ilyaI have a quick question about a fresh install of xubuntu01:50
Bashing-om!ask | ilya 01:55
ubottuilya: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:55
ilyaOn a fresh install of 22.04 in the "Status notifier" panel plugin. It lists programs such as "Kazam" and "Dogecoin-QT" as known items, despite them not being installed or running in my system. Is this just a bug and nothing I should be worried about?01:57
ilyaI am assuming it is a dev not clearing known items before it got shipped, as I did check GPG and SHA sum of my download.02:02
arraybolt3ilya: Status notifier?02:13
arraybolt3ilya: I have never seen either of those things in Xubuntu, lemme check an ISO.02:13
arraybolt3Where did you download the ISO from?02:14
arraybolt3And what is the exact button you're pressing to show these things?02:15
ilyaRight click on panel -> panel preferences -> items -> status notifier plugin -> edit options for that plugin02:17
arraybolt3OK, lemme check, I'm downloading the official ISO.02:17
arraybolt3That sounds like it might be a bug or something, but the mention of dogecoin makes me worried encough to check it.02:18
ilyaThe only other thing I did here was install the chicago95 theme.02:26
ilyaI've seen this on two machines so far but not the live ISO02:27
ilyaI apologize I now believe this to be a left over setting from the panel modifications of the Chicago95 theme02:34
arraybolt3ilya: No prob, still checking real quick.02:37
ilyaYep in their panel preferences, whoever first made this, didn't refresh their list of known items. It doesn't install anything (from what I can tell reading the installer) but simply lists them as known. I will file a bug with them. I appreciate your help.02:40
arraybolt3Glad to help! Yeah, I don't see it on the ISO, but I'm about to install Chicago95 into a VM and see what happens.02:41
arraybolt3...I'm not seeing it even with Chicago95.02:42
arraybolt3ilya: ^02:43
ilyaIt's in the Extras/Chicago95_Panel_Preferences.tar.bz2 config.txt line 6402:43
arraybolt3Hah, yep, there it is. Alright, panic averted!02:43
ilyaThank you so much02:44
ilyaSorrry for the false alarm02:44
arraybolt3Glad to help, and glad to also help confirm that it is what you thought. :)02:44
arraybolt3Also this is a cool theme :D02:44
arraybolt3Ugh, except I hate that they made a C drive in the terminal >_<02:44
ilyaIt has it's faults. Especially with GTK4 applications. But it's sort of comfy02:47
ilyaKnowing that it doesn't install mining software might encourage me to toy with it a bit more.02:48
arraybolt3Heh, yeah I heard "Dogecoin-Qt" and thought "Welp, that sounds like cryptomining malware."02:50
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