lotuspsychjegood morning03:00
haxn9kwhat the ubuntu OS says to the kiddo of blackula and cinderella? you bounty.04:51
lotuspsychjehaxn9k: quality ubuntu discussions are what we do here04:56
Guest72does anybody have any idea for a faster alternative to oh-my-zsh realtime history and command helper10:10
lotuspsychj3Guest72: did not test myself but maybe; https://www.topbestalternatives.com/oh-my-zsh/10:14
Guest72thanks a lot! checking10:14
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matt3in Italy the constitution says: right to study ...11:39
matt3so opensource is in compliance with the constitution ...11:40
matt3so open source is in good standing with the constitution ... because you can study how the operating system was written inside ;)11:43
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