dove_hi #kubuntu, I've encountered a bug in 22.04 which I think might pose a (very) minor security risk for a small number of users. I'm not entirely sure what to do about that, or how to go about reporting it.05:17
arraybolt3dove_: If you believe you've encountered a security vulnerability, you can just report a bug like normal, but then mark it as a security vuln.05:18
arraybolt3dove_: Just run "ubuntu-bug <packagename>" (where <packagename> is the name of the package with the bug). This will lead you through the bug reporting steps.05:18
arraybolt3You will need an Ubuntu One account to sign into the bugtracker.05:19
arraybolt3Once you get to the part where you describe the bug, there's a checkbox near the bottom of the screen that says something like "This bug is a security vulnerability". Check that box before pressing the "Submit Bug Report" button.05:19
arraybolt3That will keep the bug private and only visible to authorized personel, who may choose to deal with it privately, or, if they find it to be a minor enough risk or have some other good reason to, they may choose to publicize the info.05:20
dove_arrayblot3: thank you very much, I will do so.05:21
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IrcsomeBot<La Perla Del Yo 🩷🩵🧡> Ynvo10:15
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BluesKajHi all13:41
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi14:25
IrcsomeBot<Omar> If i installed fedora doul boot with kubuntu is there a way to access home directory in kubuntu partition when using fedora?14:25
BluesKajyes, your fedora partition should show up in "places" on dolphin14:44
BluesKajand vice versa14:44
BluesKajif your fedora is using the kde/plasma desktop, if it's gnome then Nautilus should also show it in it's equivalent to places in dolphin14:50
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jabbathebothi everyone15:45
AhmedAlaaHi! I can't open hotspot on Kubuntu 22.04. Can anyone help?17:49
mmikowskiOmar: If you're feeling frisky, it is also possible to share home directories in a dual boot situation, even after installation.19:08
mmikowskiDefinitely not for noobs though.19:08
IrcsomeBot<Plus> 05mm22:01
IrcsomeBot<Plus> 05MM22:02
IrcsomeBot<Plus> nothing like trying to convince a bot that i'm not a bot.22:03
IrcsomeBot<Plus> I'm guessing I'll need to be on 22.04 to get Dualsense controllers working?22:07
IrcsomeBot<Plus> damn, i'm gonna have to wipe everything22:09

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