sol78why are all my windows somehow suddenly in dark mode?15:04
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gnrpsol78: Did you change the theme?17:48
sol78not that I'm aware of....18:11
sol78I briefly tried the Budgie desktop, after that appears like dark theme, but confirmed I'm using plain greybird18:14
gnrpdid you try changing the theme forth and back?18:23
gnrpsol78: also check under window managrmrnt the style. that can inflzence this as well18:25
sol78& now after reboot; mouse pointer is huge and window title bar opacity is much lower20:41
kev1nim not doing21:25
kev1nhi jasy21:25
kev1nwhat do you doing21:25
sol78budgie dark style was set; for some reason that carried over into xfce/xubuntu sessions22:32
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