jhutchinscbreak: Really, though, snaps are applications, there's no need to reboot the system or play that whole game.  Most of the time the package manager can upgrade the files for an application even if it's running, and it will just pick up the changes next time it runs.  Often they'll even tell you to restart the program.  (Snaps might not do that.)00:32
cbreakjhutchins: yes, indeed, they could. apt does. snap doesn't :(00:33
cbreakI think this is weird, since at this time, I even have two different snap firefox mountpoints, so I think it could easily download and unpack the new snap image for the new firefox in the background00:33
cbreakseems they're squashfs mounts00:34
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rajkostoSTEP 1: FROM docker.io/ubuntu:bionic01:30
rajkostoError: error creating build container: Error initializing source docker://ubuntu:bionic: Error reading manifest bionic in docker.io/library/ubuntu: manifest unknown: OCI index found, but accept header does not support OCI indexes01:30
rajkostowhat ???01:30
rboxwhat are you doing01:30
rajkostojust docker pull docker.io/ubuntu:bionic01:31
rajkostosome dockerfile im trying to install has it as step 101:31
rajkostoit has worked for years01:32
rboxworks here01:32
arraybolt3rajkosto: MIght just be a random glitch?01:33
armandoxubuntuacabando de instalar xubuntu , muy agradable la distro saludos desde mexico01:39
akikapt autoremove tries to remove the nvidia v470 packages that are in use. how can i prevent that? (20.04)02:37
arraybolt3apt-mark manual <packagename>02:38
arraybolt3I think that should do the trick.02:38
akikok thanks02:38
arraybolt3Or possibly "apt install <packagename>", I believe that will set a package to manually installed.02:38
akikbut they are already installed?02:38
arraybolt3From what I've seen, trying to install a package that's already installed makes it marked as manually installed.02:38
akikso it's not apt-mark hold?02:38
arraybolt3No, that does something very different that you do not want.02:39
arraybolt3(apt-mark hold I mean)02:39
arraybolt3apt-mark hold will prevent a package from being upgraded (among other things), which can be dangerous.02:39
akiki'll try that manual02:39
arraybolt3It is useful in some situations, but in this particular situation, the package is marked as automatically installed and has no dependencies that want it, thus autoremove thinks it can get rid of it. Marking it as manually installed should tell the system that you're using that.02:40
akikbut what happens if there are updates to those v470 packages?02:40
arraybolt3akik: It will update like normal.02:40
akikthere are 26 matching packages02:41
arraybolt3You probably only need to mark the "master" package (the one that depends on all the others).02:41
akiki'll do them all with some bash02:42
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arraybolt3Mark whatever one of the packages looks "most important" with apt-mark manual, and if that doesn't do it, mark another one until they all behave themselves. Or yeah, you can mark the whole bunch.02:42
arraybolt3(You may have removed a metapackage if you're in this state though, did you remove anything nvidia-related recently?)02:42
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=== chris14_ is now known as chris14
akikarraybolt3: no02:43
akikarraybolt3: this is a fresh install after a boot and 1 apt-get dist-upgrade02:43
akikapt-mark manual worked nice02:44
FKAShinobiIs there a way for apt to check if packages were installed correctly?02:45
arraybolt3FKAShinobi: I think so...02:48
akikthe nvidia driver 470 for model 920m works after all02:49
arraybolt3FKAShinobi: I think "dpkg -V" will do an "integrity check" of your packages, but it will also probably take a while to run.02:49
arraybolt3FKAShinobi: I think you need to run it with sudo for it to work.02:49
arraybolt3For me, exactly two files are reported as being modified (if I'm reading it correctly), /etc/schroot/sbuild/fstab (which I purposefully modified) and /etc/dnsmasq.conf which I also purposefully modified.02:51
arraybolt3I think you may also want to check for half-installed packages, but I believe apt will throw a fit if there's problems like that.02:51
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cluelesspersonHi there. I updated to ubuntu 22.04.2 and now my mouse is lagging badly04:36
cluelesspersonso is scrolling nad UI updates04:36
cluelesspersontext typing seems fine and responsive.04:36
cluelesspersonbasically my OS is currently unusable on this laptop04:36
tomreyncluelessperson: which cpu, mainboard, how much ram?04:48
tomreynanything in dmesg about it?04:49
konradoscluelessperson, but did you try changing the settings? Hardware - input devices - mouse?04:49
therockerhi everyone, Im trying to install retroarch on an orangepi but the problem is when I try to run a core it doesnt work at all, any idea how to get this to work ?05:57
arraybolt3therocker: Depending on the OS, an Orange Pi forum or channel might be more appropriate - no official versions of Ubuntu run on the Orange Pi, so we aren't able to support it very well.06:01
arraybolt3Also "doesn't work at all" isn't very descriptive - when you try to run a core, *something* happens, though it isn't the something you want. That something will be important for a supporter to know.06:02
therockerIm actually running a trunk build from armbian ubuntu jammy version06:02
therockerretroarch get freeze when I press download core06:03
arraybolt3That's not an official Ubuntu build, though. Many hardware manufacturers and third parties make unofficial Ubuntu images, however due to manufacturer-specific customizations we can't support those.06:03
arraybolt3It sounds like an Armbian support forum might be better.06:03
therockerok thanks, I will go ask them if they know anything about it06:04
cluelesspersontomreyn, konrados   lenovo thinkpad x1 gen 1006:54
cluelessperson16gb ram06:54
cluelesspersonwas fine before update06:54
cluelesspersondiscord snap is spamming the hell out of syslog06:56
cluelesspersonand gnome-shell is spamming log with keyboard binding bs06:58
cluelesspersonfor years now06:58
Guest109I'm using LAMP stack on Ubuntu, I created three normal users. dev1, dev2, dev3. Each user has been assigned a home directory and SSH key login. I've added all three to the data-www group.  I am unable to add files data/www/website1. I get permission denied. I can simply assign rwx to each of them but am wondering if there is a better alternative07:40
Guest109than simply assigning rwx permissions to the data-www/website1 directory.07:40
cluelesspersonGuest109, Hi there.   so you've added the users to the www group,  but does the www group have group ownership of that directory, and does are the permissions on that directory set such that the group can modify it?07:45
cluelesspersonGuest109,   So in linux,  permissions are managed like this:    user:group own the directory,   and then 0000  where the last digits control    rwx rwx rwx07:46
cluelesspersonrwx(user),  rwx(group), rwx(everyone)07:46
cluelesspersonread, write,  x is for listing and viewing the contents of directory07:46
cluelessperson(and files)07:47
cluelesspersonGuest109,   Frankly.  I suggest you create a github repo that the users can modify,  and then a build pipeline that deploys to the server on a test domain,  but then serve the latest version that's build07:48
cluelesspersonmake sense?07:48
Guest109Thanks cluelessperson ,It does make much more sense. eploying from github repo is on my todo list of system setups. Even then though, I imagine I would have to have at least one user with the permissions you mentioned above.07:57
Guest109Also, I assumed that because www-data owned the www-data, that all I needed to do was assign users to that group.08:00
cluelesspersonGuest109, You can straight up host static sites from github08:00
arraybolt3User permissions and group permissions are different.08:00
arraybolt3One can grant rwx permissions for the www-data user, only rx permissions for www-data group, and zero permissions for others, if you want.08:01
arraybolt3So you may need to tweak the group permissions to get what you want to happen.08:01
cluelesspersonGuest109,  and generally only a single admin needs to configure the server for github to push into it08:01
arraybolt3cluelessperson: For your laptop issues, have you tried booting from a 22.04 live USB? That would show us if it's a problem with your setup (or possibly with the upgrade going awry), or a problem with Ubuntu 22.04 in general.08:05
arraybolt3(Ubuntu 22.04.2 release candidate ISOs are out if you wanted to use one of those to test.)08:05
Guest109Thank you for helping me figure this out.  Makes sense about having only single user account for the deployment.08:05
arraybolt3cluelessperson: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/442/builds/271711/downloads (if you want one of the testing 22.04.2 ISOs)08:06
arraybolt3Note that you don't have to *install* with one of those (yet) - this is just for debugging.08:06
alkisgI wonder if http://www.proftpd.org/docs/contrib/mod_sftp.html can be used to allow sftp access to: (1) a list of users NOT in /etc/passwd (so that they won't be able to ssh to the server), (2) all of them with uid=gid=www-data, and (3) all of them with different "home directories", under /var/www/html/userX08:10
alkisgThat would be simpler and safer than trying to restrict normal ssh users...08:11
cluelesspersonarraybolt3, I doubt it's a problem with my setup, because I don't customize things really08:11
Guest109alkisg ,  I also thought about doing that. I assumed that to get sftp working that I would need to give them ssh key logins possibly without a home directory but will look at the document you mentioned.08:13
alkisgGuest109: I've once successfully tested creating a bunch of users, user1 to user10, with home directories of /home/userN, ALL of them with uid=gid=www-data (which then pwck complains about),08:15
alkisgand with symlinks from /var/www/html/user1 to /home/user1, and with the ChrootDirectory directive of openssh-server in effect, for safety. That worked, but it still required me to have the users in /etc/passwd, which I didn't like08:15
Guest109wow, that is extensive testing. I've seen mentions of uid-gid stuff.. It does appear that people prefer not to have to touch the /etc/passwd if they can avoid it. Not sure why though.08:20
Guest109And just to get a better handle on the group/user permissions and ownership. I tried writing to the var/www/html directory and got the same permission denied error.  calling the ls -lah command, I get: drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data www-data 4.0K Feb 14 02:45 html08:20
Guest109btw, The normal user I am using is dev1 which has been added to the www-data group.08:21
cluelesspersonGuest109, I suggest not having user access to deployment servers.08:27
Guest109Yeah, I see. If I instead move over to deploying from a service like deployhq, I would still need to setup one user with rwx credentials know?08:30
alkisgGuest109: drwxr-xr-x needs to be drwxrwxr-x for group write access. It's (1) rwx for self, (2) rwx for group, and (3) r-x for others08:30
Guest109alkisg, got it.08:31
cluelesspersonGuest109, Honestly, just giving a root ssh key to github service is fine.08:31
Guest109will try it out.08:31
cluelesspersonpresuming that server is only for web serving08:31
Guest109yeah, it is. I am trying to learn how to properly set a server up for web serving.08:31
Guest109At my work, they use github for version control and deployhq for deployment. I think I am trying to mix in learning how to work with user permission and making a mess out of the two things.08:33
Guest109By the way, i am not a web developer so don't have access to their server setup but was trying to spin up my own.08:34
cluelesspersonGuest109, I wouldn't bother with deploy hq08:36
Guest109Gotcha, I've seen people mention github actions. Is this an alternative?08:37
cluelesspersonGuest109,   So, github has a little dev marketplace for people to publish "actions", which are really just small pipeline automations you can refer to in your git repo08:39
cluelesspersonGuest109, All you do is create a small directory and set of files like:    ./github/actions_or_whatever/main.yaml   which basically says:     use_action:   use_stored_secret to login and deploy to server08:39
cluelesspersonGuest109, it's slightly more complex than that, but you can just lookup a template and go.  Fairly straight forward, don't overthink it.08:40
Guest109Yeah, I am guessing this all falls in the world of devops?  I created small static websites over 10 years ago for myself and from the looks of it, that way of doing things is way outdated.08:42
Guest109will look into github actions. I'm definitely prefer to learn how folks are deplying websites now a days and sounds like github actions may be one way to go.08:44
Guest109Thanks again everyone for all your help. "m so thankful I found this channel. Its 1:00 AM on my side of the world and time for me to hit the sack. Have a great night/day everyone!08:50
cluelesspersonGuest109, yes, there's the development of software, then there's managing building it all, then finally deploying and running all the servers.08:54
AustinAixhello everyone10:30
lotuspsychjewelcome AustinAix10:32
AustinAixmerci Lotus10:34
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AustinAixquestion: I have get yesterday a Packarb Belle Easynote E1661 cpu AMD Sempron 2600+ 1,6Ghz 2G° ram 40G° DD,; which linux do I can install on ?  to make it as web pc mainly ! (I'm french)  :-)10:38
cluelesspersonAustinAix, ubuntu is pretty solid. :)10:41
toddcAustinAix: you should have a minimum 4GB ram but you may have luck using Lubuntu or Xubuntu they are the lighte10:41
cluelesspersonI'm on ubuntu and I updated with apt-get upgrade  and now gnome-shell hits high cpu when moving mouse, and the mouse is stuttering a lot.10:42
AustinAixand what about Linux Lite???10:42
cluelesspersonalso scroll events are slow10:42
toddcAustinAix: we only support ubuntu here I hope it not a 32 bit computer10:43
toddccluelessperson: terminal run top it may be doing a process in the background10:46
toddcAustinAix: ubuntu ended support for 32 bit but there are some other distros that still support 32 bit check distrowatch.com has a listing of distros/reveiws ect10:49
AustinAixMy PB  (founded) is running under WinXP !! :-)...11:00
cluelesspersontoddc, not as far as I can tell.  It's just gnome-shell hitting high cpu briefly11:10
cluelesspersonand xorg hitting 3%11:10
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akikanybody know what this error is about? "snapd-desktop-i[2522]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f30414a83d4 sp 00007ffebbc25d18 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.6400.6"11:46
akiksome integration between the user session11:46
lotuspsychjeakik: smells like bug #198319211:48
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1983192 in snapd (Ubuntu) "snapd-desktop-integration crashed segfaulted" [Undecided, Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/198319211:48
akiklotuspsychje: ok thanks there seems to be some fix there11:49
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lotuspsychjeakik: if you can reproduce & fix, please leave a comment on the bug ID aswell11:51
lotuspsychjeakik: see also the git it points towards; https://github.com/snapcore/snapd-desktop-integration/issues/2311:51
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 23 in snapcore/snapd-desktop-integration "snap.snapd-desktop-integration.snapd-desktop-integration.service fails to start during boot" [Open]11:51
akiki'll see if this fixed it "sudo snap refresh snapd-desktop-integration --candidate"11:52
akikyes fixed it, thanks11:54
keitonwhats up11:54
lotuspsychje!yay | akik11:55
ubottuakik: Glad you made it! :-)11:55
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cluelesspersonI'm stuck.11:56
cluelesspersonmouse stuttering/hardly usable in ubuntu after upgrade on 22.04.211:57
cluelesspersonI don't think I'm doing anything odd on my system11:57
lotuspsychjelets see your dmesg in a pastebin cluelessperson plz11:59
=== pasiz2 is now known as pasiz
cluelesspersonlotuspsychje, nothing stands out12:03
lotuspsychjelets have a look12:03
cluelesspersonI need a minute, sorry :)12:03
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=== pasiz5 is now known as pasiz
cluelesspersonlotuspsychj3, https://termbin.com/42aqd12:21
cluelesspersonit's really hard to use anything12:21
cluelesspersonI've had this stuttering problem in the far past12:21
cluelesspersonI don't recall what it was12:21
lotuspsychj3cluelessperson: you experience this on xorg or wayland?12:22
cluelesspersonlotuspsychj3, xorg for now12:25
cluelesspersonI don't recall exactly why?12:25
cluelesspersonI think I'm using xorg because a lot of things don't support wayland yet.12:25
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lotuspsychj3cluelessperson: i also see your secureboot is enabled, this 'could' affect some of your hardware, maybe disable for a test?12:26
lotuspsychj3cluelessperson: could you also sudo lshw -C video | nc termbin.com 999912:28
cluelesspersonlotuspsychj3, ^12:30
lotuspsychj3cluelessperson: not sure how intel graphics would stutter on xorg, maybe we need to look at something else12:33
Jeremy31cluelessperson: Can you reboot and use Grub Advanced Options for Ubuntu to boot into a 5.15 kernel?12:33
WaVIt stuttered for me as well when I upgraded to 22.04, and I have Intel, but it is a discrete card.12:34
cluelesspersonJeremy31, is there a way to trigger that in advance?12:35
cluelesspersonor, I forget how to get grub12:35
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Jeremy31cluelessperson: either right shift key or ESC to have Grub appear12:35
Jeremy31cluelessperson: Since you have UEFI, use the ESC12:38
cluelesspersonlotuspsychj3, Jeremy31    The 5.15 kernel works fine12:45
cluelesspersonmouse is smooth12:45
cluelesspersonI think previously I used lowlatency kernel on another machine12:45
Jeremy31cluelessperson: You might want to remove the hwe kernel and stick with the 5.1512:48
cluelesspersonJeremy31, What even is hwe?12:52
lotuspsychj3!hwe | cluelessperson12:54
ubottucluelessperson: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack12:54
Jeremy31cluelessperson: Hardware Enablement, it basically updates to a newer kernel from a short term support version as the kernel package installed is linux-generic-hwe-22.04 instead of the normal linux-generic  I think this started in Ubuntu 20.04, before that people could choose to use the hwe kernel12:54
ice99if there is a way to have faster response, why it's not provided to the desktop version too?    https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2023/02/real-time-ubuntu-kernel-general-availability12:57
ravageice99: please dont cross post. and you already asked in the right channel12:58
cluelesspersonfollowup question,  how can I disable PIV signon with ubuntu?12:58
cluelesspersonI have a yubikey I want to leave installed12:58
cluelesspersonand the user login gets messed up by piv12:58
cluelessperson(no users are setup with piv)12:59
geosmilehttps://dpaste.org/xVFbV - any ideas how to fix this kernel crash? My machine freezes at this point.13:38
konradosAm I reading this correctly, that a different version of **kernel** caused problems with a **mouse**? cluelessperson lotuspsychj3 ? Am I the only one who doesn't understand a bit? I mean, everything works fine, except for a... mouse? Really is the kernel personally responsible for that kind of stuff?13:40
lotuspsychj3konrados: his issue has not been investigating deeper yet, the mouse stuttering is his symptons, too early to make statements13:42
geosmilekonrados, are you looking at my crash?13:42
konradosgeosmile, no, it's about previous discussion13:44
konradoslotuspsychj3, ok, you calmed me down :)13:44
geosmilemy crash happens when I am running my 2x3090 gpu experiments for around 6-7 hours.13:45
geosmilekonrados, thanks. I thought I had a mouse issue as well ;-)13:45
geosmilehttps://dpaste.org/eK4Xa - just before the crash it looks like the kernel complains about bad sata - could be the cause of the crash?13:49
BluesKajHi all14:00
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geosmilesudo smartctl -t conveyance /dev/sda ---> Command "Execute SMART Conveyance self-test routine immediately in off-line mode" failed: scsi error badly formed scsi parameters14:13
akiki couldn't make the nvidia driver work reliably with my 920m optimus. luckily the igpu on this laptop is powerful enough for my usage14:27
akikany it utilizes vaapi in playback14:28
akikvideo playback14:28
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=== malak is now known as Abrax
FKAShinobideluged is blowing up my syslog with errors. Can someone help me with fixing this? https://pastebin.com/rP5nTfMS15:06
akikFKAShinobi: i don't use deluged but somebody says that this patch fixes it: https://github.com/deluge-torrent/deluge/commit/89189adb24321c3db6bfa816ec557d7d8367ba2415:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Commit 89189ad in deluge-torrent/deluge "[Core] Stop using removed disk.num_blocks_cache_hits stat"15:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- dev.deluge-torrent.org ticket 3514 in Unknown "syslog spam: builtins.KeyError: 'disk.num_blocks_cache_hits'" [Minor, New]15:14
akikit doesn't look too bad to fix manually15:15
FKAShinobiakik: It's python, so I could just stop the service, cut and paste those lines in and try again, correct?15:19
akikFKAShinobi: remove the red lines and add the green lines in their place15:20
akikfor the first files there's nothing to remove but i'm not sure if there are multiple files15:21
akikbecause of that *15:21
FKAShinobiakik: A screw it - I should just learn how to patch and stop being a clown..15:21
akiki'm not a programmer but i've learned to "wing it" :)15:22
FKAShinobiI need to download a diff and use patch?15:22
akikthat looks like a unified patch15:22
akiki'd just use an editor :)15:23
akikbecause i'm not sure which version of deluge you have and if that patch still applies (2021)15:24
FKAShinobimakes sense15:24
FKAShinobiakik: I don't think I have to touch the first file at all, it's the .gitignore file.15:27
akikoh right15:29
akikeven easier then15:29
FKAShinobithe files are not in /usr/bin though. How do I find that directory15:31
akikfind / -name core.py15:31
FKAShinobiCan anyone recommend a log monitor? I would like to monitor my syslog for warnings and errors. I'm using monit, but I don't believe it monitors logs directly.16:02
lotuspsychj3FKAShinobi: leave a journalctl -f open to check your logs16:05
leftyfb FKAShinobi https://serverfault.com/questions/673159/how-to-configure-monit-to-alert-me-when-anything-appears-in-syslog16:06
FKAShinobilotuspsychj3: I'm looking for something that I can automate and send me an email if "something significant" happens. Something significant could be a warning/error, or perhaps match a regex16:07
leftyfbFKAShinobi: you're going to get a lot of noise, especially if this is a desktop16:08
FKAShinobileftyfb: I'm figuring that out. My syslog is 3 GB after 7 days.16:09
akikFKAShinobi: did the patch work for deluge?16:10
FKAShinobibut I think the main culprit is fixed. Thanks akik!16:10
leftyfbFKAShinobi: then you have something causing a lot of noise on your system16:10
FKAShinobirtkit-daemon.... what is that?16:10
leftyfbFKAShinobi: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux4noobs/comments/43iden/what_is_rtkitdaemon_in_ubuntu_processes/   first result on google for "rkit-daemon"16:11
FKAShinobiThanks, I read that too. Still a bit unclear on what it actually does. Are the "real-time" permissions it's talking about mean dynamic permissions - meaning they can be granted and revoked by the service?16:14
hiyaHow to find out what is suddenly eating more battery than before?16:15
FKAShinobihiya: maybe try running top. The higher the cpu usage, the more battery it will eat. If your on a laptop, maybe screen brightness.16:18
leftyfbhiya: before what?16:18
hiyaFKAShinobi: leftyfb I just got a new laptop T16 gen1 AMD a couple of weeks ago; It has 86Wh battery, when I use to finish my 8h long shift my battery would be at 55-60% left, since last week, it is at ~40%, sudden drop of 15% minimum16:21
hiyaI run Firefox, a java based spyware app for hours count, Telegram, a Terminal16:21
hiyaNothing else16:21
oerheksmore apps, more power ..16:23
FKAShinobihiya: What's changed? Did you update? turn up the screen brightness?16:23
hiyaI always use Powersave profile from Gnome Settings, I have no changed anything.16:23
hiyaoerheks: but I am using the same apps as before16:24
hiyaFKAShinobi: I am doing nothing but ubuntu updates only16:24
hiyaScreen brightness is always 1 point like before16:24
oerhekswhat do you do on firefox? static pages, youtube?16:25
FKAShinobiIs the battery performance continuing to drop? Once you start recharging them they do lose some performance.16:25
oerhekssuch small increase of power use is hard to detect, i guess it is just regular use16:25
hiyaI did test a few file backup apps with their official appimage16:25
hiyaCould it run some services in background?16:26
hiyaapport-autoreport.service failed16:28
=== blackhawk is now known as HareKrishna
FKAShinobihiya: try the following to see your power in microwatts - cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/power_now16:30
=== HareKrishna is now known as blackhawk
FKAShinobihiya: are you using wifi?16:39
FKAShinobiIf so that may also contribute to a variance in power consumption.16:40
=== ewomer_ is now known as ewomer
FKAShinobiI have an issue with the nvidia driver where after the system times out and goes to the lock screen it reverts from extended desktop mode to mirrored. Only 1 monitor is detected. The settings still show extended, so I must set to mirrored and cancel the result in order to switch it back. (or use xrandr)17:17
FKAShinobiThis does not happen with the open source driver, but that driver leads to a lot of crashes.17:17
FKAShinobiAny ideas on that?17:17
leftyfbAlexey__: can we help you with somrthing?17:40
=== kleber is now known as klebers
oerheksAlexey__, ??? you are asked to stop spamming ubuntu channels.17:54
oerheks!coc | Alexey__17:55
ubottuAlexey__: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv17:55
pi_EXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh17:55
oerheksthat is old, budu..17:56
arraybolt3Dang, spammy links everywhere.17:57
arraybolt3Meh, just for the sake of others in the room...17:58
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!17:58
arraybolt3No way no how should you wget random stuff from a weird link and then install it. If that script is legitimate, the user will find it a normal way and verify its safety first.17:59
tomreynpi_: please do not post random commands in here17:59
leftyfbthey left immediately after joining18:00
leftyfboh wait18:00
leftyfbpi_: why did you post that?18:00
oerhekspi_, xchat is dead. 🤣18:01
pi_i am sorry. i am beginner18:01
leftyfbpi_: do not run that script and do not run xchat18:01
pi_what should I install instead of Xchat, please?18:04
rboxpi_: hexchat18:05
oerheksHexchat is a clone, which is maintained.18:05
arraybolt3Hexchat is the successor.18:05
leftyfbpi_: what release of ubuntu are you running?18:05
leftyfbsince xchat isn't even available in ubuntu, I'm curious as to how you're on IRC and how you're trying to install xchat18:05
pi_I'm using Debian Raspberry18:07
oerheksThen you are in the wrong channel.18:07
tomreyni think oerheks meant to say you're welcome in this channel, just we won't be able to help with Debian or Raspberry here.18:08
leftyfbpi_: please seek support for your pi in #raspberrypi18:09
arraybolt3pi_: Though HexChat is available in Debian so you should still be able to get a more well-maintained IRC client on that, I think.18:09
oerheksyou need to register with libera to enter #debian AFAIK18:09
leftyfbI can almost guarantee that aren't running Debian proper on the pi. More than likely RPiOS which is based on Debian18:10
pi_I apologize, I have no experience. Thanks, I greet you and leave the channel18:11
jhutchinsDoes ubuntu have an official pi build?18:33
arraybolt3jhutchins: Yes.18:33
toddcyes for 64bit Rpi18:33
oerhekshttps://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi standard desktop, server or core18:34
flo_what is this?18:41
akikthat was quick18:41
tuxickgoogle can be very quick18:44
tuxickAbout 22.500.000 results (0,62 seconds)18:45
tuxickon that exact question18:45
tomreynjatt: please see my private message19:18
oerhekshi muhammad, do you have an Ubuntu support issue?19:56
leftyfbmuhammad: Это канал поддержки Ubuntu. Это только для поддержки вопросов и проблем. Если вы хотите вести общую дискуссию, пожалуйста, /присоединяйтесь к #ubuntu-discuss или #ubuntu-offtopic19:58
leftyfb!ru | muhammad19:59
ubottumuhammad: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:59
whiteduk3hey guys21:03
geosmileis there support for ubuntu pro somewhere - my kernel crashes dont tell me what is wrong with the machine - not sure if its shitty drivers, or hw, or ... https://dpaste.org/eK4Xa#L6,821:40
oerheksyour hdd seems to have issues.21:42
ravagegeosmile: start with a BIOS update https://www.asus.com/motherboards-components/motherboards/tuf-gaming/tuf-gaming-x570-plus/helpdesk_bios/?model2Name=TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS21:44
ravageif that does not help try the 5.19 HWE kernel that comes with jammy21:44
toddcyou can also boot with a live disk to eliminate hardware issues. you can aslo test the hard drive with the built in disks tool21:47
oerheksand maybe it is docker,.. no way telling without the newest bios, to eleminate obvious problems21:48
geosmileravage, it said "Beta BIOS" - so i decided not to try it?22:15
geosmileshould i?22:15
arraybolt3geosmile: I wouldn't!22:15
arraybolt3geosmile: I'd start by trying a live USB - like oerheks mentioned, your HDD is throwing errors and that is always a bad thing. A live USB will show you if it's Ubuntu that's unstable, or something else.22:16
oerheksthen use #2, 4408 ?22:16
oerheksor the one before that; '2. Fix AMD fTPM issue causes random stuttering."22:17
geosmileI've already run memtest86 on it for a couple of hours - said it Passed22:18
geosmilethis crash only happens after around 6 hours of dual-nvidia-3090 max usage.22:19
geosmileleftyfb, https://pasteboard.co/aoslfIo04Qne.png - temperature plot before the crash22:21
tomreyn84°C is pretty warm. what we can tell from the limited logs you shared is that you have an outdated bios with known issues and your sata controller failed and needed to be reset.22:28
SpeakerToMeatHi all....22:42
SpeakerToMeatQuestion... I'm trying to upgrade a system from focal to jammy... it all seems to be going alright... but grub-efi-amd64-signed refuses to install. the postinst script fails, and checking the logs, it seems it's trying to install to an esp partiioon on a drive that's not there anymore.....22:46
SpeakerToMeatBut I've checked all of etc (with grep even) and the disk is not referenced anywhere....22:47
SpeakerToMeatAnd I wonder, where can grub be getting that info from?22:47
SpeakerToMeatI've culled all old kernels, and rebuilt all initrd images just in case22:47
Jeremy31SpeakerToMeat: What does this show in terminal>  mokutil --sb22:48
SpeakerToMeatSystem doesn't support secure boot.... so that package is not needed even......22:49
SpeakerToMeatI'll try to install the unsigned version, see if it does the same22:49
SpeakerToMeatIt does the same22:50
SpeakerToMeat"mount: /var/lib/grub/esp: special device /dev/disk/by-id/ata-FUJITSU_MHZ2120BH_G2_K615T85292UB-part1 does not exist."22:50
SpeakerToMeatyeah, that drive was removed from the system....22:51
SpeakerToMeatA while ago22:51
tomreyndebconf-show grub-pc22:52
tomreynsudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc22:52
SpeakerToMeatThere we go...22:54
SpeakerToMeat"/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: grub-pc is broken or not fully installed"22:55
tomreynthen purge it, it's for bios installs, not uefi22:56
SpeakerToMeatPurged, debconf shows nothing for grub-pc, but the grub efi install still tries to install to that disk...23:00
tomreynthen try dpkg-reconfiguring grub-efi*, too23:02
SpeakerToMeatI did. also grub-common which is co-owner of the debconf entry as I see it on the config.dat file... still the value hasn't changed23:03
SpeakerToMeatI'm wondering how terrible it'd be to edit config.dat by hand23:04
tomreynis /boot/efi mounted ?23:04
tomreynhttps://www.ullright.org/ullWiki/show/ubuntu-20-04-apt-error-mount-var-lib-grub-esp-special-device-dev-sda15-does-not-exist-dpkg-error-processing-package-grub-efi-amd64-signed-configure-installed-grub-efi-amd64-signed-package-post-installation-subprocess-returned-status-32 lists many commands for inspecting and modifying the debconf db23:05
SpeakerToMeatI must admit I decided to backup config.dat and edit with vim before I saw your link... grub-efi-amd64 has just installed alright23:07
tomreynyou're welcome23:08
SpeakerToMeatNow lets finish this upgrade23:09
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massuseДобро пожаловать в Видеочат !23:52
arraybolt3massuse: Please do not spam links in Ubuntu channels (or any channel where they're unwelcome).23:54
arraybolt3thanks krytarik23:54
krytarikI hope they get k-lined soon enough anyway. :P23:55

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