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heeenis there an overview somewhere about the differences between ubuntu and mainline09:29
juergh[m]no. you'd need to look at git or debian/changelog but it's not obvious.09:32
heeenhigh level features listed somewhere?09:33
heeenis git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/kinetic forked from mainline?09:34
heeenlike, it should be good to add as a remote of my local kernel.org/github torvalds repo?09:36
juergh[m]kinetic is v5.19 plus patches09:37
juergh[m]we always start from upstream's first release and than add on09:38
heeenis there a WIP branch for 6.x?09:43
heeenwhich will have the least issues for a desktop (amd TR, nvidia 2080)09:46
juergh[m]you can also try mainline builds https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/09:47
juergh[m]not supported though09:48
heeenwhat brings debian/rules into the source tree09:50
juergh[m]what source tree?09:51
heeene.g. upstream, tag v6.109:51
juergh[m]mainline builds?09:52
heeencommit 830b3c68c1fb1e9176028d02ef86f3cf76aa2476 (HEAD, tag: v6.1)09:52
heeenAuthor: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>09:52
heeenI reckon the kernel itself does not maintain any distributions build scripts09:52
juergh[m]what? there's no debian/* in upstream.09:53
heeenyes, thats what I meant. it is maintained by debian which ubuntu forked from?09:54
juergh[m]we don't fork the kernel from debian. I have no clue what you're asking09:55
juergh[m]if you're talking about our mainline builds on kernel.ubuntu.com then we pull the debian/* files from our closest Ubuntu kernel. the tooling is here https://git.launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel/+git/kteam-tools/tree/mainline-build09:57
heeenso tooling scripts place debian/ into a source checkout before building and also packages it into source packages, which is how you get it when you use apt-get source, but it is not part of a kernel source repo that you maintain as a fork, correct?09:59
heeenthank you for being patient with me10:01
juergh[m]not really no. we're talking 2 different things here: mainline builds and regular Ubuntu packages that land in the archive.10:05
juergh[m]mainline builds are automatic builds. they are triggered when there's a new upstream x.y.z tag. for these the debian/* files are automatically added and packages are automatically built using scripts from kteam-tools. these you can only get from kernel.ubuntu.com via manual download.10:07
juergh[m]for official ubuntu kernels,  we start with - let's say - updstream v5.19 (fork it) and manually add debian/* to our repo. then layer patches on top as needed. build source packages upload them to LP and they eventually show up in the archive as apt getable10:09
heeenah so debian/ actually is commited to e.g. mainline-crack, so I should be able to build from that using fakeroot debian/rules10:21
heeen*** The source tree is not clean, please run 'make ARCH=x86 mrproper'10:39
heeen*** in /home/florian/src-misc/mainline-crack10:39
heeenhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - seems outdated referencing instructions for as old as hardy10:41
heeenoh, I had a .config file that was not supposed to be there10:58
heeenDEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=16 AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 skipabi=true fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic11:49
heeenI used this to build 6.1 and it worked. how do I only build the modules, or even just one module11:50
heeenspecifically snd_usb-audio11:50

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