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SomeDude56Hi, I am having an issue with my Lubuntu wifi, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me04:02
SomeDude56Lubuntu cant seem to find the wifi adapter on the computer I installed it on04:02
guivercSomeDude56, what release of Lubuntu, have you tried using the Ubuntu wifi troubleshooting (the base of Lubuntu is of course Ubuntu so it applies; the device recognition section the most useful as it lets to work out what chipset your wifi needs & thus you can search for details..)04:18
SomeDude5616:04 i believe04:21
SomeDude56i am having issues getting it to recognize the wifi card / adapter in the computer04:21
guivercThe oldest supported release of Lubuntu is Lubuntu 20.04 LTS.   All supported releases of Lubuntu use LXQt, you're no doubt not; 16.04 reached EOSS back in April 2021 so your machine should be kept offline, no-wifi is actually a good thing I suspect04:26
guivercYou can pay for 16.04 ESM support; but it's not worth it with Lubuntu in my opinion, I'd suggest using a supported release.04:26
guivercfyi.  16.04 tells you it was the 2016-April release (year.month format; add 2000 to year) which had 5 years standard support for Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud etc & 3 years for flavors like Lubuntu.04:28
FatPhilhaving a spot of bother with a live usb - looks like I got some fs corruption, and I can't do a normal boot. I've got into recovery mode, and it told be there were errors, unsure how to proceed...09:22
FatPhilit did let me resume a normal boot from there, but the gui's different from how it last looked, it doesn't fit neatly in my QEMU window any more09:26
FatPhilI'll just do a restart without going through recovery mode09:26
FatPhilOh, it's a "persistent live" image, for reference09:28
FatPhilah, yes, normal boot restored the desktop to the high-viz mode I'm used to.09:29
FatPhilcan I check all packages are correctly installed and not corrupted?09:30
FatPhildebsums isn't installed, and muon package manager won't run: "The package system could not be initialised, your configuration may be broken"09:37
FatPhilapt install debsums also fails "Reading package list... Error!" plus some other error lines09:39
FatPhileven apt list fails09:43
FatPhilugh, now firefox fails too, which is the only reason I run the image09:58
FatPhilbooting straight from the usb stick rather than in a QEMU is also failing with a kernel panic.09:59
FatPhiltrying recovery mode again10:00
FatPhil......./casper/filesystem.squashfs: mismatch10:03
FatPhilCHeck finished: errors found in 1 files! You might encounter errors.10:04
FatPhilfsck option says "/lib/recovery-mode/recovery-menu: line 80: /etc/default/rcS: No such file or directory" and then does nothing10:05
FatPhilroot shell lets me see that indeed, that file doesn't exist10:06
FatPhilI can't bring up networking, but can't see how it's failing10:23
FatPhilnothing in /var/log10:24
arraybolt3FatPhil: OK so what happened? This is a normal live USB?17:56
arraybolt3Or one with persistence?17:56
arraybolt3If this is a USB, I'd back up my data, reflash the USB, and restore data.17:56
dragon_has anyone installed Ubuntu lately?18:14
dragon_I am wondering if I should go for lubuntu or Ubuntu this time18:14
dragon_I have grown to like the lubuntu desktop interface, easy and simple 18:14
dragon_It is a while since I had Ubuntu18:14

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