arraybolt3Well, I think #ubuntu-sponsors is ready for use. Does anyone mind if I advertise it in #ubuntu-devel? Asking in advance since the guide for making a new IRC channel requested I do so.04:39
sarnoldfine by me, anyway :)04:41
arraybolt3:) Thanks, I'll wait for a bit more input just to make sure I'm not running ahead. Thank you guys for your help btw, I would have been too scared and way too inexperienced to try and make an IRC channel alone.04:43
sarnolddreamwork makes the teamwork or something :)04:44
arraybolt3Heh, I like it.04:46
JackFrostI mean don't *spam* it, and if people/someone doesn't want to join then don't push it, but hey.06:06
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