tewardtsimonq2: you were summoned by the CCT not me00:09
tewardi just want your eyes and opinion on something00:09
tewardthat they asked for input on - they sent you the invitation you need to read the doc00:09
teward(I already did a once over and signed off as Lubuntu Team Lead on behalf of the Council but i want your input too)00:10
teward(though at this point it's more or less just clearing up last minute stuff like wording, etc.)00:10
tsimonq2teward: I wanted to get over my small internal grumbling before I signed off but meh :P00:36
tsimonq2I'm just not sure how much sense it makes from a PR standpoint... but then again it's a no-op for us so I can really only care so much00:37
tewardtsimonq2: ack, then my signoff is effective00:39
tsimonq2Formally, ack on the proposal.00:39
* arraybolt3 wants to know what proposal if it's something that can be discussed01:00
lubot[telegram] <teward001> arraybolt3 just something flavors wide that doesnt affect lubuntu14:24

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