duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:48:26 PM +0330] <duuude> "the default games on OSes are for when people get bored and don't have network access. I did see many people making use of the ones on Windows XP/7."01:35
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:48:32 PM +0330] <teward> but there's been pushback on that before so I've left it alone, if ISO size is a problem then I would be happy to make a decision to cut stuff if our dev lead agrees with.01:35
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:48:53 PM +0330] <teward> but my statement remains: we're not changing the games we ship at the moment01:35
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:49:40 PM +0330] <teward> i'm open to discussion for this for next cycle, but we're 2 months away from a release so it's a little late to be making major ISO changes01:36
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:51:28 PM +0330] <duuude> well, neither is the office suite, neither is snap etc. the primary reason people install lubuntu as a distro, but people don't install these general-use distros with pre-installed utilities for one single primary purpose01:36
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:52:28 PM +0330] <duuude> people, or at least me, want to save time looking for software when they want to do a simple thing, like bluetooth, scanning, making a doc or whatever01:36
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:52:56 PM +0330] <duuude> boredom-killing stands along those lines01:36
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [7:54:10 PM +0330] <duuude> well, next cycle is ok too, better late than never01:36
duuude[Tuesday, February 15, 2022] [8:08:30 PM +0330] <teward> given we're 2 months away, my decision is "We'll strip things from the ISO to fit the sizes we need, but we won't add or change anything else for the 22.04 LTS cycle". Next cycle and later we're free to make changes, but not 2 months out from release since we've already done a bunch of testing and such01:36
arraybolt3duuude: I assume this is a question about whether we can remove 2048-qt from Lubuntu?01:37
duuudehello, nbsdgames are 18 games that are already on ubuntu repos, and they are collectively lighter than 2048-qt01:38
duuudeit is more fun for less space01:38
duuudewould you include them? they are basically better in every way01:38
duuudearraybolt3: yeah01:38
arraybolt3I probably don't have the authority to say that myself, but that's a good point. They are terminal-based though, do they happen to make entries in the Application Menu when they are installed?01:39
duuudeit does have an application entry01:39
arraybolt3(I personally am actually somewhat of a fan of 2048-qt but could easily stand to see it leave the ISO, I can always reinstall later.)01:39
duuudeit takes you to a colorful menu01:39
duuudewhere you can choose the player name, see scores, choose a game and play it01:40
arraybolt3I'll take a look at it.01:40
arraybolt3I don't see anything technical preventing us from doing that on the surface.01:41
tewardonce again01:41
tewardyou poke us about changing things 2 months before a release RIGHT as we approach feature freeze01:41
arraybolt3teward: Hey, Feature Freeze hasn't hit yet!01:41
duuudeis the next one lts?01:41
arraybolt3Nope, 24.04 will be though.01:42
tewardduuude: to reiterate my original statement: bug us next cycle.  which means **after** we release a new version and development opens01:42
tewardevery 2 years is LTS< 24.04 is an LTS01:42
arraybolt3So like, in three months, not six.01:42
tewardbut interim releases allow us to stage/test01:42
tewardarraybolt3: april for 23.0401:42
duuudearraybolt3: play miketron btw01:42
tewardif they want us to change things we probably should do so BEFORE the LTS01:42
teward(and thanks for pinging me while i'm boozing it up at a super bowl watch party with mom dad and friends)01:42
arraybolt3duuude: I don't see any application menu entry for nbsdgames01:43
tewardyou can stop it with the random 'lol' posts by the way01:43
teward(they're not needed here)01:43
guivercany changes done now will impact 23.04 & subsequent releases (22.04 is released & gets SRUs only)01:43
teward^^ correct01:43
tewardbut we approach Feature Freeze for 23.04 within a week so it's a little late in the cycle to change what's seeded on the image01:43
duuudeso I should come 2 months later?01:44
arraybolt3duuude: I don't see the menu you mentioned, and it took me way longer than it should have to even figure out where the games went.01:44
arraybolt3(After installing them.)01:44
duuudearraybolt3: well I have debian and it is there for me01:44
arraybolt3TO the user, it appears that all games vanished - one would have to be advanced *and* know they were there to find them on Lubuntu.01:45
arraybolt3So that would probably be a no-go even when we have the opportunity to add them.01:45
duuudeyou can enter nbsdgames in the terminal to see the menu01:45
arraybolt3Doesn't do anything on Lubuntu 23.04.01:45
tewardarraybolt3: isn't nbsdgames a collection of games that get added to Games and not given its own menu?01:45
tewardin *buntu I mean01:45
arraybolt3lubuntu@lubuntu:~$ nbsdgames01:45
arraybolt3nbsdgames: command not found01:45
arraybolt3teward: It does, yes.01:45
duuudewhat is the version in the repo?01:45
arraybolt3duuude: 5-4.01:46
arraybolt3(So version 5, Debian package revision 4.)01:46
tewardwhich is the same version that's been in Debian stable since its first upload.01:46
duuudeare you sure it got installed?01:47
arraybolt3Very sure, I can play individual games from it.01:47
tewardduuude: you do realize that not all games get added to *all* things' application menus right?01:47
duuudei should check with the debian maintainer01:47
* guiverc just installed nbsdgames on my box; nothing appeared in menu either on my lunar box01:47
duuudeteward: i didn't get your sentence01:48
duuudebut for me, it is in the games menu01:48
tewardthen you have no understanding of DEs.01:48
tewardeach DE doesn't necessarily reflect identical behavior with each other01:48
tewardduuude: and you're uisng LUbuntu?01:48
tewardand tested on our daily ISOs for 23.04?01:48
tewardor are you using Debian straight up?01:48
tewardand what's your DE?01:48
duuudei am on debian lxqt01:49
tewarddebian lxqt != Lubuntu01:49
duuudeyeah, will test on lubuntu too01:49
* guiverc can look in debian later, but I'm using Lubuntu right now & this is a Lubuntu dev room01:49
tewardthat should be your first step before reporting about bugs, etc.01:49
tewardalways test on Lubuntu before asking questions here01:50
teward*may be grumpy due to booz*01:50
* guiverc can't find any entry in any menu/submenu for it..01:50
duuudegiven that even the nbsdgames command isn't there, it is probably the debian guy's fault01:51
duuudebut you can check the github01:51
duuudethere is a .desktop, svg, the aforementioned menu01:51
tewardGH != Debian either01:52
tewardbut if you go look at the source repo for the packaging, https://salsa.debian.org/games-team/nbsdgames shows the file too01:53
arraybolt3:shrug: I mean, maybe it's fixable, but... I dunno. I actually didn't particularly like any of the games I tried :P01:53
tewardthe question is whether they've decided to *deploy* it there, and `nbsdgames` itself might not be a command01:53
* guiverc changelog in debian testing & ubuntu lunar look ~identical01:53
teward($PATH does NOT use .desktop files)01:53
tewardand $PATH is *not* always populated with `/usr/games/` in all deployments01:54
tewardwhich is why `nbsdgames` might not be found as a command01:54
duuudegood point01:54
teward(see debian/install on that repository I linked and then check your $PATH on a default installation to make sure that it's actually there for CLI)01:54
arraybolt3Anyway, perhaps revisit this for 23.10 (so come and ask about two weeks after 23.04 is officiall released). We might be able to help fix things then and possibly make this happen, if it is quality enough.01:54
arraybolt3(Not trying to talk over teward, just trying to help things along.)01:54
tsimonq2And, you can easily confirm with apt-file show nbsdgames too01:54
tewardtsimonq2: you owe me a coffee01:55
tewardunlike genii who sent me the 20 gallon drum last week so :P01:55
* arraybolt3 slaps teward with the Nuclear Coffee Maker01:55
tsimonq2teward: coffee and booze don't mix well do they :P01:55
* teward pushes arraybolt3 out the airlock and into the vacuum of deep space01:55
arraybolt3duuude: (We do this among ourselves, don't be alarmed.)01:55
* duuude wonders how could a nuclear coffee maker work01:56
tewardtsimonq2: depends on whether i'm making an irish coffee or not01:56
tsimonq2teward: also I think my city owes your city a trophy soon or something lol01:56
tsimonq2Vince Lombardi was from Green Bay :P01:57
* arraybolt3 goes and gets food and then returns to LXQt duty01:57
arraybolt3I like the idea of nbsdgames though, I hope we do revisit it for 23.10.01:57
arraybolt3(Maybe if I put it in The List it won't get forgotten :D)01:58
duuudearraybolt3: will add a 2048 for you02:00
duuudefifteen is similar, it is about swiping numbers too02:01
arraybolt3Whew. Five packages left to repair from Debian syncs, we're almost done!04:20
=== genii_ is now known as genii
tewardtsimonq2: wake up you are needed19:45
Eickmeyerteward: Imagine that ping actually working?22:35
arraybolt3<tsimonq2> teward: i was pinged why was I pinged22:42
* arraybolt3 locks airlock solidly22:43
kc2bez!cookie | teward22:43
ubot93teward: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:43

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