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chromebittinnew episode today of the podcast?08:07
chromebittin@ amurray 08:20
amurraychromebittin: yes, I am editing it right now :)10:36
chromebittinamurray: ah alright will listen to it later today or tommorow then, after your done editing and uploading :)10:38
amurraychromebittin: https://ubuntusecuritypodcast.org/episode-187/11:23
chromebittinamurray: thanks have a meeting i have to attend soon but will listen later during the afternoon11:28
chromebittindid have time to listen to the episode now14:14
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mdeslaurtsimonq2: are you working on a git merge? if not, mind if I do it?15:43
tsimonq2mdeslaur: 🟢 / ack15:45
mdeslaurtsimonq2: lol, what is that, an apple?15:46
tsimonq2mdeslaur: Although, I doubt it will migrate soon due to autopkgtests. :)15:46
tsimonq2¯\_(ツ)_/¯ supposed to be a green light :D15:46
mdeslauroh hah :)15:47
mdeslaurtsimonq2: ok thanks, I'll do it15:47
mdeslaurjust trying to clear up the open list of CVEs before the feature freeze15:47
cipherboy\o hey all -- is there a place where security updates' ddebs are published? libnss3 = 2:3.68.2-0ubuntu1.1 is missing from ddebs.ubuntu.com for jammy but is in the security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jammy-updates repository. 15:48
tsimonq2mdeslaur: No worries, thanks!15:49
mdeslaurcipherboy: huh, that's odd, I would have expected them to be there15:52
cipherboymdeslaur: Yeah, me too... I get one result for apt info on the debgsym (== 2:3.68.2-0ubuntu1) but two for libnss3... I've got a local rebuild running though, that should tide me over when it finishes. Thank you for confirming though, I guess I've not forgotten everything! ;-)15:58
mdeslaurcipherboy: are you researching a crash, or are you awaiting a security update? (I'm working on nss updates as we speak)15:59
cipherboymdeslaur: Neither, just trying to debug a PKCS#11 token, seeing some weird behavior so was hoping for NSS symbols to isolate us vs NSS. 16:00
mdeslaurI see, cool16:00
sarnoldcipherboy: I wonder if this would help? https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/service-debuginfod ddebs is sadly pretty unreliable ;(20:51
mdeslaurdoesn't that just scrape ddebs.u.c?20:53
sarnoldI heard some grumbling about having a gigantic ebs-style block device served from ceph for storage, rather than collecting objects from swift storage .. so I assumed it grabbed the ddebs from the librarian instead of ddebs20:57
sarnoldbut now that you say it, I'm not sure :/20:57
mdeslauryeah, I'm not either, and now I'm curious :)20:58

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