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axinohello ! where would I file a bug against the "Daemons using outdated libraries" popup that appears during apt operations ? apt itself ?01:06
sarnoldaxino: I think that's the needrestart package01:11
JackFrostneedrestart-session is a different source package I believe.01:52
sarnoldTIL there's a needrestart-session01:53
utkarsh2102is there a way to get a permalink of lines in a file in LP?10:49
utkarsh2102I'd like to make this a permalink: https://git.launchpad.net/livecd-rootfs/tree/live-build/auto/config#n93710:49
utkarsh2102how'd I go about it?10:49
JackFrostutkarsh2102: Maybe I should introduce a ping so you see that.11:01
utkarsh2102JackFrost: sweeet, thank you! :)11:02
JackFrostSure thing!11:02
nteodosioCan I please have these autopkgtests triggered? https://termbin.com/qeh9h12:20
kyleAhi all, I am trying live build, when i lb config then update the bootstrap file to use jammy, the lb bootstrap works but lb chroot fails. also lb config then lb build fails based on a package not supported anymore but i am unsure how to correct /usr/share/libe/build/funcions/defaults.sh the theme reffered to there seems to be a alias12:29
kyleAsorry for the longer message, just wanted to explain as clearly as i no how what i have tried12:29
kanashiro[m]ahasenack: could you tell me the next steps regarding the docker.io situation? What do you want me to do exactly?12:35
ahasenackwell, my sru shift is over12:36
ahasenackI would like to know why the kinetic+ lxd needs to be privileged, and jammy doesn't, since both use the same lxd snap12:37
ahasenackto see if it's a change in the new docker, or something else12:37
ahasenackand that was a change that was not discussed in the bug, it was just slipped in, that was unconfortable, given that the sru criteria for this type of sru is the dep8 test, and the dep8 test was changed like that12:38
ahasenackso maybe a new bug that is about this change (lxd must be privileged now in kinetic and later, for <reasons>)12:38
ahasenackmaybe I'm being too strict, that's fine, maybe another sru team member can have another opinion12:39
ahasenackand this would be the third accept for docker.io in this single bug :)12:40
ahasenack(if I'm not mistaken)12:40
ograahasenack, probably a silly guess, but did the newer lxd snap stop adding the lxd group (or stop adding users to it)12:42
kanashiro[m]ahasenack: to be clear I am not asking you to do anything now, I just wanted to understand what are my next steps to make this land12:47
ahasenackwell, if I were preparing this sru, that's what I would do. Get dep8 runs with and without the privileged container, and try to determine why it's suddenly necessary (if it really is)12:48
ahasenackand I understand that the dep8 infrastructure might not be well enough for these tests :/12:48
kanashiro[m]and I understand you being strict, however, this is not a regression, the current version in the archive fails in the same way. I'll try to find the answers for you12:48
ahasenackI tried that locally during my shift, and the test was failing with and without the privileged option12:48
kanashiro[m]I ran locally with the qemu backend and I was able to reproduce the failure and then verify the fix12:49
ahasenackI used a qemu vm, with the ssh "backend", like I always do12:49
ahasenackI was about to create a ppa for myself, upload these packages there, and test myself12:50
ahasenackbut then the day ended12:50
ahasenackI also agree that the deb x snap situation of lxd made many tests not run in the past, and that was considered "normal" (a mistake, if you ask me)12:50
ahasenackso we may just be seeing NOW something that was broken a long time ago12:51
ahasenackbut still, the diff between kinetic and jammy is intriguing, given it's the same snap (not installde by the deb-to-snap pacakge)12:51
ahasenackand in the sru you don't have the extra privileged flag for jammy12:51
ahasenackso something is going on12:51
kanashiro[m]but since this is out there for almost a year I would have expected at least a single bug report against docker.io complaining about it12:52
kanashiro[m]but I understand, I'll try to find what's happening12:53
nteodosioCan I please have these autopkgtests triggered? https://termbin.com/qeh9h [Repeated in case it has been buried]13:45
sergiodjsil2100: hey, do you know what's going on with bileto?  I can't login and I'm getting lots of error 500 messages13:49
sil2100sergiodj: hey. hm, let me ask IS to restart it in a bit13:50
schopinnteodosio: on it.13:54
sergiodjsil2100: thanks13:55
nteodosioCan I please have a re-trigger of https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=bionic&arch=arm64&package=chromium-browser&ppa=canonical-chromium-builds/stage&trigger=chromium-browser/110.0.5481.100-0ubuntu0.18.04.117:08
axinoJackFrost: so "Daemons using outdated libraries" comes from needrestart-session and not needrestart ?17:54
sergiodjquestion for the SRU folks: when an MRE upload fixes an existing Ubuntu bug, do we require an SRU text for such bug?  my gut feeling says yes, but I'm not entirely sure20:07
bdmurraysergiodj: If it is explicitly called out in the changelog (which I'd expect given what you said) yes.20:08
sergiodjbdmurray: cool, that's what I thought, thanks for confirming, Brian20:09
rbasakbdmurray: ^ IMHO, it shouldn't be required because it's covered by the MRE, and therefore there's no need for individual verification. Otherwise we're just discouraging uploaders from linking everything together with good bug reference, automatic closure of bugs as the fix lands, etc. I would ask for a note in the SRU bug explaining that it's covered by the MRE bug though, and for the person driving23:10
rbasakthe SRU to mark the appropriate verification-done tags with a comment explaining, to avoid any confusion.23:10

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