Petya35Hello! :)18:09
penguin42oh hi18:12
Petya35I need a little help. I recently updated my Ubuntu to 22.04.2 LTS. In the Snap Store I can see 5 updates but when I click on the update button, it says the snap has no updates available. How can I solve this problem?18:13
=== Petya35 is now known as Peter_HU
Peter_HUI found this and it solved my problem.18:19
Peter_HUGood night!18:19
daftykinsHungarians are coming to us for support now, what wrong turn are they making? :D21:35
zxmpimight be tryingg to practice their english?22:32
daftykinscould be - i remember there's been a spate of question asking guests, i wondered if they had gotten the impression Brits are always happy to lend a hand22:34
daftykins...i soon put them right ;)22:34
zxmpimight be small local language channels are quiet so if they have english they seek out any active english speaking channel23:11
daftykinsmakes sense23:12
daftykinswould have thought going to main would be the best bet though23:12

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