kevkoHello folks, please could someone advice me how to fix my cloudinit setup ? Point is that I have several interfaces and I want to have control in networking ..so I have own python script which generate netplan and set udev rules (names of interface) ...but cloudinit somehow set ip addresses of interfaces and moreover set default gateways several times for several interfaces and some interfaces don't have connectivity outside ..so cloudinit will fail 09:17
kevkobecause of resolve problems and apt problems...09:17
kevkonow I am using heat + heat software deployment in openstack ... first I am waiting for cloudinit is done and then I run networkconfigurator to setup network and apply netplan ... it worked by accident almost always ..because order of interfaces was resolved in corrrect way ..but now the order was different ..so i am tryig to find a way how to configure network before cloudinit will do things which neeed to be connected to internet ...apt ..etc 09:19
acibakevko: Hello. I think the following might work. Disabling cloud-init network configuration: https://canonical-cloud-init.readthedocs-hosted.com/en/latest/reference/network-config.html#cloud-config10:23
acibaand running your net config script in https://canonical-cloud-init.readthedocs-hosted.com/en/latest/reference/modules.html#bootcmd10:23
acibakevko: could you try something in the lines of: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/KD95yscZ5G/ ?10:26
kevkoaciba: yeah, this is scenario i was thinking about that should work .... googled 5 minutes ago :P 10:33
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holmanbSuperLag: getting back to this now15:10
holmanbSuperLag: it looks like you have invalid yaml15:29
holmanbSuperLag: see https://dpaste.org/FkSKX15:29
SuperLagI just now got the chance to try, and that did the trick. 🙌🏻16:08
SuperLagand here I thought that yaml syntax was correct.16:08
SuperLagholmanb: is there a way with using cloud images to set it up for resizing? 10GB usually isn't enough. :D16:12
meenaSuperLag: https://canonical-cloud-init.readthedocs-hosted.com/en/latest/reference/modules.html#growpart & https://canonical-cloud-init.readthedocs-hosted.com/en/latest/reference/modules.html#resizefs16:23
meenawhat is cloud-initramfs-tools?16:25
minimalmeena: Ubuntu-specific tool for adding stuff to the initramfs for things like growing partition - nothing to do with cloud-init AFAIK17:21
meenaminimal: funnily enough, OpenBSD and NetBSD would need that too, cuz their growfs doesn't work online17:35
minimalmeena: it is doing *partition* growing, don't think it also does fs growing17:37
minimalfrom a quick glance its "growroot" is basically just calling "growpart"17:40
meenaminimal: i do wonder what the point of that is17:48
minimalto grow partition in an initramfs? ;-) Anyway it is unconnected to cloud-init beyond the fact that they both use growpart from cloud-utils18:01
noahmHi folks. I'm not sure when it happened, but the migration of the docs from cloudinit.readthedocs.io to canonical-cloud-init.readthedocs-hosted.com has dropped all documentation for older releases.  With many distros continuing to ship older releases, losing the version specific documentation is problematic.21:47
noahmI didn't see a bug report for this on launchpad, but figured I'd check here first before opening one.21:47
SuperLagholmanb: thank you, thank you, thank you!!22:43
SuperLagholmanb: in that paste, line 19... does that already come with the cloud-init bits?  22:44
SuperLagholmanb: if not, can you tell me what I need to get the tools to do that test on my own?22:45

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