user|43my device is Hp running your programs. I think I have totally messed everything up and I don't know how to fix. Can anyone go into my computer and fix it for me??00:22
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user|76HI when i am trying to update i noticed a UEFI won't install it says " the input is not of cabinet format"02:21
user|76what does that mean?02:21
valoriebummer, user|76 has left, but https://askubuntu.com/questions/1429678/impossible-to-update-uefi-dbx might help03:20
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urbanfbiHi, I'm trying to change the default ssh service port from 22 to something else. I've installed openssh-server and created a file /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/001_config.conf with the Content "Port 24". I did "sudo service ssh restart". But if I do "sudo systemctl status ssh" It still says: erver listening on :: port 2218:02
urbanfbiCan anyone help me fixing this?18:02
alkisgurbanfbi: which ubuntu version?18:04
urbanfbi@alkisg kubuntu 22.1018:04
alkisgurbanfbi: what's the output of this command? sudo grep -rwE 'Port|sshd_config.d' /etc/ssh18:08
urbanfbi/etc/ssh/sshd_config:Include /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/*.conf18:10
urbanfbi/etc/ssh/sshd_config:# Port and ListenAddress options are not used when sshd is socket-activated,18:10
urbanfbi/etc/ssh/sshd_config:#Port 2218:10
urbanfbi/etc/ssh/ssh_config:#   Port 2218:10
urbanfbi/etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/001_config.conf:Port 2418:10
alkisgurbanfbi: it looks good; well anyway try to put it in /etc/ssh/sshd_config instead, and see if it works there18:12
alkisgThere was a bug in the past where it didn't accept it in a .d directory; I think it was solved a couple of years ago, but I might remember wrong18:12
alkisgIn my 22.04, I have the following and it works:18:14
alkisg/etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/alkisg.conf:Port 2218:14
alkisg/etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/alkisg.conf:Port 123418:14
urbanfbi"sudo systemctl status ssh" does still output "sshd[29658]: Server listening on :: port 22." if I change it in sshd_config.18:16
urbanfbiWhat is this message  >> Port and ListenAddress options are not used when sshd is socket-activated << relate to? May I have configured my sshd the wrong way, so that ListenAddress options are not used in my configuration?18:17
urbanfbiOk, I googled https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/sshd-now-uses-socket-based-activation-ubuntu-22-10-and-later/30189 ... since ubuntu 22.10, "socket-based-activation" is used, whatever that means :-) Does anybody know, how I can change the port with that configuration?18:20
alkisgurbanfbi: oh right, in 22.10 sshd started using a systemd service for activation18:53
alkisgI haven't looked into that yet, but you'd need to provide a service override to change the port in that case...18:53
urbanfbito everyone interested in a solution for chaning the default ssh service port on kubuntu 22.10: Create a file /etc/systemd/system/ssh.socket.d/addresses.conf and add the lines: "[Socket]", "ListenStream=" and "ListenStream=24". Then run the following commands in given order: "sudo systemctl daemon-reload", "sudo systemctl disable ssh.socket", "sudo systemctl stop ssh.socket", "sudo systemctl enable ssh.service" and "sudo systemctl start ssh.service".19:09
urbanfbi@alkisg: Thanks for your help!19:09
alkisgurbanfbi: eh, I think you did a double fix there19:10
alkisgFirst you fixed the socket to listen to another port, then you disabled the socket and switched to the old style service :D19:10
alkisgIn any case you're now twice as sure that this will work :D19:11
user|76hi how do you make the icons and the mouse pointer bigger?19:38
Dave92f1Hello, all! Does anybody know a way to change the icon that gets put on the desktop when a URL is dragged onto it from a web browser?19:38
user|76you can try right click on desktop and go to edit mode19:39
Dave92f1user|76: If you want to make EVERYTHING bigger (you have a high DPI screen and everything's too small), you can use SystemSettings>DisplayConfiguration>GlobalScale.19:40
Dave92f1user|76: Oops. I misspoke. It's in SystemSettings>DisplayAndMonitor>DisplayConfiguration>GlobalScale19:41
user|76ok its asking to restart so here i go19:42
Dave92f1For just icons, there's also SystemSettings>Appearance>Icons> then the button at the bottom "Configure Icon Sizes"19:42
Dave92f1user|76: For just mouse size there's SystemSettings>Appearance>Cursors> then "Size" at the bottom of that screen.19:43
user|76nope same problem19:43
Dave92f1Did you see the other 2 solutions I posted for icons and mouse?19:43
Dave92f1The one for mouse doesn't require a reboot - just click "Apply" in the lower right. (I just tried it.)19:44
Dave92f1If you search on "icon", or "mouse" or "scaling" in the search box at the top of SystemSettings, you'll find these things (I'm a newbie too - that's how I found them).19:45
user|76its actually in cursors i found it19:45
Dave92f1Did you click Apply? Did it work?19:45
user|76so for different parts of the screen the mouse pointer is big19:48
user|76however on websites and the general desktop it is smaller19:49
Dave92f1Sorry - maybe each app (like the web browser) has its own mouse settings (you could look). I'm newbie and don't know much myself.19:49
user|76yea me either19:50
Dave92f1Is your whole screen too small or is it just the icons and mouse cursor?19:50
user|76icons and mouse cursor19:50
Dave92f1Seems odd - usually those things all scale together. Sorry I can't be of help here.19:50
user|76its like 3 font size for mouse pointer and like size 10 font for icons19:50
Dave92f1Is it JUST desktop icons, or also icons in Dolphin?19:51
Dave92f1Are you on a laptop or a desktop?19:52
user|76yea the taskbar seems to be fine the mouse enlarges there once i exit onto the desktop or on websites its small19:57
user|76ok now i changed something and its all small again20:02
user|76i have noticed if you go to icon then configure icon sizes it sometimes makes changes20:02
user|76ok so it is small on the desktop and on websites but on the task bar and when i click on applications there the cursor is large20:12
mparilloI assume you rebooted? Or at least re-started Plasma?21:00
user76so i figured out you go to right click desktop then configure display. then scroll down to global scale adjust then restart22:32

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