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byte4bytewhat yall nerds up to?01:16
sarnoldbyte4byte: please stop.01:18
magusHi guys. I can't figure out how to get rid of this repository request: The repository 'https://packagecloud.io/ookla/speedtest-cli/ubuntu kinetic Release' does not have a Release file. Any help please?01:43
sarnoldmagus: grep -r ookla /etc/apt   -- hopefully that'll find the file, you can edit that and remove the lines01:44
magussarnold: Thank you I'l check.01:46
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magusSarnold: It worked. Thanks a lot!02:02
sarnoldmagus: yay :)02:03
magusI'd like to disable the "joined/left channel" lines to clear my chat. How can I do that please?02:05
leftyfbmagus: depends on the client you're using02:06
byte4bytehow do you ops do it?02:06
byte4bytewasting lives in shitty little irc channels02:06
Bashing-ommagus: What IRC client are you using ?02:06
leftyfbmagus: https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/konversation/konversation/index.html02:08
magusGot it, thank you!02:09
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provahi everybody, noob here. I installed Ubuntu 22.04.1 lts and i kept windows for dual boot02:45
provaOnce installed some components do not work02:45
provaMain issue is the audio02:45
provaI already tried various suggestion but, since now, nothing worked. Here detailed info  https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=248399702:45
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provais the right area for questions?02:51
sarnoldi've been lucky, my sound stuff just always kinda worked, so I never had to fight it02:52
sarnoldrunning pavucontrol and clicking around will usualy sort things out02:52
sarnoldbut given the info you provided it sort of feels like you knew that already, and are beyond that point :)02:52
provai tried but nothing02:52
provathx for the empathy :)02:53
provawell, i bought a supercheap laptop maybe i deserve this 8)02:59
sarnoldonce upon a time linux really excelled on that sort of thing :) I suspect it's not as solid as it once was03:00
provayep, in the past i never had issues, always worked like charm03:02
provabut i guess that main problem is my crappy hardware03:03
elias_a_prova: What kind of an el cheapo laptop have you got there?03:07
provaMEDIACOM M-SB15103:09
elias_a_Quite peculiar and unknown to me. :P03:12
elias_a_Have not even heard the name of the brand before. :)03:13
elias_a_prova: Do you know which market area the laptop has been designed to?03:14
leftyfbLooks like EU/Italy03:14
provayes, eu  italy03:15
elias_a_Reason for asking: in Africa they sell computers that include other chipsets than in the specs. The OEM takes care of the problem with windows drivers - all others may shiver in pain...03:16
provathis is the website https://www.mediacomeurope.it/pc-e-notebook/172/smartbook-one03:16
elias_a_But if it is sold in Italy I guess this is far fetched....03:17
elias_a_prova: Looks fancy!03:17
provaon the appearence :D03:17
elias_a_prova: May the force be with you. Looks like a usable tool if you get things working properly.03:19
provayeah, main reason to buy it was the price. i wanted a basic laptop for basic tasks03:20
provain this days i tried things that a noob shouldn't dare :]03:24
provatried different flavours, tried different kernels (on jellyfish), tried various solutions found on web but nada03:27
provanow i have to leave the chat. if someone have something to suggest, here is a 3d on ubuntuforums. thx to everybody :]   https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=248399703:36
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akd3070good moring04:12
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Guest65Hi, Is there a default MIDI wavetable / soundbank in ubuntu? I have some video games sending midi on port 0 but I am not sure where to go from here.09:48
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xonhow to make the sudo su root shell colorful as normal user?10:56
micknickhello, i can ask some poor soul here for help installing nvidia drivers on my ubuntu ?12:04
tuxickonly poor soulds have nvidia cards12:08
micknick.. im poor12:08
micknicknvidia quadro fx 37012:09
micknickfrom war12:09
micknicktesla ? hmm hear something about it on nvidia cards,, *read*12:09
tuxickif the card is so old you might want to try the nouveau driver12:09
micknicki got that already but,, box breaks into little pieces every 2 days12:09
micknickdrivers all messed up12:09
tuxickthat's nvidia indeed :)12:10
micknickubuntu discontinued theyr support for the oldest cards a few years ago12:11
micknickonly slap in nouveau (general) driver instead12:11
micknickcard shows up on lspci ,, but not in ubuntu's software ,, \ hardware update thing12:11
tuxicki think you could get a newer card for like 50 cents?12:12
tuxickbut ok, that doesn't solve current problem12:13
micknicksounds true12:13
micknick.. got "forced" into doing some updates here but12:15
micknickwhat makes a card,, stop showing up under ubuntu-drivers ?12:15
micknickor better,, how i get my card to show up ,, under ubuntu-drivers ,, command in console ?12:15
micknick.. installing drivers ?12:15
micknicktried and failed miserably several instructions. ending up with me having to boot from usb live stick and patching some file in /etc/init.d?/someblacklistofdrivers or reinstalling ubuntu again12:17
tuxickit's nouveau or nvidia proprietary12:18
tuxickthose are the options12:19
micknicknoveau is just,, same as windows "generic" drivers arent they ?12:19
tuxickwhatever ubuntu-drivers would say12:19
micknicki want nvidia12:19
micknicknot nvoeu frenchy thing12:19
tuxickthen you get nvidia driver12:19
micknickgot drivers downloaded from nvidias site,, tried 3-4 of them,, 3-4 times i reinstalled now12:19
micknickold ubuntu had support for card so it still showed up under "additional drivers" in Software & Updates window12:20
micknickguess im right about only one in world left with this card12:20
micknickthats one of the last versions that supported this card yes12:21
micknickquite sure i tried this one too but, maybe not that one exactly12:23
micknickdownload link weird .. wget works,, not firefox..12:24
micknicku tried installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu 22.04 ?12:24
micknickthis year ?12:24
micknicksame result as always, binary.run file from nvidia says i got nuevo drivers running and need them disabled, it can do it for me and wishes me good luck with warning.12:27
micknicki always end up having to use live usb stick and editing modprobe blacklist file back to not blacklisting noevou thing so system will boot12:28
micknicki even been logging out of "x" before running menu with ,, "telinit 3" shutting down all window system12:28
micknickstill no luck12:29
micknickno idea ?12:29
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jedorf_2hello, I have a question, (or I think it's a problem), how can I do a "full upgrade" in non interactive mode ? because I block with the package : "grub-efi-amd64-signed" and "shim-signed", and my script block with this command: "DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive sudo apt-get -y -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" full-upgrade"12:57
jedorf_2so, I would like to know, how can I auto-validate that with a script13:01
jedorf_2how can I auto-select the first choice in this "ncurse" screen13:02
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BluesKajHi all13:40
clarkkSometimes, my ubuntu 20.04 with Gnome 3.36.8 system loses its connection to my local wifi access point, and doesn't reconnect. I have to manually go into Settings > Wifi and click the access point. Then, it connects without asking for the password again. Is there any way to get it to reconnect without any intervention?13:51
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processwatchI have an Intel machine with both `intel-microcode` and `amd64-microcode` installed (20.04), and even though `/boot/initrd` has the AMD firmware in it, dmesg shows that it loaded the correct Intel firmware. How is this possible?13:58
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iomari891greetings, what is the latest release og 22.04 server?14:56
leftyfbiomari891: https://releases.ubuntu.com/22.04/14:57
BinarySaviorI have stopped editing a file in nano using CRTL+Z, how do I resume that process?14:57
leftyfbBinarySavior: fg14:58
WaVfg nano14:58
leftyfbpretty sure nano doesn't recognize CTRL+Z, it requires CTRL+T+Z14:59
leftyfband "fg nano" isn't necessary.15:00
leftyfbonly "fg" is needed15:00
leftyfb$2 is the job id which you can get from running "jobs"15:02
leftyfbsorry, $1, not $215:03
jedorfokay, I fixed my problem by adding command like this: shell: echo "set grub-efi/install_devices /dev/sda1" | sudo debconf-communicate15:03
stolenMy prof makes annotations on okular on his lecture notes but can't save and share those annotations, what can be the solution to this on ubuntu ?17:15
stolenWould be great if the solution came with an integrated notepad.17:15
stolenHe used wacom to annotate17:15
leftyfbstolen: your issue is very application specific. You might try reaching out to the Okular project for support with their application17:16
stolenI won't be having trouble convincing him to use other softwares if they match my requirements17:17
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szqrewhello, i have awfull screen tearing with Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS x86_64. I'm keeping 5.15.0-30-generic simply becase it's the last version without tearing. It's for many months like that. I was hoping that the problem will be solved after some time but it won't17:35
szqrewit's 5.15.0-60-generic already and no changes17:37
lotuspsychjeszqrew: you got intel graphics and is it screen tearing or flickering?17:37
szqrewwhat's the difference?17:38
szqrewits' both17:38
lotuspsychjeszqrew: the bug im refering to, would start flickering a few seconds after booting on the desktop17:39
szqreware you refering a bug?17:39
lotuspsychjeszqrew: if you confirm if its tearing or flickering i will17:40
szqrewi'm not sure if it's flickering or tearing or both at the same time17:43
szqrewit this flickering or tearing? its like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZIR4qnfOH817:45
lotuspsychjeszqrew: try adding this kernel parameter to your grub, i915.enable_dc=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=217:46
gklwtwthat 'i915.enable_dc=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=2' has helped. What the heck is it?17:52
gklwtwand why it worked before without it?17:53
lotuspsychjegklwtw: if it fixed, you're affected by bug #195819117:53
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1958191 in linux-hwe-5.19 (Ubuntu) "[i915] Screen flickering in Ubuntu 22.04 (until i915.enable_dc=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=2 are added) (fixed in 5.17.7 and later)" [High, Fix Released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/195819117:53
lotuspsychjegklwtw: another route you can take on 22.04 now, is install HWE, aka kernel 5.19 where its fixed17:55
gklwtwwhy isn't it fixed in 5.15 kernels then?17:56
gklwtwbecause as I said it was working in 5.15.0-30-generic and then it was broken. In LTS it was broken17:57
lotuspsychjegklwtw: probably needs bisecting the right kernel version number to find the faulty part17:58
bancroftis it a problem if both tun0 and eth0 have the same ip? I noticed this on a specific VM on 22.0418:26
leftyfbbancroft: yes, that is a problem18:32
bancroftleftyfb: how can I tell one of them to pick something else? it stays the same after rebooting18:33
billybigriggerany zfs gurus able to assist me with a degraded mirror19:26
billybigriggeri was running a scrub on my pool when i found out the pool was degraded because of a fault19:26
billybigriggerunder /dev/disk/by-uuid i only see symlinks to 1 of the 2 drives in the mirror19:26
billybigriggerzpool status shows the faulted disk with a name of 74987498416165168 FAULTED 0 0 0 was /dev/disk/by-uuid/106709539984949819:27
billybigriggeri'm looking for any advice on how to proceed? oh also lsblk shows both sdb and sdc (the 2 disks in the mirror)19:27
nb-benbillybigrigger: sounds like you need to replace the disk19:31
arraybolt3billybigrigger: ravage uses zfs, he might know what to do next.19:32
arraybolt3RaGE_Syria: ^19:32
nb-benbillybigrigger: ah nvm, I didn't read what you wrote properly19:32
arraybolt3ravage: ^19:32
arraybolt3RaGE_Syria: Sorry, mispinged.19:32
nb-benbillybigrigger: can you see the partition in /dev ?19:33
billybigriggeri'll check19:33
nb-benbillybigrigger: devices aren't in by-uuid, only partitions19:33
billybigriggeri rebooted the vm to see if it corrected itself19:33
billybigriggerlsblk shows it, so it SHOULD be in /dev :D19:34
sarnoldbillybigrigger: check dmesg, there might be block IO errors or something19:34
billybigriggerboth disks show in /dev19:35
billybigriggerthe pool is DEGRADED because, One or more devices could not be used because the lable is missing or invalid.  Sufficient replicas exist for the pool to continue function in a degraded state.19:36
nb-benbillybigrigger: can you see the partitions? e.g. /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc119:36
billybigriggerthere are no partitions in a ZFS pool19:36
billybigriggerthis is a 2 disk ZFS mirror19:36
billybigriggeryou only get the block devices19:36
arraybolt3billybigrigger: Does this help? https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E36784_01/html/E36835/gbbvf.html19:36
arraybolt3There are instructions for replacing a disk in there.19:37
mybalzitchbillybigrigger: is the drive still connected?19:37
nb-benbillybigrigger: usually when you create the pool, even if you referenced a device rather than a partition, zfs will partition the device19:37
arraybolt3Also this may help replace a drive when a label is missing: https://askubuntu.com/questions/305830/replacing-a-dead-disk-in-a-zpool19:37
nb-benbillybigrigger: if you referenced by-uuid, you must have referenced a partition19:37
billybigriggeri never referenced a partition though19:38
nb-benbillybigrigger: check if you can see sdb1 but not sdc1 or vice versa in /dev19:38
billybigriggerthis pool was created in FreeBSD and imported19:38
billybigriggerbut it's been imported to ZFS on Linux for a year working fine19:38
billybigriggerarraybolt3 i'll read your links, thanks19:38
billybigriggerso i think this happened after a power outage and somehow the disks lost their label SDx, i think this is the root of it19:40
billybigriggeri think i do remember exporting, and re-importing with UUID, but now it doesn't like it, this was a couple weeks ago19:40
billybigriggerare the linux smartctl flags all the same? smartctl -a /dev/sdc should do an online short test?19:41
arraybolt3billybigrigger: I'd read the smartctl manpage to be sure.19:47
arraybolt3BSD and Linux are similar in many ways but quite different in others.19:47
billybigriggerarraybolt3 i can't seem to run smart on this disk as it's a raw disk vdi through virtualbox19:56
billybigriggerif it safe i might just export the zfs pool and put them back in my esxi host where they came from and migrate the vm back over to it19:57
billybigriggeri've never exported a degraded pool though, does anyone have any suggestions/input on that topic lol?19:58
billybigriggersmartctl -a does report Logical Unit ID: error: bad structure19:59
billybigriggerso i still think the disk and data is fine, just the label is goobered somehow19:59
billybigriggerstill not sure how to proceed on this one19:59
sarnoldbillybigrigger: maybe try zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/ or similar? I've never really understood the uuids things20:02
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gnacIs there a way to force NetworkManager to stay connected even if there is no Internet?20:25
gnacI am running inside of a VM and I only want to connect to the Host-Only network adapter, but networkManager keeps disconnecting from the interface, reporting "no access to internet"20:26
BarnabasDKgnac, if you give your nic a hw address it will be "connected"20:27
BarnabasDKthat is no dhcp20:27
BarnabasDKbut it will probably also have no other hosts to talk to20:27
gnacBarnabasDK: you mean assign it a MAC address? or manually configure the ip address?20:28
BarnabasDKso a request will die with a timout20:28
gnacThere is a dhcp server on the host-only network that should assign an ip.20:28
BarnabasDKyeah assign it a static ip in place of the dhcp one20:28
gnacthe host does have an ip on the host-only network.20:28
BarnabasDKmake room for it on your dhcp server20:29
BarnabasDKthat is - outside the assignable pool20:29
gnacSo NetworkManager can't be told to stay connected regardless of availability of the internet? It seems this is very shortsighted.20:29
BarnabasDKnetworkmanager is mostly for desktop pc use20:30
gnacyeah, I'd like to just disable it, at least on that interface, but still enable dhcp on it.20:30
BarnabasDKI think you want to take your guide from how the ubuntu server does it20:31
gnacthe VM in question is a dev environment for something that will eventually be on an embedded device, so its nice to have the full desktop in the interim.20:31
BarnabasDKa good place to start20:31
gnacok, thanks.20:31
sarnoldgnac: maybe systemd-networkd makes more sense?20:31
BarnabasDKsarnold, indeed20:31
BarnabasDKgnac, just note this is one of the places where the desktop and the server version of ubuntu differs a lot20:34
billybigriggersarnold i dont have /dev/disk/by-id in my system20:36
billybigrigger22.04 LTS20:36
billybigriggersarnold RE zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id20:36
billybigriggermaybe that's why my label is all fucked up20:38
billybigriggermaybe i typod and imported by-label last time20:38
billybigriggerls -lah /dev/disk/by-label shows reds -> ../../sdb20:38
billybigriggerbut the "reds" pool is a 2 disk mirror20:39
billybigriggerso where is sdc? :P20:39
sarnoldbillybigrigger: check dmesg? maybe it has messages about your drive20:40
Guest67i was sent here by someone on the ubuntu channel on freenode20:45
Guest67anyone around?20:45
ioriaGuest67, ask your question,please20:46
billybigriggersarnold 0.00000 in dmesg is the start of the current boot correct? i can't view back?20:46
billybigriggeri have the pool exported20:46
billybigriggerso i can't see anything in the current running os20:46
Guest67well i'm sat here on a fresh install of 22.04 and i'm having issues with my graphics card, the graphics card is a gtx 65020:47
billybigriggeroh i see old logs in /var/log let me investigate20:47
Guest67the nouveau driver is giving me a resolution of 600x80020:48
Guest67i've tried installing the proprietary driver and it can't even get the system to boot with that20:48
ioriaGuest67, paste your specs: lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999920:48
sarnoldbillybigrigger: if you want to go through previous dmesg logs, you can use journalctl -b-1  to see the previous boot, journalctl -b-2 to see two boots ago, etc20:50
billybigriggersarnold anything specific in dmesg i should be grepping for?20:50
Guest67this is my first time having any real issue with the default driver20:50
billybigriggerzfs, reds, sdb and sdc show nothing20:50
Guest67though for the last several years i've only used laptops20:50
billybigriggersarnold https://imgur.com/l22FXrt20:50
ioriaGuest67, you have no module in USE:   run: 'dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nctermbin.com 9999'20:50
billybigriggersarnold https://imgur.com/a/l22FXrt20:51
billybigriggerignore the first link20:51
ioriaGuest67, 'dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999'20:51
sarnoldbillybigrigger: there's a lot of block device failure messages that won't include such a friendly name -- it's way better to read through dmesg completely by eye and look for things that way20:52
Guest67i'm not getting any output from that20:52
billybigriggersarnold is there a service that deals with block devices? like on freebsd, the camcontrol service would spit errors about anything scsi/sata related20:53
billybigriggersarnold nothing i can easily grep for eh?20:53
ioriaGuest67, please, again  run : 'dpkg -l | grep nvidia'20:53
Guest67no output. as i said i'm not running the proprietary drivers atm20:54
sarnoldbillybigrigger: heh, no, I'm more of a "I'll know the block errors when I see them" sort of thing20:54
ioriaGuest67, ok: cat /proc/cmdline20:54
Guest67BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.19.0-32-generic root=UUID=3ce79a58-a3c2-46fa-b7d5-7eccc093edad ro recovery nomodeset dis_ucode_ldr20:55
ioriaGuest67, you're using nomodeset:    cat /etc/default/grub | nc termbin.com 999920:55
Guest67i believe that also means i'm in recovery mode. i can't seem to get the system to boot without first going into recovery mode20:56
ioriaGuest67, sy, i mean, you booted in recovery mode; can't you bott normally ?20:56
Guest67it hangs20:56
billybigriggerimporting the pool one disk is resilvering20:57
billybigriggerdunno why it's resilvering, it had the data on it already20:58
billybigriggerit now shows the correct label of sdc though, not 3846846819846897420:58
billybigriggerit now shows the correct label of sdc though, not 3846846819846897420:58
ioriaGuest67, your card is supported by nouveau; maybe you're set with Wayalnd20:59
Guest67do you happen to know how to disable wayland during install?20:59
Guest67or from recovery mode20:59
stolenis tar or tar.bz2 easier to unpack on ububtu ?21:00
Guest67wayland is still a complete mystery to me21:00
billybigriggersarnold....ummm it only resilvered 16G21:00
ioriaGuest67, dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | nc termbin.com 999921:00
billybigriggerany ZFS gurus around? i imported a degraded pool, and it proceeded to to resilver the degraded disk, but only 16G.... scan: resilvered 16.2G in 00:02:34 with 0 errors on Wed Feb 15 17:00:11 202321:01
billybigriggerthe pool of 2x 4TB drives is 60% full.....how come it only resilvered 16GB? i though resilvering a mirror would do the whole disk?21:02
ioriaGuest67, whene and where does it hangs exactly ?21:03
Guest67i get an error saying mtd device must be supplied device name is empty21:03
sarnoldbillybigrigger: no, zfs only scans the *data* on the disks, not the empty spaces21:04
Guest67i'd send the exact error to you but i have no way to21:04
Guest67no cursor no nothing, just hangs on that screen21:05
ioriaGuest67, let's try an update: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade21:06
Guest67wow that's a lot of updates21:06
Guest67does ubuntu not update during install anymore? it's been a long while21:06
ioriaGuest67, please, install all the requirements21:07
Guest67it's installing as we speak21:08
Guest67should i go ahead and reboot after the updates are installed?21:08
ioriaGuest67, yes21:09
Guest67alright, just in case my computer bursts into flames before i make it back online, thanks for all your help ioria21:10
ioriaGuest67, no prob :þ21:10
Sven_vBhi :) in Jammy, my SSH login via authorized_keys is denied. where do I see the SSH server's error details? I have a hunch it might be about permissions of the authorized_keys file, albeit they look good.21:10
Sven_vBon the SSH client I get "debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply", "debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password" that does mean my key is denied right?21:13
Sven_vBnevermind, auth.log confirms it.21:14
lubuntuVan itt valaki?21:16
Guest67so again it hangs during bootup but without any sort of an error message, just green pixelated streaks across the black screen21:16
Guest67i rebooted and booted with nomodeset21:16
Guest67again low resolution of course21:17
ioriaGuest67, try to disable wayland : sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf21:17
ioriaGuest67, and uncommnet #WaylandEnable=false21:18
Guest67guess i'll brb21:18
Sven_vBwell, guess I'll use password auth for the time being.21:24
Guest67well disabling wayland didn't work21:33
Guest67i even gave it a little longer to sit and work than before21:33
Guest67went to took out the trash while it attempted to boot21:33
ioriaGuest67, sy, i really need to go; keep asking or come back tomorrow21:34
sbineSven_vB:Have you tried to recreate a key with ssh-keygen and ssh-add it, just to see?21:34
Guest67anybody else want to help me tackle this?21:34
Sven_vBsbine, you mean I should try another key? I could do that.21:35
Sven_vBsbine, for now I just copied the authorized_keys file from a server where it works21:35
Guest6713i'm thinking this computer may just hate ubuntu21:36
Sven_vBstill I'd rather have a way to read SSH server's error messages than try at random.21:37
ravageGuest6713: try the commands at https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/VideoAcceleration.html with theh nouveau driver21:39
ravage"If your distribution isn't in the list, you can run the following commands to install the firmware:"21:39
ravagethe ubuntu firmware file is really old.21:39
Guest6713ok thanks i'll give that a shot21:40
ravageim not sure which version is the latest your card supports21:40
ravagei would get that21:40
ravagehttps://www.nvidia.de/Download/driverResults.aspx/123709/en-us i think21:42
Guest6713470 is the latest21:44
Guest6713though when i installed it using the additional drivers software it failed to boot at all21:45
ravagei just selected it on the download page and it gave me this link21:45
ravagebut even that driver is from 2017 and the nouveau firmware blob is from 200921:45
Guest6713wow 2009?21:46
Guest6713that's insane21:46
ravageas i said. just VERY old21:46
Guest6713i wasn't aware of ubuntu's existence yet21:46
Guest6713if it even did exist yet21:46
ravageif it solves your problem make sure to mark yourself as affected for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nouveau-firmware/+bug/144163121:47
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1441631 in nouveau-firmware (Ubuntu) "should update firmware because old 2009" [Wishlist, New]21:47
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legendreCan someone explain this bios partition that the installer is complaining about?22:12
legendre(Not existing)22:12
legendreSo do I actually need one on a legacy box? It has been running 16.o4 and didn't need one22:15
legendreThus my confusion22:16
ravageif you want to use GTP then yes22:16
legendreWhy would I want to use gpt?22:16
legendreGot by without it for like 25 yrs22:17
ravagebecause MBR is from 1983 and you may want to use the current standard22:17
legendreSo just for the sake of currency?22:17
ravageyou seem old enough to google the differences and advantages yourself22:18
legendreSeems pointless.22:18
ravagegood luck22:18
legendreFwiw, I've had 3 strokes.. picking up new ideas like this isn't easy these days.22:20
legendreWas just hoping for a quick concise answer22:20
Sven_vBnow that's odd. it seems my authorized_keys on jammy actually does work, when I connect from a xenial machine. it doesn't though from an ancient non-ubuntu. so I guess they cannot agree on some of the crypto algorithms? but then why will password auth work?22:21
legendreAnd what's really getting me, is that the new lts ran FINE on this box, with no gpt..22:23
legendreBut the / part was too small, only 10G, so I had to redo from start.. and now it's complaining.22:24
arraybolt3legendre: The modern Ubuntu installer uses GPT partition tables everywhere by default. Why, I don't know.22:25
arraybolt3legendre: For BIOS and GPT to work together, you need a small bios_boot partition at the start of the drive.22:25
arraybolt3Thus why it gripes.22:25
legendreSo where do I put the bios boot part? Part #1?22:25
legendreMake it.. 1MB?22:26
arraybolt3I think so. 8 MB might work too.22:26
legendreOk, 8mb22:26
Jeremy31legendre: At the start of the drive, 1 MB is needed22:26
legendreSo it just stores 2nd phase of grub?22:27
legendreFirst phase in MBR?22:27
arraybolt3legendre: I actually don't know what exactly it stored :P I just know GRUB uses it and needs it with GPT partition tables.22:28
Jeremy31It allows extra space for Grub to install22:28
legendreFair enough22:29
legendreOk, good enough for now. Second question22:29
legendreJust me, or doesn't fdisk allow me to create an extended part w/ logical drives?22:31
legendreI don't see an option to create sda522:31
arraybolt3legendre: I think fdisk should do that...22:31
* arraybolt3 checks22:31
legendreSo do I..22:31
legendreI might have missed it..22:32
arraybolt3legendre: After running `n` for a new partition, you are given the option.22:32
arraybolt3`p` for primary, `e` for extended.22:32
legendreHeh, let me look again.. I only saw primary and logical22:33
legendreSo.. which fs on the bios boot part? Fat32?22:43
arraybolt3legendre: Unformatted.22:44
legendreOh, ok.22:44
arraybolt3GRUB knows what it wants to do with the partition, no filesystem is needed there.22:44
legendreStill no option to create extended part.22:51
legendreJust Primary or Logical22:51
legendreHell with it, I made 3 primary parts22:52
legendreIt will work22:52
legendreThis is with the gui part tool.. cfdisk?22:53
legendreAs used by the installer.22:53
AlexionHello! How can I check the speed of my wifi connection?22:54
leftyfbspeedtest does not check the speed if your wifi, it checks the speed of the internet connection22:55
legendreIt tests the speed of the slowest link in the chain..22:56
Marcopolo1I am trying to run spotufy from snapstore but this is the error message i get :22:56
Marcopolo1I dont know how to fix that22:57
Marcopolo1The issue is present on the main iso because im running a fresh install and it gives that error22:57
tomreynlegendre: with MBR, logical partitions can only exist in the extended partition. so if you create a logical, fdisk will probably create the extended automatically22:57
Alexionleftyfb: what do I have to specify after iperf ? the name of the wifi interface?22:58
legendretom - yep, that's how I know it too.22:58
legendreBut that's not what I saw last night.22:59
tomreynlegendre: what did you see last night?22:59
leftyfbAlexion: https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/install-iperf-to-diagnose-network-speed-in-linux/22:59
ravageMarcopolo1: looks like a missing video driver. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1384489/error-while-running-spotify-libva-error-init-failed if you have an intel card22:59
legendreTacked a logical on directly after the primarys22:59
legendreNo indication of sda5 etc23:00
tomreynmaybe that wasn't MBR?23:00
legendreHmm, maybe it hides it?23:00
ravageMarcopolo1: could also be a wayland problem https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/y5vday/spotify_error_message/23:00
tomreynalso possible23:00
legendreIt's an older box, Optiplex 32023:01
Alexionleftyfb: no, I don't want to test the transfer speed, but the speed at which wifi is connected23:01
ravageAlexion: iperf is the tool you want then23:02
legendreYou know, I don't recall how it enumerated the logical drives.23:02
AlexionI don't want to do a server-client test, which I see is iperf for23:02
legendreMaybe it did auto create the ext part23:02
ravageAlexion: iwconfig will show you the "connected" speed which is pretty much useless23:02
Marcopolo1ravage: i  did what they said in the post and i get that error https://imgur.com/a/8S3LUDd23:03
legendreAnd just hid it. That was always a point of newb confusion23:03
ravageMarcopolo1: i cant really help with that error. check https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Linux/bd-p/desktop_linux23:03
Alexionravage: I read online about iwconfig , but in my case it doesn't show the connected speed, which I'm looking for23:04
Alexionit doesn't show much info in my case, actually23:04
leftyfbAlexion: wifi isn't "connected" at a speed exactly. It's associated with a station and will change "speed" based on dozens of factors23:04
legendreAlex looked at the dmesg? I'll bet the connection speed is in there...23:04
leftyfbAlexion: what exactly are you trying to accomplish for besides "the speed at which wifi is connected23:04
Alexionif I don't move and the signal strength is maximum, the speed shouldn't change23:05
leftyfbwifi is connected at 2.4ghz or 5ghz, not speeds23:05
Alexionno, not frequency23:05
leftyfbAlexion: that is 100% not true23:05
Alexionlike 74Mbps, 300Mbps etc.23:05
leftyfbAlexion: again, that's not how wifi works23:05
Alexionleftyfb: but in Windows it does show that23:05
AlexionI want to see that in Linux too23:06
leftyfbAlexion: that might be a current transfer speed, not a "connected at" speed since that doesn't exist23:06
leftyfbAlexion: you can lookup the chipset of your client wifi and of your station and take the slower of the 2, that will be your top speed23:06
Alexionit does exist, manufacturer says that speed in the specs of the router23:06
leftyfbthat is top speed23:07
ravageAlexion: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/76457/how-to-find-speed-of-wlan-interface23:07
leftyfbnot "connected at" speed23:07
Alexionleftyfb: not always, sometimes it connects even slower, wifi has many modes23:07
leftyfband that will all change on the fly as needed23:07
leftyfbAlexion: cat /proc/net/wireless23:08
leftyfbthere ya go, lots of numbers to play with23:08
Jeremy31Alexion: Is there an issue with your wifi that you are asking this question?23:10
legendreWell.. Install went OK, but then I started Firefox and the box locked up hard. Lol23:21
legendreMint was also locking it up.. that's why I tried xubuntu23:21
legendreI vaguely recall something about this.. kernel line needed for the opti 320.23:22
legendreEither way, 16.04 was totally stable23:23
legendreBut not these new dists23:23
tomreyndesktops changed since then, hardware requirements, too23:23
tomreynmaybe you 16.04 was a 32-bit one, and now you're on 64-bit23:24
tomreynso the computer locked up, and you immediately attributed that to the wireless somehow?23:24
legendreNot sure what 16.o4 was23:24
legendreThe wireless? Huh?23:25
tomreynoh i mixed that up with alexion, sorry23:26
legendreNo prob.23:26
legendreIt locks like it's a vid driver thing23:27
tomreynhow much ram does it have installed?23:27
legendreJust a guesx23:27
legendreUnsure atm.23:28
legendreProbably 4G23:28
tomreynthat's the bare minimum for gnome-shell and modern web browsers, i'd say23:29
legendreI'm running xfce fwiw, xubuntu23:29
legendreAnyway, enough fun for now.. just had 4hrz of dislysis23:31
latef02 hello idont know what happen to my firefox in  dwm it takelike  second to start it just happen yesterday23:31
legendrePretty beat up23:31
latef02i mean 30 second23:36
arraybolt3latef02: What version of Ubuntu?23:42
latef02am in arch linux i use dwm23:42
arraybolt3latef02: Oh. Sadly, we can't support Arch Linux in this room.23:43
arraybolt3However, I'm sure there's an arch hannel somewhere on Libera.23:43
arraybolt3latef02: Yeah, try #archlinux, they probably know more.23:43
latef02arraybolt3, leftyfb  ah ok i will try arch room23:43
arraybolt3latef02: (FWIW, I've used Arch, DWM, and Firefox before and it didn't take no 30 seconds to start so I'm sure it's just something misconfigured somewhere or possible really slow hardware.)23:44
arraybolt3But now *I'm* going off-topic :P23:44
latef02arraybolt3, no was launched with keybinng in just like 3 or 5 second now it take 3023:45
latef02so how can i clean all config from firefox23:45
arraybolt3latef02: Ask that in #archlinux and I'll try and answer there.23:45
leftyfblatef02: Please ask for support in #archlinux23:46
arraybolt3(For the sake of this room's rules.)23:46
latef02am sorry i xant open room of arch linux in libra i dont know why23:46
arraybolt3latef02: Probabyl need to register your nick then.23:46
arraybolt3Lemme find a link...23:46
leftyfblatef02: type:  /join #archlinux23:46
arraybolt3latef02: https://libera.chat/guides/registration23:46
latef02arraybolt3, thank you i will try23:47
arraybolt3Yeah, #archlinux has the "r" channel mode set, which means you need to be registered and logged in first.23:47
arraybolt3It's a spam prevention mechanism.23:47
latef02arraybolt3, thank you verry much for help23:48

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