davefHappy singles day! ❤️15:30
zxmpihappy i'm so nerdy there was never a chance of a relationship interfering with my computer training day :-P15:36
daftykinswell i for one am well prepared for a romantic night in with a curry... and Windows Update16:53
daftykinsthat's right, Patch Tuesday is but one hour away!16:53
zxmpiyou windows and a hammer... so romantic17:01
zxmpichicken rebellion has begun https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-41070338.html17:02
davefGreat, that means a 10GB per Win11 machine download. Tomorrow will not be a fun day at the office 😤21:27
daftykinsdavef: your previous employer must be missing you, i saw a news piece about them releasing a patch for a game that somehow broke their whole build platform so they couldn't undo it ;D21:28
davefLol, I still have a contact there. There’s more to that story21:29
daftykinso rly21:29
davefI can’t share obviously.21:29
daftykins*nod* naturally21:30
davefBut that was pretty much marketing speak lol21:30
davefWell, can’t talk for at least 10 more months 😆21:31
daftykinsdamn i hope you're curating a list so you know what to speak of after xD21:31
davefLet’s circle back in just under a year and I can explain21:31
daftykinsi'll put it on my calendar21:32
davefJust hope I remember!21:32
davefGaming industry is so secretive. Even more so where I am. No release yet.21:32
daftykinsit's gonna be the world's first game that ships with a teledildonics peripheral... nailed it!21:33
davefShush .. don’t share lol21:35
zxmpi32nd birthday of game lemmings today 'oh no'22:38
* daftykins turns it up to 9922:40

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