tomreyni was also surprised when i learnt that, i think it's actually one of the newer features.00:02
leftyfbsarnold: there goes byte4byte again02:07
lotuspsychjegood morning03:12
arraybolt3Hmm... with that real-time kernel, is that included as an option in the free version of Ubuntu Pro?05:45
arraybolt3It looks like the beta is/was, I wonder if the GA version is the same way.05:47
arraybolt3Anyway, I don't actually need (or even want) real time support, but it's interesting nonetheless.05:49
arraybolt3Also, possibly interesting question - anyone here using a DE/WM that *isn't* part of an official flavor yet? IceWM/i3/twm/jwm/fvwm/etc?05:50
arraybolt3I use the terminal enough that I was mulling over the idea of switching to tmux and IceWM - spend most of my time in tmux where my terminals are and use IceWM for the few GUI apps I need (stuff like Chrome, Thunderbird, Element, and VMs).05:52
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