lotuspsychjegood morning02:40
arraybolt3Holy smoke the chaos in #ubuntu again.02:47
lotuspsychjeweekend trolls02:49
lotuspsychjealways the same nicks inventing new issues02:49
arraybolt3leftyfb: I think they probably have some configuration option in the server blocking LAN devices.05:11
arraybolt3Because if the setup is as simple as they say, having their server be WAN-accessible but not LAN-accessible makes zero sense.05:11
leftyfbthey've been known to come in with ..... uncommon problems05:12
leftyfbI'm done for the night anyway. Good luck with them05:12
arraybolt3Thanks, I'll try :P05:12
Jeremy31oerheks, leftyfb I saw the writable labelled partition on my flash drive after a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 and now it is updated after installing 22.10, the date now is from a week ago23:08
Jeremy31Looks like a small version of /var/logs23:09
leftyfbyou have a flash drive that you installed both ubuntu 20.04 and 22.10?23:09
Jeremy31A flash drive that I wrote the ISO to, to install to my HDD23:09
oerheksJeremy31, that is new to me, what tool did you use?23:10
oerhekssee no mention in https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/kinetic-kudu-release-notes/2797623:10
leftyfbJeremy31: if you wrote the iso to (dd?) then how did it keep the writeable partition on it through both installs?23:10
Jeremy31I used the Mint ISO USB writer23:10
Jeremy31I could look through the code for that23:10
oerheksrufus and mkusb can do that, maybe it enables it standard when the usb is 8gb or more?23:12
leftyfbok, so this is not an ubuntu usb installer, it's a mint usb installer that happens to utilize ubuntu iso's on the flash drive. So this whole thing has nothing to do with ubuntu other than maybe ubuntu recognizing the removable media has a writeable partition or the mint installer is doing some sketchy stuff and monitoring the ubuntu install23:12
Jeremy31It is just the Mint ISO USB writer used, not Mint installer23:14
Jeremy31It looks like it happens with Ubuntu ISO writer, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1442045/how-to-access-writable-partition-on-ubuntu-booted-from-usb-flash-drive23:17
oerheksI think that statement is false.23:19
oerheksKubuntu iso is 4.257.404.928 bytes, 4gb 4,294,967,296 bytes. so there is technically 37562368 left.23:24
Jeremy31I booted into ubuntu 22.10 and am writing iso to flash, it could be ubiquity making the writable partition during install23:31
Jeremy31No writable partition after using the Ubuntu System Image tool23:48

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