arraybolt3@tsimonq2: Yep, got a list and have been working on it.00:15
arraybolt3Got distracted but here's the list I've been working on: https://notes.lubuntu.me/EJnkCAPdSEi6srm0f8_WpQ00:30
arraybolt3(I guess it's not a list of all of the packages that are messed up, but it's all the packages in the LXQt stack, many of which need help, and with notices for what I already helped.)00:31
* arraybolt3 throws a barrel of coffee in teward's direction13:12
arraybolt3teward: obconf-qt, pavucontrol-qt, and qtermwidget in git.lubuntu.me all need uploaded and I can't do it myself.13:12
arraybolt3teward: ubuntu/lunar branch for all three. Thanks!13:12
arraybolt3And also, here, have three pings.13:12
* arraybolt3 goes to bed before I get hit with a large carp13:13
arraybolt3teward: Oh, one last thing, obconf-qt and pavucontrol-qt both reverted a Debian merge, so they will probably need a -v flag passed to the debuild command to make the source.changes file right. Just mentioning this in case you miss it when debuild tells you as much :P13:14
arraybolt3s/flag/argument/ (sheesh, what am I going to do next, call a method a function or a file a device?)13:15
arraybolt3tsimonq2: I now have the "DEBIAN MERGE REPAIR" column fully populated here: https://notes.lubuntu.me/EJnkCAPdSEi6srm0f8_WpQ?edit Everything with a checkmark is either done or doesn't need done, everything with a warning sign needs done.13:22
arraybolt3(And there's another place where I used "merge" rather than "sync"! Gah!)13:23
arraybolt3tsimonq2: There's eight packages left that need the repair it looks like. Also QTerminal looks like it may need autopkgtest retries or some other form of coaxing in order to get it through Britney, but that should probably be saved for after it is repaired since it was part of what got overwritten in the sync.13:24
arraybolt3I'll get to those packages in time, or if you care to get it done first, feel free (though it looks like you currently have your plate full in #kubuntu-devel, so I'm happy to field this while you're doing that).13:25
arraybolt3Anyway, /me -> sleep for another hour and a half or so13:26
arraybolt3Also, we really need to figure out what we're doing with the Bluetooth stack if we're going to get kde-config-updates and systemsettings out of Lubuntu, and also need lubuntu-update-notifier reviewed - Feature Freeze is just around the corner, and both of those changes will almost certainly need FFe's if we don't get them done soon.13:32
arraybolt3er, s/lubuntu-update-notifier/lubuntu-installer-prompt/13:32
arraybolt3I think Bluetooth is the last blocker before we can get systemsettings to finally leave.13:33
arraybolt3(From looking at the rdepends for systemsettings and kde-config-updates)13:34
arraybolt3teward: Looks like I won't need sponsoring help after all, Utkarsh apparently just found all my emails and is tweaking the ACLs.23:01
tewardyay less work for me23:16
tewardand again as i said, conferences23:16
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