yumeyaoHi I'm trying to setup a local instance of launchpad. I know that's a big topic and I tried searching but can't find a complete walkthrough. However, I just want to point out that "Build and run Launchpad" doc is kind of out-dated, which I tried following, but failed. Eventually I figured out the error:07:15
yumeyaoby running 'rocketfuel-setup' without07:15
yumeyaoby running 'rocketfuel-setup' without --no-workspace, it will not prepare for 'download-cache' directory as documented inside the file it self:07:17
yumeyao'$ git clone --depth=1 lp:lp-source-dependencies download-cache'07:17
yumeyaoso I tried running that command manually and moved on, and eventually got a working testing instance of launchpad.07:18
yumeyaoSo I think this should be mentioned in the doc as well.07:18
yumeyaoor maybe it should be handled by the script if the user option is without '--no-workspace'07:20
jugmac00yumeyao: Do you refer to https://launchpad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/how-to/running.html ?07:22
yumeyaoYes, I'm talking about that docoment07:23
yumeyaohttps://dev.launchpad.net/  ->  "Build and run Launchpad"  -> leads me there07:24
jugmac00RIght - we are in midst of moving our documentation. It will take a while, though.07:24
jugmac00Would you be so kind and create an issue at https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad ?07:24
jugmac00I think this should not be a manual step, but automated.07:25
yumeyaoI just want to confirm if I was missing something first07:25
jugmac00I haven't created a manual instance for more than a year, so I cannot recall all the exact steps, but imho it should be at least partially automated, and if not, then it needs to be documented carefully.07:26
yumeyaoI see, that just happens.07:29
yumeyaobtw, the test instance has some ancient data initialized, doesn't come with a user authentication system, and have all the domains set as 'xxxxxx.test'.07:49
yumeyaoIf I want to convert the test instance to an even former instance for production, is there any fast commands or cheatsheets to deploy a clean instance with selected domain names, and integrate with some user authentication system?07:49
jugmac00yumeyao: I do not think so, as for production we use a different way for deployment. The outlined way is just for development (afaik).15:40
cjwatsonFor better or worse, making it easy for people to deploy their own production instances was explicitly a non-goal when Launchpad was open-sourced.15:46
cjwatsonWe won't stop folks from trying, but the priority was always to make it easy to collaborate on the code for launchpad.net instead.15:47

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