Guest52Does Ubuntu Pro work with Kubuntu 22.04 LTS?.01:07
user|76I am installing kubuntu and just wanted to see how i should do the disk setup02:04
user|76I am coming from linux mint which recommends how to partition the drive02:05
user|76is there anybody around for assistance?02:10
arraybolt3user|76: o/02:16
arraybolt3user|76: For most people, just using "Guided - use entire disk" is sufficient. If you're concerned about your system being stolen, "Guided - use LVM and encryption" would be better if you can remember a disk encryption password.02:17
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> It's all personal.  Nowadays,  with SSD of 120GB I go with the default.  With larger discs I would do: double ram for swap, around 1/3 for system and the rest for /home/.02:19
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> I believe you will need to go with manual partitioning.02:20
user|76how do you enable wifi on kubuntu02:40
arraybolt3user|76: If WiFi isn't working out of the box, you'll need to enable proprietary drivers - this will hopefully get it working.02:47
user|76how do i do that?02:47
arraybolt3To do that, you can start the Kubuntu installer, and go through the screens until it asks if you want to enable proprietary drivers on one of the screens. Check that box, proceed to the next screen, and WiFi should start working.02:48
arraybolt3You can then use WiFI in the live session before you finish installation, and you can back out of the installation entirely if you wish.02:48
arraybolt3(Sorry about typos :P)02:48
user|76i went through the installer and asked about proprietary drives and checked that box ( 3rd party applications etc)02:49
arraybolt3user|76: Hmm. Can you run "lspci", find your wireless adapter, and share it's name?02:49
arraybolt3(lspci is a terminal command - you can run it in Konsole.)02:49
user|76ok hold on02:49
user|76i just see network controler02:51
arraybolt3Do you see anything about "Realtek" in the output?02:51
arraybolt3And if so, what's the ID number near it (something like 8812au or the like)?02:52
user|76is there a way i can show you the list i have here?02:52
arraybolt3user|76: Is the system connected to the Internet via Ethernet or tethering or something similar?02:52
arraybolt3If so, you can run "lspci | nc termbin.com 9999" and share the link.02:53
arraybolt3(The | in the middle is a bar character, generally able to be typed by pressing Shift+Backslash.)02:53
user|76it says termbin command not found02:54
arraybolt3You probably made a typo - it's "nc termbin.com 9999", not just "termbin.com 9999".02:54
user|76oh ok02:55
arraybolt3(nc is the command - it connect to a specified website, in this case termbin.com, and sends info to it, in this case the output of lspci.)02:55
arraybolt3(There's some other details invovled here, but they don't matter at the moment.)02:55
user|76it says " nc: getaddrinfo for host "termbin.com" port 9999: temporary failure in name resolution02:56
arraybolt3user|76: That means you're not connected to the Internet.02:57
arraybolt3If you have a mobile phone with USB tethering, you can use that to connect to the Internet temporarily while we're getting WiFi working.02:57
arraybolt3Or if you have an Ethernet cable and your router and laptop both support Ethernet, you can use that too.02:57
user|76yup thats what i am talking to on another device using linux mint which also can't find wifi02:58
user|76I am going to plug in the lan in the other device and type it there and see if i can load up this chat again02:58
arraybolt3user|76: OK, then just switch it over to the laptop we're trying to fix. You can reconnect to IRC from there so we can keep trying stuff.02:59
user|76oops the laptop i got i did not purchase an ethernet port02:59
arraybolt3Tar. OK that complicates things.02:59
arraybolt3Uh... ok we're going to have to do this over text then.02:59
arraybolt3Run "lspci | grep Realtek" and tell me if you get any output.03:00
user|76yea Can i screenshot from a camera and paste in03:00
user|76ok hold on03:00
arraybolt3Yeah that should work.03:00
arraybolt3You can use Imgur.com for sharing screenshots.03:00
arraybolt3(Or an image hosting website of your choice, like ImgBB or whatever.)03:00
user|7680Hi I am also under user|7603:02
user|7680What file size do photo s have to be ?03:03
arraybolt3user|7680: Doesn't matter, anything that Imgur or whatever accepts will work.03:03
arraybolt3You can't paste images into IRC, I don't think.03:03
user|7648Try that03:07
arraybolt3user|7648: Oh that's unexpected. Intel Wi-Fi 6 should work out of the box.03:07
arraybolt3Are you sure that the WiFi adapter isn't working? What happens if you click the network icon in the system tray?03:08
user|7648Yea that's what I thought to03:08
user|7648It says no available connections03:08
arraybolt3user|7648: Also, if you can show the output of "sudo dmesg | grep -i firmware" that would be helpful, to see if maybe there's a firmware load problem causing WiFi to fail.03:08
user|7648Ok I will run that03:09
arraybolt3user|7648: Hmm. OK so it looks like the Wi-Fi should be working. Can you open the network applet by clicking on the network icon and then send a screenshot of that just so I can be perfectly sure of what you're looking at?03:12
user|7648Sure my font is like -200003:13
arraybolt3OK that's very weird. Maybe WiFi is turned off - are you sure you didn't press an Airplane Mode button on accident? Also can you share the output of "rfkill"?03:15
user|7648Sure I will run that03:15
user|7648It says 0 Bluetooth hci0 unblocked unblocked03:16
arraybolt3And then a 1 wlan phy0 blocked unblocked I'm hoping?03:16
arraybolt3Or just the 0 bluetooth line?03:16
user|7648Just that 1 line03:17
arraybolt3Gah. OK that's just plain weird.03:17
arraybolt3"sudo dmesg | grep iwlwifi"03:17
user|7648What should it say03:17
arraybolt3I just want a screenshot so I can look for errors.03:18
arraybolt3iwlwifi is the Intel wifi drivefr, so if there's errors in the dmesg log there, that should help.03:18
user|7648Ok hold on03:18
arraybolt3I meant a screenshot of "sudo dmesg | grep iwlwifi".03:20
user|7648Nothing happened03:21
arraybolt3? I can see iwlwifi stuff in the previous grep output, so I'm sure it should show *something*. Maybe you typoed it?03:21
user|7648Ok it's a long list03:22
arraybolt3Even just the end of it should be helpful.03:22
arraybolt3OK so there are errors. Lemme try to google some stuff...03:23
arraybolt3But that at least explains what's happening.03:24
arraybolt3user|7648: Try "sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off".03:25
user|7648Ok thanks03:26
arraybolt3user|7648: If that command fails because wlan0 doesn't exist, run "iwconfig" by itself to find out your WiFi adapter's ID.03:26
user|7683Ok hold on03:29
user|7683It says " lo     no wireless extensions "03:30
user|7683This chat keeps kicking me out after like 30 seconds of inactivity sorry for the constant user changes03:30
arraybolt3user|7683: No problem, I've had that happen too.03:31
arraybolt3But... gah, that's frustrating.03:31
user|7683What does that mean there's no extension I wonder if there is a wireless card installed on this device03:32
arraybolt3user|7683: Yeah, there is, it shows up in lspci.03:33
arraybolt3Does anything in this post help? https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/334894/iwlwifi-failed-to-start-init-ucode-11003:33
user|7683I am unsure there s tons of code to type in03:36
user|7683I am also going to talk to framework and see if they sent me a bad wifi adapter03:37
user|7683I have a USB port is there an adapter that has an Ethernet to USB to computer to run cable connection ?03:38
user|7663Thanks for the help so far arraybolt303:45
arraybolt3user|7663: Glad to at least try to help, sorry things aren't quite working.03:49
arraybolt3user|7663: This is a Framework? Then this is almost without question a hardware problem - Framework systems should work with Ubuntu 22.04 (and by extension its flavors including Kubuntu) out of the box.03:49
arraybolt3user|7663: Or maybe you routed your antennas wrong? is this a DIY build?03:50
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user|7663It is a DIY but I put in there to install the wifi03:50
arraybolt3user|7663: https://guides.frame.work/Guide/Framework+Laptop+DIY+Edition+Quick+Start+Guide/57 "The antenna cables should not touch the Speaker located below. Use the spudger end of the Framework Screwdriver to carefully push the white cable away from the Speaker if it is touching it."03:51
arraybolt3Open it up and see if the cables are touching the speaker.03:51
arraybolt3If that doesn't help, then yeah, I'd ask them for help.03:52
arraybolt3user|7663: This is Kubuntu 22.04 right?03:52
user|7634So for windows they want you to install the driver's but like I said it should work out of the box .I will contact them thanks once again. When I chatted in Linux mint forum I was getting yelled at and brushed off to go figure it out . Nice to see people care here03:59
arraybolt3user|7634: Man, that's sad. Hey, there's one more trick for Frameworks I know...04:00
user|7634Ok what is it04:02
arraybolt3Try updated WiFi firmware.04:02
arraybolt3I was gonna find the post on Framework's forums.04:02
user|7634I saw they want u to make sure the kernel for Linux is up to date04:03
user|7634I would need a connection though right to get the wifi firmware though ?04:03
arraybolt3user|7634: Nah, you can download it on another machine and then move it to the target machine.04:05
user|7634Through a USB ?04:06
arraybolt3user|7634: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005511/wireless.html04:06
arraybolt3user|7634: Yeah, with a USB drive.04:06
arraybolt3The topmost entry in that list looks like it.04:06
arraybolt3user|7634: I'm starting to poop out, maybe you can make a post on the Framework forums about the issue? I want to keep helping but am unsure how much more help I'm going to be tired and hungry :P04:08
arraybolt3user|7634: If they also think it's a hardware problem, then hopefully they can swap out a component for you.04:08
user|76i will try to download it to the usb on the working device connected ot the lan04:09
user|76how would i load it once i place the usb in the framework though?04:09
arraybolt3I think you move the contents of the archive to /lib/firmware to install it.04:09
arraybolt3user|76: You might need to move all of the exiting iwlwifi files somewhere else first.04:09
arraybolt3user|76: If you need admin rights to move the files, you can use "sudo mv source destination" to do that.04:11
user|76let me ask you this question. If i by an adapter that is an ethernet port that then connects to the usb of the framework would that serve as a "wired connection"04:13
arraybolt3Almost certainly.04:13
user|76the usb i have isn't reading on my other laptop i dunno why . the other usb i have nearby is the iso image i loaded onto the framework i don't want to add anything there yet04:14
user|76yea i think i will just buy an adapter for now cause thats how the framework works. their extension ports are really usb C on the internal laptop side and externally is what you choose to get04:15
arraybolt3I stil lthink Frameworks look cool, I kinda want one, but I just got a new laptop so :P I'm gonna stick with this for now.04:15
user|76so the ethernet would have been a usb C internally and then ethernet externally i just didn't want to pay 35 bucks for it04:15
user|76yea i am gunna just download the firmware to see whats going on and also message them cause it should just work out of the box like u said04:16
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BluesKajHi all14:12
fusionfutureTeleHi all15:06
BluesKajhi fusionfutureTele15:14
IrcsomeBot<Omar> How can i use dd command to make a bootable drive?15:49
oerheksomar, with sudo ?15:50
oerhekssudo dd if=<name>.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M15:51
oerhekswhere sdX is your usb device15:51
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Can i add a Progress bar?15:57
oerheksoh, sure you can find that answer..15:58
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Ok thank you so much16:01
Dragnslcr!info dcfldd16:34
ubottudcfldd (1.7.1-1, kinetic): enhanced version of dd for forensics and security. In component universe, is optional. Built by dcfldd. Size 38 kB / 92 kB16:35
DragnslcrI'm pretty sure that program shows progress16:35
alkisgsudo dd if=<name>.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress16:41
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zorin1Does anyone know when Plasma 5.27 will be in backport?18:18
kaHi. Is anyone having problems with Picard (Musicbrainz) crashing on start up ?18:23
oerhekszorin1, For Kubuntu 22.04 users, you will not get 5.27 for its lifetime. only the beta ppa gives 5.27 for 22.10  https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/beta18:24
IrcsomeBot<Omar> What is this 'bs=4M' ? (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> sudo dd if=<name>.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress)18:26
oerheksomar blocksize18:26
arraybolt3@Omar: The blocksize controls how much data dd tries to write to the drive at a time. Larger blocksizes will result in faster write speed up to a point in my experience.18:29
arraybolt3bs=4M writes data to the drive in 4-megabyte blocks, which generally gives good performance.18:29
arraybolt3(Leaving the blocksize out entirely usually results in painfully slow flashes.)18:30
zorin1oerkeks, I'm running 22.10.  I was just wondering how long it will take for Plasma 5.27 to show up in backports.pa18:58
oerhekszorin1, i gave you the beta ppa, no info about when it appears in backports itself18:59
oerheksit has just been released, so be patient.19:00
zorin1I was looking to see if there was any place where I could see the status of it.  I could not find anything.19:01
oerheksor build it yourslef?19:01
zorin1I just learned about backports.pa.   I did not realize what backports was.  I thought it was for older version of software.19:02
zorin1If I'm going to build it, then I should just join the development team. :)19:03
oerheksthat, would be awesome19:03
IrcsomeBot<Omar> So more block size us faster? (re @IrcsomeBot: <arraybolt3> bs=4M writes data to the drive in 4-megabyte blocks, which generally gives good performance.)20:01
arraybolt3@Omar: Up to a point, yes. Once you cross a certain opint it starts getting slower though. What exactly that point is, may vary.20:13
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Ok thank you (re @IrcsomeBot: <arraybolt3> @Omar: Up to a point, yes. Once you cross a certain opint it starts getting slower though. What exactly that point is, may vary.)20:27
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> 1opu21:05
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> &M8621:05
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> 6x1621:06
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> 😜 tough to read on mobile21:06
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> ..one request, pls increase dvd drive buffer size - it still happens that bioses wont honor usb sticks and liading from dvd is omfg slow because of zillions of head movements 😜21:08
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> (latest kubuntu 22.04.1 lts) - needed an hour to start21:10
IrcsomeBot<christophelabrie> You Can take measure with21:13
IrcsomeBot<christophelabrie> systemd-analyze blame21:13
IrcsomeBot<christophelabrie> If my Memory is good (re @JoDoGo42: (latest kubuntu 22.04.1 lts) - needed an hour to start)21:13
IrcsomeBot<christophelabrie> For check what service take time21:13
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> its all head movements of drive..21:14
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> not read errors or such..21:15
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> i guess its a hypercheap drive setup (samsung notebook) with any or a k or such hw cache21:17
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> ..assumed poor dvd first but its obviously the plain reading process bit by bit 😂21:18
IrcsomeBot<christophelabrie> 😂21:23
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> yo just made it to open an xterm and chked dmesg 😂 any complaints about reading errors, its a buffer issue for sure21:25
arraybolt3DVD boot has always been slow for me, even in olden times. DVD buffer size - that's interesting, I never thought about that possibly helping things.21:30
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> what i just encountered was a real pita esp when booting live sys first with many small files entangled - a few minutes ago i started installation and that seems to work fine and fluently now21:37
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> that changed when live sys was fully booted, since then its normal head movement21:38
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IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> my 2c, when you detect a good portion of ram installed, give the dvd a rly good buffer size - each inode read seems to be a head movement otherwise and then back to file, back and forth each some hundred bytes..21:41
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> 1h30 to boot live system (pita dvd)22:01
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> rest, hd (not ssd) install 25mins like a charm22:01
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> iso, kubuntu 22.04.1 desktop amd6422:01
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> device samsung laptop NP350E7C 8GB ram, radeon 78sth, .5TB hd, tmsc dvd writer22:01
oerhekswhy would that machine not boot from usb?22:05
arraybolt3oerheks: The other day a user here had a machine that refused to boot off anything that didn't use an MBR partition table. Didn't matter if it was a flashed ISO or a GPT table with a bios_boot partition - wasn't having it. We had to use this convoluted mess of a method to make a USB drive with an MBR partition table that was bootable, and *that* finally booted the laptop.22:20
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> sick bios just 🤷 (re @IrcsomeBot: <oerheks> why would that machine not boot from usb?)22:28
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> 😂 sth like 2 options just, boot ms or shut down - but seriously, obviously made to run windoze only and users shouldnt touch anything in bios anyways approach..22:31
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> oh as i run over it again, that gnome language pack should be included automatically 😇22:36
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> (like in22:36
IrcsomeBot<JoDoGo42> sudo apt-get install gimp-help-de language-pack-gnome-de)22:36

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