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silhouetteis apt-get a tool for managing repositories and apt for managing software00:30
ograno, they are essentially the same thing, one is older (apt-get) and accepts different options ... when moving forward and changing options and behavior the devs did no want to break peoples scripts, so if apt is called as apt-get it will behave the old way00:32
Alexionsorry, I was afk for a while01:10
Alexionso how can I check the status of the wifi with the speed of the connection?01:10
bkovacs7Does Ubuntu Pro work with Kubuntu 22.04 LTS?.01:12
leftyfbAlexion: open "wifi" and click on the little gear icon01:12
sarnoldbkovacs7: yes01:17
Alexionleftyfb: I'm using Lubuntu, the lightweight version01:20
sbineAlexion: i just type 'nmcli device wifi' in a console for my part01:24
leftyfbAlexion: sudo iw dev wlan0 link01:33
leftyfbAlexion: you were already given a link with this information01:33
Alexionsbine: that command lists all available networks and the speed rate for each01:34
leftyfbAlexion: and as you've been told, that is how wifi works. It doesn't matter what your wifi chipset says for speed. If your wireless station can't support that, you won't get it01:35
Alexionleftyfb:no such device -->  sudo iw dev wlan0 link01:36
leftyfbAlexion: for instance, my wireless chipset is advertising 400Mbit/s, where-as the station I'm connected to says 270Mbit01:37
leftyfbAlexion: replace it with your wifi device01:37
arraybolt3Alexion: `ip a` will show the device name of your WiFi card.01:37
Alexionleftyfb: I agree, but I want to see what the chipset says01:37
sbineAlexion: Choose yours, leftyfb answer works like a charm too.01:37
arraybolt3Alexion: `lspci` should show you the WiFi card's info, then you can use Google to see the speed your card supports, maybe?01:37
arraybolt3If you want to know the speed of the card irrespective of the speed of the actual active connection01:38
AlexionI want a way so the OS would tell me the current speed connected01:39
leftyfbAlexion: again, it doesn't work like that01:39
arraybolt3leftyfb: You may be misunderstanding - I think they want to know the speed of the current connection that the card and router have negotiated. KDE can show this info, and I know where Lubuntu shows it.01:39
arraybolt3(Or at least the speed that the OS knows is currently supported - I dunno if the router actually negotiates it but you get what I mean.)01:40
silhouettei find the activities button on gnome very much useless01:41
Alexionleftyfb: your solution worked, it says 54Mbps, that's what I wanted to see, thank you!01:41
silhouettewhy dont you guys just minimize and maximize windows at need from your panel that is easy to reach01:41
leftyfbsilhouette: then don't use it01:41
silhouetteIm just trying to understand why people use it01:42
leftyfbsilhouette: for me personally, the keyboard is MUCH faster than the mouse01:42
leftyfbso I don't bother clicking anything01:42
leftyfbAlexion: future reference: sudo iw dev $(ip a|awk '/^[0-9]: wl/ {print $2}'|sed 's/://'g) link01:43
silhouetteso you use a window manager?01:43
leftyfbsilhouette: I use stock ubuntu01:43
leftyfbsilhouette: do you have a support question?01:43
leftyfbsilhouette: feel free to have non-support discussions in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic01:44
Alexionleftyfb: is that bash scripting?01:44
leftyfbAlexion: sure01:44
AlexionI didn't knew you can write bash scripting code in the commands01:45
Alexionalso looks like a regular expression01:45
Alexionfirst I want to understand that script part, for that I have to study some more the scripting language01:46
Alexionthank you for your support01:52
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billybigriggersarnold you around?03:06
billybigriggeri ended up exporting/importing the pool, running a scrub right now03:07
billybigriggersmartctl in windows actually works and is showing 0 reallocated sectors on both drives, so i did confirm my drives are good, it's just some wierd linux thing with the drive lables that's degrading the pool03:07
sarnoldbillybigrigger: woo, does zpool status show all the drives and everything?03:08
sarnoldgood news from windows03:08
billybigriggerit shows SDC instead of the linux label 196841684949684 or whatever03:08
billybigriggerso why is linux goobering the disk labels every couple of weeks all of a sudden? im not doing anything weird with the system, it's literally a fileserver03:09
sarnoldit's probably better to do the zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/  or similar, so you get more stable names03:09
billybigriggerit runs plex and i run apt update/upgrade on it every few days lol03:09
billybigriggerthe scrub is estimating 4h remaining, so in the morning i'll export it with a known clean pool, then import like you said03:09
billybigriggeri also don't have /dev/disk/by-id/ on my system03:10
billybigriggerwill the -d /dev/disk/by-id flag create the symlinks?03:10
arraybolt3That's weird.03:10
arraybolt3What version of Ubuntu is this? (Sorry if you already said this, I don't remember.)03:10
billybigriggerls -lah /dev/disk shows by- label, partlabel, partuuid, path, and uuid03:11
billybigrigger22.04 LTS03:11
billybigrigger22.04.1 LTS my bad03:11
sarnoldbillybigrigger: how do you not have /dev/disk/by-id/ ???03:11
sarnoldthat seems worth troubleshooting03:11
arraybolt3I have -diskseq, -id, -label, -partlabel, -partuuid, -path, and -uuid on my 22.10 system.03:11
billybigriggeryou're the linux guys, you tell me hahahaha03:11
billybigriggerit it because it's a vm maybe?03:12
sarnoldhttps://www.suse.com/support/kb/doc/?id=000016951  " By default VMWare doesn't provide information needed by udev to generate /dev/disk/by-id. "03:12
billybigriggerlsblk shows sda -> sda1,2,303:12
sarnoldis this on vmware something?03:12
billybigriggersdb and sdc (2 disk zfs mirror)03:12
billybigriggervirtualbox sadly, i moved it over from vmware03:12
* arraybolt3 pops open a VBox VM03:13
billybigriggeri mean, i can do a clean install of a fresh 22.10 install and see if i get disk/by-id03:13
billybigriggersarnold i just read your message lol03:13
billybigriggerok so there's the issue03:13
sarnoldare these physical drives that are done via passthrough?03:13
arraybolt3I have /dev/disk/by-id in a VBox KDE neon VM (which is based on 22.04.1).03:14
billybigriggervbox doesn't do passthrough "technically" they're raw disk images03:14
sarnoldor does virtualbox not have a way to do virtio?03:14
billybigriggerwindows see's the actual physical disks still, that's why i was able to run smartmon on them in windows03:14
sarnoldokay now my head hurts :)03:15
billybigriggeri know03:15
billybigriggeri think i might just move this pool back to a REAL vm on my esxi host03:15
arraybolt3VBox is horrible.03:15
billybigriggerit's got a proper HBA and zfs can see the disks natively03:15
billybigriggerit really is03:15
billybigriggeri just moved to the east coast of canada, and compared to Alberta, power is fucking expensive, and with winter and electric radiant heaters, i was trying to not run the ESXI host :P03:16
billybigriggerso i kept the fileserver/plex vm and running on my desktop in virtualbox, which knock on wood, has been fine for months.....but now this is popping up....and ya....headaches lol03:17
arraybolt3billybigrigger: Ugh. (Sidenote, please avoid strong language for the sake of others in the room :) )03:17
billybigriggeri appreciate the assist guys...keep on keeping on! <303:17
arraybolt3billybigrigger: Maybe switch to QEMU? :D03:18
billybigriggerman i used to be a proxmox guy, but everyone seems to run vmware still for enterprise here, at least the places i've worked....so..... :(03:19
arraybolt3billybigrigger: Well if you can run VBox on this server, you can probably run Virtual Machine Manager instead.03:19
billybigriggeri mean, 7.0 is terrible, i saw vcenter/sphere 8.0 just released, i might just go back to proxmox03:19
arraybolt3I one time had VBox eat an entire VM outright out of nowhere.03:20
sarnoldbillybigrigger: still? I've heard a *huge* exodus from vmware after the broadcom acquisition03:20
sarnoldbillybigrigger: .. folks deciding if they wanted to be part of broadcom's increased profit margins or not03:21
arraybolt3Rebooted it, came up kernel errors, rebooted again and it kept hitting severe *hypervisor* errors in GRUB.03:21
arraybolt3Flevox: o/03:22
Gue71 hi guys Ubuntu 22.04.1 lts, no sound, dummy output03:40
Gue71here details03:40
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PinkPonyPrincehi I'm back.04:32
PinkPonyPrinceI married Princess PInky.04:32
PinkPonyPrinceback for now04:32
PinkPonyPrincedon't ban me just ttalk04:32
legendreI used slax many years ago, thought it was quite good then04:45
legendreThe idea of a slack based live distribution with full boot-time automagic config was very novel. Iirc, this was pre-knoppix..04:49
legendreIirc the first rels were live only.. but it worked so well that they added an installer due to demand.04:52
Menzador!ot | I know it's evening in the Western Hemisphere05:02
ubottuI know it's evening in the Western Hemisphere: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:02
hermanoTrying to get kvm to work with "copy & paste". Did these steps. Does not work yet. Am I missing something?05:07
mybalzitchreboot, or power off / on05:56
mybalzitchfor the virtual machine05:56
mybalzitchsome config file changes in libvirt/qemu don't get applied until the vm is turned off, then back on again when the config is fully re-read05:57
bancroftis there a way to tell an interface to use a different ip?06:36
alkisgbancroft: of course. Which network manager are you using?06:40
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hermanomybalzitch, Do you know how the "copy paste" is supposed to work. Just appears a right-click menu where one selects paste, or just press right click on mouse.09:46
hermanomybalzitch, I rebooted, no change.09:46
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stolenHow to compress files in ubuntu that can be packed and unpacked with already installed options from the terminal ?10:14
stolensomething like -xjvf I remeber from the last time10:15
Habbiethose are tar options10:15
stolengood thanks10:23
latef02hello am sorry i dont know the commnd to login on libra chat so i cant open archliux cha&neel10:56
latef02any way i have this problem after restore my arch linux computer10:56
latef02systemd-backlight@backlight:acpi_video0.service - Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of backlight:acpi_video010:57
ravageyou are in #ubuntu10:57
ravagethere is no support for arch here10:57
latef02ravage, can you give me the command for libra to sign in10:58
tomreynlatef02: try this: /join #libera10:59
tomreynthey'll help you with using libera there.10:59
latef02tomreyn, no this command is for join channel and arch linux is /r so i need to sign in in my account i forget the command11:00
latef02ah ah ok am in libra channel now thnaks guy11:01
tomreynlatef02: i pointed you to a channel where you can get help with registering, so that you can join other channels. *this* (#ubuntu) is not the place to ask these questions.11:01
latef02ah ok thank you anyway11:02
marcopolo1Hello, i plugged my usb into my right ear but i dont know how to train the ubuntu iso to my brain so i can use rufus to flash it11:30
ravageeven the trolls lack ingenuity these days. so sad.11:57
ograwell, after all it should just be a matter of picking the earwax tunneling boot option ... not sure what's wrong there12:01
iseneTried for hours to find a solution to reload snd_hda_intel but gets "modprobe: FATAL: Module snd_hda_intel is in use" (using rmmod or modprobe .rf). Same with other sound modules such as snd_soc_core. Sound works on boot, but drops when I get some error message that a loopback device gets unmounted or some such. Any pointers on how to reload the sound?12:02
isene(should say modprobe -rf)12:03
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guest-eoXKhMhow are you12:08
Guest65Today I am trying to watch a video I downloaded, I am trying to watch it in VLC. The audio and video keeps skipping, why is this?12:17
Guest65I look at top but there is nothing consuming all the system resources12:19
Guest65I can watch other video just fine12:20
zaggynlGuest65: anything in vlc log/message? anything in dmesg?12:23
zaggynlgpu driver is installed?12:23
Guest65nothing in VLC, gpu driver installed zaggynl12:24
Guest65maybe the video is corrupted somehow ?12:25
tomreynit could be that, or it could be using a bad encoding12:30
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sopparusanyone knows why I sometimes get this? https://dumpinen.com/8xw8LHbiQ4a13:58
sopparuswhen it happens nothing work13:58
sopparusevery program segfaults, even ps13:58
webchat73I have ubuntu 22.04 jammy running as a virtual machine (all default setup). I am accessing it through VNC. Very frequently the Keyboard is behaving weird. It is as if the SHIFT key is stuck. It types all uppercase and special characters instead of numbers. Can anyone tell me how I can get out of this issue?14:09
tomreynsopparus: woah, that's a lot of oopses. this can be faulty hardware. i would disable any ram 'optimizations' and run a memtest14:11
sopparustomreyn: ok thanks14:11
BluesKajHi all14:12
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Alexey_Ваше здоровье! 🍺15:07
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:08
wyomurfHmmm. Did a software update yesterday, which updated my kernel, rebooted, and my 3 screens are reduced to one, and that magnified (vga mode?). The settings->displays only shows the one, which is of unknown type. I do have a 2060 nvid card in there. Has the update lost compatibility with the nvidea card? All was well before this last update.15:14
wyomurfI'm running 22.04 btw.15:16
leftyfbwyomurf: check the "Drivers" util and see what driver is enabled for your GPU15:25
dobbeljHas anyone had experience using the new Raspberry Pi 3 camera on Ubuntu 22.04? We've installed Ubuntu on a RPi4, and connected the camera, but the logs say "Failed enabling camera ret -2". We are fully updated and the firmware is the latest version, and we've tried both the stock ubuntu kernel as well as the latest raspbian kernel15:39
leftyfbdobbelj: I know you're running Ubuntu as the OS, but you might have good luck in #raspberrypi15:40
dobbeljleftyfb: Thanks, will try there15:41
ogradobbelj, go to #ubuntu-arm and ask waveform, i know he has recently been working on libcamera for the Pi15:49
dobbeljogra: Thanks a lot :)15:49
wyomurfleftyfb: In software & updates, under Additional Drivers, it says under TU106 [GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER], the item "Using NVIDIA driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-515  (proprietary)" is selected... It's one up from the bottom which is nvidia-driver-525-server... so, do I report to nvidia instead of you guys?16:05
raphahi all16:14
jwashhey guys, i have a computer on my local network which is not accessible from the internet. without doing a firewall rule, is there a way to pass vnc traffic from a firewalled internet facing machine to the vnc computer which will never be accessible?16:40
jwashnot firewall rule, router rule16:40
leftyfbjwash: use something like teamviewer16:41
leftyfbjwash: or ssh to another device on the same network and create an ssh tunnel16:44
jwashssh tunnel16:47
jwashthat's the way16:47
leftyfbjwash: look into sshuttle16:47
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andypandyHellu. I'm working with docker and have a problem. I have a container that needs its folders to have owner 1000:1000. I am trying to change ownership of my folders tha I mount as a volume. But I am going crazy, seems like I am missing something obvious. I am running "sudo chown -R 1000:1000 folder_name" on the folder. Running "ls -lha" afterwards and it still seems to be my user...16:57
andypandyIs it not possible to change ownership to any uid:gid ?16:57
leftyfbandypandy: I think you need to chroot into it, not just mount it16:58
leftyfbandypandy: you might be better off asking in #docker for this sort of thing though16:59
guest0910Hello, how do I get the TID of a thread which handled a particular network request? I can see it on wireshark but I can't seem to find which thread received it.17:05
webchat73hi Guys, I have ubuntu 22.04 jammy running as a virtual machine (all default setup). I am accessing it through VNC. Very frequently the Keyboard is behaving weird. It is as if the SHIFT key is stuck. It types all uppercase and special characters instead of numbers. Can anyone tell me how I can get out of this issue?17:43
arraybolt3webchat73: What VNC server and client?17:48
arraybolt3Also what virtualization software?17:48
oerheksbuy a new keyboard?17:52
webchat73arraybolt3: I am using the default that comes with Ubuntu. Settings->Sharing->RemoteDesktop.. Enable Legacy VNC Protocol. For client, I am just using Go->Connect to Server from Mac. But the issue is there even when I am connected to the guest VM from VM Manager.17:52
webchat73oerheks: The issue is not with the keyboard. I am using the same keyboard with my Mac and other instances too. It only happens with Ubuntu and that too randomly. Outside the VM, the keyboard works just fine.17:54
webchat73The only way I can get out of this issue is to force shutoff the VM using VM Manager and reboot. If I use Ubuntu reboot, it somehow keeps the state in memory and still thinks CapsLock is on and it types special characters for numbers.17:55
leftyfbwebchat73: sounds like an issue with the VM software and not Ubuntu17:56
arraybolt3webchat73: Maybe you shouldn't use VNC? Some virtualization software will let you access the VM console directly without needing VNC in the middle.17:56
arraybolt3leftyfb: THey're using the built-in VNC server in Ubuntu.17:56
leftyfbarraybolt3: on a VM17:56
arraybolt3THat's *possibly* and Ubuntu problem.17:56
arraybolt3leftyfb: The VM shouldn't have anything to do with it, though.17:56
leftyfbwhich keeps it's CAPS state when rebooting from the OS17:56
leftyfbbut loses the stuck CAPS when powercycled through the VM17:57
arraybolt3leftyfb: How would that interfere with a VNC server directly from the VM to the client?17:57
arraybolt3I would think (correct me if I'm wrong) that the virt software's weirdness would be bypassed by the direct VNC connection.17:57
leftyfbI'm not sure about that17:57
leftyfbbut something to test17:57
arraybolt3They aren't VNC-ing to the virt software, but to the OS inside.17:57
leftyfbboot a live usb and see if the problem persists17:58
leftyfblive iso that is17:58
leftyfbif a reboot with the OS keeps the stuck state, then reboot the OS, boot to the iso like you're going to do a new install. If the problem persists, then the issue is more than likely with the VM software, not the OS17:59
webchat73leftyfb: are the steps to reboot with the ISO available somewhere?18:00
arraybolt3webchat73: You booted an ISO in order to install the VM, right?18:01
leftyfbwebchat73: that would be dependent on the software you are using and not related to Ubuntu18:01
arraybolt3webchat73: You'd just insert the ISO into the VM via your virt software and then change boot order.18:01
webchat73arraybolt3: Is there a recommended VNC client for ubuntu?18:02
webchat73RealVNCViewer doesnt work18:03
leftyfbwebchat73: please stick with 1 problem at a tie18:03
webchat73arraybolt3: I am suspecting that this issue is not there if I don't connect via VNC. It started only after I connected via VNC. Right now I am using it without VNCing directly from the VMManager client for 0.5 hrs and I am not seeing the issue yet. Hence asking.18:04
jhutchinswebchat73: You have to match the client with the server.  They don't have to be the same "brand", but they have to offer the same settings.  Sometimes you have to set things like encryption and handshake manually.18:05
webchat73jhutchins: I am using the default that comes with Ubuntu. Settings->Sharing->RemoteDesktop enable and LegacyVNC Protocol enable. I am not sure which VNC server is used by default.18:06
arraybolt3webchat73: Is there a particular reason you *have* to use VNC? I mean for me VNC has always been a hit-and-miss thing.18:08
arraybolt3I used to use x11vnc as my server and various different clients, and they all had varying and different problems that made the whole thing a bit wonky.18:08
arraybolt3I would expect Reminna to work right with the GNOME VNC client because that's the client that Ubuntu has included, maybe you can try it?18:09
webchat73arraybolt3: I have a big server on which I am creating VMs to use. Multiple users have multiple VMs. Server itself is in a place where I cannot sit and work all the time. I and others need to connect remotely.18:10
webchat73arraybolt3: I will check on Reminna18:10
arraybolt3webchat73: Ah, I see what you're saying. Many VM softwares provide the ability to connect to the VM terminal via the virtualization software rather than connecting directly to the OS.18:11
arraybolt3You might be able to enable and use that.18:11
arraybolt3(For instance libvirt-based solutions may let you connect to the VM remotely without the guest running a remote desktop server.)18:12
alkisgwebchat73: I haven't read all the chat, but to stop CAPS from the remote terminal, press capslock inside VNC, then switch to another LOCAL application, and press CAPS again.18:48
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morgan-ubu22Hello and tia. Can this nap of journal tell you why/how chrome died?  I copied it dirrectly after and have not restarted chrome. (I used ff because ff had no active windows.)  -->  https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/wZNwQ7nd9Y/19:37
morgan-ubu22snap not nap. zzz19:38
morgan-ubu22IGNORE THE ABOVE, PLEASE. wrong paste19:39
oerheks1. there is a newer kernel available,  5.19.0-3219:41
morgan-ubu22How can I tell?19:41
oerheksrun updates?19:41
morgan-ubu22hi oerheks what do you mean "run updates? I am up to date. shall I do it again?19:44
morgan-ubu22am doing that.19:45
oerheksalso we had 2 google chrome updates recently, current is Version 110.0.5481.10019:46
morgan-ubu22I have swap 2+xRAM19:46
morgan-ubu22I thought it would auto update. Upgrade part in process now.19:47
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morgan-ubu22Upgrade done. at the very end it says this. Would "you" please tell me what I need to know about this? (ATM I have no other partitions. I may in the future.)  --->   Warning: os-prober will not be executed to detect other bootable partitions.19:54
morgan-ubu22Systems on them will not be added to the GRUB boot configuration.19:54
morgan-ubu22Check GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER documentation entry.19:54
oerheksos-prober is disabled for some time now.19:55
morgan-ubu22OK and NOW it tells me updted software is available and i need to reboot so bye19:55
oerhekswell, upgrade done, new chrome too? time to reboot19:55
oerheks2nd message is likely to remove the old kernel..19:55
Guest36I am having an issue with Ubuntu Budgie 22.10.19:57
Guest36I am trying to install it on my laptop (which has no issues with Ubuntu or other distros) and running into issues. The live environment boots just fine, but after installing (using defaults except for LVM and Encryption) and rebooting, the OS does not load and drops into an initramfs prompt. I have tried installing 3 times, and I re-DLed the media19:57
Guest36again and matched the checksum.19:57
Guest36My guess is there is an issue with the installer not configuring the encrypted drive correctly (I don't have the issue with Ubuntu). Is this a known issue?19:57
EriC^^Guest36: before dropping into initramfs shell it usually says why, any idea what the error is?20:06
Guest36it says:20:08
Guest36ALERT! /dev/mapper/vgubuntu--budgie-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell!20:08
EriC^^Guest36: maybe you can troubleshoot which disks are there and to decrypt them manually etc in ls /dev/....20:13
vltGuest36: Does your kernel line in grub.cfg mention something about crypt?20:13
klimhow can i change my netplan configuration from a chrooted environment? i'm using networkd as renderer20:14
oerheks boot from a LiveCD, unlock the drive manually with cryptsetup, chroot into the root filesystem, reinstall cryptsetup and call update-initramfs  https://askubuntu.com/questions/567730/gave-up-waiting-for-root-device-ubuntu-vg-root-doesnt-exist20:14
Guest36oerheks Thanks20:20
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jhutchinsIs budgie released yet?20:28
leftyfbjhutchins: https://ubuntubudgie.org/20:28
jhutchinsleftyfb: Yep.20:29
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cart_Hi everyone. How do I upgrade my OS from version 22.04 (jammy) to 22.10(kinetic) without reinstalling?23:01
ubottuRegular upgrades from the last but one LTS release to the latest LTS release, 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish", are enabled days or weeks after 22.04.1 is released. This delay helps to ensure that any lingering issues are resolved before people upgrade production systems. If you'd prefer to upgrade now, use sudo do-release-upgrade -d23:02
ubottuTo upgrade from an LTS release of Ubuntu to the next (non-LTS) release, run sudoedit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and change the prompt= line to "prompt=normal". Then, do sudo do-release-upgrade to begin the upgrade.23:03
cart_krytarik: Uhh ok so how long ago has 22.10 been released then and is it safe now?23:03
krytarikYou could also do this all through the Update Manager though.23:04
krytarik22.10 would indicate October last year and I believe it should have settled down enough by now.23:05
Jeremy31cart_: 22.10 will only be supported until July23:05
cart_Jeremy31: So that means that 22.4 is even worse in terms of support? Or is it just that 22.10 is not LTS?23:07
jhutchinsI thought 22.10 was budgie.  I'm confused.23:08
oerheksif you need to ask " is it safe now?"  stick to LTS23:08
leftyfbcart_: LTS releases are supported for 5 years. Non-LTA releases are supported for 9 months23:08
krytarikcart_: Yes, 22.10 is not an LTS release while 22.04 is.23:08
leftyfbjhutchins: budge is a flavor, not a release23:08
leftyfbcart_: I would recommend sticking with 22.0423:09
jhutchinsSo we have Kinetic Budgie now, right?23:10
sarnoldjhutchins: https://ubuntubudgie.org/downloads/23:10
jhutchinssarnold: Thanks, I'm just trying to keep the players straight.23:12
arraybolt3jhutchins: Every flavor that I know of has a Kinetic version, except for Ubuntu Kylin.23:18
cart_Ok thanks guys!23:21
jhutchinsWe were doing a run on "b" names there for a while, that's what confused me.23:22
sarnoldyou and me both23:23
krytarikIf I'm reading the confusion right, then that'd be "Kinetic Kudu"23:25
cobraerikoHello I am  new to IRC and have a Ubuntu support question. Can I ask it here?23:37
leftyfb!ask | cobraeriko23:37
ubottucobraeriko: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:37
jhutchinscobraeriko: In other words, "Yes".23:45
cobraeriko Can I transfer my filesystem from an old SSD that had Ubuntu installed to my new SSD that has Ubuntu installed without transfering the old OS?23:46
leftyfbcobraeriko: don't do that23:47
jhutchinscobraeriko: Selected files perhaps.23:47
leftyfbcobraeriko: I would just stick with a fresh install on the new SSD and copy over files as you need them, mainly from your home directory23:47
pycuriousI've a computation that runs for 2 days on an ubuntu machine. I would like to run apt update/upgrade after that, reboot that machine, then start again. Is there something you see as a problem in this approach? This machine continously does computation, 2 days at a time.23:48
jhutchinsIf your hardware allows, just leave the old disk connected and you can go back and grab whatever you need.23:48
cobraerikowith a fresh Ubuntu installed on the new SSD, can I use rsync to transfer applications and settings?23:49
pycuriousor perhaps I can force the unattended upgrades once my 2 day computation is done?23:49
leftyfbconfluence: you CAN, but depending on the difference in age between the 2 different releases, some app configs might not work correctly23:49
jhutchinscobraeriko: I would recommend installing the new versions of the software and applying the configuration.23:49
leftyfbpycurious: sounds like a job for ansible or salt23:49
jhutchinscobraeriko: THis is what an upgrade makes much easier, the process preserves application settings while upgrading the versions.23:50
pycuriousleftyfb: in that case i'll have to control that machine from another machine?23:50
leftyfbpycurious: ansible can be run locally23:50
pycuriousleftyfb: I was hoping to make this machine independent - just run update/upgrade/reboot - run things again.23:50
leftyfbI'm not sure about salt, I only know of it and the concept, I don't have experience with it23:50
jhutchinspycurious: Is there a reson it's not worth your time to apply and observe the changes yourself?23:51
leftyfbpycurious: ansible or a shell script would do23:51
pycuriousleftyfb: isnt it painful to get ansible to reboot and regain command of the same machine?23:51
jhutchinspycurious: Not really.23:51
leftyfbpycurious: you would keep state somehow23:51
pycuriousjhutchins: this machine needs to be run 24/7 - downtime is cost. When I run it manually - I've to wait for 2 days to apply changes or else that experiment is bad.23:51
leftyfbwrite a log file or state file or something23:51
jhutchinspycurious: Zero downtime is a dangerous falicy.  Allow for it.23:52
jhutchinspycurious: Or, y'know, don't upgrade.  There's no real reason for a research machine to have to be bleeding edge.23:53
pycuriousjhutchins: everytime a driver update comes, the 2 day experiment is toast - I need a way to avoid that. Manually waiting and then updating is painful23:53
jhutchinspycurious: I've known legacy industrial machines to run for years on the same version.23:53
jhutchinspycurious: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.23:54
leftyfbpycurious: also sounds like a job for a proper CI environment23:54
leftyfbpycurious: like jenkins23:54
pycuriousjhutchins: security guys complain when we dont update…23:54
arraybolt3pycurious: Disable unattended upgrades entirely, then integrade the update/upgrade/reboot into whatever script runs your experiment.23:56
arraybolt3And make the script start upon bootup so that when the system boots, it starts running your processing thingy.23:56
arraybolt3Then it will boot, start processing, two days later finish, update, upgrade, reboot, and start all over again.23:56
pycuriousarraybolt3: whats the best way to run that script at boot?23:57
leftyfbpycurious: systemd23:57
arraybolt3pycurious: If the user on the machine automatically logs in (which I assume it does), just throw it in ~/.profile.23:57
arraybolt3Or yeah, you can use systemd but that's a pain.23:58
leftyfbno it's not23:58
leftyfb~/.profile is a hack at best23:58
arraybolt3leftyfb: OK well then what's the non-painful way to do it, because making a custon systemd unit ain't where it's at IMO :P though I guess your way has more technical advantages.23:58
EriC^^crontab @reboot?23:59
NickHCustom systemd unit is just a few lines in a text file.23:59
arraybolt3:shrug: Well I find it to be difficult, but I guess if it's one time then it's not that bad.23:59

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