goddardwhat can i do if my fingerprint reader doesn't work.00:13
goddardWhat options do I have?00:13
sarnolddid it ever work?00:14
oerheksand a few more on https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fingerprint-gui00:15
goddardI contacted those people and reported a bug and we tried to work out the issues, but weren't able to come to a resolution.00:31
goddardmy device is supposedly supported00:31
oerheksis it in the list?00:31
goddardi tried on two different laptops that are the same and have the same fingerprint reader00:32
goddardboth seem like it almost works but after maybe 2 or 3 swipes of your finger during the setup process it just fails00:33
oerheksGo to Settings and the click on Users from left sidebar. You should see all the user account on your system here. You'll see several option including Fingerprint Login.00:33
oerheksif not, no clue00:33
oerheks... info you should have told us in the 1st place00:33
goddardSo no options exist to get it working?00:34
goddardThink an open collective bounty would work?00:34
oerheksThere is an other tool, never tried myself https://rupokify.com/tech/how-to-enable-fingerprint-login-on-ubuntu/00:35
goddardcool something new to try00:36
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Ross19I know this is an odd and highly specific question, but is there software to proxy a connection from a local ip to a remote ip/domain? I.e. I got to[port], and the service establishes a connection to, say google.com, and then provides that connection to the software that made a request at[port]?01:39
tomreynRoss19: ssh -D / -R / -L01:41
sarnoldoh dang, good thing tomreyn was around to answer first :) I immediately thuoght of haproxy / caddy / nginx / squid kinds of things01:43
sarnoldssh is pretty danged useful, when it fits the need it's amazing :)01:43
tomreynbut you're right for anything which is to perform properly / provide stability / be debuggable.01:44
tomreyn(i'd add dante)01:44
rboxsocat can do it too01:48
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abbahi guys02:58
Bashing-omabba: Hello - you have a support question ?02:59
abbahi bashing, yes02:59
Bashing-om!ask | abba03:00
ubottuabba: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:00
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goddardI've been searching around for a solution and stumbled across a debian based package I was wondering if it might be helpful03:14
goddardit allows you to override the driver and install a new elan driver03:14
goddardwondering if this might improve things03:14
goddardwhere would I install the driver is my question here03:14
goddardsudo biometric-config-tool add-driver -f elan /what/path/here ?03:15
Guest7231how easy is ubuntu these days?03:47
Guest7231hi bedman03:47
Guest7231hi. I'm new please be nice to me.03:47
rboxinstall it and see03:48
Guest7231I have a live cd of gubuntu an older version is why I was asking.03:48
leftyfbGuest7231: don't bother with older versions. Go download 22.0403:49
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pinkponyprincecan't right now. but in my own time I will. Thank you.03:50
rboxwell then what does "ubuntu these days" have to do with some old cd03:52
pinkponyprinceCD live distro. Try out before use also unetbootin03:56
pinkponyprinceAND LIVE DVD and Ubuntu mac version03:56
pinkponyprinceM1 UBUNTU Mac laptop.03:57
pinkponyprinceheard it form the news. and on apple inventory. I am an apple inventory clerk.03:57
leftyfbpinkponyprince: those cd's are outdated and unsupported. Don't bother with them03:57
pinkponyprincehd is all you need for optical drives if not usb for unetbootin.03:58
pinkponyprinceunetbootin installs for any distro easily03:58
pinkponyprincecd and dvd live are like try before you use.03:59
leftyfbpinkponyprince: please feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic. If you install Ubuntu and need help with it, this would be the place to ask for help.03:59
pinkponyprinceoh sorry didn't know03:59
pinkponyprincethank you04:00
codeshamangood evening04:26
Guest51Moderator named "Elfy" banned me from ubuntu forums since from 2012 approx. I want to be unbanned from the forums. Because I am a active ubuntu users.04:50
Guest51Please help me04:50
arraybolt3Guest51: This isn't the channel for this. You *might* have better luck in #ubuntu-ops, but that's for IRC so I'm not sure how helpful they will be. Also note that legitimate bans aren't likely to be easily lifted.04:51
Guest51The banned is for no reason. His personnel ego makes this decision. If you have someone who can help, Then please help me.04:57
arraybolt3Guest51: You may be able to email ubuntu-forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com with your ban appeal. Include as many details as possible so as to make your claims verifiable. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ForumCouncil/ may have more information.05:01
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arraybolt3Guest51: Also see https://ubuntuforums.org/misc.php?do=showrules05:04
guivercGuest51, you could try #ubuntuforums on IRC, that would be the most fitting IRC channel I suspect05:09
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Guest51isn't there any way to unbanned my ubuntu forums account. I have been banned from 2012.07:28
Guest51isn't there any way to unbanned my ubuntu forums account. I have been banned from 2012.07:33
Guest51isn't there any way to unbanned my ubuntu forums account. I have been banned from 2012.07:36
zaggynlGuest51: https://ubuntuforums.org/faq.php?faq=vb3_reading_posting#faq_vb3_contact_admin mentions an email address07:41
podeniHi everyone. I'm trying to find a solution to set up the following: a local SOCKS proxy to be used on the local machine that attempts to connect through different external IPs, based on which SOCKS proxy port the connection was attempted. So if the machine has and bound to it, using as the proxy should make websites see me as, but using as08:02
podenithe proxy should make them see me as
podeniTried so far: ssh with -D, and Dante. Both have their issues. SSH won't let me bind to a specific outgoing IP (it always gives me no matter what I specify under -b), and Dante's "external.rotation = same-same" setting requires me to proxy through the IP I want to be seen as externally, which adds another layer of complication.08:03
podeniAll I want is a solution to a simple problem: direct traffic based on a one-to-one mapping between input ports to public IPs. Listen on 1001, use, listen on 1002, use
nb-benpodeni: look for netmap routing08:07
nb-benpodeni: netmap nat rules08:07
nb-benpodeni: ah, this might not provide what you're looking for actually.08:08
podeniI'm always connecting from to, only the port is meant to be distinct.08:11
nb-benpodeni: are you trying to configure this on a router that's connected to your ubuntu machine or is that ubuntu machine the router?08:12
nb-benpodeni: if the ubuntu machine is the router, if there's nothing that already exists that supports your needs, then you can write a kernel module to do that with netfilter api: https://levelup.gitconnected.com/write-a-linux-firewall-from-scratch-based-on-netfilter-46201320268608:13
nb-benpodeni: I think it might be a good idea to ask about this in #networking08:14
podeniThanks, I'll ask there as well. It's the local machine.08:15
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EckoI want to create a disk image of a HDD, so I can restore it to an SSD.08:51
EckoThe HDD is 500GB, 80 in use. The SSD is 120GB08:51
EckoHow can I create the disk image with only the used space?08:51
gebbionehi, what is still keepting kernel modules files v 4x around in my system? https://termbin.com/2oik what can i do to troubleshoot and find out if they are not needed anymore. Autopurge does not pick them up09:09
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gonixif you keep the old kernel aside, the modukes stays here too.09:11
gonixif you'd boot it.09:11
ogragebbione, by default ubuntu always keeps the original installation kernel around (because that one is known to work for sure since you installed with it, so it is a safe option to go back to in case of incidents)09:13
al1enrunning apt list --upgradable I get this: https://pastebin.com/HZFA35dS09:14
gebbioneogra, they are very old though probably from 14 or 16 versions09:14
al1enwhat should I do to upgrade those packages? why there are two cuda-drivers? (I think there should be the one with -510 suffix only)09:14
jjakobgebbione: look in #linux I sent you some commands to try09:15
ogragebbione, well, was this machine originally installed with 14.x or 16.x  ?09:15
jjakobI think his question is why dpkg lists all those as state 'rc' (remove, conf-files), they aren't actually installed09:16
ograah ...09:17
jjakobnone of the 4.x packages is 'ii'09:17
gebbionebut yes i upgrade09:17
gebbionedont install from scratch usually09:17
jjakobmy suspicion was because of the nvidia driver but I don't know how you would purge them09:17
jjakobmaybe just 'apt-get purge'09:18
gebbionejjakob, btw i had a radeon up to a year ago approximately09:18
ogramy suspicion would be something like modules.dep which is a generated file and might keep the modules dir alive even if the modules are gone09:18
gebbioneso i doubt it is all fault of nvidia :)09:18
jjakobapt-get purge linux-headers-4* linux-headers-3*09:18
ograyeah, that should remove them09:18
jjakoband the same for linux-image-4* 3* 2*09:19
podeniQuestion: I'm running Ubuntu 22 on a rented VPS, and for some reason it's not setting the terminal title on connect (I still see the title local_user@localhost, which is confusing on a multi-tab terminal). How could I get Ubuntu to set the title on connect?09:20
jjakobpodeni: is /etc/hostname set?09:21
podeniYes, it is.09:21
jjakoband 'hostname -f' shows the correct one?09:21
jjakobdid you log out and in, or reboot?09:21
podeniYes, the output of /etc/hostname is the same as hostname -f. I also rebooted the machine.09:21
jjakobhow are you connecting?09:22
podeniSame as I do on my EC2 instances, where it works as expected.09:22
jjakobjust localhost is incorrect or is local_user wrong too?09:22
gebbioneapt-get purge linux-image-3* is giving me more that i expected.... .https://termbin.com/uuvfr09:23
jjakobis the hostname correct in /etc/hosts?09:23
gebbioneshould the argument have a better regex?09:23
gebbioneit looks like it wants do sudo rm -rf /  :)09:23
jjakobgebbione: yeah, that's too much09:24
jjakobtry 'linux-image-3.*'09:24
podenijjakob I see the hostname is incorrect in /etc/hosts. It's the default one provided by the VPS reseller instead of my custom one.09:24
jjakobpodeni: you can try to change that. is it localhost now?09:24
podeniI also note that .bashrc was missing when I got the machine, I had to copy one from /etc/skel/.bashrc09:25
jjakobbut I don't think that would cause the terminal to display it wrong09:25
podeniAnd the default terminal was set to sh, not bash09:25
podeniI had to chsh to use bash.09:25
gebbionenah still getting too much jjakob09:25
jjakobgebbione: what's the exact command?09:26
gebbionesudo apt-get purge 'linux-image-3*'09:27
jjakobweird, I don't know why that's selecting too muxh09:27
jjakob"Fallback to regular expressions is deprecated in APT 2.0, has been removed in apt(8), except for anchored  expressions, and will be removed from apt-get(8) in a future version. Use apt-patterns(5) instead."09:30
jjakobhmm, so '^linux-image-3.*' ?09:30
gebbioneright like regex09:30
gebbionei ll check09:30
jjakobdoes ^ make it an anchored expression?09:30
gebbioneit means start of line09:31
gebbione. means a caracter09:31
gebbione* makes it many of the previous one09:31
jjakobseems like they will use apt-patterns09:32
jjakobman apt-patterns09:32
jjakobyou could probably make one that works if that anchored regex doesn't but I don't have time to research it now09:33
gebbionenp i ll try, thank you09:33
jjakobI've never used apt-patterns before09:33
gebbionei get lots of errors like ... dpkg: warning: while removing linux-image-4.4.0-71-generic, directory '/lib/modules/4.4.0-71-generic' not empty so not removed09:37
gebbionebut if i try to remove them it says 0 space will be saved so i guess it is just annoyingly there but not really present09:38
jjakobgebbione: sometimes it says that in one step but a later step will remove it09:40
jjakobif not, you can manually rm it later by hand09:40
jjakobif there's nothing that you need there (/lib/modules/ shouldn't have anything if that kernel version is already removed)09:41
gebbioneit actually removed them indeed09:41
gebbionerunning the command again shows no need for removal09:41
ograyeah, purge should09:42
gebbionelooks cleaner now https://termbin.com/sq7a09:44
confuseusAm i updating my 22.04 system too frequently  as i keep getting "The following packages have been kept back: ..." for the past few months!?09:48
ravage!phasedupdates | confuseus09:52
ubottuconfuseus: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.09:52
confuseusthanks for the clarification. thought there was something bad with my system09:54
bizmate_so after all that purging of packages i just don't have wifi anymore after a reboot10:11
bizmate_any suggestion?10:15
* alkisg didn't see what happened, but the obvious solution would be to reinstall them?10:26
Alexey_Ну... За присутствующих!!!! 🍻10:30
zaggynlbizmate_: if able use an ethernet cable or mount usb installation media and install the ubuntu-desktop package10:31
zaggynlI guess that should do it if the wrong packages were removed, what packages were you purging?10:32
bizmate_zaggynl, i was here from my other pc as gebbione, i purged a lot of old linux-image etc older kernels stuff10:34
bizmate_can i get a deb of the ubuntu-desktop and put in a usb instead of spinning a live usb ?10:34
bizmate_i just don't see the whole wifi interface and no option in the ubuntu UX10:36
priyanshu11x0i have a 1:9 monitor but ubuntu is using 4:3 by default and i am unable to change it from the settings10:37
priyanshu11x0not 1:910:37
bizmate_zaggynl, this one? https://pkgs.org/download/ubuntu-desktop10:38
ograbizmate_, you might also wnat to install ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard in case something from the lower level was removed they will put it back10:47
bizmate_ogra, would they come with all necessary dependencies?10:49
bizmate_at least to get the wifi working?10:49
ograyes, just lik ubuntu-desktop they are empty meta packages that only contain dependencies10:49
bizmate_for instance i see these packages are missing from my system linux-modules-iwlwifi... not sure if needed10:50
zaggynlals for purging old packages, how di dyou remove these bizmate_ ? apt purge? should use apt autoremove10:51
bizmate_zaggynl, i did things many humans would not have done :)10:52
zaggynleh, breaking things is human, I do it all the time, I usually have backups, snapshots or notes10:53
bizmate_so should i get ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-desktop? i mean the deb files10:54
bizmate_so i can put them in usb and install them manually?10:54
alkisgpriyanshu11x0: what's the output of this command? xrandr | nc termbin.com 999910:54
bizmate_or should i look for kernel wifi modules10:56
bizmate_ubuntu standard and desktop are installed11:02
bizmate_there must be another package i need11:02
bizmate_to fix the wifi11:02
bizmate_and bring it back11:02
bizmate_i also connected a network cable and it is not connecting11:19
ograwell, did you check the network settings in the GUI ?11:19
bizmate_yes i see only VPN and proxy settings11:27
bizmate_no ethernet or wifi options shown11:27
bizmate_even after connecting the cable11:27
bizmate_ip addr shows not eth resource11:30
ograthat seems way more low level then ...11:30
ogra(like some kernel mdules missing or so)11:30
bizmate_yes that why i was wondering if i need these11:30
bizmate_or similar11:32
bizmate_i see my linux-modules-extra is missing for my kernel11:33
bizmate_i ll try to get that manually11:33
retep /quit11:39
WeeBeyHi friends! I'm using the screenshot app from Xfce cos I find it's the best one for me (I can drag and drop it after taking it without having to go dig for the file). Do you guys know of a screenshot app that allows me to draw on the screenshot (much like the mac screenshots)?11:47
PeGaSuSWeeBey: probably Kazam?11:47
ravageWeeBey: flameshot11:47
WeeBeyPeGaSuS, I use it for screen recordings. It doesn't do that, unfortunately.11:48
WeeBeyThanks for the suggestion! It's really good for video recordings.11:49
PeGaSuSWeeBey: Kazam does do it11:49
PeGaSuSI mean, it records video (not sure if with sound or not) and with several encoding types. I, personally, use VP8 (WEBM)11:50
TheBigK_its actually sad.. today is the day after over 10 years of using ubuntu, im gonna switch... and most likely forever11:50
ravage!ot | TheBigK_11:50
ubottuTheBigK_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:50
WeeBeyPeGaSuS, with mic sound. Not sure if it does loopback too.11:51
WeeBeyBut I jus twant to take screenshots and then circle something lol.11:51
WeeBeythen copy to clipboard and paste somewhere else.11:51
WeeBeyand never save the file.11:52
PeGaSuSoh.. I think that you need to save the file with Kazam to upload it to a third party service11:52
Lartzaflameshot, ksnip, shutter11:52
Lartzaadditionally lximage-qt, hotshots11:53
WeeBeyLartza, do you know any of them that have those features? because there are dozens that basically do the same thing.11:54
WeeBeyscreenshot + save file to ~/Pictures11:54
LartzaThe first three allow drawing, the last two allow at least annotations (circles, arrows)11:54
LartzaThat's really the only thing I know for certain11:54
WeeBeyOk, now that is a good lead. Let me have a look!11:55
WeeBeyI appreciate the input.11:55
WeeBeyLartza, Yoooooo11:57
WeeBeyFlameshot is lit. Haha.11:57
LartzaWasn't the first one to call it out but it definitely is nice :)11:57
WeeBeyI love finding out about apps like this.  Guake is another top app that is awesome.11:58
LartzaI never really liked top-down terminals that much but I can see the usefulness11:59
WeeBeyFor me it's only for quick things. Sometimes just to have htop running while I do something.12:00
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PuretzelCan I find a helping Hand here? I work as a developer but recently I have become the sysadmin at the company because the former admin quit and the company can't find a new admin.12:10
dunz0rDon't ask to ask, and all that.12:10
dunz0rI'm getting this very weird behaviour when I connect a dock to a laptop. https://i.imgur.com/TNBQGE6.png . The machine is running 22.10. The dock is an HP USB-C-dock. This just started happening suddenly, so not sure what causes it.12:15
WeeBeyPuretzel, you got the "computer guy" label. :-)12:15
dunz0rReally tricky to search for as well. Haven't found anything really :/12:15
WeeBeyOooh that's ugly. I guess you checked your logs12:16
dunz0rWeeBey: I did, they don't tell me very much unfortunately.12:16
dunz0rOr I'm looking in the wrong place.12:16
WeeBeyWHat happens if you boot when it's already connected?12:16
WeeBeyas in, plug in when off, then boot?12:17
Alexey_дайте плиз e-mail Байдена, дело есть на миллион12:17
dunz0rWeeBey: Same thing as soon as plymouth is done displaying the startup-screen12:17
dunz0rNever seen this before. First time seeing it for me12:17
WeeBeyYeah, i never saw something like that either.12:18
dunz0rUsually if Wayland or X crashes you're dropped to a tty or something12:18
elias_a_dunz0r: Totally new for me as well. Is there nothing related in /var/log/syslog ?12:18
WeeBeyI dunno. First thing I thought of is some serious bug in the firmware for the dock chipset/controller whatever.12:18
WeeBeyYeah. That looks like a kernel panic thing.12:19
dunz0rYeah, seems weird that Ubuntu does that, doesn't it? I can do ctrl-alt-f<#> to go to a terminal while that's happening though12:19
WeeBeydunz0r, what if you boot into "safe mode" then try to use it?12:19
WeeBeydunz0r, wait, you still have the TTYs?12:20
gebbionejjakob, it looks like all that purging has purged too much. I am back on a live install trying to get it back working. If i boot i am unable to connect to the wifi or ethernet. What might be missing?12:20
dunz0rWeeBey: Yep!12:20
dunz0rWhich is the weird thing.12:20
dunz0rOfc the TTYs only work on the laptops-screen though12:20
WeeBeyOk, so it's maybe a graphic thing? Hmm.12:21
WeeBeyquestion, try it using another window server12:21
WeeBeygebbione, your hardware is newer than the boot media ?12:22
WeeBey(happened to me booting my Razer 2021 with 21.0412:22
dunz0rWeeBey: Yeah, I've asked the user having the issue do that as the next step in troubleshooting12:22
WeeBeydunz0r, I may have had something similar when I wrecked the xserver and window manager on a Parrot vm12:23
gebbioneWeeBey, not sure what your problem was but i just purged a bunch of old linux headers and i think something broke12:23
WeeBeybut I don't remember it exactly.12:23
gebbionebut to answer your question i don't think it is a matter of hardware being too new12:23
WeeBeyOh, sorry, I misread.12:24
WeeBeyI thoguht you meant no wifi on your live boot.12:24
PuretzelI've got a problem with Mail on a Server. I configured postfix to send Email only (loopback-only). Mail command on bash sends mails without a problem. If i try to send a mail from a php script on the same machine (using a simple smtp class) over the smtp server on localhost I get this line in /var/log/mail.info: "postfix/smtpd[538494]: lost connection after AUTH from localhost[::1]". The12:25
Puretzelcompany runs another host with the exact same configuration but the hostname is different. It can send Mails using the same php script. I have tried everything but cannot find a solution.12:25
WeeBeygebbione, Not sure why you'd get that. I'm a cowboy and would download another kernel and install manually and see. But it's not recommended to do cowboy kernels. haha12:25
dunz0rPuretzel: Sure that it's listening on ipv6?12:25
gebbionebut how do i get the right kernel, which reinstall can i run right now to try and fix it?12:26
dunz0rPuretzel: [::1] is the ipv6 equivalent of
gebbionei have 5.15.0-60-generic12:26
Puretzel@dunz0r: it is, I already tried ipv4/6 only but changed back to both12:26
WeeBeygebbione, A kernel from the ubuntu repos would likely work. I have 5.19.5-051905-generic from the the Ubuntu repos (again, Im cowboy with kernels)12:26
dunz0rPuretzel: Make sure postfix is running. Try connecting to it with netcat localhost 2512:27
Puretzel@dunz0r: nc -vz localhost 25  -->  localhost [] 25 (smtp) open12:28
gebbioneWeeBey,  are you on 22.04? i don't see that kernel12:28
WeeBeyOk, I gotta jet. dunz0r good luck. It could be a power thing also if it's a dock. Not sure.12:28
WeeBeygebbione, 22.04 yea.12:28
Puretzel@dunz0r: mail -s "test" blahblah works as well12:28
gebbioneand you installed it manually or by apt search / install12:28
gebbioneso how do i get those?12:29
gebbioneif i search 5.19.17 i get nothing12:29
WeeBeyI found that after a certain version, ie 5.19.5, a lot of things broke (nvidia, my VM modules, etc).12:29
Puretzel@gebbione: i installes "mailutils postfix" and configured them.12:29
WeeBeygebbione, you can download it from the site as .deb packages and install them manually12:30
gebbioneok now i need something stable with nvidia :)12:30
gebbionei just don't know what to do to recover it12:30
WeeBeyAgain, not like... the recommended way but .. :D12:30
gebbionenow it is not even giving me the window manager12:30
gebbionestops at something during start up12:31
WeeBeyif you have ethernet, you can install "mainland" which does the install for you.12:31
WeeBeyoh, oops.12:31
gebbionewhat is mainline12:31
gebbionehow do i get that12:31
gebbionei am on the shell12:31
WeeBeyyeah, then12:31
dunz0rgebbione: Probably because it's trying to start the display-manager, but it can't since the nvidia-drivers aren't working12:31
WeeBey(if you have internet)12:32
dunz0rgebbione: You could try the noeuvaue(or however it's spelled) drivers12:32
gebbionedunz0r, no it was, i installed linux-modules-extra and stopped working12:32
WeeBeygebbione, yeah. purge nvidia drivers and use nouveau12:32
gebbionei had it working with the nvidia ones12:32
WeeBeyok, i gotta go. sorry peeps.12:32
gebbioneit is a pain to rewhitelist it12:32
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FKAShinobipostfix is blowing up my syslog. How can I can I quiet it down.12:58
tuxickfix /etc/rsyslog.conf perhaps13:23
tuxickor tell postfix to stfu13:23
tuxicknormally postfix isn't so noisy13:24
tuxickargh, i'm getting really annoyed about this pending update for "firefox" snap13:24
tuxickwhere's the "yes, i know, go away" option?13:25
oerheksthat is renamed to "install now" ?13:25
tuxickso far it's always been "google to find lots of angry people explaining to killall firefox and watch snap renew fail silently"13:34
oerhekssudo snap refresh snap-store  or snap refresh ?13:36
BluesKajHi all14:11
PeGaSuSguys, help! I messed up real bad.. I've ran this script https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Winetricks/winetricks/master/src/winetricks to configure wine to run AdiIRC on Linux. but now, I'm getting "Read-only file system" whenever I execute any command.. please advise..15:08
PeGaSuSI need to be AFK for a few minutes (picking up my kids at school), but I'll brb.. meanwhile, give me ideas please!15:09
PeGaSuSso, I'm back.. any ideas how to get my system back?15:27
leftyfbPeGaSuS: tried rebooting?15:27
PeGaSuSI'm afraid of rebooting, but well..15:27
leftyfbPeGaSuS: if your filesystem is currently read-only, that's the best way to clear up the symptom15:28
PeGaSuSI looked at the script and didn't see anything suspicious, even if my knowledge about suspicious commands are limited15:29
PeGaSuScurrently rebooting the system (using the phone right now)15:29
PeGaSuSI'll be damned.. rebooting solved it.. I was scared.. thanks leftyfb15:34
leftyfbPeGaSuS: don't run that script15:34
PeGaSuSthe problem is that I already ran it.. that's why I got that system read-only issue. I suppose I should not run it again15:35
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tuxickmount -o remount,rw instead of rebooting16:32
tuxickworth a shot16:32
leftyfbtuxick: it's already been resolved. That said, a filesystem which switches to read-only is in a bad state. Lots of processes are going to be stuck or die because of it. Sure, you could go through everything and restart services as needed, but it's a lot quicker to just reboot16:33
jhutchinsRebooting will also run an fsck on the drive, which may resolve minor issues.16:40
jhutchinsPeGaSuS: Why would you run a Windows irc client on a linux system when there are so many good native options?16:41
PeGaSuSjhutchins: testing purposes16:46
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jhutchinsMy screen sessions generally don't recover from hibernation.  I have to kill the window and re-connect.  I suspect this has something to do with the network dropping during hibernation - expected and desired.17:18
jhutchinsAny tips on recovering without re-connecting?17:18
jhutchins(Yes, this is an application question.)17:19
Guest4Hello a have a question about kubuntu lts17:25
leftyfb!ask | Guest417:26
ubottuGuest4: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:26
Guest4Kubuntu lts 20.04.5 ship pipewire by default?17:28
oerheksGuest4, no17:30
vltHello! I’m trying to `apt install firefox` but get an "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)": https://dpaste.org/Yg1qf  Any idea what could be the problem here?17:32
Guest4Which version then17:33
ravagevlt: just wait a few minutes. if it still doesnt work reboot and try again17:34
oerheks22.04 i guess17:34
ravagevlt: "error: snap "firefox" has "install-snap" change in progress" means it is trying to install17:34
oerheksvlt,  you should have had firefox installed standard?17:35
vltoerheks: This is a machine created by debootstrap, so no UI tools were automatically installed.17:36
oerhekssnap install firefox17:38
glassguitarhi, could i get some help setting a new kernel i just compiled as the one to use? I applied a patch to the same version of kernel currently installed. i tried "sudo update-initramfs -c -k 6.1.11", but when booting, it still shows the old "6.1.11-060111-generic" when using uname17:39
glassguitari have ubuntu 22.0417:39
leftyfbglassguitar: why are you patching your kernel?17:43
glassguitarleftyfb: I have the exact problem as the person in this post, and I can't find any other solution to get sound, so I'm trying the patch they say works: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/722205/hp-envy-x360-2022-ryzen-edition-speakers-not-working17:47
glassguitaralthough i just realized the model number is slightly different, i dont know if i have to change that in the patch17:48
glassguitarbut ive already compiled the kernel so i might as well try17:49
oerheksThe problem is the ALC245 sound hardware isn't supported in the current kernel ..17:51
glassguitarcurrent as in LTS? because i updated to 6.1.11 and it still doesnt work. or is it still not there17:52
tuxickleftyfb: unless urgent i'm on favour of first figuring out what's going on18:03
tuxicki frequently get "something went wrong so we gave a reset, can you find out what was wrong?"18:04
tuxickmy preferred answer is "no"18:04
glassguitartuxick: are you talking about my issue? if so, its not urgent, and id love to know too18:05
tuxickglassguitar: sorry no, was about the read-only fs18:06
glassguitartuxick: oh ok, gotcha18:07
oerheksadd yourself to this bugreport? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1914881/18:10
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1914881 in linux (Ubuntu) "No sound from internal speakers HP Spectre x360 Convertible 14-ea0xxx, Realtek ALC245," [Undecided, Confirmed]18:10
glassguitarsure, ill do that18:11
seer__I dont have time now. I have things to do. Happy Valentine's Day, ya'all.  But adding 16G to my swap didnt help. Crashed and had offed chrome twice. I will come back when I have the journal and +I think more importantly+ the image of the "problems before ubuntu" I photoed from the screen. (TWIMC sarnold tomreyn arraybolt3 )18:29
gebbioneWeeBey, thank you a lot again for sharing mainline with me ... fantastic. I actually installed the latest stable 6 version kernel and it works like a charm now. I had to reinstall the drivers which i think was the main fix but mainline makes managing kernels very cool18:30
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morgan-ubu22I dont have time now. I have things to do. Happy Valentine's Day, ya'all.  But adding 16G to my swap didnt help. Crashed and had offed chrome twice. I will come back when I have the journal and +I think more importantly+ the image of the "problems before ubuntu" I photoed from the screen. (TWIMC sarnold tomreyn arraybolt3 )18:31
ogragebbione, note that the mainline PPA kernels are not for production use though ... they miss a lot of ubuntu security patches (IIRC abou 400) and come with the wrong config (there will be userspace bits expecting certain things that are not there) and they do never get upgraded18:36
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gebbioneokra ... well i use them for my desktop and installing or removing them is a breeze ... i hope i didn't make my system insecure but ideally kernels should be managed like this18:38
gebbionesed /okra/ogra/18:38
ogragebbione, well, in the end it is up to you, but dont be surprised if apps start to mis-behave and you should do manual weekly kernel updates (or at least monthly) more info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds ...18:40
gebbioneogra, i have has so many misbehaved apps ... especially conflicts with drivers by just upgrading kernels pulled by ubuntu by default even if oem so at this point who knows ... maybe i will experience some problems but earlier today i just could not even get X working so for now i ll just rely on what i have18:43
ogragebbione, yeah, not saying it is wrong but you should be aware of the limitations18:44
gebbionethe thing is i don't know for my os what kernel i am supposed to have right now that is LTS18:45
ogra(especially when asking for support here, please mention that you are not running the supported kernel when asking something)18:45
gebbionemainline gives you at least the option to install them on the fly without having to know how the whole kernel packages work18:45
gebbionejust list and select a version18:46
ograif you are on the latest LTS (22.04) you should be on 5.15.0-60-generic18:46
gebbioneyep and for whatever reason i had also some 6 oem, 5  iotg and a low latency one ... i don't really play with kernels ... just update when i see an update prompt18:46
gebbionethe generic on is also there but i think my problem ... or at least the main one... was that i had to reinstall the nvidia drivers so they would work with the kernel again18:47
gebbionegeneric one18:47
ograwell, the supported nvidia drivers are only tested against the generic, oem and hwe kernels ... not against mainline18:48
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sarnoldmorgan-ubu22: ugh :( that's so frustrating. :( 16G is *way* more swap than I'd recommend. two gigabytes is happy. four gigabytes, maybe..20:18
WeeBeygebbione, no problem!20:31
tomreynanyone knows what#s special about microsoft surface laptop keyboards?`can't use mine now due to bug 200705021:19
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 2007050 in linux (Ubuntu) "Microsoft Surface keyboard not available during initrd" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200705021:19
tomreynwhat could cause the keyboard to not work in initrd / for LUKS passphrase entry, but do work on the fully booted system? missing kernel modules, i guess?21:21
oerheksmaybe a help? https://github.com/linux-surface/linux-surface/issues/83921:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 839 in linux-surface/linux-surface "AMD Surface 4 laptop keyboard not usable before login screen for disk decryption/open boot menu" [Open]21:24
tomreynsweet, thanks oerheks. it's an intel, but i guess the same may apply21:25
tomreynhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/651208439/ProcModules.txt lists the modules my booted system has loaded, incl. several surface* - so I guess I just need to require them to be included as per https://github.com/linux-surface/linux-surface/issues/839#issuecomment-114028788821:27
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 839 in linux-surface/linux-surface "AMD Surface 4 laptop keyboard not usable before login screen for disk decryption/open boot menu" [Open]21:27
tomreyn...in the initrd21:28
sarnoldweird but promising21:29
oerheksany fingerprint thingy on that surface 4?21:32
* tomreyn empties a box of cookies on oerheks' head21:47
tomreynno fingerprint devices as far as i can visually tell. but maybe on the specs somewhere. i don't fancy biometrics.21:48
sarnoldmm, cookies21:48
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rabby220.04 LTS slow to boot22:24
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone22:24
tomreynhi rabby2. how long does it take? what are the system specs?22:24
rabby22minute and more22:25
tomreynand is ubuntu fully updated (!uptodate)?22:25
rabby2problems keypad too22:25
tomreynand the hardware is?22:26
rabby220.04 lts xfce22:29
rabby2debian go fast , ubuntu problems22:29
byte4byteyou get what you pay for22:31
pinkponyprincecan someone take me to ubuntu offtopic?22:31
tomreyn2 GB RAM only, some of which will be shared for the integrated graphics22:31
pinkponyprinceomg what did I pay for this time?22:31
pinkponyprinceRAM LIVE OS. I CO-own that.22:31
tomreynrabby2: i'm guessing it is short of RAM.22:31
tomreyn!ot | pinkponyprince22:31
ubottupinkponyprince: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:31
pinkponyprinceno it is just older software that needs to be on that ram22:32
pinkponyprincemageia says so22:32
rabby2tomreyn, you are dumb22:32
pinkponyprinceno he just didn't know at the time22:32
pinkponyprincenow call me dumb all you want22:32
tomreynrabby2: no need to insult me for saying this. it's just not enough for a current desktop system.22:34
rabby2tomreyn, you are d... , not insult, realism22:34
byte4byteconform or be censored rabby222:35
tomreynbut if you say it boots faster on debian than on ubuntu with the same graphical desktop, there can be another issue22:35
rabby2tomreyn, xubuntu xfce422:37
tomreynrabby2: you mentioned that previously. not what you're running on debian, though. also, comparing different kernel versions or init systems can make a difference, too22:39
rabby2tomreyn, no bullshit pls22:41
krytarikWell, I'm glad they found the door by themself. >_<22:43
byte4byterabby2, are you here to conform ti liberalism?22:46
ravageno bullshit as requested :)22:47
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rabby2tom-1, and ever dumb remain22:59
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rabbtom-1, fuck you all dumb of shit23:30
rabbbull shit23:31
jiiunsarnold, hello23:34
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