AlexionEriC^^: thanks for the suggestion (booting from ISO file)00:05
Alexiontopcat001:never heard of Ventoy until now, but I think I used something similar called YUMI00:05
stevemcqueenHello, I'm having issues mounting an SMB share. I have two devices, laptop (Ubuntu 22.04) and desktop (20.04). I have mounted the same NAS device on both, in the exact same way (systemd mount) with the exact same options. Both appear to mount correctly. On the desktop, file created/modified timestamps are preserved, so things like rsync will work properly. On the laptop, file timestamps are NOT, so rsync keeps re-uploading the same file over and over00:33
stevemcqueenwhen I compare "mount -v" between the two devices, the newer laptop seems to add a few extra options: forceuid/guid becomes noforceuid/guid, iocharset=utf8, serverino, x-systemd.automount. otherwise they're the same00:34
stevemcqueenso, for example, if I 'cp -p test.txt', for a file made at 12:00pm, the last modified time will keep changing each time i do it00:35
stevemcqueenif i do that with the slightly older desktop, otherwise completely set up the same way, it works properly, the file stays at '12:00pm' modified00:37
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RaimondRaj./eggdrop: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:12
RaimondRajshow this erorr once i do upgrade02:12
RaimondRajstil cant solve it02:12
rboxupgrade of what02:12
rboxsounds like you didnt upgrade your eggdrop02:13
RaimondRajmy eggdrop02:13
RaimondRajhow and why02:14
rboxhow what02:14
RaimondRajim useing latest eggdrop02:14
rboxwhere did yo uget it02:14
RaimondRajonce i upgrade it02:14
RaimondRajon my vps02:14
EriC^^which ubuntu version?02:14
RaimondRajDescription:    Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS02:16
RaimondRajCodename:       jammy02:16
RaimondRaj error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.102:17
EriC^^i think it's cause openssl is now newer maybe and you have libssl.so.302:18
RaimondRajopenssl/jammy-updates,jammy-security,now 3.0.2-0ubuntu1.8 amd64 [installed]02:19
EriC^^RaimondRaj: maybe you could use a symlink to trick it to use the newer openssl02:22
RaimondRajplease guide me on this02:23
EriC^^RaimondRaj: sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.so.3 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.so.1.102:23
rboxoh yeah, tahts not going to blow up in his face02:24
EriC^^any suggestions then?02:25
leftyfbupgrade eggdrop02:26
leftyfbeither use the package available in ubuntu or recompile what they've got there02:26
EriC^^RaimondRaj: ^02:26
RaimondRajln: failed to create symbolic link '/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.so.1.1': File exists02:28
RaimondRajthe last part line02:28
devslashI am installing Ubuntu on my laptop which has a 500GB drive. gonna repartition the drive for Ubuntu. Do i need to make a boot partition ?02:29
leftyfbRaimondRaj: upgrade or recompile your eggdrop.02:29
rboxdevslash: should just leavea the defaults if you dont know what you are doing02:29
devslashI do know what I am doing02:29
leftyfbdevslash: just follow the guided install02:30
rboxdevslash: then you woudln't be asking that question...02:30
devslashso fuck me for asking I guess02:30
leftyfbdevslash: there's no need for that02:31
oerheksguided install, automatic, and you are fine.02:31
RaimondRaj <leftyfb> RaimondRaj: upgrade or recompile your eggdrop.im useing lates eggdrop and why do i need to recompile02:31
RaimondRajis that any new setting / line need to be add02:31
EriC^^devslash: no need for /boot02:31
EriC^^nor swap, just use a /swapfile02:32
RaimondRaji face this problem went im do update02:32
leftyfbRaimondRaj: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; apt-cache policy eggdrop ; which eggdrop ) | nc termbin.com 999902:32
devslashEriC^^, do you mean that I dont need a swap partition ?02:32
EriC^^devslash: yeah, by default ubuntu uses a /swapfile these days02:33
devslashEriC^^, fwiw, I have 12GN of ram02:33
devslashok thanks02:33
EriC^^no problem02:33
leftyfbRaimondRaj: you're not running the eggdrop package from ubuntu. If you compiled it, you need to recompile it02:34
leftyfbRaimondRaj: I would suggest you just use the packaged version02:35
RaimondRajsame pck version02:35
leftyfbRaimondRaj: that's not the point02:35
RaimondRajeven i ant run my eggdrop also02:35
leftyfbRaimondRaj: you compiled your eggdrop against your previous version of ubuntu with outdated libraries02:35
RaimondRajthat means i need to redo my eggdrop back02:36
RaimondRajoh god02:36
leftyfbRaimondRaj: I really suggest just using the package version02:36
RaimondRajoh god im stuck02:37
RaimondRajplease guide me02:37
oerhekseggdrop: Installed: (none)02:38
leftyfbRaimondRaj: sudo apt install eggdrop02:38
leftyfbRaimondRaj: move/backup the eggdrop binaries you have02:38
leftyfbso they don't conflict02:38
RaimondRajits ok i can redo back but stil take some time02:39
RaimondRajof god02:40
RaimondRajcan u tech me how to reformat my vps02:40
RaimondRajuse ssh code02:40
leftyfbRaimondRaj: you don't. You contact your VPN company for help with that02:40
RaimondRaji need reformat think so02:40
RaimondRajoh ok02:40
RaimondRaji worrie will be any error if install new02:41
WaVTypically there is an option to "delete" the system and you just start a new one.02:41
jhutchinsRaimondRaj: Get comfortable with the basics before you move on to more advanced configurations and projects.02:42
RaimondRajim worrie im istall the wrong binry or pcgs02:42
jhutchinsRaimondRaj: Linux has what we call a "steep learning curve".  There is a lot to learn at the beginning, but once you master the basics it's much easier to learn the higher level topics.02:42
RaimondRajim try to do it since yesterday02:43
RaimondRajstil unsolve02:43
jhutchinsRaimondRaj: Use guides, stick to the defaults, don't add extras.02:43
jhutchinsRaimondRaj: Take notes, make backups.02:43
RaimondRajok jhutchins help me to solve it02:43
RaimondRaji will take note from it02:44
jhutchinsRaimondRaj: I'm sorry, I'm really not available right now.  (Among other things I'm helping with cooking dinner.)02:46
RaimondRajjhutchins then stop advice other if u cant make it02:46
leftyfbRaimondRaj: contact your VPS company and have them purge and rebuild your instance. Then install your eggdrop and eggdrop configs02:47
oerhekstell us what guide you followed for that manually installed eggdrop ?02:49
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RaimondRajyeah i already open ticket02:50
RaimondRajask them to reformat my vps02:50
mybalzitchdoes the gnome online accounts thing fail no matter what if you have TOTP enabled for the nextcloud account you want to add?02:51
leftyfbmybalzitch: you should ask for help with that in #nextcloud02:52
leftyfbmybalzitch: I don't think "online accounts" supports TOTP02:53
leftyfbthat said, if you used oath2, that would ask for TOTP the first time you authenticated but then not need it again02:53
mybalzitchits just werid because my google accounts require MFA and online accounts handled it fine02:53
leftyfbright, OATH202:54
oerhekslogin as root admin in web  go to “Apps” section  find “TOTP” and click “Enable untrusted app”02:55
leftyfboerheks: you're referring to the nextcloud "Apps" right?02:56
mybalzitchoerheks: thank you I'll try that02:57
mybalzitchgoogling was giving less helpful suggestions02:57
mybalzitchhttps://github.com/nextcloud/twofactor_totp/issues/246#issuecomment-744498201 seems to be the ideal solution03:06
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 246 in nextcloud/twofactor_totp "Can't login with Gnome 3 online accounts" [Closed]03:06
klu``Hi my existing Ubuntu system is installed on a 1TB SATA3 SSD. I plan to migrate it to a 1TB NVMe SSD. What would be the high level steps? Is it as simple as dd clone the disk byte-by-byte from a live CD environment? do I need to do anything special about the boot sectors (non-EFI)?04:43
arraybolt3klu``: Assuming the destination SSD is large enough, you should be able to do something along the lines of "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/nvme0n1 bs=4M" and then it should Just Work.04:44
arraybolt3However, sometimes drives are just *barely* different sizes even though they are supposedly 1 TB or whatever.04:44
klu``do I need to worry about changing anything in the grub config?04:45
arraybolt3Also GPT partition tables add some complication.04:45
arraybolt3It shouldn't be necessary to change anything in GRUB, I don't believe, though you might run "sudo update-grub" after the first bootup.04:46
arraybolt3It should use UUIDs to identify partitions, and if you clone the whole drive, the UUIDs will remain the same.04:46
arraybolt3(If it uses device names like /dev/sda or (hd0, gpt1) or the like, though, then yes, you will need changes. But you shouldn't be doing that anyway.)04:46
devslashdoes Ubuntu Desktop have a built in firewall besides  ufw04:47
arraybolt3Personally, what I'd try is shrinking the last partition on the source SSD a bit, then cloning the whole drive. If you shrink the last partition enough, it should fit.04:47
klu``just checked, I have an EFI system with GPT partition table...04:47
devslashUbuntu 22.10 BTW04:47
arraybolt3klu``: As for the bit with the GPT partition table, I don't know if it will cause any trouble, I would assume not though. (I believe GPT partition tables make a big "contaienr" holding all the disk space, so if you transfer it to a different drive it may be confused by that.)04:48
leftyfbdevslash: no04:48
arraybolt3klu``: But I don't think that will prevent booting, and I assume it should be relatively easy to fix.04:49
devslashive got this weird problem where 2 different ssh clients are saying connection refused but thats wrong because i Double checked the ssh ip address and port04:49
klu``arraybolt3: yeah makes sense! looks like I should just give it a try :)04:49
arraybolt3Yeah, it looks like you might lose the secondary GPT header doing that trick, but again I don't think that will prevent booting, it just might need repaired somehow.04:50
lotuspsychjedevslash: ubuntu doesnt block ports by default, the users choice to setup firewall04:50
lotuspsychjedevslash: maybe router firewall?04:50
leftyfbdevslash: from one of the clients:   sudo nmap -p22 <ip.of.ubuntu 22.10>04:51
leftyfbdevslash: on server:  sudo lsof -i :2204:51
arraybolt3klu``: This looks like it will fix a busted backup GPT header, which is probably what will happen doing the drive clone. https://askubuntu.com/questions/386752/fixing-corrupt-backup-gpt-table04:52
arraybolt3(Again, your drive *should* work just fine, but that I believe will let you fix the complication I was mentioning.)04:53
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klu``arraybolt3: this is great! I took note of what we talked about. will try it out once my new nvme SSD arrives :)04:58
devslashi am using ufw04:58
devslashevery device except this laptop with ubuntu 22.10 can connect04:58
devslashi am using ufw on the serve rside04:59
leftyfbdevslash: disable it and then test04:59
devslashi rebooted the server04:59
devslashthat is not the issue here04:59
leftyfbdevslash: disable ufw and then test04:59
devslashi did04:59
leftyfbdevslash: are you using the ip or hostname to connect?04:59
devslashthis laptop with ubuntu 22 refuses to connect04:59
leftyfbdevslash: can the laptop ping the ip of the server?05:00
leftyfbdevslash: are they on the same local network/subnet?05:00
devslashthis laptop also has windows 11 which connects just fine05:00
leftyfbdevslash: do an nmap from the laptop to the server and compare to an nmap from another client to the server05:00
leftyfbdevslash: also, I wonder if you have some sort of config or setting in the sshd on the server05:01
devslashdoubt it05:01
devslashevery other device works fine05:01
devslashnmap shows the port as closed05:02
devslashbut thats not true05:02
leftyfbdevslash: you know you can specify ip's and users who are and aren't allowed to ssh from the sshd config right?05:02
devslashi did not specify ips05:02
leftyfbdevslash: do a full nmap:  sudo nmap -P0 <ip of server>05:02
leftyfband do the same from another client and compare05:03
leftyfbalso, from the laptop and another linux client: arp -a <ip of server>05:04
leftyfbcompare MACs05:04
devslashweird so i just discovered something05:04
devslashmy phone works outside of my lan05:04
devslashif i enable wifi it says connection refused05:04
leftyfbdevslash: what does your phone have to do with anything?05:04
devslashits how i am testing the connection05:04
devslashot has everything to do with it05:04
devslashits how i connect the majority of the time to my ssh server05:05
leftyfbdevslash: you said you were testing with an ubuntu laptop to an ubuntu server05:05
devslashbut that doesnt work05:05
devslashmy phone does05:05
devslashand i can enable or disable wifi to test off and on my network05:05
leftyfbwe're troubleshooting to and from ubuntu. Not a phone05:06
arraybolt3leftyfb: The point is that the network connected to is changing the behavior.05:06
arraybolt3devslash: Can you tether your laptop to the phone and then try to connect?05:06
arraybolt3That would let you try using the phone's network from Ubuntu.05:06
devslashyes but that will work arraybolt305:06
leftyfbarraybolt3: the ubuntu server and the ubuntu laptop are on the same local network/subnet. A phone using wifi or cellular means nothing in this test05:07
arraybolt3leftyfb: Then why does the problem only occur when the server and client are on the same LAN, but not when they are on different networks?05:07
leftyfbarraybolt3: the laptop and server are on the same local lan. There has been no mention of other networks05:08
arraybolt3Seeing the error be specific to the network the client connects to seems like an important snippet of data.05:08
arraybolt3leftyfb: Yes, there has been. The cellular network that the phone connects to. Thus why I ask if devslash can connect their laptop to their phone via tethering and then test.05:08
arraybolt3In other words, accessing the server over the LAN fails, but accessing it over WAN succeeds.05:08
leftyfbdevslash: please clarify your setup05:09
devslashubuntu 22 on laptop  that doesnt connection to ubuntu server 2205:10
leftyfbdevslash: I am assuming a laptop and server connected via ethernet or wifi on the same local network/subnet with the same ip space with no networks, routes or VLANS inbetween and where neither one of them move to other networks at all05:10
devslashon same network obiously05:10
leftyfbgreat, lets keep it at that and forget about the phone which has nothing to do with troubleshooting traffic between 2 pc's on the same local segment05:10
devslashit has a lot because you have a known good device05:11
devslashso its not the same server ive been for years05:11
devslashall of a sudden i can no longer connect05:11
devslashBRB need  to do one more thing to troubleshoot05:11
arraybolt3devslash: Did you modify any settings on your router recently?05:12
arraybolt3Anything like "Privacy mode" or similar?05:13
arraybolt3Or might a family member have modified something like that?05:13
devslashi disabled ufw on the server05:18
devslashstill doesnt work05:18
devslasharraybolt3, no and no one else can even do that05:18
devslashthe only thing that changed was my isp installed a new modem but its connected to my router which did not change05:18
devslashno my phone wont connect either05:19
devslashnow my phone wont connect either05:19
arraybolt3devslash: Is the SSH server crashing by any chance?05:20
devslashi checked the logs05:20
arraybolt3*shrug* well it has me stumped. An intermittently accessible SSH server that is WAN-accessible sometimes but not LAN-accessible, that isn't crashing, and where the network hasn't changed. That. makes. no. sense. To me, at least.05:22
arraybolt3devslash: And are you sure you didn't change any settings on your clients or server recently?05:22
devslashyes 100%05:22
devslashno else has access or knowledge to change it05:22
arraybolt3Maybe the server's WiFi connection is dropping intermittently?05:23
devslashthe only change is a new modem05:23
devslashdoesnt work even outside my lan05:23
arraybolt3Also, are you acccessing the server via IP address or domain name?05:23
arraybolt3And if by domain name, are you using a .local domain?05:23
arraybolt3i.e., one broadcast by Avahi (I believe)?05:24
devslashtrird both ip and domain05:30
devslashdomain is a subdomain of a domain i own05:30
devslashneed a minute i am now having major server issues05:30
arraybolt3I'm grasping at straws here, but are you sure that the server's IP is (still) static?05:30
arraybolt3Is the server on your LAN also?05:31
arraybolt3(It sounds like it might be a remote server if it's on a subdomain of a domain you own.)05:31
devslashits all local05:31
devslashim having server problems05:31
arraybolt3Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of Schrodinger's Server. I can't figure it out, sadly. If you find out what went wrong, please let us know, ecause this is confusing to an extreme.05:32
devslashits now says "a start job is running for /dev/sda1" at boot up05:32
alkisgdevslash: just catching up here. So the problem is that SOMETIMES you can't access your SSH server on the same LAN? When that problem happens, can you login locally to the server, and run `ssh localhost`, and see if that works?05:33
gebbionei am still trying to troubleshoot the error https://pasteboard.co/qW9y9FGbMrjc.jpg and i was wondering if after reinstalling the kernel i should do anything else to fix the boot, i just did a update-grub .. anything else i might be missing?05:36
alkisggebbione: fsck?05:38
devslashfsck me....05:38
gebbioneanything else whilst i am chrooted?05:41
gebbioneit looks like i need to unmount the partition before i can run it]05:41
alkisggebbione: I usually run a `sudo dpkg -V` to check for file corruption; it'll take a while...05:42
gebbionelots of missing output05:46
devslashim stumped. ssh just broke for no obvious reason05:46
devslashno errors reported or anything05:46
devslashdo you think someone couldve hacked my server05:47
devslashthats the only explanation i can think of05:47
alkisggebbione: pastebin some?05:47
gebbionealkisg, sorry i will paste asap06:00
gebbionealkisg https://termbin.com/und79j06:09
alkisggebbione: which kernel version are you trying to boot with?06:10
gebbioneunfortunately not a complete list06:10
gebbionetermbin didn't get the full output06:10
gebbionealkisg, https://pasteboard.co/qW9y9FGbMrjc.jpg this one ... 6.0.0-101106:11
gebbionei wanted to remove it but broke the boot up process06:11
gebbioneso i just reinstalled all kernels i could06:11
gebbionerun update-grub06:11
alkisgAnd none of them boots?06:11
gebbionewell i had not done update-grub. I am stuck with that error but before i boot from the live usb ubuntu i just wanted to ensure i did all i could06:12
alkisgsudo dpkg -V >/tmp/dpkg.txt && cat /tmp/dpkg.txt | nc termbin.com 9999 ===> that will give you a more completely output if you want06:12
alkisg...termbin terminates the connection after a few seconds, so it's not good to pipe long-running commands to it06:12
gebbionemakes sense, thank you06:14
gebbionealso sed /boot/reboot/06:14
gebbionealkisg, https://termbin.com/9bkdc06:15
alkisggebbione: since you're not trying to boot with a 4.x kernel, I don't see anything on that list that would be responsible for your boot issue. So go ahead and unmount, fsck, reboot06:16
gebbioneok i ll try06:17
gebbioneis this the output i m supposed to see from fsck https://pastebin.com/DJ7j9scy06:25
gebbionemy live usb key is a bit old06:26
alkisgBetter use: sudo fsck -f /dev/nvme0n1p106:27
gebbionedoing some optimisation06:28
alkisgOK, reboot, see if it boots06:29
gebbione(crossing fingers)06:30
gebbionesame problem :(06:30
alkisgCan you select another kernel in grub, and see if that one boots?06:31
gebbionei don't think it gets to grub fine06:32
gebbionei get to this screen https://pasteboard.co/qW9y9FGbMrjc.jpg and no way to delete to get another boot option06:32
alkisgTry to hold shift down while it boots, or keep pressing esc if you're in uefi mode06:33
alkisg(left shift)06:34
gebbioneneither work]06:34
alkisgThen boot with a live cd and edit grub.cfg so that it does show the grub menu06:35
gebbionei get to the same panic06:35
alkisgThe problem now is that you don't see the grub menu, right?06:35
alkisgBecause if you see the grub menu, you'll be able to select a previous kernel06:35
gebbioneit usually does06:35
gebbionei ll try the live cd again06:35
gebbionea change i made is to remove nomodeset in grub06:36
gebbionemaybe this is causing the problem?06:36
alkisgWell, it's crashing at "mount_block_root", so I'd think that the GPU isn't related at that point06:37
alkisgSo no, I don't think "nomodeset" causes that issue06:37
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gebbioneok i ll try to paste grub config to see if you have any suggestions06:39
gebbionedoes the grub config look good? https://termbin.com/8mmcr06:45
alkisgAdd these ^ and run update-grub06:48
alkisgTo be able to see the grub menu06:48
gebbionei have timeout 306:49
gebbioneso i should see it06:49
gebbionei m going to increase it06:49
gebbionebut not sure what difference it will make06:49
alkisgHmm true06:49
alkisgIs there anything else under /etc/default/grub.d?06:49
alkisgDid you run update-grub while chrooted?06:50
alkisgDo you bind-mount stuff before chrooting?06:50
alkisgMaybe also remove GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT06:50
gebbioneyes i mount all the stuff as shown here ... https://askubuntu.com/a/48516 . yes i did run update-grub06:50
gebbionewhat about the OS prober06:51
alkisgIt doesn't matter, it's for other operating systems06:51
gebbioneunder grub.d there is a file init-select.cfg but it has only comments06:55
GimblySonOfOdin /join #firefox06:56
Znevnaone more try06:56
GimblySonOfOdin:\ why did that fail lol. I'm rusty with IRC06:57
GimblySonOfOdinMust have had a space06:57
gebbionealkisg, looks good before i reboot? https://termbin.com/ank0r06:58
GimblySonOfOdinDoes mozilla/firefox have an IRC channel? I had a firefox specific quesiton06:58
alkisggebbione: assuming you also ran update-grub, then sure, it looks good06:59
hermanoEvery time I lock the screen the monitor swaps from hdmi to dp, where dp only holds the post bios exit, with some text.07:12
gebbionealkisg, i can see grub options now07:13
gebbioneok i have a few kernels07:13
alkisgNice, now try to boot with an older one07:13
alkisgSee if any one of the actually boots07:13
gebbionei assume if i continue with the 6 it will fail07:14
gebbioneare intel iotg even supposed to be on my system? i run an AMD CPU07:14
gebbionei ll go with the 5.15.0-60 generic07:14
gebbioneok i get back to the screen with the problem where the graphic card does not work07:22
gebbionenow first of all is there a way to remove kernel 6 thoroughly so i don't have for force the older one in the boot sequence or should i fix or look into something else07:23
cybertekhaving problems doing apt-get install wireguard: https://pastebin.com/raw/9c3VHAYu07:24
alkisggebbione: dpkg -l | grep linux-   ==> will show you the list of packages; then put the 6.0 ones in a `sudo apt purge linux-...blahblah` line07:25
gebbionei think i like apt list --installed more but once i spot the package can i just apt purge and will it remove it from boot ?07:29
gebbioneand also fix the boot error?07:29
gebbioneor is there something else that needs fixing in the booting configuration07:30
gebbione_this is what i see if i purge it https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pmxxqRTkWq/07:32
gebbionecybertek, i am not sure but that looks like it is building it instead of installing it...07:33
alkisggebbione: put ALL the 6.0 modules in ONE apt purge line07:35
alkisgPurging them one by one won't work due to dependencies07:35
alkisgIf you need help in constructing the apt purge line, upload this: dpkg -l | grep linux- | nc termbin.com 999907:35
alkisgRemoved kernels leave cruft behind, that apt list --installed won't show due to the ^rc state; so I prefer dpkg -l which does show ^rc packages07:36
alkisggebbione_: OK now run this command in your PC: echo apt purge $(wget https://termbin.com/mxvqc -qO- | awk '/6.0.0/ { print $2 }')07:39
alkisgIt'll tell you the final command to run07:40
alkisgThen some time you should remove all these 50+ old kernels, they're still in ^rc state :)07:40
gebbione_i got07:42
alkisgYeh, run that07:44
gebbione_is this a failure https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7kFbSwQbKH/ ? :(07:48
gebbione_it looks like it doesnt want to remove it to me07:48
alkisggebbione_: it's fine; that message is displayed when some dkms modules are removed afterwards07:49
gebbione_should i update grub?07:49
alkisgso now this command should be empty: grep 6.0.0 /boot/grub/grub.cfg07:49
alkisgIt should have already been updated07:49
gebbione_yep empty07:50
gebbione_5.15 is there07:50
gebbione_ok i ll try to reboot07:50
Znevnanice collection of kernels he had there07:57
gebbioneok looks like booting is not a problem anymore07:58
gebbioneyea i don't know what that iot is for07:58
gebbionei don't even know why they get installed if not generic07:58
gebbionei want generic07:58
gebbionebut also i need to fix the dual monitor problem with this system07:58
gebbioneNvidia really sux07:58
gebbioneZnevna, what was nice about it ? :)08:06
Znevnawhy did you keep them around for so long? :P08:07
gebbionewell i have not removed anything08:08
gebbionei am only concerned with fixing the GPU problem and keeping older kernels is all i have to try and be able to boot back in08:09
gebbioneright now i can only use 5.15 and variants of it08:09
gebbionenot sure why the others appear but my problem now is that i cannot use my dual screen monitors and this is usually linked to the fact that i have a Nvidia RTX 2070 GPU08:10
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giorgiler it snow09:32
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gebbionenuclei radio wifi shows as enabled but if i list available wifis i get an empty response09:59
elias_aalkisg: 50+ old kernels... must be a record... :O10:02
gebbioneelias_a, ?10:10
Znevnajust another user amazed by your collection of old kernels10:11
queryguyHello. is it possible to activate and setup remote desktop on ubuntu 22.04 via cli(ssh)?10:13
nb-benqueryguy: there are multiple ways to do so, it also depends on what exactly you're after10:14
nb-benqueryguy: if you're looking for a remote login session then this isn't as straightforward with gdm10:15
gebbioneZnevna, well not sure what suggests i have so many ... i just have 5.15 ones that don't work. the 4 ones in that output amaze me too given that they would have been autopurged10:16
gebbioneanyhow it doesn't really make any difference if they are there or not10:16
queryguynb-ben what is gdm?10:24
nb-benI'm happy to answer, but google first.10:27
EriC^^queryguy: https://askubuntu.com/questions/304017/how-to-set-up-remote-desktop-sharing-through-ssh10:27
heeenI'm trying to build my kernel from apt sources and it fails because it finds debian/linux-libc-dev/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu already exists10:31
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ElliriaHey there. Is there a replacement for this package? http://packages.ubuntu.com/python-gobject10:53
ElliriaIn other words, if your software depends on python-gobject, what package would it currently depend on?10:54
gebbioneis there a more up to date version of this document? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia11:03
tomreyn!nvidia | gebbione11:10
ubottugebbione: Drivers for Nvidia graphics cards: (A) No gaming/CAD/CUDA needed or legacy hardware? Use "nouveau" (open source, lacks many features). (B) Otherwise, "nvidia" (proprietary driver, fully featured). Install using "ubuntu-drivers" CLI or apt - not from nvidia.com. Driver series, hardware support (release notes): https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/unix/ - Latest drivers !PPA: https://pad.lv/ppa/graphics-drivers11:10
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gebbionethank you, i can see it is basically suggesting the same steps11:12
gebbionei will try to file a bug report11:12
gebbioneubuntu-bug xorg is running .... been for a while now11:12
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gebbionewhilst the system is unstable is there a way for me to use a live CD with permanent saving?11:15
gebbionei have an old live usb for 20.04 so i guess i need to update it to the latest11:16
gebbionebut would it work?11:16
bonazzi-francescdai alora: tira fora le tette11:27
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gebbionedoes "ubuntu-bug xorg" work ? Its has been showing dots for almost 15 minutes now and not finished yet11:38
gebbioneshould i report a bug about ubuntu bug ? :)11:40
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* tMH is gone. nsf11:42
ElliriaHey there. Is there a current replacement for the http://packages.ubuntu.com/python-gobject package?11:50
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chron0does anyone have any idea how to activate an esim/euicc on ubuntu=12:47
chron0(wwan/lte context)12:48
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jellyI'm using fwupdmgr from snap on focal and recent versions apparently have an undeclared dependency on newer libc6 than what's in the distro but they also do not ship a glibc in the package.  So it's broken.12:55
jellywhat's the right way to report bugs for snaps?12:55
jellysnap info fwupd -> contact:   https://github.com/fwupd/fwupd -> https://github.com/fwupd/fwupd/issues/512212:59
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 5122 in fwupd/fwupd "latest snap fails to install on Ubuntu 20.04" [Open]12:59
jelly(it doesn't fail to install, it fails to run but the underlying issue is the same; apparently an "unconfined snap" will always use host system libc6 instead of the one in core22 which it builds against)13:00
ograjelly, no, that is wrong, *if* an unconfined snap uses the hosts libc it is completly wrongly packaged (even classic (unconfined) snap need to use the libc from the base snap they did declare in their snapcraft.yaml) ...13:12
gebbioneif anyone has any input feel free to contribute https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/black-screen-unstable-or-not-second-monitor-rtx2070-ubuntu/24266913:13
jellyogra, okay, that sounds a lot more sane13:19
ograjelly, there should be a deb in the normal archive though (might indeed be a bit behind the snap in versioning)13:21
ograin fact this already discusses the correct solution: https://github.com/fwupd/fwupd/issues/5122#issuecomment-1277822533 ... but seems nobody implemented it correctly13:22
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 5122 in fwupd/fwupd "latest snap fails to install on Ubuntu 20.04" [Open]13:22
jellyI switched to snap because the distro one failed to work correctly with miy hardware at some point.  It _might_ have been still on bionic and I'll check out the focal distro version.13:24
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jellythe distro version of fwupd (1.7.9-1~20.04.1) from focal says it's able to upgrade UEFI firmware on this Thinkpad X1C7.  Thanks, ogra13:39
BluesKajHi all13:41
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IaCpleaseHow do I enable a service on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?14:29
IaCpleaseI don't see the chkconfig or systemctl commands. I'm guessing this uses upstart?14:30
leftyfbIaCplease: Ubuntu 14.04 is End of Life and no longer supported. Please upgrade before asking for support.14:31
IaCpleaseUpgrading isn't an option -- it's not my vm, and it's running something. I'll peruse the docs for upstart, then.14:32
ograwell, 14.04 is still commercially supported for one more year, you can buy commercial support for it for sure at canonical14:36
heeendpkg-source: error: unrepresentable changes to source14:39
heeendpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-source -i.git -b . subprocess returned exit status 114:39
heeenmake[1]: *** [scripts/Makefile.package:77: deb-pkg] Error 114:39
heeenman what is going on14:39
heeenshouldn't it be trivial to just build the kernel from ubuntu sources14:39
ograheeen, if you follow the instructions it usually is14:43
heeenwell dopes not seem to be14:43
ograjust git clone the ubuntu tree and folow the documented steps14:43
heeenthe documented steps on the weiki using apt-source leads to failure because it finds debian/linux-libc-dev/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu already exists14:44
ograheeen, this ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel14:45
ogranot sure if anything changed in the process ... but that page should be maintained by the people in #ubuntu-kernel ... perhaps ask there14:45
heeenthen I had to manually patch a file because some device reference was still in there and clean failed14:47
IaCpleaseSeems it was already enabled, and the runlevel that this service, qemu-guest-agent runs at is in the config file /etc/init.d/qemu-guest-agent.14:48
IaCplease[Also ansible's service module sadly doesn't work with upstart.]14:49
IaCpleaseOh, but native upstart files put their stuff in /etc/init/*.conf files, and the syntax is pretty simple. "start on runlevel [2345]" does the trick for them.14:53
TowserI am trying to get voice chat to work in Singularity viewer and unfortunately it stays greyed out, I've tired installing some libraries and it didn't help15:10
leftyfbTowser: normally I would suggest you reach out to the 3rd party source for support, but it seems they do not provide support. You're kinda on your own there.15:13
TowserThat's where I get stuck. I don't know what it requires or if it simply doesn't work15:13
leftyfbTowser: it also hasn't been updated in over 2 years. The last linux release was for an EOL release of Ubuntu15:14
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TowserIt does still run besides the voice chat issue15:15
leftyfbgood luck15:15
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jhutchinsDo upstream kernels ever have an EOL?17:38
hallthorhello! I'm in the process of registering to ubuntu pro and when validating y email I have to have a checkbox checked called "Service authorization for Ubuntu.com"17:46
hallthorUnfortunately I can't find information what that means, but I would like to know17:46
hallthorAnyone who can explain for me?17:47
jhutchinsDo we have an official source for Pro support?17:49
leftyfbpretty sure that's through Canonical17:49
jhutchinshallthor: I'm pretty sure there is one somewhere, that's the whole point of "Pro".17:49
jhutchinsleftyfb: You sure it isn't RedHat?17:49
Gallomimiathe canonical name for "Pro Support" is Canonical?17:49
leftyfbas in, not an Ubuntu community support product17:50
oerhekseasy peasy17:51
leftyfboerheks: that explains pro and it's services and how to get it going. It does not give information on people needing support with it as a product17:53
oerheksafter getting the token, that checkbox is available in software update settings?17:56
leftyfbhm, I don't have that18:00
leftyfbI have a "livepatch" tab18:00
oerhekspro --version should give 27.13.3~22.04.118:01
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hallthorthis is my issue: https://imgur.com/a/kVmAp9n18:03
hallthorI have no idea what service authorization means and there is no explanation to be found18:03
oerheksclick that checkbox, or use space when highlighted?18:03
oerheksjust an extra step to avoid scriptkiddies..18:04
hallthorwould be nice to get that kind of information somwhere...18:14
oerheksmaybe you ar right, file a bugreport that such info is missing?18:15
jhutchinsIf not missing, not apparent/intuitive.18:17
jhutchinsThey can't fix it if they don't know it's broken.18:17
hallthorI'll look into that18:23
ravagei think i checked that box when i activated pro. but you can just try it without18:25
oerheksravage, i remember i did that too18:26
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jhutchinsWhat, you're careful about checking unexplained authorization boxes?18:55
jhutchinsSilly human!18:55
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SwahiliQ: Is "snap" down? Getting "received an unexpected http response code (503) when trying to download https://canonical-bos01.cdn.snapcraftcontent.com/download-origin/canonical-lgw01/*.snap"19:59
PeterAre there known issues with canonical-bos01.cdn.snapcraftcontent.com ? I'm getting a HTTP 504 Gateway timeout when trying to install a snap.20:03
ravageas you are already the second person asking it.. possible20:06
ravagenothing on https://status.canonical.com/ yet20:06
SwedeMikex/win 220:06
ravageoh its on https://status.snapcraft.io/20:06
ravageso they are aware of it20:07
PeterThe one time I have to use snap and it's broken :D20:07
ravagethe beauty of a central download service20:09
ravagebut the status page says its already fixed20:09
Peterseems to be back up20:09
Peterit was down for like 30 minutes20:10
toxic0Somehow my 22.04 VM is not loading NFS kernel module anymore. I reinstalled nfs-commons and still nothing. Would anyone have an idea20:30
oerheksnope, what does your logs say?20:30
oerheksas you can tell the nfs module is not loading..20:31
toxic0Which logs ? I just know I have a very similar VM that successfuly mounts NFS20:33
toxic0lsmod |grep NFS come up empty on the one not working20:33
ravagegrep is case sensitive20:33
ravageso try nfs20:33
toxic0Sorry, autocorrect added caps20:34
toxic0But confirmed no NFS module20:34
toxic0modprobe nfs20:34
toxic0modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nfs': Key was rejected by service20:34
ravagemy guess is messed up secure boot20:35
toxic0Hmmm you might have something here. I did have to install firmware-secure something manually as it was being "kept back" by apt20:37
toxic0Any hints as how to reinstall/unmess it ?20:37
ravageundoing what you did is always a good first step20:38
oerheksfirmware secure on a vm ..20:38
toxic0I didn't do anything before it stopped working, probably unattended upgrade but logs are thin as to what it did20:38
ravageunattended upgrade does not install held back packages20:39
toxic0Yeah that I did20:42
toxic0Trying to fix20:44
toxic0Giving up, will just use last week's backup of the VM that was working fine21:13
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toxic0I de seem to remember NFS is somehow impacted by secure boot but it still baffles me why...22:47
toxic0Updating proxmox right now in the hope it would fix my current issue with this Ubuntu VM refusing to mount NFS shares, not seeing any qemu update I strongly doubt it will...22:48
atrigenthello. why does the official install documentation suggest an 8-12gb flash drive if the image to put on it is less than 4gb?22:55
oerheksatrigent, where do you get that wrong info?22:56
atrigentwhat wrong info?22:57
oerheksthis is official, show us yours?22:57
leftyfb"A 4GB or larger USB stick/flash drive"22:57
atrigentyes, that one says 4gb, but the general installation instructions say 8-12gb22:57
oerhekswhat general instructions?22:57
leftyfbatrigent: please post the link22:57
Jeremy31The newer ISO's use some space on flash drive for install logs22:58
oerheksjust the iso takes 4 gb, if you need persistence, it should be larger indeed22:58
oerheksnew iso, install logs? that is new to me22:58
leftyfbJeremy31: first I'm hearing of this22:58
Jeremy31I just installed 22.10 on a partition and there is a writable partition on my flash drive with an install log22:59
leftyfbatrigent: that might be assuming the optional persistent live usb22:59
oerheksoh that is a weird statement, all iso' s fit 4 gb AFAIK22:59
oerheksatrigent, thank you for reporting23:01
korinis somone online?23:05
Linnak_Hi, What do you use guys for sending files between Android device and Linux desktop? I tried a couple of softwares (Warpinator, KDE Connect) without success even with open ports in Firewall I couldn't send a file.23:31
Linnak_I used Sendanywhere befor but crashed many times, so I deleted.23:31
oerhekson ubuntu/gnome filemanager works perfectly23:33
oerheksunlock your android before connecting, and it should give a dialog for permission23:34
Jeremy31USB cable or bluetooth23:34
oerheksoh yeah, do not mention you try on BT23:35
Linnak_Bloetooth didn't work. Connection error23:41
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