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IrcsomeBot<Serginho> THANKS09:00
IrcsomeBot<Serginho> i need to know hou can i active a mouse auto scroll in Kubuntu 22,10,thanks09:02
IrcsomeBot<ksenchy> Hey, is the KDE 5.27 going to be in time for 23.04 or is it already frozen to 5.2611:40
mparilloThe Developers were hopeful for Plasma 5.27. The beta (5.26.90) is already in the beta PPA (https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/beta?field.series_filter=lunar). Warning: I borked my LL system trying to upgrade to it, so don't try on a critical machine.14:19
BluesKajHi all14:26
cbreakdoes anyone know how to remove kwin scripts properly? I removed them in the settings, but they still seem to have keyboard shortcut entries associated with them.14:46
cbreakkwin scripts seem to not be very reliable in general14:49
cbreakheh, seems deleting the whole kwin section in the GUI config works14:51
IrcsomeBot<arinaprojects> Доброе утро!15:25
IrcsomeBot<devpreshy> UYE615:25
IrcsomeBot<devpreshy> IYE615:25
ozaihello guys, i want to remove Kubuntu to install Windows 10 21H117:29
ozaihow do i do it17:29
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> you do bot need to pre-preemptively kubuntu. Use the advance window installer to remove all partitions. Then just follow the standard window install routine.17:40
oerheksany supported windows can do that automaticly, wipe whole drive.17:41
oerheksoh, he is gone17:42
JMichaelXAnyone else lose audio after a recent update in 22.04?17:54
JMichaelXIntel onboard audio, with chipset Realtek ALC888.17:58
JMichaelXIt shows up in alsamixer, but in settings/pavocontrol/etc, all that can be seen is the dummy device17:58
arraybolt3JMichaelX: Can you run in a terminal `dpkg-query -s firmware-sof-signed`?18:13
arraybolt3Tell me if it says the package is installed or not (please don't paste the output!).18:13
arraybolt3If the package is not installed, you probably did something that managed to get the sound firmware uninstalled.18:14
JMichaelXStatus: install ok installed18:14
arraybolt3In that event, you can run "sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop" to restore all of the default Kubuntu apps, which should include the sound firmware. Or if you purposefully removed some of the default apps, "sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop" will only reinstall the core of Kubuntu, which should include the sound firmware. After that, reboot.18:15
arraybolt3Oh. OK, so it is installed.18:15
arraybolt3OK, let's try booting into an older kernel18:15
arraybolt3Do you know if this is a BIOS or an EFI system? You can run "ls /sys/firmware/efi" to find out - if the directory exists, it's an EFI system, if not, it's a BIOS system.18:16
arraybolt3That will affect how we boot into an older kernel.18:16
oerheksi would try to remove ~/.pulse folder and restart pulseaudio -k18:16
JMichaelXarraybolt3: apparently this is a widespread issue, effecting some for a while now. I tried booting into the previous kernel (5.15.0-60) but that did not help. i may need to install an older one18:17
arraybolt3JMichaelX: Try what oerheks suggested.18:17
arraybolt3If the device shows up in alsamixer, it probably isn't a kernel issue, I would guess.18:17
arraybolt3(Nor is it likely to be a firmware issue.)18:17
JMichaelXTy. Will try to remove ~/.pulse18:18
arraybolt3(Sorry to have jumped to conclusions about the kernel - I've had sound issues in the past that I was sure were kernel-related and so my brain automatically went there :P)18:20
oerheksapt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" install --reinstall pulseaudio18:20
JMichaelXno problem. i was suspecting the kernel as well18:20
oerheks* other option, but removing the pulse folder often works18:20
JMichaelXNone of that worked, but I do appreciate the suggestions. Hopefully an update will fix this in the near future18:30
arraybolt3:( Do you know what components updated when the problem occurred?18:31
arraybolt3You can try rolling back an update if it's not working right.18:31
arraybolt3(For an individual package - you can't easily rollback an entire batch of updates.)18:31
arraybolt3Also you might try creating a new user account and seeing if audio works there, to rule out the possibility of a configuration error in your user account.18:32
JMichaelXUnfortunately, I do not. I had not tried to use audio on this machine in several weeks, and do not know exactly when it happened. There are a lot of complaints about the issue online, going back several weeks. I have seen no real solutions posted18:32
arraybolt3Hmm. Were any of them Launchpad bug reports?18:32
arraybolt3Also I wonder if audio works if you boot a live ISO and use the Try Kubuntu feature - that would rule out hardware problems.18:33
JMichaelXarraybolt3: no, everything I have looked at was at askubuntu18:34
JMichaelXIt *may* be the same as this?: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pipewire/+bug/200374318:36
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Launchpad bug 2003743 in pipewire (Ubuntu) "Realtek ALC4080 USB audio device support" [Medium, Fix Released]18:36
arraybolt3JMichaelX: OK, wait, what version of Kubuntu is this then?18:36
arraybolt3If this happened after doing a do-release-upgrade, then it makes sense.18:37
JMichaelXI am using 22.04, but this appears to effect 22.10, too, if I understand correctly18:37
arraybolt3"dpkg-query -s pipewire"18:37
JMichaelXarraybolt3: no, I have not done a do-release-upgrae since 22.04 was released18:38
JMichaelX0.3.48-1ubuntu3 is installed18:39
arraybolt3OK, and "dpkg-query -s pipewire-pulse"18:40
arraybolt3And "dpkg-query -s pulseaudio"18:40
Eickmeyer[m]22.04 doesn't use pipewire for audio.18:40
arraybolt3Eickmeyer[m]: Not by default, no, but some people change that (i.e., I did that once).18:40
arraybolt3(Only that was with 20.04.)18:40
JMichaelXpipewire-pulse is: 0.3.48-1ubuntu318:41
Eickmeyer[m]Old, incomplete version of pipewire that should never have been used for audio.18:41
arraybolt3Eickmeyer[m]: I'm thinking going back to Pulseaudio might be the solution.18:41
JMichaelXpulseaudio is: 1:15.99.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu218:42
arraybolt3OK, one moment to check something...18:42
Eickmeyer[m]Remember though, Pipewire isn't just an audio server.18:42
arraybolt3(Going to make sure the next command I advise isn't destructive.)18:42
JMichaelXSo I should possibly remove pipewire packages?18:42
JMichaelXlol ok18:42
arraybolt3Maybe, I'm about to find out.18:42
Eickmeyer[m]No. Just pipewire-pulse.18:42
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: Removing the pipewire-pulse package should be all they need to do.18:43
arraybolt3(Eickmeyer is our local audio expert, and I'm sure removing pipewire-pulse won't be destructive, so +1 on removing pipewire-pulse. You can then use systemctl commands if you're impatient, or reboot if you want things to be easy.)18:44
EickmeyerRemove pipewire-pulse and reboot should do the trick, just to be safe.18:44
JMichaelXWill remove package and reboot. Brb.18:44
EickmeyerPipewire also provides some valuable video capture stuff, so removing pipewire wholesale is a bad idea.18:45
JMichaelXThat did the trick. Many, many thanks!18:50
JMichaelXI do not recall ever deliberately installing pipewire-pulse. This may well be what others are running into18:51
* arraybolt3 does "apt-cache rdepends pipewire-pulse" to see what's pulling it in18:52
arraybolt3Hmm... ok on a kinetic system that didn't work :P18:52
Eickmeyer[m]JMichaelX: There's about a million ways it could've happened, but the good news is that it's problem solved now.19:01
user|0how do i install kubuntu from usb? i uesd liliusb creator but nothing happens when my pc reboot19:24
arraybolt3I am not familiar with that USB creator.19:25
arraybolt3The Kubuntu ISO can be flashed directly to a USB without needing the fancy tricks some USB creators use.19:25
arraybolt3The tool I generally recommend for that is balenaEtcher.19:25
arraybolt3Many people also use Rufus, but I find it to be too confusing, and for best results you have to select a "DD mode" at some point during the flashing process. Etcher, on the other hand, is very straightforward and works well.19:26
user|0ok ill try thanks19:29
arraybolt3user|0: Also, you'll probably need to get to a boot menu in your system's BIOS in order to boot from the USB - just having the USB inserted at boot time usually doesn't work. Have it inserted, get to your boot menu, and then select the USB drive - that usually works.19:35
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