usmany[m]Hi, I am using Pop!_Os. Planning to replace it with Ubuntu Studio(US). I know you can make Ubunt9u into US with official flavors, is there a way to do that with Pop!_Os 22.04?00:59
Eickmeyer[m]There is not. We do not support Pop!_OS01:00
ubottuIMAP and POP are protocols for fetching email. The officially-supported server in Ubuntu is Dovecot (packages "dovecot-imapd" for IMAP, and "dovecot-pop3d" for POP) - See also !MailServer for information on the SMTP protocol01:00
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/01:00
usmany[m]jeje, thanks! I'll do it anyway01:00
Eickmeyer[m]Well, if you do, you're on your own.01:01
usmany[m]I mean, I will replace Pop with US01:01
Eickmeyer[m]Oh, yeah, that's fine, but converting isn't supported.01:01
usmany[m]yes, know I have that clear01:02
usmany[m]is there any plan for US to switch to pipewire? I've been reading that it can replace Alsa and Pulseaudio and Jack. Please forgive me if I am asking nonsense. I just have questions01:05
Eickmeyer[m]Starting in 23.04.01:05
usmany[m]ok, and will it replace all the others?01:06
Eickmeyer[m]Be warned: some of the JACK functions don't work for high professional audio.01:06
usmany[m]ok, thanks.01:06
Eickmeyer[m]Still working on the mechanism to be able to easily switch between audio modes.01:07
usmany[m]It sounds daunting.01:08
usmany[m]what should someone learn in order to help, going from zero?01:09
Eickmeyer[m]Install and play around with it and begin testing. The switching interface is being developed at https://github.com/ovenwerks/studio-controls01:10
Eickmeyer[m]Expect more information in a blog post as we get closer to 23.04 beta, but there's not much to talk about right now.01:10
usmany[m]ok, already put it in my favorites. Will do that.01:11
criicket420[m]can i get some help, i have ubuntu and everytime i try and install another distro...ubuntu studio or monjaro for ex: i can not see any wireless connections to connect to the internet 03:05
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:07
Eickmeyer[m]Ubuntu Studio isn't another distro from Ubuntu.03:07
criicket420[m]Eickmeyer[m]: i worded it fucked up my bad this along with pop and monjaro and now back to ubuntu. still a noob a bit but like ubuntu03:08
Eickmeyer[m]Watch your language, please.03:09
Eickmeyer[m]It's ok, but please that goes against our guidelines and Code of Conduct.03:09
criicket420[m]my bad03:10
Eickmeyer[m]So, getting drivers working, such as wifi drivers, can be done by going to the System Settings app and going to Additional Drivers.03:10
criicket420[m]even when theres nothing there?03:11
Eickmeyer[m]If there's nothing there then you've got other issues. I recommend going to #ubuntu:libera.chat for further help.03:12
sakrecoer[bpist]I just noticed that fluidsynth start at boot on ubuntu 22.04 it sits in the background and consumes an average of 5% CPU. Any reason for this?08:05
sakrecoer[bpist]acutally 22.1008:06
Eickmeyer[m]Settoshi (UTC+1): Can't reproduce here.15:43
sakrecoer[bpist]Not sure what i need to do to reproduce, because i don't fo anything other than booting the computer. 5% CPU and 1% ram. Out of 16gb seems like a lot for an uninvited process.16:07
sakrecoer[bpist]what sort of log would you need?16:08
Eickmeyer[m]Settoshi (UTC+1): There's a bigger issue at play. 1) You use a lot of digital instruments which use fluidsynth, I do not. 2) any fixes to fluidsynth that get backported to 22.10 would require a massive rebuild of multiple (hundreds) of packagres in the archive, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to convince the SRU team to bugfix this.16:12
Eickmeyer[m]This is simply because those hundreds of packages use fluidsynth as a build dependency.16:14
Eickmeyer[m]Settoshi (UTC+1): What might be going on is that Plasma automatically saves your last session, and you might have something that uses fluidsynth being left on. Go to System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Desktop Session and change "When Logging In" to "Start with an empty session". That might do the trick.16:23
sakrecoer[bpist]<Eickmeyer[m]> "Settoshi (UTC+1): What might..." <- Isn't "start with an empty session" default? i always have itbthat way, i'll look, but i'd be surprised if that's it. 16:50
sakrecoer[bpist]What digital instrument do i use that use fluid synth? 😅 tbh, i can't think of any?16:50
Eickmeyer[m]> <@sakrecoer:basspistol.org> Isn't "start with an empty session" default? i always have itbthat way, i'll look, but i'd be surprised if that's it. 16:52
Eickmeyer[m]> 16:52
Eickmeyer[m]> What digital instrument do i use that use fluid synth? 😅 tbh, i can't think of any?16:52
Eickmeyer[m]Start with an empty session isn't default in Plasma, sadly. As for digital instrument, it was a guess seeing as how you're a musician. I'm an audio engineer, so I play mostly with DAWs and stuff.16:52

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