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GentoonHello. I just dusted off an old desktop from 2007 I found in my garage05:41
GentoonInstalled the latest LTS package on. Id like to use it for a local cloud storage kind of thing where all my phones, tablets, laptops, etc can easily access it as network drive kind of thing. As well as have it stream some TV series and movies via DLNA to my smart TVs, phones and tablets. I'll get to the DLNA stuff later but as far as file sharing goes is a samba server the best bet? I kinda hate samba and would love it if there was 05:44
Gentoonanother alternative I can setup network drives in windows devices with as well as access from Android devices on my LAN? 05:44
alkisgFor file sharing with windows and android devices, samba is indeed the best06:12
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JanCalso depends if you want to share or sync or stream stuff...17:53
mohaOn a test lab, to deal with a special version of mariadb,  I have mirrored MariDB repos and added this line to the source list.d/mary.list: `deb [trusted=yes, allow-insecure=yes] jammy main` --> But still it asks for adding `--allow-unauthenticated`!19:23
oerheksi find ' To make sure that you see a warning while using an insecure repository, better use allow-insecure=yes ' ...19:30
oerhekstrusted=yes should be enough19:30
JanCmoha: why do you need allow-insecure?20:12
mohalooking for a solution to bypass `--allow-unauthenticated`20:13
JanCbut why is it unauthenticated?20:14
JanCthe right solution is to make sure it _is_ authenticated  :)20:16
mohait's a repo that has not been signed; in a lab env.20:16
mohaThe signing process should be done with Ansible that I'm not familiar with it well; The ansible playbook launches some LXC containers.20:18
JanCas oerheks said trusted=yes should be enough to disable warnings20:20
JanCalso, you might need allow-downgrade-to-insecure=yes if the repository used to be authenticated in the past?20:20
JanCstill, the best solution is to enable signing  :)20:22
JanC(signing of the Release file)20:22
znfwhy did they ever have to drop the legacy installer20:36
znfgod f* damn it20:36
znfbeen trying for 2 hours to install 22.04 over a crappy IPMI20:36
znfdownloading 1.4GB of ISO to network boot it is just dumb20:36
oerheksno need for such language, keep this channel family friendly, thanks.20:37
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znfyou try installing this crap for 2+ hours and tell me you're calm 20:37
JanCone problem is that the ISO is so huge, of course...20:42
JanCthere are some alternatives to netbooting the installer too, of course20:44
JanCIIRC about 1 GB of that 1.4 GB is firmwares...20:51
JanCwell, 1GB uncompressed20:51
JanCalternatives = netbooting any debian/ubuntu-like live image & using debootstrap, or something similar20:54
oerheksserver is used nowadays20:54
oerhekslegacy mini iso gives issues.20:54
JanCwhich can be a problem as server images are huge noways...  :)20:55
znfnever had issues with mini.iso for 10+ years20:57
znfI have no PXE environment in that datacenter, it's half-way across the world20:57
JanCit just bitrotted because nobody took care of it20:57
znfVirtual File booting from iDRAC fails20:57
JanC(it also was never officially supported, I think)20:57
znftrying to chainload ipxe works until it needs to remount iso 20:57
znfguess my only actual option is to 20.04 mini.iso and then dist-upgrade20:58
znfbut I'm not 100% sure that 22.04 has the driver required for my mellanox20:58
JanCznf: or if you can get to a shell from that, you can use debootstrap to install 22.0420:59
JanCinstead of having to upgrade21:00
znfcan't really boot shit that is large21:01
znfobviously, 20.04 mini.iso works just fine21:02
JanCif you can get a shell on that (or on any other live ISO based on Debian, or even any other linux), you should be able to install Ubuntu 22.04 using debootstrap21:05
znfI'll just install 20.04 21:06
znfnot gonna bother debootstrapping 21:06
znfthen I'll dist-upgrade21:06
JanCthat's onyl a temporary solution, of course21:06
JanCyou don't want to install 20.04 & upgrade 2-3-? times for future releases...  :-/21:07
znfI have to install 3 servers, I'm not gonna bother doing debootstrap 3 times21:09
JanCit might actually be faster...21:13

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