'm adjusting some things at the moment12:36
santa_Fallen: hi there, nice to meet you, who are you and what is your team? I mean if try to google "canonical fallen" or "ubuntu fallen" I don't get good results XD12:38
RikMillssanta_: https://launchpad.net/~kewisch12:41
santa_nice! thanks for the info12:42
FallenHeh sorry I skipped the intro. Yes I work for Canonical and I am leading the community team there.12:44
BluesKajHi all14:26
BluesKajhey sgmoore[m]14:28
arraybolt3Eickmeyer[m]: pipewire-pulse is an acceptable dependency in kubuntu-desktop as an alternative to pulseaudio in
arraybolt3I wonder if that somehow could cause the problem we're seeing in #kubuntu?18:54
Eickmeyer[m]arraybolt3: I'm having trouble figuring out how that's possible since seeds (from which kubuntu-desktop is derived) don't allow for alternate dependencies.18:55
arraybolt3apt-cache show kubuntu-desktop: https://termbin.com/9upg18:56
Eickmeyer[m]Imma have to find the seed to see how that was done.18:57
arraybolt3I don't see anything that would cause the dependency to accidentally be satisfied by pipewire-pulse though, since it's not installed by default on the ISO, and the rdepends are rather sparse - it's unlikely something one would install after the fact would cause that.18:58
arraybolt3Perhaps something uninstalled kubuntu-desktop (removing default apps perhaps), and then something else went wonky to make it happen?18:58
arraybolt3(I guess Ikd could be "I kan't determine" :P)18:59
Eickmeyer[m]Or, the most obvious answer (occom's razor): they installed it while experimenting.18:59
arraybolt3That's more than likely.18:59
RikMillssounds likely19:02
arraybolt3Anyway, weird but not an issue atm it sounds like. I'm hungry, and want to get some fresh air, so I'll return and finish SRU verification later.19:03
arraybolt3(Assuming all goes according to plan.)19:03
RikMills5.27.0 should be ready to upload on Tuesday20:25
RikMillsthough looks like there may be a tar respin or 2 in the meantime20:25
RikMillssanta_: all in git20:26
santa_RikMills: thanks for the info, regarding frameworks it's build for lunar (testing right now) and building for kinetic20:27
santa_RikMills: regarding apps I think some need symbols updates and lunar builds in the PPA are broken20:27
RikMillsI guess that is not surprising20:28
santa_the good news is that they are no FTBFS'es because of symbols not updated20:30
RikMillswould be worrying if there were on a point release20:31
RikMillsthough saying that, toolchain changes could have happened20:31
santa_the FTBFS'es there might be my-server-specific20:32
santa_the server above is one of the experimental ones20:32
santa_I still didn't have time to update the main one (groomlake)20:32
RikMillssanta_: I don't see any FTBFS with apps in the archive. I just ran the retry script to see20:36
santa_as I guessed, let me have a look...20:36
santa_RikMills: both are tests failing, what do you think about disabling them?20:37
santa_I mean we know how autotests tend to fail in chroots and that kind of thing20:38
santa_I'm glad they finally learnt that the hard way in debian XD20:38
RikMillsif you think more hassle than they are worth, then I have no objections20:39
santa_in general I do think they should be disabled in general20:39
RikMillswe are the odd one out as a distro who runs some of them20:40
santa_usually when they fail it's not because the code is buggy, but because of the environment20:40
RikMillsplus KDE now have better upstream test coverage20:40
santa_so you end up fixing the execution of the autotest20:40
santa_yeah, also that20:40
santa_another thing that happens is that it makes some builds "unreliable"20:41
santa_i.e. sometimes they fail because of timeouts but not always20:41
santa_forcing you to rebuild to get rid of the spurious FTBFS20:41
RikMillsyes, I have had to retry archive builds due to random fails a non trivial number of times20:42
arraybolt3I wonder how much compute power is wasted on needlessly failed autopkgtests.20:44
RikMillsit keeps the data centre workers warm on a cold night :P20:45
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