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guivercis there a command that will easily show LXQt theme/icon/widget/gtk/ etc themes chosen?   `neofetch --off` doesn't get everything..04:20
arraybolt3Just finished fixing lxqt-sudo in Lunar.05:04
arraybolt3guiverc: Not that I know of, I'm not even sure what commands one would use to get some of those individual items from the command line.05:04
guivercthanks arraybolt305:06
arraybolt3lxqt-policykit stuck in -proposed due to a timeout on the ppc64el test for riseup-vpn, just told the test to retry.06:17
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Builds: Lubuntu Desktop amd64 [Jammy 22.04.2] (20230217.1) has been added16:12
arraybolt3qterminal now fixed.19:04
arraybolt3(Or at least the fix is uploaded.)19:04
arraybolt3GAH! I don't have upload rights to qterminal either! D:19:05
arraybolt3Sigh. tsimonq2, could you sponsor that real quick? It's in GItea.19:05
tsimonq2teward: ^^^^^^^^^^^19:07
tewardarraybolt3: gitea link?19:08
arraybolt3teward: One moment...19:16
arraybolt3teward: https://git.lubuntu.me/Lubuntu/qterminal-packaging19:16
arraybolt3(There are a couple of spurious Lintian gripes related to the copyright file - they are incorrect and I couldn't figure out how to override them.)19:17
arraybolt3(Which probably is another Lintian bug because it was upset about the syntax that the override file specification itself said to use so :shrug:)19:18
guiverc22.04.2 (milestone) is visible; ISO is at 'near-RC' ; 20230217.1  (fyi only)23:36
* guiverc adds our checklist is full anyway... no issues are expected (for us anyway)23:37

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