mohaIn an Ubuntu server 22.04, I have to interface. If I comment one of them and then `netplan apply`, `ip -br a`--> the one that has been commented is still up and can ping its gateway!11:31
mohatwo interfaces*11:31
mohaWhat could be wrong?11:32
mohaI should reboot. Then the second one will be in 'Down' state.11:33
effendy[m]moha: removing the interface from netplan means that netplan will ignore that interface.14:34
effendy[m]At least through that configuration.14:34
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foosarnold: very delayed response to your "are these long-lived imap sessions that might have no data for ten minutes or twenty minutes or something?" - thank you for asking. That is possible. But when this issue happens, they *should* have data. eg. we process mail via IMAP and I can clearly see 50 emails in the queue or such. If I force close the process and restart I can see it works properly 20:04

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