arraybolt3I guess I spend too much time doing other things.00:00
leftyfbarraybolt3: you should learn systemd. It'll be worth it00:00
pycuriousI didnt know there was crontab @reboot!00:00
arraybolt3leftyfb: :P You're probably right.00:00
NickHAnything is difficult if you don't know how to do it.00:00
cobraerikoCan I save a backup image of my old SSD (that had Ubuntu installed) and re-install Ubuntu on my new SSD using that backup file? I aim to restore all my apps, files, settings, etc., from my old drive and don't care about what's on the new one00:07
leftyfbcobraeriko: you can image your old ubuntu SSD onto the new one. But again, I personally don't recommend doing that unless you don't have any interest in having a fresh and cleaner running system nor learning how to restore from a proper backup00:10
arkanoidI have to run an appimage as root to make it access a device, but non-appimage userland tools can access same device00:13
EriC^^cobraeriko: look into clonezilla00:13
arkanoidhow can I change and set permission for an appimage?00:13
EriC^^cobraeriko: are the sizes identical of both ssd?00:14
cobraerikothe size of the new ssd is larger00:14
EriC^^ok use clonezilla should be easier00:14
cobraerikoFsck says the filesystem on the old SSD is clean. But I’m afraid of cloning it onto the new SSD because of the reason I upgraded the drive in the first place: that it stopped booting Ubuntu properly (the login menu would not appear on boot)00:18
Habbiethe old drive currently does not boot?00:19
leftyfbcobraeriko: you should REALLY install Ubuntu from scratch on the new drive and restore files from the old one as needed00:19
Habbie+1 to that00:19
Habbieespecially if things are broken right now00:19
EriC^^cobraeriko: what happened when you tried to boot?00:19
oerheksarkanoid, care to share what appimage, and what device?00:19
EriC^^i think he should figure out why it wasnt booting as well, probably nothing wrong with the old ssd00:20
Habbiethat's also likely true00:20
leftyfbthere's a new, large SSD00:20
EriC^^ah right00:20
arkanoidoerheks: hackrf (usb). It works with userland tools like hackrf_transfer, but Sigdigger appimage (https://github.com/BatchDrake/SigDigger) works only if executed with sudo00:20
EriC^^he said he will be cleaning out the old one so doesnt matter i guess00:21
arkanoidoerheks: that software use SDR middleware SoapySDR. The userland util SoapySDRUtil --find also succeeds in finding the usb device without sudo00:22
cobraerikoIf I restore files as needed from the old one, can I transfer my local flask apps that have remote git repos? SSH credentials and KVM virtual machines?00:22
arkanoidit seems that the appimage lives in a separate world of permissions00:23
leftyfbarkanoid: you'll need to seek support with appimages from the maintainer/distributor00:25
leftyfbcobraeriko: yes, you can restore most, if not all of that00:25
oerheksyes, i see not fix for that00:25
leftyfbarkanoid: the KVM's might be a bit harder. I don't have experience with that00:25
arkanoiddo appimages live in a virtual machine?00:26
Habbiei do - how are the KVMs managed?00:26
leftyfbarkanoid: they are their own encapsulated environment00:26
Habbieleftyfb, i think you meant to address cobraeriko about the KVMs, not arkanoid :)00:26
Habbiebut i see how the two topics just almost aligned00:26
Habbiecobraeriko, how are you managing the KVMs on the old system/SSD ?00:27
arkanoidit doesn't seems to me that appimage technology makes use of virtual machines00:27
leftyfbarkanoid: it doesn't00:28
Habbiearkanoid, no, but linux has many "lighter" encapsulation models (namespaces) that are not virtual machines00:28
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Habbie(that said, i know nothing about appimages)00:28
leftyfbthey aren't officially supported in Ubuntu AFAIK00:28
arkanoidthanks for the feedback, I'll ask somewhere else00:32
cobraerikoon the old system. I was managing the KVMs with QEMU (if that makes sense). Was using ssh to get into the Ubuntu Server on one of my VM's00:33
Habbieqemu? or libvirt? how did you start/stop VMs?00:34
cobraerikovirsh start {vm-name}00:35
Habbieok, so libvirt00:35
Habbiethen the VM tends to have two parts - some xml in /etc/libvirt, and an image file (likely a qcow2, likely in /var/lib/libvirt/images00:35
cobraerikoon the virtual maching was a Ubuntu server that had a Flask web-app with a reverse-proxy nginx server and gunicorn app server. The web app was hosting a website00:38
cobraerikoThe DNS records pointed to my public IP which routed to the IP of my virtual machine that had the web-app.00:41
cobraerikoCan I clone the old VM to my new drive and copy the SSH credentials to my new drive so I can run this VM and SSH into it?00:47
leftyfbcobraeriko: Habbie already told you where the files are stored for your VM's. SSH credentials are stored in ~/.ssh/00:48
cobraerikoOk thanks allo00:49
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xxywhat's name of Ubuntu network manager service ?01:14
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sybaritenhey hey03:49
sarnoldhey sybariten03:49
sybariteni was wondering if someone could shed some light on an error message or rather warning, cause i find it a bit tricky to understand03:50
sybaritenSo i am running ubuntu 22.04 and i'm trying to install node.js via apt. Apart from the more typical procedure, i get this ncurses-like pink fullscreen message that says  "Newer kernel available  /  The currently running kernel version is 5.15.0-58-generic which is not the expected kernel version 5.15.0-60-generic.  /  Restarting the system to load the new kernel will not be handled automatically,03:51
sybaritenso you should consider rebooting."03:51
sybaritenA kernel is somethoing i would need to manually install anyhow, right? So how is a reboot going to change anything?03:51
leftyfbsybariten: your kernel is kept up to date like any other package03:52
leftyfbin order to run the newly installed kernel as opposed to the one you are running now, you need to reboot03:52
sybaritenBut, _am_ i going to run the new kernel if i reboot now? The warning message just has an "OK" button.03:53
sybaritenSo the install of node.js prompted an update of my kernel?03:53
leftyfbI can't answer that. I don't think so.03:54
sybariten"prompted" meaning, forced or started03:54
sarnoldsybariten: ugh I hate that thing03:54
sybaritenuh actually the top of the warning message says "pending kernel upgrade", that sounds like something that's actually going to happen then.03:55
sarnoldsybariten: there's some advice on https://askubuntu.com/a/1424249/33812  for how you can get rid of that03:55
sybaritenWell in any case i guess i can just press OK now anyhow, this is more like an information i suppose03:55
leftyfbsybariten: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade   # this will get you up to date. You can compare your running kernel with "uname -a" and a list of installed kernels "apt list --installed linux-image*"03:56
sybaritensarnold: aaah right, i've been in that thread before. Maybe it was even you who linked it.03:57
sarnoldlol maybe ;)03:57
sybaritenleftyfb: and it's more or less "harmless" ?03:58
Bashing-omsybariten: sysop@x2204mini:~$ uname -r >> 5.15.0-60-generic . Do you gave that latest kernel installed ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' ?03:58
leftyfbsybariten: yes03:58
sybaritenBashing-om: hmm come again?03:58
SomeDudeHi, I was wondering if I could get assistance with a Ubuntu / Lubuntu question03:58
leftyfbBashing-om: dpkg -l | grep linux-image|grep ^ii03:59
leftyfbBashing-om: this is why I go with apt03:59
Bashing-omsybariten: Sorry typo - the latest kernel that the warning also calls for is "5.15.0-60-generic" is that vesion installed now ?04:00
leftyfbBashing-om: or better: dpkg -l | grep ^ii.*linux-image04:00
sybaritenBashing-om: well i guess i'm on 58 since thats what they said there, but let me double check04:00
sybaritenuhhh well leftys last command there gives three differentlines as output ..04:01
sybaritenit says 58, then 60, then virtual04:01
sybaritenOK so uname -r says 5804:02
NickHSo you installed a new kernel sometime between now and your last reboot.04:02
tomreynSomeDude: just ask, that's what this channel is for. :)04:03
NickHThat is the most simple explanation.04:03
z4kzhow do I apt upgrade kept back packages all at once?04:03
sybaritenMaybe i should reboot this machine and see what happens. It's a bit scary just becaouse its a vps which i've never rebooted or anything04:03
z4kzwithout having to explicitly name each package04:03
leftyfbz4kz: you copy and paste the list of packages and run them with apt install04:03
SomeDudeHi, I am having an issue with my Lubuntu wifi, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me04:03
SomeDudesince installation 16.04 it cant find the wifi adapter for some reason04:04
z4kzis there no other way to do it?04:04
SomeDudeis there a way to check for this through terminal?04:04
tomreynSomeDude: oh, 16.04 is no longer supported. try installing a current version.04:04
sybaritenbah i'll do it tomorrow... very late now. very late ...   thank you bashing, lefty, sarnold !04:04
sarnoldgn8 sybariten :)04:04
SomeDudehmmm laptop is about 20 years old, not sure it can handle a newer version of the OS04:05
sarnoldwhat's uname -a  report?04:05
NickHSomeDude: is this a new wifi adapter?04:06
SomeDude5.4.0-137-generic #154~18.04.01-Ubuntu04:06
tomreynSomeDude: if you need to run such old hardware, there are other linux distributions, which might work better on very old hardware. you could ask for suggestions in #linux04:06
sarnoldSomeDude: heh, you missed the architecture..04:07
leftyfbSomeDude: cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep "model name"|uniq04:09
tomreynz4kz: sudo apt full-upgrade04:09
leftyfbtomreyn: that won't catch phased upgrades04:10
tomreynright, but there's no reason to catch those anyways04:10
z4kztomreyn: thanks04:11
SomeDudemodel name: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-5704:12
tomreyn!phased | z4kz: as leftyfb pointed out, those may remain04:12
leftyfb!phasedupdates | z4kz those may remain04:13
ubottuz4kz those may remain: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.04:13
tomreynthanks leftyfb04:13
ViatonWidz[m]z4kz: apt upgrade ~U will do it, I think04:13
leftyfbwhere the heck does that come from?04:15
leftyfbViatonWidz[m]: either way, that's the same as apt full-upgrade04:15
tomreynaptitude, and apt's newer man pages04:15
ViatonWidz[m](7) apt-patterns It's the new hotness in becoming an apt daddy04:16
SomeDudeuname -a gave me: 5.4.0-137-generic #154~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 10 16:58:20 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:17
leftyfbSomeDude: it's 64bit. You can install the latest ubuntu04:18
sarnoldah good, that's 64 bit, it should run the newer systems04:18
sarnoldat least I think we can still boot BIOS..04:18
leftyfbwe can04:18
tomreynit'll have too little ram, though, most likely04:19
leftyfbSomeDude: though you might need one of the more "efficient" flavors like lubuntu or xubuntu04:19
sarnoldtomreyn: good point. lubuntu perhaps?04:19
SomeDudeI am running lubuntu04:19
NickHHow much ram do you have?04:19
SomeDudelubuntu 16:0404:19
leftyfbI would upgrade memory and get an SSD04:19
leftyfbbut by then, you could probably buy a new laptop for about the same price04:20
tomreyni#d upgrade the mainboard and cpu and storage, too04:20
sarnoldthat proc scores a 640 or so on the passmark bechmarks; I wouldn't put more money into that machine04:20
SomeDudelast time this happened someone helped me turn on the wifi port, that was the issue? is there a way to check that in terminal?04:20
MenzadorThat CPU's credit score need s work04:20
MenzadorOh geez, this is the actual support channel, /ignoreme04:20
leftyfbpretty sure a pi is around 900 :)04:21
sarnoldMenzador: lol04:22
sarnoldSomeDude: 'rfkill'?04:22
sarnoldleftyfb: I don't think passmark ranks anything that can't run windows :(04:22
leftyfbsarnold: quick google had someone compare it to another CPU04:22
sarnoldleftyfb: aha :)04:25
morgan-u2what program can I use to edit photos, especially to crop them?04:39
sarnoldgimp if you want something vaguely like photoshop04:40
guivercgimp is a very powerful tool & will crap photos, but there are smaller/easy apps too04:40
guivercgimp = graphic image manipulation tool (ie. loads of functions & powerful tool)04:41
SomeDudePhotoPea is a good browser based raster editor04:41
octav1abut it's not open source04:41
SomeDudetrue, GIMP is want a 100% open source raster editor04:42
octav1agimp is good for crop. Select area, ctrl+c , ctrl+shift+v, ctrl+shift+e04:42
ViatonWidz[m]gthumb got some basic editing tools04:42
guivercSomeDude, Lubuntu 16.04 is EOSS (end of standard support; https://fridge.ubuntu.com/2021/03/13/extended-security-maintenance-for-ubuntu-16-04-xenial-xerus-begins-april-30-2021/04:43
sarnoldif you want to do thousands of something, graphicsmagic is nice enough04:43
guivercand fyi SomeDude; I used devices as old as from 2003 in QA-testing releases up to Lubuntu 19.04... devices as old as 2005 using currently supported releases in QA04:44
SomeDudeokay, i;ll give it a try04:44
SomeDudeim running Lubuntu 16:04 and it already feels very slow, but I'll update it04:45
guivercSomeDude, you need to consider your machine resources & how you you'll use it with the OS/desktop you'll use; not waste resources but have them share... I still use devices from 2003 with 1GB of RAM; but i use them more carefully than I do this box for example; but you're off-topic here.04:46
guivercYou may also need to configure the machine a little post install (if your box lacks resources)...04:46
defianthey, what program/serice in ubuntu is managing the /media folder?05:57
arraybolt3!ru | mitsubishi06:45
ubottumitsubishi: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:45
_haois there a tool allow me to bind a key in specific app? like when inside firefox, I'd like to bind H to ctrl-left (history back).06:56
_haoI'm not looking for vimium/tridactyl here, actually trying to solve a problem when using them (their key sometimes cannot work)06:58
_haoalso, xdotools/ydotools don't on ubuntu07:01
arraybolt3_hao: You might be able to get xdotool to work on ubuntu if you log in using Xorg rather than Wayland.07:10
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hermanoI have a kvm guest up and running with a shared bridge with physical machine so both machines gets ip addresses from the physical router/DHCP. The machines can ping each other.08:14
hermanoThe problem I have is that I cannot get SSH running because I would need to "copy/paste" each respective SSH pubkey.08:14
hermanoOn guest I installed the 'spice'vdagent' and added the channel spice. Rebooted guest, but the "copy/paste" seems still to not work.08:15
alkisghermano: one way to transfer keys is to run this locally: cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | nc termbin.com 999908:28
alkisgand this remotely: mkdir .ssh; wget termbin.com/URL -O .ssh/authorized_keys; chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys08:28
hermanoI have followed this instruction to setup "kvm copy paste": https://askubuntu.com/questions/1375027/copy-paste-does-not-work-between-host-and-guest-ubuntu-spice-installed08:28
alkisgThere's also scp of course, assuming you do have a non-root user with interactive authentication enabled...08:28
hermanoalkisg, scp is runned on top of ssh. If ssh is not working, scp will not work.08:29
alkisghermano: e.g. on host1 I have administrator with interactive authentication; I can then use scp from host2 to host1 even though I can't ssh TO host2, because there I only have a root user with no interactive authentication08:30
alkisgSo in that case, "reverse scp" works, but not "forward scp", so  it's still possible to transfer the keys08:30
alkisgYour case may be different of course, you didn't provide all the details08:31
hermanoalkisg, ah ok.08:31
hermanoAnyone care to explain how the working "KVM copy paste" should be? How do you perform the copy respective the paste?08:35
clarkkugh, really not happy. I'm on ubuntu 20.04. I updated yesterday, and now the bluetooth is unreliable. Something similar happened about a year ago, and I managed to work around it until some random update fixed it. There are different bluetooth symptoms today; they're more intrusive, and stop me working. I have no idea how to work around them. I just feel like moving to another distro if I can't rely on ubuntu.08:46
clarkkI'd like to undo the updates yesterday, but I guess that's not possible?08:46
clarkkThe problems are that, when using my bluetooth headset to watch a youtube video, the system will lock up. The youtube spinner will show. I have to switch off the headset to "release" the video. However, then the CPU usage will go up, with bluetoothd, dbus-daemon and pulseaudio taking 100%. I run systemctl restart bluetooth, which resolves that, but then my headset won't connect. Does anyone have any suggestions, please?08:46
clarkkI've tried rebooting. The problem reoccurs quite quickly, so that's not a feasible solution.08:47
akiki have trouble using nvidia 920m optimus with fedora (xid kernel errors). i read that bumblebee would still exist in ubuntu. would that help in my case?08:49
BencraftHi, on Ubuntu 22.10 with nvidia-driver-525, if I set my second monitor to anything other than it's native res (3840x2160) it goes blank. I'm trying to set it to 2560x1440 to match my primary monitor (3440x1440).09:07
BencraftThis has only stopped working since upgrading from 22.04.09:07
clarkkrebooting. Will say something when I'm back09:25
clarkkI'm back10:08
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WeeBeyHello frens. I want to just leave a bit of information in case someone comes across it: After installing a Kernel newer than 5.19.xx (double digits), VirtualBox7 stopped working and could not rebuild modules. This is because it needs gcc-12 and /sbin/gcc points to gcc-12; I d/l 12 and replaced the symlink. This does the job and I'm back in business.12:19
WeeBey(I'm on 22.04)12:20
ograso just dont install unsupported ad untested kernels then ...12:21
retrotürk var mı12:22
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.12:22
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kyleAhi all i have a question about live build, is this the right channel to ask?12:23
ograkyleA, you can try ... people familiar with live-build code are typically in #ubuntu-devel though12:25
kyleAokay that helps i can ask there :) thank you12:26
akikTJ-'s guide on full disk encryption for 2019 worked well. only improvement i could think of is if you wanted to install on /dev/sda9 (luks boot) and /dev/sda10 (luks root) that i needed to be really careful to use the correct devices13:45
akiki'm dual booting with windows13:46
akiki mean this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201913:47
bitbingeHey, my laptop's speakers volume is really low. Is there a trick to make the sound itself, fe. movies in a video player amplified a magnitude? The gnome system volume set to 150% does nothing and is a pain to work with.14:04
bitbingeMovies typically have their audio track volume's very low for whatever reason and when you then switch to say listen to some music, the difference can be painful.14:05
akikbitbinge: i used pactl or pacmd to increase the volume14:07
akikbitbinge: https://paste.linux.chat/?1bbeb7ac939070c4#DitziKx1ufRQSXosjLDuUG8KGw7ZdXSRZMAA8TpNW4dY14:08
akiki haven't tested that in a while so i don't know if it still works14:08
akikfirst snap i install in ubuntu 20.04 (chromium) and it's dog slow to install :(14:09
bitbingeakik, increase globally by a few times?14:10
akikmaybe this is easier: pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 100%14:11
akikjust try which one works14:11
akikyes increases globally14:11
bitbingeOk, thanks!14:12
akiki need to use pactl list short sinks first14:12
akikthe system doesn't have sink 014:12
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Guest65Yesterday I asked how to get midi to work but unfortunately nobody knew. Today I have installed something called fluidsynth, which can play midi files locally. Still not getting any music in games with midi however14:22
Guest65The game lists the following options for music (some of which were not present before installing fluidsynth): Synth Input Port (1101:0) 0, Synth Input Port (29800:0) 1, Midi Through Port 0-214:26
Guest65Unfortunately, none of them work14:26
Guest65Does anyone know how I may troubleshoot this?14:28
geosmileuswhy is ssh -X not working from one machine to another. This is the error I get (Both Ubuntu boxes): Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused14:36
geosmileus** (gthumb:292658): CRITICAL **: 09:36:09.880: Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display:14:36
leftyfbgeosmileus: on both machines, run: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE14:37
geosmileusboth are tty14:38
geosmileusalso echo $DISPLAY on remote is empty14:38
leftyfbcan you run it locally as opposed to over SSH?14:38
geosmileusleftyfb, gthumb you mean? yes14:40
geosmileusoops - no it core dumped - looking14:40
leftyfbno, I mean echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE  run that locally on each machine, not over ssh14:40
leftyfbbut also, if the program you are running is core dumping, it certainly isn't going to work over ssh -X14:40
geosmileusleftyfb, I can't. The server is remote - not physically accessible14:40
leftyfbgeosmileus: you don't have out of band access to the server? What release of ubuntu is it?14:41
geosmileusdesktop: Description:Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS -- server: Description:Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS14:42
geosmileusleftyfb, any ideas?14:47
leftyfbgeosmileus: on your local machine, not over ssh, run:  echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE14:48
symcalI'm just curious if somebody has experience wit the fingerprint sensors. I've got a lenovo with 04f3:0c4b sensor which should be supported. But fprintd-enroll name says `impossible to enroll : No device available`14:50
symcalubuntu 22.04.1 x86_6414:51
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grymi'm trying to use pulseaudio-equalizer, which provides the tool `qpaeq`.  I have installed it, but the application fails to start with a python qt5 error.  But, i think i have all the dependencies installed; what gives? https://bpa.st/MHLHI15:02
akikbitbinge: did the volume adjusting work with pactl?15:07
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grymalternatively: if there are other os-level equalizers out there, i'm (heh) all ears15:19
GreatEmeraldI'm trying to install Jammy on a new PC, but Ubiquity keeps crashing when it reaches the bootloader installation part. The logs are saying that it's trying to run zsys-setup finalize, but I'm not using zfs at all, so it crashes. Can I get around that?15:28
GreatEmeraldNamely, `zsys-setup finalize` simply quits because `zsys-setup init` was not run (and for a good reason, as it would also crash)15:29
GreatEmeraldAfter that I get a Python traceback saying "GrubInstaller failed with code 1"15:30
alkisgGreatEmerald: what's the output of this command inside the live session? ( sudo lslbk -fe7; sudo ls /sys/firmware/efi ) | nc termbin.com 999915:34
GreatEmeraldalkisg: https://termbin.com/361qu15:36
alkisgGreatEmerald: btrfs mirror for root?15:37
GreatEmeraldI also tried to see if changing the device to install the bootloader to would make a difference, but it crashes the same way no matter which I select15:37
alkisgGreatEmerald: and `sudo fdisk -l` says the partition table is gpt, not msdos, right?15:38
GreatEmeraldalkisg: Yes, that's how I created it15:38
alkisgOK, then the grub/uefi parts look good,so I guess it's choking at the btrfs/mirror part somehow15:39
alkisgBtw if you're using mirror, it might be best to add a second esp, to be able to run with just the second disk15:39
GreatEmeraldHmm, true, though I always doubt whether the two would actually sync up if there are any GRUB updates15:40
GreatEmeraldAnd the UEFI might get confused, but I could set it up later in any case15:41
alkisgYou'd need a post script for that; proxmox does it automatically, you might copy theirs15:41
GreatEmeraldIn any case, I wonder if ubiquity somehow starts thinking that the setup is zfs at some point, rather than btrfs15:42
alkisgWhen UEFI won't find the first disk,it'll fall back to "any disk", and boot from the second one. I tried it with esp/zfs mirror root, it should be the same with esp/btrfs15:42
alkisgQuite possible judging from the messages; it certainly appears like some bug15:42
alkisgYou might have to install in a normal partitioning scheme, and then copy the result... as a workaround until the bug is addressed15:43
GreatEmeraldI could try having ubiquity format the btrfs volumes, then afterwards manually do a dev add and balance15:44
GreatEmeraldBut it's a bit annoying because I want to make sure I have /var on a subvolume15:45
GreatEmeraldOtherwise I have to move it, make a subvolume, copy, remove...15:45
GreatEmeraldYeah, in the crashing script it says that it runs zsys-setup finalize only if ubiquity/use_zfs is set in its database. so something somewhere must be setting it15:51
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GreatEmeraldalkisg: I did a balance and dev remove to unmirror just the /, and indeed now ubiquity doesn't crash any more! It works fine with the /home mirrored, it seems. Good, then I can just balance and dev add again and I don't need to mess with anything.16:05
alkisgNice :)16:06
jhutchinsThere is something to be said for simplicity.16:18
GreatEmeraldIt installed somewhat successfully, it still messed up my /home mount a bit, apparently the files were still written to the / drive, and when mounting they get masked16:22
GreatEmeraldA bit of mount and mv later, and all is working very well16:23
xantrexHi, i am quite new to ubuntu (22.04.1 LTS) and want to install nmap. The version available on apt is 7.91 but i want the latest 7.93. Is there an option available that doesnt involve compiling source16:35
EriC^^xantrex: you could use snap16:36
EriC^^snap install nmap16:36
xantrexi did use the snap version but it doesnt work properly with metaspoit16:37
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 17653 in rapid7/metasploit-framework "The nmap executable could not be found" [Open]16:37
leftyfbxantrex: what's in nmap 7.93 that you need that isn't in nmap 7.91?16:37
xantrexthats a good question, i dont know, maybe nothing...16:37
leftyfbxantrex: then I wouldn't bother16:38
xantrexits the easiest solution16:38
leftyfbright, to a problem that doesn't really exist :)16:39
m15kHi I created a ntfs partion on a new ssd (which is bigger) and dd the old partition to the new sdd. Now the partition has the new size, but it seems that in Windows the size is still old. Any idea how I could fix that?16:51
leftyfbm15k: you should be asking in #windows16:51
leftyfbm15k: future reference, if you're going to image a filesystem onto a partition, you do not need to format it first. You just need the partition created16:52
m15kThe partition size iis stored somewhere in GPT?16:53
leftyfbm15k: you need to resize the filesystem, in this case it's NTFS that you're trying to use on Windows. Please go ask in #windows16:54
leftyfboctav1a: can we help you with something?16:54
octav1aI don't think so. Thank you for asking and being part of a very commendable free software project, though!16:56
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furyis there a way to remove all the /dev/ttyS0..31 that it makes? i'm trying to set up a laptop for simple embedded device flashing & testing, and part of the procedure is to select a serial port. however, the browser lists all ttyS* before all ttyUSB*, and ttyUSB* is the only one that's actually active. so i have to scroll every time. i'd rather delete the unused serial ports to streamline. i tried rm /dev/ttyS* but no dice :(17:07
pinkponyprinceI am greenman pinkponyprince back again.17:18
bitbingeakik, no, pactl doesn't do what I want.17:49
bitbingeI want to make the sound itself have higher volume, this just changes the system wide volume over the 100% limit and the sound is horrible.17:50
bitbingeIf I connect an external sound card, I can adjust the volume much higher without sound degradation.17:50
bitbingeIt seems VLC can do that, but only to 200%, I need higher.17:52
bitbingeand preferably system wide17:59
grymon 18.04 LTS, i'm trying to use pulseaudio-equalizer, which provides the tool `qpaeq`, but the apt-provided package is broken.  I have installed it, but the application fails to start with a python qt5 error.  But, i think i have all the dependencies installed; what gives? https://bpa.st/MHLHI18:02
iconoclastheroUbuntu 22.04: should XDG_CONFIG_HOME be set such that echo "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME" results in some directory, e.g., $HOME/.config?18:12
akikbitbinge: but you said your problem is too low volume?18:12
akikbitbinge: is it only in some certain app?18:13
bitbingeYup. So far the best thing I found out is setting vlc to 300%, it's not perfect but works for movies.18:13
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bitbingeMaybe the next limit is the hardware.18:16
dragon_are anyone booted in Ubuntu now? I am either going for lubuntu or ubuntu18:19
dragon_I think18:19
iconoclastheroxdg-user-dirs-update --dummy-output PICTURES > Can't save user-dirs.dirs, failed to create directory18:21
leftyfbiconoclasthero: trying giving it the full path18:31
leftyfbor not18:32
leftyfbiconoclasthero: what are you trying to accomplish exactly? (without mentioning xdg-user-dirs-update)18:33
nonix4_amdgpu null ptr deref kinda locked me out again... any chances of making screens wake up after such with ssh access?18:35
nb-bendo snaps use a layered filesystem?18:49
ravagenb-ben: squashfs. no layers really18:52
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nb-benyeah.. figured this out from github repo just as you said. Meh. I'm looking for a replacement for overlayfs, since that doesn't work with ZFS18:54
nb-benI specifically need upperdir to be the mountpoint too, which makes this extra difficult18:54
nonix4_does ubuntu-bug support reporting amdgpu crashes (kernel module null deref, when using wayland)?19:36
furyhooray, i got rid of all 32 serial ports :D have to add 8250.nr_uarts=0 to the boot command line (/etc/default/grub) and then sudo update-grub20:42
yuziHi, is there any descent free vpn to use20:50
haohi, I keep getting dconf warning like this: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/cYHFWJ7mH7/20:54
haoI remember I once changed /etc/dconf/profile/user, added a line "service-db:keyfile/user" into it, dont know if this modification has anything to do with the warning20:56
ioriahao, sudo dconf update20:58
sarnoldyuzi: tor?20:59
haoioria, that doesn't fix this20:59
yuzisarnold, no21:00
haoI see no site/local file in /etc/dconf after running `dconf update`, too21:01
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dragon_has anyone issues with keyboard not working properly after install?23:09
oerheksno recent reports in this channel, what is your issue exactly?23:10
dragon_I have an HP with a windows keyboard23:11
dragon_I have no key "b" or "n"23:11
sarnoldsomeone had an oddball system in here a few days / weeks ago, that required specific kernel modules loaded for it to work23:11
tomreynthat was me, but the issue was limited to initrd where these kernel modules weren't loaded, yet.23:12
dragon_the control shift keys for @ and dollar, euro signs isn`t working either23:12
tomreyndragon_'s issue sounds different so far23:12
tomreynis this a bluetooth keyboard?23:12
dragon_no, a regular portable HP pavillion, laptop, the basic keyboard in the pc23:13
tomreyncan you connect an external keyboard and thus work around it for now?23:14
dragon_I may try that, I have to get one first23:16
tomreynyou may want to set up an ssh server on it and start that automatically (possibly by chroot'ing into the installed system from a live iso), then connect to that and inspect your logs23:18
oerhekswhen i bing 'linux  B and n keys not working on HP laptop' tons of posts23:19
SleePyQuick question.  "apt upgrade -y", in 22.04, I get the "Kernel has been updated screen, which stops it from proceeding.  Any way to have it just continue on past that and the prompt for restarting services?23:28

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