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topcat001I don't think they are going to get it00:13
topcat001(or trolling)00:13
tomreyntopcat001: please rest the topic, which is off-topic here.00:14
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Guest9Hey there what should i use to get a simple website where i can up)download files and edit/delete files01:13
rbox"get a website"?01:13
Guest9I have a ubuntu server and i'd like to see those files from the same network via the ip and a port in the browser.01:14
rboxwhat files01:15
Guest9Server file01:16
Guest9Some files for other applications like crafty controller01:16
Guest9I took a look at filebrowser bould it seemed a bit conplex to so, so is there anything that is simple to install?01:17
Guest9rbox any ideas?01:17
rboxeverything is going to be "complex"01:18
Guest9Hmm i see, i there something you could recommand me, where good beginner friendly guides are available?01:19
rboxwell it sounds like you said you arealdy found somethign... so...01:19
Guest9curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/filebrowser/get/master/get.sh | bash01:29
Guest9filebrowser -r /path/to/your/files -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/filebrowser/get/master/get.sh | bash01:29
Guest9filebrowser -r /path/to/your/files01:29
Guest9I should install it with this, but what do i have to use for the psth to your files psth?01:29
Guest9Now i got to this:01:30
Guest9curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/filebrowser/get/master/get.sh | bash01:30
Guest9filebrowser -r /path/to/your/files -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/filebrowser/get/master/get.sh | bash01:30
Guest9filebrowser -r /path/to/your/files i got to this:01:30
ladymorganasarnold, with the new 16G more swap, chrome slowed and died. (This behavior is better than 20.04 in which nothing died just slowed towards indistinguishable from frozen.. almost.01:35
ladymorganaI had under 50 tabs open, chrome.01:35
ladymorgana.afk to take a walk.01:35
jhutchinsI know how to search alis and such, but I'm not sure of the terms.  Suggested channel for Mac WIFI questions?02:16
tomreyn!ot | jhutchins02:19
ubottujhutchins: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:19
jhutchinstomreyn: No kiddint!!!  Apple is OT here?  Whoda thunk!!!02:20
arraybolt3jhutchins: I'd try ##apple.02:38
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smallUGHHHH       are there any APT based distro's that DONT use over 1GB of memory?05:35
arraybolt3Or if you don't care to stay in the Ubuntu ecosystem, Debian w/ IceWM, maybe.05:36
arraybolt3Keep in mind that with 1 GB of RAM, you'll have to make your app choices very carefully, no matter how light the distro is that you're using.05:37
smallyea, im just sick of windows using 2GB of ram05:43
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arraybolt3small: Ah, if you just want a small OS footprint to leave more room for your apps and work, then I'd try Lubuntu - it uses ~400-500 MB RAM for the base OS.06:03
arraybolt3*approximately 400-500 MB06:03
iKernelHi, how do I install a 32bit toolchain?06:19
iKernelinstalled crossbuild-essential-i386.06:24
smallas i tried  vpup64   which is meant to be a puppy linux based off of ubuntu         but it does not contain the APT package manager, instead it uses vpm / XBPS06:58
small__at the moment im basing it off of LIVE USB first boot (as soon as xorg logs us in we open the system resource monitor (usually task manager or sysinfo or similar))07:05
alkisgsmall__: if you're planning the run a browser, the OS doesn't matter. The OS will take from 200 to 800 MB on boot, then the browser will need ANOTHER 2  GB.07:11
alkisgWhat makes a little difference is 32bit vs 64bit, but of course 32bit is deprecated in many distributions nowadays07:13
small__im planning on running IDE's + Java07:13
small__which are usually memory heavy07:14
alkisgIDEs is very general. E.g. vscode uses electron, i.e. a browser engine07:14
alkisgHow much RAM do you have?07:14
small__eg, Intellij/Android Studio/VSCode (with Java extensions) usually take up 3+ GB07:15
alkisgExactly, so spending a lot of time to save ~300MB from the OS isn't a big improvement07:15
small__i have 7.8GB usable and 3.9 GB used on Windows07:15
small__Microsoft Edge (114 MB), Antimalware Service Executable (148.5 MB), MprdVPN (158.3 MB), Discord (32 bit) (230 MB)07:17
alkisgMemory details are hard to get right; these apps use a lot of shared libs07:17
small__plus FIrefox (612.7 MB)07:19
small__so 4.9 GB used out of 7,8 GB07:19
small__so i dont want to have the same issue on Ubuntu07:21
small__where its using half my RAM for seemingly no reason07:21
alkisgWhy do you think there's no reason?07:22
small__well windows itself already uses over 2GB07:22
alkisgNo, you're counting the RAM from the libraries that the other apps are using07:23
alkisgAnyway, similar things happen in ubuntu as well07:23
alkisgUbuntu will use about 1 GB less RAM than Windows initially, then it will start loading libraries and end up using about the same amount of RAM07:24
small__is it safe to resize an NTFS partition in ubuntu/lubuntu07:28
benl90hello, I have silly question, https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man8/tunctl.8.html I use tunctl to create tun/tap interface, but after reboot, all tap interface is gone. Is there anyway to make persistant? Thank you07:28
alkisgsmall__: moving the right side of an ntfs partition is usually safe. Moving the left side, not so much07:29
benl90small__, yes and not for it. better not. https://linux.die.net/man/8/ntfsresize07:30
small__can ntfsresize work on NTFS created by windows 10 and 1107:31
nb-bensmall__: unless all you're doing is extending a partition like alkisg said, assume you could lose all of your data and back everything up07:31
nb-bensmall__: regardless of what's doing it and how blessed the implementation is07:31
benl90small__, it can, just always backup your data...07:32
small__at the moment i dont really care if i loose any data on windows07:32
small__but i would like to avoid reinstalling it since doing so removed GRUB07:32
small__eg if the NFTS partition becomes corrupted due to resizing it and needs to be reformatted via windows install07:33
alkisgIf you're using UEFI, grub isn't removed; you can select your OS with the BIOS F12 "boot menu" key07:33
alkisgThen once you boot into ubuntu that way, it's easy to re-create the boot entry for it07:33
small__or rather, windows sets its boot manager as the main boot manager07:34
alkisgYeah, that part is very easily amended under UEFI, no need for a live USB stick or anything07:34
benl90anyway regarding my question is anyone here have any idea?07:36
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lotuspsychj3benl90: can we help you with something?08:15
benl90hello, I have silly question, https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man8/tunctl.8.html I use tunctl to create tun/tap interface, but after reboot, all tap interface is gone. Is there anyway to make persistant? Thank you08:19
benl90I ask about it before08:19
lotuspsychj3benl90: maybe this can help; https://superuser.com/questions/854401/how-to-make-tap-interfaces-persistent-after-reboot08:22
benl90Uhm, I already use that, but no avail, ubuntu already use netplan right, it ditch the interfaces08:24
small__hmm Slax seems to be useful i think, https://www.slax.org/08:26
small__the iso is only 278 MB08:27
small__"Slax provides FluxBox window manager already preconfigured for the most common tasks. Included is a Terminal emulator xterm, simple text editor scite and calculator galculator, as well as connection manager connman"08:28
small__"128 MB of RAM for desktop"08:28
small__and "Built on either Slackware or Debian, Slax allows you to take advantage of the vast ecosystem of each platform. With tens of thousands of prebuilt packages and applications readily available through the slackpkg (for Slackware) or apt (for Debian) command"08:29
small__sounds just what im looking for :D08:29
small__its a miracle slax exists considering Ubuntu and Debian's average size and memory usage o.o08:33
* small__ parties08:33
lotuspsychj3not a discussion for here small__08:34
small__oki :)08:34
KalleAnkajoin #networking08:55
benl90KalleAnka is it for me?09:19
Guest72does anybody have any idea for a faster alternative to oh-my-zsh realtime history and command helper10:05
Guest72for shell10:05
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lotuspsychj3!discuss | Guest7210:06
ubottuGuest72: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!10:06
gebbioneif anyone has any clue please let me know how to fix it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-510/+bug/1963805/comments/1010:46
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1963805 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-510 (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Failed to grab modeset ownership" [Undecided, Confirmed]10:46
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DoRoadWhat nftables rules do you recommend on a VPS?12:01
gebbioneDoRoad, #networking might be better suited for an answer12:02
gebbioneis anyone online who knows how to troubleshoot nvidia cards troubles on ubuntu?12:17
WaVgebbione: Users are generally encouraged to ask their question, and if someone knows a response they will answer.12:28
gebbionethe question was in a previous msg: gebbione> if anyone has any clue please let me know how to fix it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-510/+bug/1963805/comments/10  . As many come and go online it is worth repeating or ask again after a while. Do you have any suggestions?12:30
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1963805 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-510 (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Failed to grab modeset ownership" [Undecided, Confirmed]12:30
WaVI do not have any idea, no. I didn't scroll up to see that you had already asked. Apologies. FWIW it was at 5:45a in my timezone. Maybe a similar situation for many other people in here at this time. If no response, try again later in the day.12:33
gebbioneyep indeed :) thank you anyway. Last time i had a very similar problem a guy from this channel helped but i didn't save his suggestions. I should. Every time i update the kernel or the drivers is a big gamble12:34
mohaTo use `set-name` in netplan config file, is it required to have set macaddress there too?13:00
RaimondRajin ubuntu i did a znc13:11
RaimondRajbut the login in winscp i cant see13:11
RaimondRajbut the znc exist in ubuntu13:12
Guest6615aanyone here using custom kernal13:17
x7upLimeIs it a bad idea to upgrade packages to lunar.. while on kinetic?13:21
x7upLimeBecause I did it.. now.. apt upgrade -y, forgetting I added the lunar universe repo for nasm 2.1613:23
tomreynx7upLime: yes, bad idea13:23
tomreynyou can use backports or PPAs but don't mix repos from different releases13:23
tomreynRaimondRaj: if you read what you wrote, you will notice this is just not enough info to help :-/13:24
x7upLimethe upgrade ended while I was writing that last message.. I can see that there is no easy way to undo that, right?13:37
x7upLimeI've got the list of what was installed upgraded in history.log.. Is there a reference on "what was installed before"?13:38
tomreynx7upLime: /var/log/apt/ contains logs which list the last installed updates13:38
tomreynyou can remove the wrong apt repository, run    sudo apt update    and then   sudo apt install <package=version>    for every package you had upgraded13:39
tomreyn"version" need to be the version your current ubuntu release provides13:40
tomreynthe apt log or   apt policy <package>    will list that version13:40
x7upLimewould something like "latest" work? or should I gather a list of versions13:41
x7upLime..ok, so I'm looking for a way to list all currently supported versions of the packages that have been modified13:41
tomreyni don't think "latest" would work13:41
x7upLimegot it..13:42
tomreynsome of these downgrades will result in apt stating that this package has been changed to be "manually installed". for the packages where this happens, you should also run    sudo apt-mark auto <package>13:43
semwhat is in /run and if I am backing up my system can I safely exclude it?14:07
EriC^^sem: typically yeah, there's a very small chance depending on what you have that it'll mess something up (if you exclude it or not) which is why its better to back up a system from a live usb when its not running14:08
semOk, I can abide by that14:09
semif I am restoring a system from backup, will it matter if that backup did not include /run14:10
EriC^^no problem14:10
semi am also planning on excluding /home/user/snap since those files were changing while backing up14:11
sembut if I am on a live cd, they should not change14:12
semand there might be user settings in there so I should back it up14:12
BluesKajHi all14:26
Lantiziahow do you add knowledge of monitors?14:33
Lantiziai.e. if you boot a fresh install and get 'unknown monitor' and the max res it thinks that 'unknown monitor' is incorrect... and certainly not the native res.   I'm NOT asking how to change res or manually override it for one user account... but how (at a global system-wide level) would I teach it of that monitor, so it can automatically pick the right res?14:34
x7upLimeIt took a while.. But I ultimately got a long list of package=version 0x0.st/HrMa.sh14:39
x7upLimeI downgraded one package by hand as a test.. and now apt tells me I have to autoremove stuff.. I'm afraid..14:39
x7upLimemost of them seem like inoffensive stuff14:39
x7upLimetomreyn: I think I saved it, thank you :)14:54
Alpiehi I will use the external disk as samba windows smb share. it was formatted in NTFS format. But I can't use it, I can't mount this disk.15:26
AlpieI need your support.15:26
Guest3289slax (64 bits) uses only 309 MB of ram for its GUI desktop o.o15:26
leftyfb!ot | Guest328915:27
ubottuGuest3289: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:27
leftyfbAlpie: you probably have to run chkdsk on it from Windows .... twice15:27
Alpieleftyfb: thanks for your answer. I cant see it under /dev/mnt when i use mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/15:28
Guest3289how do i list the installed packages with apt15:30
leftyfbAlpie: please run this and paste the resulting URL here:   ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; lsblk -o +type -e7 ) | nc termbin.com 999915:30
leftyfbGuest3289: apt list --installed15:31
leftyfbGuest3289: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man8/apt.8.html15:31
latef02hello anyone here use dwm i have a question please15:33
FKAShinobiI am migrating from an old hdd to a new sdd. My last step was moving the swap space. I created the new partition and updated fstab. After rebooting, Ubuntu sent some error reports, but shows active swap on the new ssd via /proc/swaps.15:34
FKAShinobiHow do I know if there is a real problem?15:34
Alpieleftyfb: sure15:35
FKAShinobiwill update-grub also scan for other OSes and add them? I have recently removed a few old OSes and want grub to rescan and refresh it's menu.15:41
_8lurryI just set-up an openvpn server following this: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/service-openvpn15:41
_8lurryeverythig seems to work fine15:41
_8lurryexcept when I set "proto tcp" on the server config, the systemd process fails to restart15:42
_8lurrys/systemd/vpnserver process using systemctl15:43
_8lurrywhat should I do?15:43
FKAShinobi8lurry: I don't think you want TCP. Run it as UDP.15:44
FKAShinobiYour TCP applications will run over UDP vpn15:44
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DynamiteDangreetings. How do I build ubuntu packages from source? I know there is a sequence of commands that allow that but I don't seem to be able to find. Thanks in advance15:45
latef02hello iwant run programmes from dmenu in  dwm suckless but with root because lot of software need sudo to execute like gparted and timeshift any solution please15:45
_8lurrymy client fails with TLS Error. I thought it could be a reason for the proto (my reasoning for this is that my client has a shared ip)15:46
_8lurryso I thought I better try with tcp15:46
oerhekslatef02, basicly running programs as root is bad, gparted and timeshift are systemtools, so they should run as root.15:47
oerheks!crosspost | latef0215:51
ubottulatef02: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.15:51
latef02ubottu: soory itsmy first time in irc :( my bad15:57
iorialatef02, have you tried this ? https://www.reddit.com/r/dmenu/comments/1xxszr/run_programs_as_root_through_dmenu/15:58
latef02ioria, no i will try this solution thank you16:02
FKAShinobi8lurry: Sounds like a cert problem. Make sure the server has that client cert so that it's authorized.16:24
giorgihelp my16:59
oerhekshi giorgi16:59
giorgiare online peoples16:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:59
giorgihow old are you16:59
mrkubax10just ask your question lol16:59
mrkubax10then why did you join this channel?17:00
oerheksThis is not a social channel.17:00
oerhekssee topic17:00
giorgiwhat is terminal this is cmd17:00
giorgion windows17:00
giorgihay abrax17:00
oerhekssimply ask the question (all on ONE line !!! )17:01
giorgistep brother17:02
leftyfbgiorgi: please stop. This is a support channel. Feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat17:02
giorgihey i love linux17:04
giorgirpear this17:05
leftyfbgiorgi: please /join #ubuntu-offtopic17:05
gebbioneif anyone has any clue please let me know how to fix it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-510/+bug/1963805/comments/10  - Just to also give an update i removed two unsigned kernels most likely the ones giving me troubles but now i m trying to updateramfs but it does not work17:08
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1963805 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-510 (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Failed to grab modeset ownership" [Undecided, Confirmed]17:08
oerhekson kernel 6.0.0-1011-oem ?17:09
gebbionewell the kernels 6 were installed and indeed this was booting up17:09
gebbionei deleted kernels 6 but obviously incorrectly and now the system does not boot17:09
oerheksOne should open a fresh bugreport, this one is from 21.1017:10
gebbionei am editing it from a USB installation, i am trying to fix https://askubuntu.com/a/48516 but it is giving me some errors17:10
oerheksand i see no hardware specs...17:10
oerheksif you have UEFI, disable secureboot?17:11
leftyfbgebbione: you should try to mount/bind mount your OS, chroot into it and --reinstall the linux-generic-hwe-22.04 kernel17:12
gebbioneyes the next step i m trying17:12
gebbioneit is already installed17:13
gebbionei m going to show you the output if i try to run the updateramfs step17:13
leftyfbgebbione: you should just proceed with what I told you17:14
hermanoUsing nouveau drivers with following combination of HW: Gigabyte B760 Gaming X AX DDR4 / ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 8GB DUAL OC17:15
gebbioneso i shall reboot and check UEFI settings in the firmware?17:16
hermanoEverytime I try the latest nvidia driver, after reboot the graphic resolution degradates and throws me back to use the motherboard build-in graphic.17:16
gebbionehermano, i think i tried them but was not great17:16
leftyfbhermano: don't try the latest nvidia driver. Try a different one17:16
gebbionei also experience a lot of problems with the nvidia drivers17:16
hermanoleftyfb, like some previous in the list?17:16
gebbionei tried previous ones too17:17
gebbionebut i guess my problem is the oem kernel17:17
hermanoOk, so is there a solution I can find some stability? I would be able also to activate nvidias fan control.17:17
gebbioneleaftype, i am in the boot loader, under Boot -> I See security option and it says System. I can change it to Setup. Is this the option i should try?17:19
gebbionesorry leftyfb17:23
eelstrebori was just reading about apt-key being deprecated - it sure is a lot of work to convert the .asc file to .pgp - what's the best way to fix this security issue for apt?17:27
leftyfbeelstrebor: https://opensource.com/article/22/9/deprecated-linux-apt-key#:~:text=Use%20of%20apt%2Dkey%20is,packaged%20in%20gnupg)%20is%20required.17:29
eelstreborlooking at it now.  there was a mention of a Deb822 file at one website17:34
eelstreborstill looks like a lot of work17:35
backthen3Hi, the 'star' option doesn't appear when I right click a file/folder. On U22.04.117:36
ViatonWidz[m]eelstrebor: apt can use .asc keys just fine. Just drop them in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d or /usr/share/keyrings. If latter, you have to add a Signed-By stanza with path to .asc in source fragment.17:40
Guest97hello is it possible to downgrade from ubuntu 22.10 to lts version? my sounds broke again after upgrade and im just tired... every upgrade sounds break :s17:46
ravageGuest97: no17:46
Guest97ubuntu and dell xps 17 9700 sounds not working after every upgrade :17:47
ravageso stay on 22.0417:47
Guest97i will reinstall yes17:48
ravageor install 22.10 directly17:48
ravageor wait for 23.04 and try that17:48
Guest97i did do release upgrade from 22.04 to 22.1017:48
Guest97when is 23.04 coming17:48
Guest97its lts?17:48
arraybolt3The version numbers are date-based.17:48
arraybolt3LTS releases are every two years, so no.17:48
arraybolt324.04 will be the next LTS.17:49
leftyfb!mm.yy | Guest9717:49
leftyfb!yy.mm | Guest9717:49
ubottuGuest97: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle17:49
Guest97oh ok17:49
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gebbioneleftyfb, i have reinstalled the inux-generic-hwe-22.04 kernel. should i try to updateramfs ?18:30
arraybolt3gebbione: I think if you install a new kernel, it will update the initramfs'es for you, but there's likely no harm in doing it manually to be sure.18:31
gebbioneis the 5.15.0-60-generic the argument i need to pass to updateramfs ?18:38
gebbioneits name is not the same as the package linux-generic-hwe-22.0418:38
leftyfbgebbione: did you install/reinstall the hwe kernel?18:39
gebbioneleftyfb, "reinstall"18:40
leftyfbgebbione: then why are you running updateramfs?18:40
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gebbionebecause i don't know if it was needed and indeed i was following https://askubuntu.com/a/48516 ...18:41
gebbioneshould i try to reboot now?18:41
leftyfbit's not18:41
gebbionei mean i still might have driver problems18:41
gebbionei ll try to run nvidia-smi18:41
leftyfbgebbione: install/updating kernels will run updateramfs as needed. You never need to run it manually18:41
leftyfbgebbione: fix 1 problem at a time18:42
gebbionethank you for confirming...18:42
gebbionei ll reboot18:42
gebbionestill booting to the same error18:44
leftyfbgebbione: pastebin or screenshot the error18:44
gebbioneVFS: unable to mount root fs18:44
arraybolt3gebbione: That sounds like a ramdisk problem.18:45
arraybolt3One moment...18:45
leftyfbno, it sounds like something is seriously wrong with kernel installation/files missing18:46
leftyfbarraybolt3: that error is VERY common when you have a broken grub/kernel18:46
leftyfband has absolutely nothing to do with a ramdisk issue. That's a symptom, not the problem18:47
leftyfbgebbione: if it were me, the choices would be to --reinstall every kernel you have files for. If that doesn't work, then reinstall the OS and restore from backup18:47
gebbionedo you need an exact screenshot? the error is the one on the title here https://askubuntu.com/questions/41930/kernel-panic-not-syncing-vfs-unable-to-mount-root-fs-on-unknown-block0-018:49
gebbionei m typing from one system whilst the other is stuck18:49
leftyfbit's a generic error message18:49
arraybolt3leftyfb: True, but it's because the kernel can't find the ramdisk, for instance if GRUB is broken, yes, or if you're hitting an out-of-memory error in GRUB, or if you have weird settings that borked your ramdisk. That's why I said it sounds like a ramdisk problem, because that's what the kernel can't find. I guess the problem is probably elsewhere though.18:50
arraybolt3We're on the same track, we just used different terminology and my terminology wasn't quite accurate :P18:50
leftyfbit is18:50
gebbionei removed the nomodeset instruction from grub18:51
gebbionewould that cause this?18:51
gebbionei guess not but just trying18:51
arraybolt3gebbione: Easily, if you accidentally changed something else in the /etc/default.grub file.18:51
leftyfbgebbione: you have a broken kernel/package somewhere. Start with my suggestion above18:51
arraybolt3*/etc/default/grub I mean18:51
arraybolt3But yeah, I'd start with leftyfb's suggestion of reinstalling kernel packages.18:52
gebbionehere is the screenshot https://pasteboard.co/qW9y9FGbMrjc.jpg18:55
gebbionei see it is still looking for 6.0.018:55
gebbionebut i removed that18:55
gebbioneand don't want to use it18:55
leftyfbreinstall it18:56
gebbionei think it is causing problems with the nvidia driver18:56
leftyfbdo you want to "fix" your nvidia driver or do you want your system to boot?18:56
gebbionewell ... i have to do both eventually... once it boots what do i do to revert to an older kernel? can't i do it now?18:57
leftyfba properly installed nvidia driver does you no good if you can't boot. You need to focus on the task at hand which is fixing the kernel issue and booting your OS18:57
leftyfb1 problem at a time18:57
leftyfbnot 218:57
jhutchinsUnlike windows, a linux system can run without the GUI.  The GUI is essentially just an application running on top of the OS.19:00
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ravagewindows can run without a GUI. but OT..19:02
arraybolt3OK, this may be a silly question, but why does it seem like some setups can do apt upgrades faster than others? On my main system, the unpacking and setup of the various packages takes a tiny bit per package. VMs are the same. schroot containers, on the other hand, are lightning-fast, way faster than my physical system (yet on the same hardware!), and updates with KDE neon are slllllooooooowww.19:09
arraybolt3What about the various different setups may cause speed differences like this?19:09
arraybolt3(I know KDE neon isn't supported here, it's just an example of the speed discrepency I've been noticing.)19:09
leftyfbCPU, memory, cache, SSD vs HD, disk speed, network speed ...19:10
arraybolt3I know that, but these are updates on the exact same physical hardware, after the download has already occurred.19:10
arraybolt3The OS (Ubuntu Unity) on my laptop upgrades medium-fast, schroots upgrade lightning-fast, LXD containers, I believe, upgrade fast, VMs medium-fast, certain VMs slow. As if apt is somehow using different amounts of CPU power for each usecase for some reason19:11
arraybolt3All of this on the same laptop.19:11
oerheksupdates are different, so i wonder what you need to know?19:12
leftyfbnumber of packages/repos/files on your OS maybe19:12
arraybolt3Anyway, this is more out of curiosity, maybe #ubuntu-discuss would have been a better place for this.19:12
leftyfbwas this (slow) OS upgraded from a previous release?19:12
arraybolt3oerheks: It's the time it takes to unpack each package. Obviously a system with more packages on it will take longer to upgrade than one with less, but the individual packages seem to take longer to unpack (or shorter).19:13
arraybolt3leftyfb: Nope, all clean installs.19:13
gebbioneshould i install linux-headers-oem-22.04b ?19:13
leftyfbgebbione: you should do only what was suggested. reinstall the kernel packages you have installed or partially installed (file still around). Do not go installing anything else. I would suggest on the next boot after doing all this, boot to the HWE kernel19:15
oerheks+1 HWE19:15
oerheksoem works for non-lts, AFAIK19:16
leftyfbI would not suggest booting the oem kernel. I can almost guarantee the HWE kernel will boot if there's not something else broken19:17
gebbioneleftyfb, i am running the system off a usb pen, a live cd and chroming ... not sure what to reinstall other than the kernel that is erroring in that boot sequence in the screenshot19:18
gebbioneso i assume the error "not tainted" above here ... https://pasteboard.co/qW9y9FGbMrjc.jpg is because the kernel war removed19:19
leftyfbgebbione: at this point, I think your quickest, easiest and cleanest option is to reinstall your OS and restore your files from backup19:19
oerheksgebbione, you seem to have an old bios version F1419:21
oerheksinstall F15 from 2023-1-1219:21
oerheksbut i guess this has been asked before..19:21
oerhekswithout the proper bios, no way telling what goes wrong.19:22
leftyfboerheks: it was working before. While that might be an ation to perform later to maybe improve some things, I can almost guarantee it's not going to solve the current problem19:23
gebbionebut also re-installing is quite drastic19:24
leftyfbit's being realistic on the times it's going to take to troubleshoot this19:25
oerheksit was working before? i read him the 3rd day now ...19:25
gebbionei have just reinstalled that kernel -> linux-headers-oem-22.04b ( - isn't this what it is referring to about the not tainted  line doing my boot sequence/error ?19:26
leftyfbgebbione: you've been at this for 3 days. A reinstall will take under and hour19:26
gebbioneno, i have just removed the kernels a few hours ago19:27
gebbioneyesterday i could not use my second screen most likely because of the kernel vs driver conflict19:27
gebbionere-installing will not fix the screen problem if it goes back to using this kernel and the latest nvidia driver19:28
gebbionebut obviously i don't know how to just revert to an older kernel19:28
leftyfbgebbione: step #1 is getting your machine to boot, not fixing nvidia/screen drivers19:28
gebbioneand so broke the boot19:28
Jeremy31What gcc is that oem kernel compiled with?19:35
terran_every program that I compile, first line of output when I run it is "segmentation fault" on both GCC and Clang19:40
arraybolt3Are these programs you wrote yourself?19:41
arraybolt3terran_: ^19:41
terran_any program all are "segmentation fault" i looked up in GDB and it says something about cannot find the libraries19:41
terran_I re-installed OS, same output19:42
arraybolt3Yes, I know, but I don't know if these "any programs" are all your own creations, or source code you downloaded from the Internet.19:42
leftyfbterran_: so if you run "ls" or "nano" you get a segfault?19:42
terran_they are my own19:42
arraybolt3Then you're probably making coding errors.19:42
arraybolt3Those are off-topic here, but if you care to share code I might be able to spot what's happening.19:42
terran_there are no coding errors! like I said, any program all programs19:42
leftyfbterran_: sorry, but we cannot support 3rd party applications here19:42
leftyfbterran_: so if you run "ls" or "nano" you get a segfault?19:43
terran_I don't know what ls or nano is19:43
arraybolt3Those are both terminal commands.19:43
arraybolt3nano is a terminal text editor, ls shows the contents of a directory.19:43
leftyfbterran_: you can write and compile your own applications and don't know what ls or nano are?19:43
FKAShinobiI'm using monit to monitor services. Is there a way to suppress alerts for services not being active during a reboot / shutdown / startup? While monit does have an option to suppress the "instance changed" alert, I get alerts for all the services it monitors.19:44
arraybolt3leftyfb: Hey, I was there once, coming from Windows.19:44
leftyfbterran_: what release of ubuntu is this?19:44
terran_ohh what you are asking: I wrote these programs, they are just hello, world though19:44
terran_22.10 mate19:44
leftyfbterran_: can you open a terminal?19:44
terran_only the programs I wrote seg fault. Not other programs19:44
arraybolt3terran_: Ah. Sadly, programs written by a third party (in this instance you) are n't supported here. However, I'd be willing to help in a different channel (or in DMs).19:44
arraybolt3"Segmentation fault" means you tried to write to memory that you didn't allocate yet.19:45
leftyfbterran_: I would suggest seeking support in a channel dedicated to the language you are writing your applications in19:45
arraybolt3So you might have missed a "malloc()" somewhere, or perhaps miscalculated how much memory you needed to allocate.19:45
morgan-u2oh thanks for that arraybolt319:45
tomreynFKAShinobi: i know next to nothing about monit, but generally, when you planfully put a service out of operation during a maintenance (which can include a reboot), you'd file a maintenance period, disabling alerting during this period. maybe monit has a similar concept?19:46
FKAShinobitomreyn: Is there a way to have monitd stopped first in the shutdown process? I've added a delay to the monitoring at startup so that should solve the other half.19:56
gebbioneleftyfb, it is not booting but reinstalling is a massive pain. I guess i will leave it broken for now until i can find a solution20:00
tomreynFKAShinobi: i don't really know. chances are you could update its service dependencies so that it is stopped earlier than other services. but i'm just speculating. have you checked their documentation to see whether they suggest how to handle this situation? after all, this is likely a more common scenario.20:00
FKAShinobitomreyn: I'm looking through it now, and surprisingly I don't see anything listed for this scenario.20:01
FKAShinobiIn my mind, this would be default behavior20:01
tomreynFKAShinobi: looks like you could issue "unmonitor all" just before shutting down and then "monitor all" upon reboot.20:03
FKAShinobitomreyn: Yes, I'm looking how to inject these scripts into the startup / shutdown process now.20:04
FKAShinobiOr maybe add the services it monitors to the monitd dependencies? But then if a services fails to start, I also have no monitoring... It's a good problem to learn more about systemd :)20:05
tomreynyou might actually end up replacing it by systemd20:06
morgan-u2Question: I want to run windows in a VM and can I use Win11 or win10?)20:20
morgan-u2I am a VM beginner and the itsfoss page says that it depends on which exact version of win10 - and that is "too much"20:21
morgan-u2for me20:21
oerheksmorgan-u2, maybe. it all depends on your HW specs and how much o f them are reserved.20:25
tomreynmorgan-u2: qemu-kvm generally provides all that is needed to run either.20:27
arraybolt3Windows 11 can present some challenges becaues of its requirements of UEFI Secure Boot and a TPM, but those can be worked around or you can just provide them in the VM. But Windows 10 is probably going to be easier.20:28
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GayAssLikerHey guyz20:58
GayAssLikerI ubuntu inyourasses20:58
leftyfb!op | GayAssLiker20:59
ubottuGayAssLiker: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant20:59
GayAssLikerubottu your mom is retard20:59
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torbjorn_can I configure a static route on my local network without linking it to a specific interface? I21:10
torbjorn_'d like to hvae that route even if I unplug my ethernet and use wifi21:10
leftyfbtorbjorn_: add the route to the config of each interface21:10
torbjorn_gah ok21:11
torbjorn_can I use netplan yaml files to add the static route to an interface, but otherwise not change its defaults?21:16
leftyfbtorbjorn_: define defaults. Where are these "defaults" configured if not in netplan?21:16
torbjorn_I dont know, but I think in NetworkManager. The only netplan yaml file till now that I think I have (looking in {lib,etc and run}/netplan) only says in a comment to let NetworkManager all devices on this system21:18
torbjorn_and lists NetworkManager as a renderer in a minimal config that otherwise says nothing21:19
torbjorn_(except version)21:19
leftyfbtorbjorn_: you use NM or netplan, not both. It sounds like you should just set your static routes in Network Manager21:20
torbjorn_leftyfb: I tried that, using nmcli, but its not persistent after reboot21:20
torbjorn_I thought I21:20
leftyfbdon't use nmcli21:20
leftyfbuse the GUI21:20
torbjorn_i feel 20 years too old21:20
torbjorn_surely network managment cant have evolved into this mess on purpose21:22
leftyfbwhat mess?21:22
leftyfbjust use the GUI and add your routes21:22
torbjorn_well im not in front of the machine just now, but id like to fix it just now21:23
leftyfbtorbjorn_: run nm-connection-editor over ssh -X21:23
torbjorn_mess = netplan seems to be the new hot thing to (yet again) solve it all wrt network managment. yet i should go back to networkmanager even if countless examples on line showcases how netplan can configure network using networkmanager as a renderer21:24
torbjorn_I dont have X on this chromebook21:24
leftyfbthen why are you using network manager?21:24
torbjorn_oh wait I do21:24
torbjorn_leftyfb: I dont know what Im using, said so in the start of this conversation. I configured the system during intsall, using inputs from the installer gui, and now I21:25
arraybolt3AFAIK Netplan is for servers and is really complex, NetworkManager is for devices you use directly and is simpler and easier.21:25
torbjorn_m at his junction21:25
leftyfbI wouldn't say netplan is "Really complex"  but if you have a desktop GUI, you should be using NM or whatever network manager it has21:26
torbjorn_arraybolt3: I have netplan yaml files after a fairly standard desktop install21:26
torbjorn_leftyfb: cant i reach that config via the commandline somehow?21:26
leftyfbtorbjorn_: use the GUI21:26
leftyfbtorbjorn_: run nm-connection-editor over ssh -X21:26
torbjorn_i just really really want to configure it without a gui21:27
leftyfbtorbjorn_: then why bother having a GUI desktop?21:27
torbjorn_it has its uses21:27
leftyfbtorbjorn_: this is a 10 second change. Just ssh -X and run nm-connection-editor21:27
oerhekslearn how to us nm-connection-editor21:28
torbjorn_it is now, but through time there has been countless times where i have had to configure things wo acces to a gui, id really like to know21:28
leftyfbtorbjorn_: in this case, you're asking how to configure something that is managed by a GUI application21:28
torbjorn_well it has to live in files somewhere21:28
arraybolt3leftyfb: Not to be annoying, but surely there has to be *some* way to configure this over a TUI, right? I mean NetworkManager can be used without a GUI.21:29
arraybolt3The GUI may be easier here, but I can understand wanting to avoid the GUI for learning purposes.21:29
leftyfbtorbjorn_: feel free to edit the files in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/21:29
leftyfbgood luck21:29
leftyfbthey're not meant to be edited directly21:29
arraybolt3I wonder if nmtui could do this.21:29
leftyfbit's quicker and easier to just use the GUI that you instaled21:29
arraybolt3torbjorn_: Try nmtui, it lets you edit things in a GUI-like interface without having a GUI.21:30
torbjorn_thanks, those are perfect, no luck necessary21:30
arraybolt3It has routing options in it over here.21:30
torbjorn_arraybolt3: thanks, that is a solution too21:30
oerhekslucas says yes https://lukas.zapletalovi.com/posts/2019/set-the-default-route-via-nmcli/21:31
torbjorn_oerheks: I did that but the change was not persistent over reboots. It may have been because I modified the interface and not the connection, trying that now21:34
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oerheks' without linking it to a specific interface' is of no use21:36
torbjorn_it already is linked to an interface, as would be the normal behavriour I imagine for any fairly straightforward ubuntu install21:37
torbjorn_(I have a normal functioning network setup, just want to modify it with a static route in addition)21:37
arraybolt3fcon: o/21:46
ProgamersHey bros need help21:53
oerhekshi Progamers21:55
oerheksask, wait and see21:55
oerheksoh, you are trolling #linux21:56
* oerheks walks away21:56
leftyfbtomreyn: you around?21:57
torbjorn_for the record, 1) nmcli con modify <tabcomplete-connection-name> +ipv4.routes "dest/mask via.ip" # works, it even tab complets the term '+ipv4.routes' , 2) adding: route1=dest/nm,via.ip # to the config in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections doesnt feel that scary, and 3) nmtui would have worked also22:00
torbjorn_thanks for help and pointers in the right direction22:00
AlexionHello! I am using Lubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. I was writing a bootable live USB flash drive using MultiWriter and I got an error during the process. After that, the USB flash drive is not shown as a block device anymore and also fdisk doesn't show the device as /dev/sdb/. I'm not able to mount the device either. What can I do so I can use my USB flash drive again?22:36
rboxunplug adn replug it22:36
ravageit is also possible that it is just broken22:37
Alexionalready tried it22:37
rboxwhat errors are in dmesg when you plug it in22:37
Alexionrbox:when I run dmesg, I get a very long output. How can I grep so I can find what am I looking for?22:46
rboxtheres nothing to grep22:47
rboxand i said when you plug it in22:47
rboxlook at dmesg before you plug it in22:47
rboxlook at it after22:47
rboxthere will only be a handful of lines22:47
EriC^^Alexion: you could try 'sudo dmesg -w' and plug it in and see22:52
EriC^^also 'sudo udevadm monitor' might help22:52
Jeremy31Alexion: run this in terminal before plugging it in> sudo dmesg -w22:52
EriC^^Alexion: also try a different usb port22:52
Jeremy31That will show what is happening/not happening22:52
Fondor1Hi all, trying to get Gkeys working on a Logitech G15 keyboard in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Using `xev`, been trying to track down keycodes, but it looks like something in the UI intercepts a few of them befpre `xev` even sees it. Specifically, my G5 key, when pressed, launches system settings. There is no shortcut set to launch that in the settings). Any22:53
Fondor1suggestions as to why the UI is intercepting some of these, and how I can modify them?22:53
AlexionEriC^^:already tried22:53
Alexionrbox:useless because it's too much output, I can't tell the difference just by looking22:54
arraybolt3Fondor1: Does it use a Logitech Unifying receiver?22:54
arraybolt3Alexion: Try this. Remove the drive, then "sudo dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" and share the link. Then insert the drive, and run the same command again and share that link.22:54
Fondor1arraybolt3: Nope, it's an old fashioned USB.22:54
arraybolt3(The command spits out a link.)22:55
EriC^^Alexion: dmesg -w will let you watch in realtime22:55
arraybolt3Alexion: That will let us look at it, we might be able to see what's going on.22:55
arraybolt3Fondor1: Hmm. Crud, I don't know what do to there then :P Unifying receivers can be fiddled with via Solaar and you can do various tricks with the keyboard there, but an old-fashioned receiver, not sure.22:56
AlexionJeremy31 , EriC^^ : I ran sudo dmesg -w , and again I get lots of output to scroll up, and I have to hit Ctrl+C to exit the command22:56
arraybolt3Alexion: The output that it shows when you first run the command doesn't matter. What matters is the output you get immediately after inserting the drive.22:57
EriC^^Alexion: after you run dmesg -w, then insert the usb, the new msg if any will pop up at the bottom22:57
arraybolt3You don't have to scroll up at all. Ignore everything that prints when you first run the command, only pay attention to what appears afteri nserting the USB.22:57
arraybolt3*after inserting22:57
Fondor1arraybolt3: to be clear, this is a wired USB keyboard, there is no receiver at all.22:57
arraybolt3Oh. lol, I may be a bit used to modern technology :P22:58
EriC^^Fondor1: maybe it shows up in 'xinput' ?22:58
arraybolt3(Not that wired isn't modern, just I sorta assumed Logitech keyboard = wireless...)22:58
Alexion[ 7197.476912] usb 2-1: new high-speed USB device number 8 using ehci-pci22:59
Alexion[ 7197.635452] usb 2-1: New USB device found, idVendor=1f75, idProduct=0918, bcdDevice= 2.0022:59
Alexion[ 7197.635466] usb 2-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=1, SerialNumber=022:59
Alexion[ 7197.635472] usb 2-1: Product: STORAGE DEVICE22:59
EriC^^!paste | Alexion22:59
ubottuAlexion: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:59
EriC^^for the future23:00
AlexionEriC^^: I did how you suggested, and now I just pasted what the output was after connecting the drive23:02
Fondor1EriC^^: The keyboard itself shows up in xinput, yes. It also works for most things using a standard US keyboard layout. It's only the extra G keys that are a challenge, hence the question23:02
EriC^^Fondor1: yeah, thought they might be separate there and worth investigating23:03
EriC^^hello saman23:03
samancan you help me23:03
EriC^^!ask | saman23:03
ubottusaman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:03
AlexionEriC^^: any idea why does it output this without me removing the drive from USB?23:05
Alexion[ 7198.647664] sd 2:0:0:0: [sdb] Media removed, stopped polling23:05
EriC^^Alexion: did you try restarting and see if it works?23:08
AlexionEriC^^: yes, I did restart, but useless23:12
EriC^^Alexion: try reinserting again and then if it's also /dev/sdb run 'sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=4M status=progress' to zero it out, incase that helps, but it might be that the usb is just shot at this point23:13
Fondor1Curious, so I get a warning when running `xinput` that it's running in Xwayland. Read up on the man page for xinput which tells me I should be using the Xwayland default device configuration tool (not familiar with what that would be). That made me think however that this might be something to do with Xwayland being a middleman here and not passing23:15
Fondor1some things onto xev for capture. Is there an equivalent command for native Wayland?23:15
AlexionEriC^^: I reinserted the drive, ran again fdisk -l , but the drive is not shown23:15
EriC^^Alexion: what does 'sudo blkid /dev/sdb' give?23:15
EriC^^or anything in "lsblk"?23:16
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Alexionsudo blkid /dev/sdb   - doesn't output anything23:16
Alexionlsblk shows the sdb disk with 0 Bytes23:17
EriC^^if you're sure sdb is the usb then try to zero it out23:17
Alexionyes I am sure23:18
EriC^^ok run "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=4M status=progress && sync"23:18
Alexiondd: failed to open '/dev/sdb': No medium found23:19
Alexionthis is what I get23:19
EriC^^it might be toast23:19
EriC^^at least no data loss23:20
AlexionEriC^^: no data lost, I backed up the important data on the computer, before trying to write the live Linux USB23:21
Alexionis it of any use trying the drive on a different computer? with Windows maybe?23:22
EriC^^Alexion: what do you need the live usb for? if you dont have another usb you could possibly boot the iso from grub to do what you need23:22
EriC^^Alexion: yeah why not23:22
AlexionEriC^^: I wanted to try Tiny Core Linux and decide if I want to install it on the computer23:23
AlexionI read that it can be ran from USB drive23:23
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EriC^^i see23:26
EriC^^Alexion: try it in a vm maybe?23:28
Alexionthis is an old machine, I don't have enough resources for VM23:29
Alexionthat's why I installed Lubuntu in the first place, and looking to install Tiny Core Linux, the reason I was writing it on the USB flash drive23:30
Alexionthe drive isn't shown in KDE Partition Manager either23:30
Alexionbut the HDD is shown23:31
EriC^^i see23:31
Fondor1Well, still not sure what my issue is with the keypresses but I'm going to reboot into a live session and see if I can't make some headway there. There is technically an equivalent Wayland keypress capture called `wev`, but it's apparently not compatible with whatever is installed by default in Ubuntu. Thanks for the help EriC^^ and arraybolt323:32
EriC^^Fondor1: interesting, no problem23:36
EriC^^Alexion: do you have any unallocated space by any chance in the hdd?23:38
AlexionEriC^^: I don't think so23:39
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EriC^^Alexion: if you want to just try it out abit maybe you could use grub to boot the iso https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot#Menuentry_Example23:49
EriC^^i was trying it on my machine right now but it stopped cause the kernel only supports 32bit cpu's, i had to replace in the example linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz with linux (loop)/boot/vmlinuz but that's as far as i got23:50
Alexionmy laptop is old, but still it has a 64-bit CPU23:56
topcat001Alexion: have you considered Ventoy? If you're reusing a drive for multiple isos then it is quite handy.23:56
EriC^^ah i think i downloaded the 32bit version, seems they have a different 64bit one23:57

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