cmaloneyI'm still running Ubuntu 18.04. :)01:08
cmaloneyThe last of a dying breed01:08
jrwreni do FIPS things at work. Ubuntu Pro makes that easy. Dealing with 1 distro keeps me on ubuntu.20:18
jrwrenI’m trying to think of ways to resolve a name to an IP from cmdline in a restricted env. I would appreciate any ideas you have:20:18
jrwrenhost cmd - not installed in env and pkg not available20:18
jrwrendig cmd - same as host cmd20:18
jrwrenping - same as host cmd20:18
jrwrennslookup - same as host cmd20:18
jrwrengetent hosts - not exactly resolv only, but I used it anyway20:18
jrwrencall perl which is probably installed20:18
jrwrencall python  - same as host cmd20:18
cmaloneyTelnet to port 53? :)20:21
jrwrenit is difficult to write a DNS query and even more difficult to parse the response, else that would have been something I considered.20:43
cmaloneyI know. I'm being slightly cheeky here20:47
cmaloneyI mean, any language that has networking libraries will have something similar for doing DNS lookups20:48
cmaloneyC, C++, etc.20:48
cmaloneythe 15,000 libraries that would make up a NodeJS DNS call20:48
cmaloneylike some perverse fire-brigade20:48
jrwrensure, but what is easiest? do the simplest thing that works.20:49
benbusybox has nslookup in it21:20
benwhat do you have access to?21:20
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jrwrenIt is a fips ubuntu20 container where a lot of packages aren't available. e.g. I tried to  install bind-utils or something to get host or dig, but they weren't there, hence the question.21:55

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