BluesKajHi all13:40
RikMillssanta_: uploading frameworks13:50
RikMillsand pushing git/tags13:50
santa_RikMills: thanks a lot!13:50
RikMillsafter a short while, I'll set the retry script on a loop13:51
BluesKajHi RikMills, santa_13:52
RikMillshad to switch to ka master to make the uploads. that rsync issue was annoying13:52
santa_yes, sorry about that13:52
santa_I don't understand how it could went under the radar13:53
santa_I wanted to do another RC release with the packages and all but I didn't have time yet13:53
RikMillsnot hit that before on the new kde server, so it is odd it happens now13:53
santa_ahhh, the new server13:54
santa_maybe that's the explanation13:54
santa_the problem is that rsync returns 0 (no error) even if no tarball was downloaded13:54
RikMillsmaybe the new server has a newer rsync with changed behaviour13:55
* RikMills shrugs13:55
RikMillsor different setup13:55
santa_yeah, I have that impression too, but I don't know13:56
RikMillsme neither. but your changes fixed it, so hey :)13:56
RikMillssanta_: looks like there is some python installability issue in proposed, so much of fw may not build right away13:59
RikMillspython3-distutils is not installable14:01
santa_so we will have to wait a little bit then14:05

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