arraybolt3teward: Probably, yes.00:32
tewardok will do when i get home after family dinner00:32
arraybolt3Thanks, and no hurry.00:32
guivercbucklespring & lunar:   i like suspending my primary box overnight; If i have `buckle -g 30` running though at suspend; when I wake it in morn I usually can't select windows, use much of anything except the last window I used the night before (one of the windows is usable; mouse won't click though)..   a fix is just `killall buckle` from text terminal.. ie (or logout/login again)   what I've discovered; no bug report as likely interaction 21:27
guivercbetween lots of things I suspect  (also would like to confirm impacts ubu-desktop/gnome & xubuntu/xfce the same..)21:27
arraybolt3Odd, might try to reproduce that.21:55
tewardarraybolt3: you have a licensing conflict23:13
tewardW: qterminal source: inconsistent-appstream-metadata-license qterminal.metainfo.xml (cc-by-4.0 != gpl-2+) [debian/copyright]  <--23:13
arraybolt3[m]teward: Nope, we have a Lintian bug.23:13
arraybolt3[m]Check the Copyright file.23:13
arraybolt3[m]And look at what Lintian gripes about almost immediately after.23:13
tewardhave you *filed* a lintian bug?23:13
tewardif you haven't then i get to ignroe you :P23:13
arraybolt3[m]"superfluous-file-pattern in debian/copyright".23:13
arraybolt3[m]Except it's not superfluous because it resolves that licensing conflict.23:14
arraybolt3teward: I haven't. But that means you get to ignore Lintian too :P23:14
tewardi don't touch perl23:14
tewardand in fact I don't see that alert in Lintian23:14
arraybolt3Either that or else point out where the file's messed up.23:14
* arraybolt3 runs an sbuild23:14
tewardi'm at the `debuild -S -sa -d` stage23:14
tewardbefore even passing this into sbuild23:14
arraybolt3Ah. The superfluous file pattern warning shows up in sbuild.23:14
arraybolt3And it gripes about *drumroll* the part that specifies that the appstream metadata is under cc-by-4.0.23:15
tewardi see it now i'm working off of tiny-screen remote desktop23:15
tewardbut unless you've *filed* a bug about this against lintian it won't be addressed23:15
tewardso go file the bug23:15
arraybolt3True. I'm just saying that the warning can be ignored.23:16
arraybolt3I'll check our Lintian version and then file a bug.23:16
arraybolt3(I tried to add an override but it wasn't having any of that, which probably should be filed as another bug.)23:16
teward*runs sbuild*23:16
arraybolt3Race to see who can compile faster :D23:17
tewardarraybolt3: worst case i ask -devel about it and see if they know of if it's a bug or not23:17
arraybolt3Probably ghe guy with the faster Internet, which means I'm going to be so badly skunked here.23:17
tewardbecause we can't be the only ones seeing this :P23:17
arraybolt3*the guy23:17
tewardalready done downloading, compiling23:17
tewardnow it's doing lintian things23:17
arraybolt3I'm still in the compile stage :(23:18
arraybolt3Now lintian.23:18
arraybolt3W: qterminal source: inconsistent-appstream-metadata-license qterminal.metainfo.xml (cc-by-4.0 != gpl-2+) [debian/copyright]23:18
arraybolt3W: qterminal source: superfluous-file-pattern qterminal.appdata.xml [debian/copyright:28]23:18
arraybolt3Lines 28-30 of debian/copyright:23:19
arraybolt3Files: qterminal.appdata.xml23:19
arraybolt3Copyright: 2016-2020 LXQt Team23:19
arraybolt3License: CC-BY-4.023:19
tewardyou need to learn how to not multiline paste23:19
arraybolt3It's small pastes, I though I was good.23:19
tewardarraybolt3: note that the * stanza comes ahead of that so *technically* I think the warning is legit23:19
tewardbecause ordering of things, etc. might be how Lintian processes23:19
tewardand "*" is above specific sections which may be why there's conflict in there23:19
arraybolt3I thought the * stanza comes first and then you override it bit by bit after.23:19
tewarduploaded though23:19
tewardarraybolt3: i've seen both but IDK what specifically Debian policy says about it23:19
tewardi'll ahve to check other packages.23:20
arraybolt3Good idea.23:20
tewardin the interim, coffee23:20
arraybolt3You need to learn to not type so fast that it looks like multiline pastes :P23:20
* arraybolt3 ducks23:20
teward*arraybolt3 ducked, expecting a slap or a punch, but instead is met by being flushed out the airlock*23:20
* arraybolt3 eats all of space-time in one gulp23:20
tewardenjoy the vacuum of space!23:20
tewardunrelated: dput-ng is awesome xD23:21
arraybolt3Heh, I'm still using ye-old dput over here :P23:21
arraybolt3teward: Thanks for the sponsorship!23:23
* arraybolt3 marks qterminal as complete in The Chart23:24
tewardi have a debomatic instance i've been messing with and that ONLY works with dput-ng so (see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=505173)23:26
-ubot93:#lubuntu-devel- Debian bug 505173 in dput "dput: provide SFTP support via Paramiko library" [Wishlist, Open]23:26
tewarddput-ng has inbuilt support so23:26
teward(because I *do* build things for Debian xD)23:29

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