lotuspsychjegood morning05:10
Danaid52Guess why linus torvald don't use Ubuntu? ...because it's rustea enough.06:05
Danaid52due to the crown of finland prefering tea of covfefe. lol06:05
Danaid52+nut -> NUT rustea enough.06:06
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ice99if there is a way to have faster response, why it's not provided to the desktop version too?12:39
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack12:48
ice99if there is a way to have faster response, why it's not provided to the desktop version too?    https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2023/02/real-time-ubuntu-kernel-general-availability     12:57
ice99sorry for the repost12:57
arraybolt3Vote on it, how likely is pi_ to post a random command again?18:01
* arraybolt3 yawns and goes to do something productive rather than griping about trolls and possibly copypasta errors18:03
oerheksbudu is an ancient bot..18:03
tomreynarraybolt3: i *think* pi did this before, right? can't remember it exactly, though18:10
arraybolt3Me neither though it sounds vaguely familiar.18:11
arraybolt3(FWIW there are official Debian images for the RPi so they might be running real Debian.)18:11
tomreynalso i seem to remember they did ask actual support questions in #ubuntu previously18:12
tomreynso i'm not convinced this is intended abuse, yet18:12
arraybolt3Meh, I'm not convinced it's not, but then again I had to deal with a troll in the #ubuntu:matrix.org Matrix room last night who was very... stubborn? when I tried to give them a warning about trolling behavior rather than just banning them on the spot.18:13
arraybolt3So I may be a bit touchy this morning.18:14
arraybolt3(Nothing like having to fight with someone over what is and isn't an insult literally just before you go to bed.)18:14
tomreyni'm not sure how this is being handled on matrix. IMO, in IRC land, when things are stated clearly in a document you can refer to, and you're ready to be challenged on your moderation choices (by the moderating group and others), this discussion doesn't need to be had, at least not initially. it puts a burden on you to explain yourself (which can be abused) and continues to distract on the channel.18:18
arraybolt3tomreyn: I did it in DM so it wouldn't clutter things.18:21
tomreynoh i see18:21
arraybolt3I guess we don't have a specific rulesheet, but from what I've seen we adhere to the Matrix CoC, Ubuntu CoC, and if you spam, scam, or troll, the mods take action.18:22
arraybolt3I guess we *could* spell everything out, but really it seems like those are things that most reasonable people should avoid anyway.18:22
tomreyni agree18:24
arraybolt3muhammad: o/20:01
arraybolt3I don't know what gays-morning means.20:01
oerheksNetherlands here, what ubuntu version are you using?20:04
arraybolt3US here, kinda cool that real-time chat can work over that wide of an area.20:05
muhammadI'm from Russia-20:07
muhammadAmazing-how-this-chat works20:08
arraybolt3Ever tried one of the non-LTS releases?20:10
muhammadI-have-a-homeless-computer, no-unfortunately20:11
muhammadI'm still new to Linux and would like to learn a lot about it20:13
arraybolt3muhammad: When you type someone's name, it pings them, and generally pinging people is considered impolite unless you have to say something to that specific person. For most general chat, just saying what you have to say is enough, and anyone can answer.20:16
oerheksubuntu fullcircle & magazine https://fullcirclemagazine.org/  -- https://www.ubuntumagazine.com/20:17
oerheksone is about africa, other about linux 🤣20:18
muhammadhahaha lol20:20

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