Guest51Hello, Moderator named "Elfy" banned me from ubuntu forums since from 2012 approx. I want to be unbanned from the forums. Because I am a active ubuntu users. The banned is for no reason. I never break any rules.04:53
tomreynhey Guest51 - this channel is just about moderation on IRC. ubuntu forums are different people (I don't even know who). i'm afraid we can't help there.05:36
JackFrost#ubuntuforums *might* be able to help, but not sure about that.05:37
ubottuLunar Lobster is the codename for Ubuntu 23.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.05:53
JackFrostDowh. :(05:53
JackFrostFWIW, #ubuntuforums is a social channel, but usually has forum people that might know where to direct a user.  There's a resolution subforum I believe.05:54
JackFrostThe user made it there, but didn't stick around long enough for an answer.05:54
Guest51isn't there any way to unbanned my ubuntu forums account. I have been banned from 2012.07:22
elwe don't have power there, you can probably find someone in #ubuntuforums perhaps?07:51
tomreynMenzador / MenzMac: can you try and fix your mac's connectivity?22:17
sarnoldTue 14 22:17:29 <+tomreyn> Menzador / MenzMac: can you try and fix your mac's connectivity?23:01

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