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arraybolt3mmikowski: Hey, quick question for you. Does the USB that comes with the Kubuntu Focus have the exact same OS that was preloaded on the machine? I'm debating going back to Kubuntu after doing some hopping around with other flavors, and would obviously like to have all of the KFocus goodies that came originally.01:18
mackeralhello, can anyone tell me what, um, 'system' is used by the kubuntu 22.04 at startup? I am trying to change my home directory and am used to inittab and rc.d files... is system.d what I should be learning about?05:46
mackeralOr has that been changed too...05:47
arraybolt3mackeral: Kubuntu uses systemd, yes.05:53
arraybolt3(systemd, SysVInit, etc, are all "init systems".)05:54
mackeralOk, just wanted to be sure. My current googling is just returning gui based options05:54
mackeralthank you05:54
arraybolt3Glad to help!05:55
alkisgmackeral: do you mean you want to change the /home/mackeral path into something else? That's an easy task, but it's completely unrelated to systemd...06:56
shrican anyone help with usb wifi16:12
shriTP Link TU2 Plus16:13
fusionfutureTeleIs the chip ralink?17:03
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi all17:50
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I have kubuntu 22.04 doul boot with windows 10 and i wanna add fedora 37 the kubuntu system uses 300gigs of my disk i wanna split it so fedora can have 150gigs how can i do this?17:52
Dave92f1Newbie question here - I installed Google Chrome via a flatpak. How do I add it onto the launcher menu?20:33
Dave92f1(When I did this on Linux Mint it seemed to happen automatically.) I can launch Chrome now only from the command line (flatpak run com.google.Chrome&)20:34
oerheksmint disabled snaps, and went for flatpak20:35
Dave92f1But both flatpak and snaps are supported on Kubuntu, right? So is there some reason I should have installed Chrome with a snap?20:36
oerheksi have no clue about them, we do not support them officially20:36
oerheksuse the deb installer?20:36
Dave92f1"them" is flatpaks or snaps?20:36
Dave92f1Or Chrome?20:36
oerheksthem - flatpak20:36
Dave92f1Chrome is actually working fine. I'm just trying to figure out how to launch it from the GUI.20:37
Dave92f1OK, if I install it from a snap, will it automatically appear in the Launcher?20:37
Dave92f1I look in Discover for Google Chrome, but didnt' see it there. Does that mean there's no snap?20:38
oerheksbut there is no chrome snap, just the deb  https://www.google.com/chrome/?platform=linux20:38
Dave92f1OK, I'll go install from Google's .DEB then. Maybe that'll work better. Thanks.20:39
oerhekshave fun!20:39
Dave92f1Yup, installing from the .DEB put it in the Launcher. Thanks again!20:47
Dave92f1Another newbit Q: I notice that shift-left-drag in Dolphin can move multiple files at once, but shft-left-drag on the desktop only moves one file. Is that correct? Is there a way to enable it to move multiple files on the desktop?21:02

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