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zhsjtsimonq2: thanks for sync golang-github-containers-toolbox, could you give-back the builds? it's affected by broken python3-stdlib-extensions in archive.11:37
zhsjand if anyone please give-back golang-golang-x-net as well. (one test is timed out)11:41
schopinzhsj: I'm assuming by "give-back" you mean retrying the builds? If so, done.11:42
zhsjschopin: yes. thanks11:43
ahasenackkanashiro[m]: looking at the new docker.io uploads17:09
kanashiro[m]ahasenack: ty!17:09
ahasenackwhy do jammy and kinetic need the additional "-c security.privileged=true", while the older releases only need "-c security.nesting=true"?17:09
ahasenackit can't be because focal and bionic launch privileged containers by default, can it?17:11
ahasenackbionic was the last one to have lxd as a proper deb, I see. Focal onwards it's a deb-to-snap package17:11
ahasenackso focal is using a snap already, let's see if the deb pins a snap version17:12
ahasenackotherwise, it will be the same lxd version as jammy and kinetic17:12
kanashiro[m]The privileged option was needed just in kinetic IIRC17:14
ahasenackcorrect, just checked17:14
ahasenackmy question is if the failure without that option isn't the test case telling us something broke?17:14
kanashiro[m]I do not know exactly why, but in the other releases it works without that option17:14
ahasenackyou also have it in lunar17:14
kanashiro[m]Yes, >= kinetic17:15
ahasenackso the docker version in kinetic right now doesn't need a privileged container, but the new docker does need a privileged container?17:15
kanashiro[m]No, it was not a failure as far as I investigated. It did not have the permission to write the image after downloading it17:16
kanashiro[m]No, right now it needs a privileged container, that is why it is failing :)17:16
kanashiro[m]Adding it fixes the test17:16
kanashiro[m]This test failure has been happening since jammy17:17
ahasenackbut jammy doesn't need the privileged lxd17:18
kanashiro[m]Not because of the privileged container but because of lxd not being available as a deb17:18
ahasenackok, so we never got that far17:18
ahasenack(how did it migrate...oO?)17:18
kanashiro[m]After fixing the lxd installation we would get this17:18
kanashiro[m]It migrated because it was already failing, so no regression17:19
kanashiro[m]But yeah, not sure when this started to happen17:19
ahasenackwhere is the kinetic failure due to lxd not being available? https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/kinetic/update_excuses.html#docker.io is clean for the version in kinetic-proposed17:21
kanashiro[m]Not sure about excuses, I reproduced it locally17:22
kanashiro[m]Autopkgtest execution is the test plan for the SRU17:22
ahasenackhttps://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html also doesn't show it17:23
ahasenackbut it does show errors elsewhere, in focal17:23
ahasenackdocker.io in focal, in a dependent set of packages17:23
ahasenackok, so kinetic is all red: https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/d/docker.io/kinetic/amd6417:26
ahasenackwhy isn't that in the reports...17:27
ahasenack"E: Package 'lxd' has no installation candidate17:27
sergiodjsil2100: hi there, I'm getting "Error 500" when accessing bileto, and it tells me to ping you, so here I am :)19:39

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