user|47Hello, I want to install Kunbuntu on my 2017 MacBook Air. The wifi card is: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( AirPortDriverBrcmNIC-1710.4). Is the driver included in the install? Thanks!00:32
arraybolt3user|47: There is a Broadcom WiFi driver included in Kubuntu, however some Macbooks use a weird WiFi chip that won't work with it, I believe.00:33
arraybolt3user|47: The best solution would probably be to boot Kubuntu in "Try Kubuntu" mode, launch the installer, proceed until you're asked if you want to install proprietary drivers, then tell it "yes" and proceed to the next screen. You can then cancel the installation - doing that will get your WiFi working if it's going to work. If it doesn't work, you'll know before fully installing it.00:34
user|47Thanks for the reply. Few years ago, I tried KDE with Fedora, but never worked. Only Linus Mint was able to see my card.00:34
arraybolt3If Linux Mint could see the card, then that's a very good sign. I'd give it a try and see.00:34
user76anybody have an idea which types of security physical keys work with kubuntu01:10
user76i have tried using thie cheap one identiv u trust fido2 nfc and it doesn't work01:10
arraybolt3user76: Anything that works with Ubuntu ought to work with Kubuntu too. I personally use a Yubikey Security Key and a Yubikey Security Key C.01:10
arraybolt3(The blue, cheaper kind.)01:10
user76i going to buy another but i dunno if it is software related01:11
user76yea i would need one with a usb the one i got fits in the bottom slot of a usb which is kidn strage01:11
user76ok I'll see if Yubikey works this seems to be garbage at this point do you know a website i can test it on01:12
arraybolt3user76: I attached my keys to my Google account for 2FA.01:13
user76oh i figured out the size difference for the fonts... i had to restart once for the cursor to take affect and to change the global scale the resolution seems to be very high on this computer so I had to enlarge it a bunch01:13
arraybolt3(I saw your DM and wanted to try and reply but then saw you were gone by then, so glad to hear you got it sorted.)01:14
arraybolt3user76: FYI, the blue Yubikeys aren't compatible with all websites.01:14
arraybolt3user76: So it might be that the website you're using isn't letting it work.01:15
arraybolt3Google accepts my keys, but I think there's some password manager out there that doesn't like them.01:15
arraybolt3(Doesn't like those particular kinds of keys, I mean.)01:15
cbreakI use yubikeys on ubuntu for various things, they work fine01:18
cbreakmy primary usecase is for SSH authentication, via gpg-agent01:18
cbreakbut they of course also work for u2f web page 2fa, such as google or github01:18
user76yea i noticed we are going more towards this kind of route for authentication. I am very interested in a company called definity something like that . The help build the internet computer. on there in order to validate yourself you need to use either fingerprint, physical key or a pattern01:21
user76linux i saw allows u to use phyiscal key so i wanted to test it out01:21
user76this thing doesn't even work with google so its useless01:21
* arraybolt3 adds "identiv" as a manufacturer to not buy security stuff from01:24
cbreakone of the nice things of yubikeys is that they're so flexible01:34
cbreakthey're not just U2F devices, they're also smart cards (so can be used for system login on some systems), they're GPG smart cards, so can be used for storing GPG keys, which then can be used via the agent01:34
cbreakor they can do theyr own proprietary nonsense, or store a static key they can replay01:35
arraybolt3That depends on what yubikey you use, fyi - the blue ones are only U2F devices, the black ones (or at least the black ones I know of) are pricier and have all that cool stuff.01:35
canurabusHi all. I just updated firefox on my Kubuntu 22.10 installation (sudo snap refresh) and 1) the desktop/task manager icon broke  2) the version of firefox that launches has none of my bookmarks or history, etc. Has anyone seen this and if so is there a way to fix this?02:17
arraybolt3canurabus: I do not believe I have seen the problem you're mentioning before.02:34
arraybolt3You might look and see if ~/snap/firefox/common/.mozilla/firefox still has profile data in it.02:34
arraybolt3There should be a folder named something like "c8ehrr3b.default" in there.02:35
canurabusFor whatever reason running Firefox from konsole opened up firefox with my bookmarks intact. I exported them and reinstalled firefox, seems ok now02:35
arraybolt3Nice, good to know! I'll try and remember that for if anyone else has this problem in the future.02:35
canurabuswell I didn't really solve the problem in a nice way, i suppose some other profile stuff may have been lost. I guess advise finding the correct firefox in /snap and backing up restoring the profile and other data as needed02:45
user76is this what ur supposed to see02:54
user76hi all how do you do a print screen and be able to drag what you want to take a picture of04:16
user76i used to have linux mint and it used to be just hold shift plus print screen04:16
user76now that doesn't work and under the settings for print screen I don't see that04:17
IrcsomeBot<Omar> 'http://deb.volian.org/volian'  is this repo dead ?04:17
keithzgDoes dismissing phone notifications from Plasma dismiss them on folks' Android phones? I swear that used to be the case and I see some mentions online of it being true, and no documentation on anything one would have to set up to make it happen, but here on Kinetic with the Backports PPA enabled I keep having to dismiss notifiactions twice, starting to get a bit annoying. (I'm assuming that this is a problem with more recent Android versions,06:07
keithzg but I kinda wanted to ask to make sure.)06:07
user|99hello,will plasma 5.27 be put in kubuntu 22.10 ppa backports ? thank you10:56
BluesKajHi all14:00
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IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi15:12
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IrcsomeBot<GranBilardista> HI, sorry for My english, I have a problem. After install the operative system, and install a few software, update and when "autoremove" this remove all programs and aplications22:54
IrcsomeBot<GranBilardista> Include grub files.22:55
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user|87Le nom de fichier à télécharger  indique qu'il s'agit de OS  pour une architecture  AMD, alors que mon computer a une architechture INTEL.  Que choisir pour installer Ubuntu ou Kubuntu?23:39
tomreyn!fr | user|8723:41
ubottuuser|87: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:41
tomreyn(amd et intel, c'est quand meme)23:41
IrcsomeBot<rcpp85> The naming have to do with the fact AMD was the first company to come up with 64bits architecture for home computers.  I'm not sure if they have patents and such, but that's why it is named AMD. (re @IrcsomeBot: <user|87> Le nom de fichier à télécharger  indique qu'il s'agit de OS  pour une architecture  AMD, alors que mon computer a une architechture INTEL.  Que choisir pour installer Ubuntu ou Kubuntu?)23:56

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