BluesKajHi all14:00
arraybolt3mmikowski: Well, good news and bad news. The good news is that the code in Plasma 5.24 that fixes the crash upon theme change has finally been found and tested to work. The bad news is that a different bug related to theme changing has been discovered :-/23:36
arraybolt3I'm trying to see if I botched the patch or if it's an existing bug.23:37
arraybolt3Crud, it looks like it may be a bug that always existed but that was hidden because of the original bug. Anyway, I can now "toggle" the crashes on and off by installing a particular version of plasma-workspace.23:40
arraybolt3Anyway I'll have the patch up on invent.kde.org in a bit.23:41
arraybolt3Yep, it's a pre-existing bug. Well hey, at least I didn't introduce a new one :D23:47
arraybolt3s/in Plasma 5.24/for Plasma 5.24/23:48

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